GLS: Chapter 262

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Chapter 262 – Death Racing (3)

In the Korean team’s training room, Captain Park Joonseo smiled in encouragement. “Good, you are acting seriously.

Shim Yoocheol tapped the keyboard and said, “I don’t want us to be killed anymore. This might be a friendly game but it will be humiliating if we lose too badly.”

Once he became serious, the few new people around him started acting. Big moves filled the sky and aimed at Xiao Han. As a result, Xiao Han used Combat Stealth like Qin Mo and all the skills missed!

“Kill the archer!” Li Cangyu reminded them.

At this time, Zhang Shaohui was already behind the archer and killed her!

The head ratio became 3:2 again and Kim Yoonhee shouted, “Watch out for the snake…”

Before she could finish, she saw the blood snake that Qin Mo placed under the remote’s feet suddenly twist its body and wrap around the white magician—Blood Snake’s Spit!

This was the big move of the blood snake. The person tangled up in the snake couldn’t move, they would lose a lot of blood and three layers of bleeding would apply. This skill caused the white magician’s blood to fall to 30%…

The black magician had a blood spider at his feet. The spider made him unable to move and he also had three layers of bleeding applied to him.

Shim Yoocheol looked back to see that the four people who survived in the South Korean team didn’t have much blood left. The even worst thing was that all fall people had three layers of bleeding on them. The blood lost in 10 seconds wasn’t a joke!


The players watching the game couldn’t help saying, “This summoner’s awareness is excellent!”

South Korea’s captain Park Joonseo smiled and commented, “The two line operation is very skilled. He should be Ling Xuefeng’s apprentice, the talented newcomer Qin Mo.”

“This style is calm, completely different from the American team’s Jack.”

“He applied a bleeding state to everyone’s body, making it convenient for his teammates to find opportunities to take heads. It seems that the Chinese team has thoroughly studied the death racing mode.”

As the group of people discussed it, the two sides exchanged a wave of skills. Zhang Shaohui lurked behind the white magician after killing the archers. The black magician used Dark Fear on Zhang Shaohui and the four Korean members joined forces to kill Zhang Shaohui.

Xiao Han and Qin Mo didn’t have much blood left and it would be hard for them to face four people, but Li Cangyu ordered, “Continue to fight!”

He had them continue to test how the two little princes would cooperate in the disadvantageous situation.

Facts proved that the two small apprentices were just as connected as their masters. In the face of a 2v4 situation, they weren’t afraid. It was because the four people of the South Korean team were in a residual blood state, especially the white magician Zhang Shaohui had just attacked. It would be a waste if they didn’t take his head.

However, they must be careful not to be controlled by the other side at the same time. Otherwise, the terrible attack power of the other side was likely to take their lives in one wave.

Qin Mo cleverly stood in place and used the death knight to interfere with the other side, while Xiao Han moved flexibly around him!

From the perspective of looking down from a high point, Qin Mo was like a fixed point while Xiao Han was a fast-swinging pointer. The two people moved quietly in a formation that was like a ‘clock.’ Qin Mo referred to where Xiao Han was and they moved lightning fast!

Xiao Han first aimed his dagger at the white magician, successfully killing the bloody white magician. Then he detoured around the black magician and used the violent combo of Back Stab and Death Strangulation!

The remaining three members of the Korean team were blinded by these actions but Shim Yoocheol wasn’t a rookie. After seeing the cooperation between the two of them, he rushed towards Qin Mo and killed the death knight.

At this time, Xiao Han unleashed a set of crits on the other side’s black magician.

Qin Mo flashed behind a reef and decisively used Blood Bat Festival!

The bats flew towards the black magician and the black magician disabled by Xiao Han had his blood emptied.

Shim Yoocheol took care of Qin Mo and turned to kill Xiao Han, only to find that the other person had disappeared into the chaotic reefs and could no longer be found!

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng glanced at each other, appreciation in their eyes.

Despite the extreme disadvantage of 2v4, they could think of the ‘clock walking’ formation that relied on Qin Mo’s remote control and Xiao Han’s assassination to successfully kill two residual blood opponents. The Xiao Han could escape with Qin Mo’s help. The cooperation between the two little guys was becoming higher and higher.

Xiao Han might’ve managed to kill the white magician because Zhang Shaohui removed most of the other person’s blood but Qin Mo’s grasp of the overall situation and Xiao Han’s decisiveness and senses made Li Cangyu feel appreciation.

After this exchange, the headcount ratio of China VS South Korea became 5:4.

Kim Yoonhee of the Korean team saw this and couldn’t help saying, “This assassin’s ability to seize opportunities is very strong. Is he Li Cangyu’s apprentice?”

Shim Yoocheol shrugged helplessly. “It seems that the Chinese team has an apprentice group as well as the masters! They aren’t easy to deal with!”

The other three newcomers didn’t dare speak. Today, the lineup of the South Korean team consisted of two great gods, Shim Yoocheol and Kim Yoonhee bringing three talented newcomers who just debuted this season. They assembled the lineup and didn’t consider any special tactics. The gap between heads had been narrowed but they might not necessarily win.

The captain Park Joonseo made a sensible judgment. The blood kin assassin and summoner should be fixed partners.

If they weren’t fixed partners, it would be impossible to use the clock coordination.

The performance of the two teenagers surprised him. This degree of surprise was no less than when he saw the elf summoner Li Cangyu at the Carnival yesterday. It seemed that the Chinese team was a strong team of crouching tigers, hidden dragons. At least 70% to 80% of the American team’s strength could be inferred. However, there were many players on the Chinese team hadn’t been heard of, making him feel unfathomable…

Park Joonseo bowed his head and thought for a moment before saying, “Yoonhee, make a quick decision.”

Kim Yoonhee heard this and nodded decisively. “Concentrate on the red resurrection point and directly open a group battle!”

The resurrection points in death racing were also recovery points. Bloody players could be restored to their initial state of full blood at the resurrection point. The Korean team members had just returned to the resurrection point when they saw… the Chinese team’s players waiting there!

Kim Yoonhee felt bad but it was too late to withdraw!

Cheng Wei was killed first. After resurrecting, he waited for Cat God’s instructions. He had long prepared his big move and the moment the Korean team arrived, he cast a skill to control them—Holy Seal!

The three people of the South Korean team were set in place and were helplessly hit by a wave of big skills!

The three players who just died needed 10 seconds to resurrect. Once they resurrected after 10 seconds, the two players who came to support them had already died.

If the residual blood members continued to choose this resurrection point, they still needed to wait 10 seconds.

This was a beautiful time difference battle!

The commander of the opposite side had obviously calculated the resurrection time of each Korean member. In addition, the disappeared Xiao Han came to the resurrection point in advance and waited for an opportunity. The South Korean team chose this resurrection point and completely fell into Li Cangyu’s trap.

Kim Yoonhee used Death Arrow Rain to successfully remove the residual blood Xiao Han but the gap between heads could no longer be overcome…

The Chinese team finally won the death racing game with a 10:8 score!

The captain of the Korean team gracefully gave a row of thumbs up.

Li Cangyu returned the thumbs up.

For the two captains who weren’t good at English, expressing their emotions with emojis was also a method!

The game ended and the training room filled with cheers. Cheng Wei stood up excitedly, “Hahaha, we won! We won against the Korean team!”

Lou Wushuang watched Cheng Wei and said lightly, “The tactical level of the other side’s woman isn’t very good.”

Zhang Shaohui scratched his head and admitted, “Well, we have the captain sitting here. It would definitely be different.”

“This game is just a mutual exploration. There is no need to worry about it.” Li Cangyu spoke calmly. “The commander of the Korean team isn’t Kim Yoonhee. There is no need to feel proud about winning in this game. We have to keep preparing for the group stage match against Australia.”

Everyone agreed with the captain’s statement. In this game, no one played to their true level. This was a casual game and there was no need to care about winning or losing.

The excited Cheng Wei calmed down. He stood next to Tan Shitian but kept looking at Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu kept on speaking. “Since everyone has come to the training room, let’s discuss the first opponent and see how the match will be played.”

He took out a long-prepared USB flash drive and turned on the projection. “I will introduce you to the style of the Australian team.”

Yan Ruiwen was speechless. This PPT was made by Captain Ling!

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5 years ago

And yet they once again fell to Old Cat’s ultimate trap ” In this game, no one played to their true level. This was a casual game and there was no need to care about winning or losing.” The South Korean captain to play is the same as him being pitted by our witty cat XD!! <3 <3 Now other than swollen faces I want to see everyone shook! Xd

3 years ago

Lol the PPT is alwaaaays made by LXF!