GLS: Chapter 269

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Chapter 269 – China VS Australia (The Mechanical City)

The Chinese team consecutively won the pairs arena and the economic battle and the score on the big screen became 10:0. The domestic audience was very excited. Many people cheered for the players on the live broadcast screen. [Refuel for the final game] [Three wins will be a perfect start!] [Continue to kill them with the Mechanical City in the third game!]

The players of the national team certainly knew that winning all three games could really improve the morale of the team.

There was only one map left for the final game—the Mechanical City.

The idea of this map was proposed by Li Cangyu and it was independently developed by the Chinese Miracle designers. In the process of research and development, many foreign aids were also invited to help. This was the only three-dimensional map among the five maps submitted by the Chinese team.

The five members who participated in death racing were those with a better grasp of direction and a sharper response—Su Guangmo, Yu Pingsheng, Xie Shurong, Bai Xuan and Yan Ruiwen. There were three melee, one milk dad and a remote end. The attack ability, explosive ability and survival ability could effectively be guaranteed.

Li Cangyu had great trust in Su Guangmo and fully handed over the third game to him. However, this map was his creative idea and he knew the most about the Mechanical City. In the rest time, Li Cangyu walked over and said, “The Mechanical City is a two-level structure. The position where everyone refreshes will be randomly generated. Remember to gather at the fastest speed.”

Everyone nodded to show their understanding.

Su Guangmo smiled. “Rest assured Captain. This is our own map and I definitely won’t lose!”

His words were very bold and an extremely calm and confident attitude could be seen. He was a player standing at the top of the pyramid in China and wasn’t nervous about the World Competition.

Li Cangyu smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Then I will wait for you to gain another five points!”


Before the start of the game, the map was released on the big screen.

It was a live 3D projection of the map so that all viewers and contestants could observe it from a god’s perspective.

After seeing the complicated upper and lower space composition, the domestic audience expressed amazement. “Is this playing at tomb robbing? There are traps all over the place!] [A three dimensional space map with an upper and lower floor and it is full of mechanisms! The people who designed it have big heads!] [Light candles for the kangaroo country!] [ [Light Candle][Light Candle] ]

At the same time, the Australian team’s captain, William sat in the soundproof room and couldn’t bear it anymore when he saw the map. He let out a swear word. The other players had stunned expressions.

A two-storey place filled with traps, could the Chinese team be more pitted?

William felt regret. “I knew I should’ve banned the Mechanical City!]

Vice-Captain Riley patted him on the shoulder and said helplessly, “It is useless to feel regret now. This map looks very hard to play. The structure is an upper floor and lower floor, there are many traps…”

William took a deep breath and calmly told his teammates, “It doesn’t matter. Everyone, let’s do our best!”


There were 10 minutes of rest time and then the third game, the death racing officially began.

The players participating in the World Competition practiced this every day in the Miracle Village. They had long become familiar with death racing but for the audiences around the world, this mode was still quite strange.

The mode that was exclusive for the World Competition caused many people to feel excited and fix their eyes to the TV. They wanted to see what the so-called ‘death racing’ was about.

The IDs of the Chinese team were soon seen—MOMO, YUYU, XIEXIE, White Fox and Yan.

The domestic audience couldn’t help spitting out: [Momo, Yuyu and Xiexie, what the hell is this?] [Did the three brothers run to the World Competition to sell meng?] [The apprentice brothers are really brothers. Their IDs are the same!] [Ah Shu is so cunning. Isn’t the ID of XIEXIE too cheap for the foreign commentators?] [The strength of the Chinese team’s English is really distressing!]

Only Bai Xuan’s name was slightly normal. White Fox was a direct translation of his name. As for Yan Ruiwen, he seemed influenced by the sisters of Red Fox and registered directly with his surname.

The five people had already sat down in front of the computer while the Australian players were also ready.

Among the five contestants sent by the Australian team, the swordsman James was the leader. This player was in the top five of the world’s swordsmen rankings.

The other four were all output classes. There were a white magician, a berserker and two demon summoners.

The Australian team didn’t have any blood kin, elf or angel summoners. There were only two demon summoners. The two of them were from the same team. Captain William probably placed the two of them in the death racing to let their cooperation trouble the opponent. The other ace players had already appeared in the arena and the economic war. The remaining famous player in death racing was only the swordsman James, who would obviously serve as the commander for this game.

10 seconds later, both teams refreshed on the Mechanical City map.

The big screen in the middle adopted a god’s perspective, which allowed the audience to see the 10 players at the same time. Meanwhile, the small screens to the side showed the perspective of each other. The audience in the live broadcast room could freely choose which perspective to watch if they clicked their mouse.

From a god’s perspective on the big screen, they could find that the structure of the upper and lower floors was very different.

There were two rows of six small rooms on the upper level. 1,3 and 5 were on the left while 2, 4 and 6 were on the right. Each room had a front door and two side doors. The front door connected to a wide corridor in the middle and the side doors connected to the rooms next to them.

There would be various mechanisms in each other. At present, they could only analyze the signs of the mechanisms on the ground and didn’t know what effect touching them would produce.

A wide staircase could be seen in the middle of the corridor. This was the passage connecting the upper and lower floors.

The structure of the lower floor was different. There were no small rooms. There were four closed passages to the east, west, south and north. The passages came out to a wide array of floor tiles. There were countless black holes between the floor tiles and these tiles were always moving!

Many viewers immediately thought of the maddening mazes in single player games. The person who proposed this map must’ve played too many single player games!

Playing in the lower floor was more troublesome. If they were far away from their teammates, they had to jump through the constantly moving tiles in the middle to get to their teammates. In the unlikely event that they stepped on air, it was unknown what would happen.

William watched the map from below the stage and kept regretting it. Why didn’t he ban this map at the time? Why?


The death racing game officially began.

The Australian team’s luck wasn’t bad. Four of the five players refreshed on the top floor.

The two demon summoners refreshed in the 3rd and 4th rooms on the left and right sides of the upper hallway. They could meet each other as soon as they came out the door. The swordsman James refreshed in the 2nd room and the white magician in the 5th room. Only the berserker refreshed in the lower hallway.

The five players of the Chinese team were relatively far away from each other. Among them, Bai Xuan was in the 1st room in the upper hallway and Xie Shurong was in the 6th room at the end. The other three were on the lower corridor.

The audience could see that it was four Australian players versus two Chinese players on the upper floor while the lower floor was three Chinese players versus one Australian player.

However, the players didn’t know the circumstances of the other team. They could only see the coordinates of their own people. Su Guangmo judged the position of his teammates on the small map and made a decision. “Gather on the lower floor!”

This was the most common strategy for death racing. Gather in the place where there were more people.

The Chinese team had three people on the lower floor. Su Guangmo making Bai Shu join them was the most reasonable decision.

However, the moment Bai Xuan walked out of the room, he encountered two black magicians and the swordsman of the Australian team!

It turned out that James had given the order to gather at the stairs!

There were four people on the upper floor who were divided into four small rooms. The role of the mechanisms weren’t clear so the most sensible decision was to gather at the stairs.

The two black magicians and James came out of their rooms and saw Bai Xuan walking forward.

Bai Xuan, “…”

He just walked out the door to see three people. The pressure on Milk Dad Bai was very big!

White Fox? This ID was strange and had never been seen on the world’s healer rankings. The other sides healer happened to meet three people on the Australian team. This was simply a sheep running into a tiger’s mouth!

James was happy and he immediately ordered, “Kill him!”

The two friends were very quick. The black magician used Death Fear to set Bai Xuan in place. Bai Xuan’s hand speed was also amazing. He didn’t hesitate to use Purification and instantly returned to the room!

If he was set in place while surrounded by three people, he would die here. He wanted to live a bit longer.

The team channel showed that Bai Xuan was attacked. Su Guangmo looked at Bai Xuan’s coordinates and quickly reacted to Bai Xuan’s encirclement. He instantly ordered, “Ah Shu, save him!”

Xie Shurong thought, ‘Do you still need to teach me this? My wife is being beaten. Of course I’m going to run over to save him!’

Then once Xie Shurong went outside, he saw the Australian white magician coming from the opposite room. The other person was a bit surprised but Xie Shurong’s reaction was extremely fast. Spirit Lock set the white magician in place and then he used the swordsman’s movement skill to fly to the 1st room.

Inside the 1st room, Bai Xuan retreated into the corner while the three Australian players stepped forward.

He just used Purification on himself and quickly added five layers of Healing Language. However, Purification could only solve the control once. The other side had two white magicians and a swordsman. They had many control skills!

As soon as James entered, he decisively struck Bai Xuan. He wanted to use Spirit Lock to set Bai Xuan in place but Bai Xuan was first-rate and knew a swordsman very well. He flexibly moved to the side and avoided this control!

James was a bit surprised at the reaction of the other party. He had no time to carefully analyze it and had to say, “Control him!”

A black magician released the group control skill, Dark Fear!

This ranged control technique couldn’t be avoided by Bai Xuan and he was set in place.

The trio immediately worked together to kill Bai Xuan. The many skill light effects caused chaos and forced Bai Xuan’s blood to below 50%. If Bai Xuan hadn’t given himself five layers of healing in advance, he probably would’ve died from this wave of attacks!

On the mini-map, the blue dot representing a teammate was approaching quickly. Xie Shurong was running over to support him.

Sure enough, the door opened and after seeing the three players of the Australian team, Xie Shurong unceremoniously rushed forward and used the big move Light and Shadow Rotation!

The swordsman’s big move formed a dense white light with shadows, interrupting the black magicians’ skills. At the same time, he held the sword in his hand and moved to block the front of James!

James’ Breaking Bone Sword that was aimed at Bai Xuan was successfully blocked by Xie Shurong!

Bai Xuan gave a small smile. Ah Shu was quite reliable in key moments. The fast rescue speed showed he had run over and he wasn’t afraid when facing three people. His moves were decisive and his sword sharp. He even used his body to block James’ deadly blow, making Bai Xuan feel very comfortable and stable.

Thanks to this person, he probably wouldn’t die for a while.

Of course, with Bai Xuan present, there was no way Ah Shu would die.

What was 2v3? Did the Shu Bai combination have to feel afraid?

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