GLS: Chapter 261

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Chapter 261 – Death Racing (2)

After two people in the Korean team accidentally died, the five players on the Chinese team had already gathered at the seaside on the southeast corner of the map. Apart from Cheng Wei, the others were full of blood. If the South Korean team came at this time, three against five naturally wouldn’t be an advantage. Kim Yoonhee made a rational decision. “Everyone gather at the red resurrection point.”

There was a red and blue resurrection point in the death racing mode. The swordsman and white magician who just died in the Korean team chose the red resurrection point. The other players rushed to meet them according to the command.

In the training room, a handsome young man suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Yoocheol, you didn’t try your best just now.”

The named swordsman shrugged helplessly. “Captain, aren’t we just testing them. I just casually hit and didn’t expect the opposite side to gather so fast…”

Kim Yoonhee looked over at the man and asked, “Captain, do you want to command? I think there must be a master sitting there, otherwise they couldn’t gather so quickly. The hunter saved them too quickly…”

“Don’t worry.” The handsome man smiled slightly. “It doesn’t matter if we win or lose. It is just training.”

He stood in a position where he could see the computer screens of the five members in the team. However, it was led by Vice-Captain Kim Yoonhee and he never spoke a word until the two Korean members died.

The man standing next to him touched his chin and muttered, “On the Chinese side, the terran emperor Su Guangmo, the famous killer Lou Wushuang and the super popular summoner Ling Xuefeng isn’t present. They sent a bunch of unknown names. Are they looking down on us?”

The captain shook his head and smiled. “It is training, just like us. There is no need to think too much.”

South Korea’s captain Park Joonseo looked rather feminine but he was the well-deserved king of Korean tactics. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be captain of the national team at such a young age.

He played the summoner class and was in the World Miracle rankings along with Jack Josh, Ling Xuefeng and others. His registration ID in the Korean League and World Competition was Austra, the goddess of light. This was consistent with his class.

He played the rare angel summoner!


In the Chinese team’s training room, Zhang Shaohui asked, “The South Korean team suddenly disappeared. Is it to the resurrection point?”

Lou Wushuang spoke calmly, “The possibility of the red resurrection point is greater.”

Zhang Shaohui saw the location of the red resurrection point on the small map and agreed. “Yes, the distance is relatively close and it is more convenient to assemble.”

The watching Chu Yan couldn’t help saying, “It would be good if we could discuss like this in an official game!”

At this time, the 22 members of the national team were gathered in the training room. Apart from the five people sitting in front of the computer, the other 17 people stood behind them.

Cheng Wei heard Chu Yan say this and wanted to turn around to chat with him. As a result, Cheng Wei saw Yu Pingsheng silently standing behind him, staring seriously at the computer screen…

Cheng Wei was frightened. “Vice-Captain Yu, how can you not even breathe! You scared me!”

Yu Pingsheng glanced at him innocently. “I am breathing.”

Everyone, “…”

Su Guangmo pulled his younger brother to his side and whispered, “Don’t get so close. Come here and watch. It has a better view.”

“Oh.” Yu Pingsheng walked over and stood with his brother. He found that this angle allowed him to see the screens of the five people at the same time and nodded with satisfaction.

The atmosphere of this game was relatively relaxed and everyone chatted while playing.

Li Cangyu’s judgment was the same as Lou Wushuang. The five people of the South Korean team should be gathered at the red resurrection point. He thought about it and made a decision. “Go to the red resurrection point and hit them.”

Cheng Wei might have only 5% blood left but under the command of Cat God, he was a brave fighting cat. He closely followed the footsteps of his team members and didn’t show any obvious cowardice.

Li Cangyu glanced at Cheng Wei’s blood volume and said, “After meeting, they will definitely try to kill the residual blood Cheng Wei. We will use Cheng Wei as bait to lay an ambush. Xiao Zhuo will lay traps while Xiao Han and Vice-Captain Zhang investigate in stealth. Qin Mo, be ready with your big moves. Wait for them to come over and immediately try to kill them. We will also look at their level.”

As it happened, none of the five people sent from the Chinese team were commanders. Li Cangyu had to help them from the sidelines. In any case, this was a friendly game and the South Korean side must also have many people gathered together.

Sure enough, the five people arrived near the red resurrection point and Xiao Han discovered the large South Korean group. He immediately typed a ‘1’ on the team channel.

Zhuo Hang reacted extremely quickly, placing a circle of traps around Cheng Wei. Qin Mo summoned the blood spider and blood snake, ready to control the key figures on the other side.

The first one to appear was the Korean team’s melee swordsman. He stepped into Zhuo Hang’s trap and was set in place! The blood kin assassin hiding nearby also stepped into Zhuo Hang’s trap. This was because Zhuo Hang skillfully used the terrain when laying traps. All the traps cleverly surrounded the reefs, meaning they would be fixed in place no matter where they walked.

The moment the two melees were set in place, Kim Yoonhee immediately responded, “There is an ambush! Hold the front row and kill the hunter first!”

She didn’t choose to kill the bloody Cheng Wei because she judged that the other side had formed a circle with Cheng Wei in the centre. They would step into traps if they wanted to kill Cheng Wei.

On the contrary, Zhuo Hang’s hunter must be removed because he had the strongest interference ability!

The three ranged players of the Korean team fired at the same time. The white magician used God’s Seal to fix Zhuo Hang in place while the black magician and archer attacked. For a time, lights from various skill effects surrounded Zhuo Hang. Zhuo Hang’s blood fell to 50% in three seconds!

It could be seen that the Korean team’s instantaneous explosive ability was also quite strong, especially Kim Yoonhee. She was one of the most popular bard players in the world. She debuted earlier than Tan Shitian and became more famous than him.

This girl was different from the cute and lively girls in Korean drama. She was very handsome and her control was skillful. She could accurately target the opponent on a map with many obstacles. Now she used Precise Aim and Shock Shot!

The sharp arrows piercing through the air made a sharp scream. The two moves were crits and Zhuo Hang’s blood directly fell to 20%!

After seeing that Zhuo Hang was about to die, the invisible Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang moved to support. The two people scattered to the left and right, Zhang Shaohui using Pain Blade to control the black magician and Xiao Han controlled the archer with the same Pain Blade!

The outbreak of the South Korean team was interrupted. Zhuo Hang’s life was saved in a thrilling manner and he immediately used Flying Feather Steps to retreat. At the same time, he exploded all his traps. The serial traps exploded together, causing the blood of the two Korean melees to drop.

Qin Mo didn’t hesitate to open the big move, Blood Bat Festival!

Cheng Wei also used God’s Belief.

The two group attacks pressed the Korean team’s melee swordsman and assassin to 30% of their blood. Qin Mo also used the blood spider and blood snake to add five layers of bleeding.

Then the Korean team’s terran swordsman suddenly moved. He instantly leapt behind Cheng Wei and used the most labour-saving attack skill to accurately stab Cheng Wei’s chest, taking the head of the 5% blood Cheng Wei!

Then he used the big move Light and Shadow Rotation to hit Zhuo Hang and Qin Mo!

This response was quite sharp and the operation extremely smooth. The movements of Light and Shadow Rotation were quite accurate. Xie Shurong instantly said, “It is a master. This should be Shim Yoocheol, the ace of the Korean team.”

“Shim Yoocheol?” Bai Xuan hadn’t heard of this name before and asked, “Do you know him?”

Xie Shurong explained, “When I used to play at the American ICE Club, I saw Jack fighting against a Korean in the singles world arena. The opponent was the Korean swordsman, Shim Yoocheol.”

Su Guangmo asked curiously, “Who finally won?”

“They each won one game and halfway through the third game, Shim Yoocheol suddenly said he was going to eat cold noodles. Then he went offline. Jack was furious and since that day, he hates the Korean cold noodles.”

Everyone, “…”

Jack’s hot temper gave him the nickname of ‘Little Tyrannosaurus’. He had been playing against Shim Yoocheol, only for the opponent to suddenly leave the computer and run to eat cold noodles. It could be seen that this person was very arbitrary and freely did whatever he wanted, not taking the American master seriously.

Su Guangmo touched his chin with interest. “This swordsman was a bit interesting. In the Miracle circle, one of the swordsmen mentioned most is him. His popularity is barely able to keep up with me.”

Xie Shurong glanced at him. “Should you be speaking like this? Don’t you understand humility?”

Su Guangmo looked at him with amazement. “You are mentioning humility to me?”

The two brothers started to argue. Yu Pingsheng looked silently at Bai Xuan and Bai Xuan helplessly smiled. The two of them suddenly felt like powerless parents watching their children argue…

As they discussed Shim Yoocheol, the situation on the field had changed. Shim Yoocheol saw that Cheng Wei was killed and turned to crush Qin Mo and Zhuo Hang. Qin Mo used Combat Stealth at the critical moment but the originally controlled Zhuo Hang was killed by Shim Yoocheol.

This wave of double kills by Shim Yoocheol turned the heads ratio on the data panel to 2:2.

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