GLS: Chapter 266

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Chapter 266 – China VS Australia (Young Combination)

Canglan’s little prince and Wind Colour’s little prince!

The appearance of the two teenagers made many Canglan fans and Wind Colour fans excitedly send flowers!

The fans had often confronted each other in the domestic league but now the war between both sides had subsided. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng often attended press conferences together as leaders of the national team. Now the two little princes had joined forces to fight the opponents. The fans wouldn’t be giving the players any face if they kept fighting.

The two sides crazily cheered for their little princes. For a time, the live broadcast room was filled with ‘little prince.’

Qin Mo and Xiao Han sat in the seats and logged into their accounts. The blood kin assassin Xavier and the blood kin summoner Adrian appeared on the map at the same time. Many domestic audience members couldn’t help saying: [Xiao Han definitely gave Qin Mo the English ID!] [After coming to the United States, Qin Mo is looking for Xiao Han to learn English…]

Their masters were the strongest opponents while the two apprentices seemed to have become friends. ‘You teach me Chinese, I teach you English. It is quite fair.’

Yu Bing spoke with some surprise, “There is no chance of seeing the combination of Qin Mo and Xiao Han in China. I didn’t expect them to join forces in the World Competition.”

Kou Hongyi continued, “Previously, Wind Colour sent the double blood kin summoner combination and the effect was quite strong. I wonder what the standard of Qin Mo and Xiao Han’s blood kin combination will be? I think the audience is very much looking forward to it!”

At this time, Xiao Han and Qin Mo were quickly moving through the curtain map. The two of them didn’t seem close but Xiao Han’s position was always within Qin Mo’s attack range. In other words, they could take care of each other. At this distance, Qin Mo could immediately come to help if Xiao Han was attacked.

The invisible Australian assassin didn’t have much blood left and he acted carefully. He relied on his familiarity with the map to move in a big circle and came behind Qin Mo. Then he used Back Stab and Death Strangulation!

Qin Mo had nearly 30% of his blood knocked out from this sudden attack. He immediately summoned the blood snake and used the simplest bite to apply three layers of bleeding on the opponent. Then he used the summoner’s basic attack to kill the other person.

The style of Wind Colour’s little prince was fast and flexible. The other person’s head was taken away in an instant and he relied on the attack to suck back 10% blood, keeping his blood volume at 80%.

Xiao Han didn’t come to support at all. He was obviously confident that Qin Mo could take care of the residual blood opponent.


The Australian team sent their second combination—the black magician Matthew and the white magician Daniel!

The black and white magician combination was considered a signature of Australia. The two players were from the same team and were very familiar with each other. In addition, the black magician Matthew was an ace player that Li Cangyu emphasized in the previous meeting.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han were shocked and they entered stealth.

A moment later, Matthew and Daniel refreshed onto the map and came to the big stage. This was a map developed by Australia but the two players of the Chinese team were invisible. Finding two invisible players in a maze map wasn’t that easy!

Matthew stared at the computer screen along with his partner Daniel. As he moved, he quickly turned and checked the area around him, lest he encounter an ambush.

The thing that made the audience speechless as that the two invisible little princes were followed behind the Australian members, as if there was a tacit understanding.

Yu Bing was amused by the sight and couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Han and Qin Mo entered stealth and are secretly following the opponents. Did they learn this from Vice-Captain Yu? Two ghosts!”

Kou Hongyi added, “Hiding behind the other side, this type of play is very cunning and is suited for Cat God!”

The two commentators blackened Yu Pingsheng and Li Cangyu and the audience was delighted.


Qin Mo and Xiao Han were actually looking for an opportunity. The reason why they didn’t rush was because the distance between curtains was relatively narrow. It didn’t matter to Xiao Han’s assassin but Qin Mo was a summoner and had many pets. This narrow terrain wasn’t ideal for him.

Xiao Han patiently followed in order to cooperate with Qin Mo.

The two of them walked through the maze when Qin Mo typed a ‘1’ on the team channel.

Xiao Han’s speed was amazing. As soon as the ‘1’ popped up, he raised the dagger in his hand and decisively stabbed the black magician Matthew with Pain Blade!

Qin Mo also called a blood spider and set the white magician Daniel in place!

Daniel turned back, wanting to hit the opponents. He was shocked to find that he had no vision and couldn’t see the two enemies!

The camera showed a bird’s eye view. The audience realized that the location chosen by Qin Mo was at a corner where two curtains met. Daniel and Matthew were moving forward one after another. The moment Daniel turned the corner, Xiao Han suddenly acted! Thus, Matthew was dizzy while Daniel was fixed in place and couldn’t see anything!

Qin Mo was very clever about the timing. The blood kin pets automatically chased the opponents in range, perfectly freezing Daniel at a place where he couldn’t see. This was enough to prove his thorough understanding of the summoner class.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help giving praise, “Xiao Qin is becoming smarter.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded in agreement.

The simple control of the two teenagers cut off the two opponents from each other!

The thing that made Daniel want to cough up blood was that Qin Mo’s blood spider was chasing him. Daniel was fixed in place and had three layers of bleeding applied to him. The blood was then sent to Qin Mo… this feeling was particularly frustrating. He couldn’t see the opponent but lost 20% of his blood.

Qin Mo once again did a beautiful two-line operation. He released the blood spider to bite Daniel while the blood snake madly attacked the stunned Matthew!

Xiao Han also unleashed the big moves—Back Stab, Soul Stab and Death Strangulation!

Canglan’s little prince had a strong explosive power and combined with Qin Mo’s blood snake, the two teenagers worked together to force Matthew’s blood to 40%!

The control on the two men was finally over and Matthew immediately used Dark Fear!

This was a big black magic spell. As long as it hit, it would make Xiao Han and Qin Mo feel fear.  However, at this moment, Xiao Han and Qin Mo tacitly opened Combat Stealth.

The big move was wasted as the two people went invisible at the same time. Matthew really wanted to cough up blood and dye the curtain in front of him red.

It was harder than he thought to deal with the double blood kin combination who were like ghosts.

The desperate Matthew had to use the black magic group attack, Hell Flames!

The range of this move was wide. The black flames hit Xiao Han who was ready to escape but it missed Qin Mo, who was originally far away.

At the corner, Daniel released God’s Seal to fix Xiao Han in place.

The black magician and white magician used their big moves to force Xiao Han’s blood below 50%.

“Go around and hit them.” Xiao Han said on the voice channel.

“Understood.” Qin Mo replied.

He operated his blood kin summoner to the corner on the other side at the fastest speed. Then he directly opened the big group attack, Blood Bat Festival!

The black and white magicians of Australia had been desperately attacking Xiao Han when the bats flew over. Their blood dropped while Xiao Han took the time to move behind the curtains.

Matthew wanted to chase Xiao Han but he ran without leaving any shadows behind. There was also the blood snake released by Qin Mo. Matthew turned to kill Qin Mo, only to find that Qin Mo had summoned the annoying death knight to block the two people’s retreat!

Qin Mo moved around the complicated maze to the back of the opponent in just 10 seconds, rescued Xiao Han and escaped into the narrow passages of the maze.

Xiao Han was temporarily safe and Qin Mo had no worries. He immediately released his highest hand speed, summoning the blood snake and blood spider to attack. The residual blood Matthew didn’t persist for long. He was given five layers of bleeding and eventually died.

Daniel wanted to kill Qin Mo when Xiao Han appeared and used Pain Blade!

It turned out that Xiao Han had run to the side and waited for this skill to cooldown. The moment it was available, he ran back to help Qin Mo. The stunned Daniel was about to collapse. Were the brainwaves of these two people synchronized?

He had such doubts as he fell on the arena of the World Competition.

Despite the disadvantage from the map, Qin Mo and Xiao Han appeared and completed the double kill!

The wonderful use of the terrain made many spectators feel admiration, as well as the mutual rescue and support. The domestic live broadcast room was filled with ‘Little Prince 66666!’

Qin Mo and Xiao Han successfully moved back the advantage and bumped fists to encourage each other before exchanging smiles.

If Qin Mo hadn’t kept up then Xiao Han might’ve died. if Xiao Han hadn’t returned to hit the white magician in time, Qin Mo’s skills were on cooldown and he might’ve been countered.

Their understanding at the key moments allowed them to successfully reverse the situation!

Both of them felt warm in their hearts.

There was another small partner who grew up with them. They progressed together, learnt grammar from each other and could stand on the stage of the World Competition together. This type of feeling really wasn’t bad!

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