GLS: Chapter 260

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Chapter 260 – Death Racing

Li Cangyu sent a message to the national team. [@all members, please pay attention. The South Korean team’s vice-captain came to our door and said they wanted to play a friendly match with us. The time is 3 in the afternoon. Anyone interested can sign up.]

The news immediately blew up the group.

Cheng Wei was the most lively one and he actively asked: [Is the vice-captain of the South Korean team the archer called Kim Yoonhee?]

He had teamed up with Kim Yoonhee at the Carnival for a game of beach volleyball and was very impressed with this short-haired girl.

Li Cangyu replied: [It is her.]

Zhang Shaohui jumped forward and said: [Is there a conspiracy behind the Korean team suddenly finding us?]

This guess was quietly denied by Lou Wushuang. [Don’t talk about a conspiracy. In the group stage, they are in Group C and we are in Group B. We won’t meet at all. Even if we enter the quarter-finals, it will be the first place team of Group A fighting the second place team of Group C, the first place team of Group B fighting the second place team of Group D and so on. Thus, it isn’t possible to meet until the semi-finals.]

Zhang Shaohui thought about it and changed his words: [Is it a pure friendly match?]

Su Guangmo also came out. [It is estimated that they want to practice the mode and explore our strength.]

Tan Shitian agreed with this. [Captain Su’s analysis is reasonable. At present, they don’t need to worry about meeting the Chinese team. It is no problem finding a similar opponent to play a practice game. It will also help familiarize them with the rules of the World Competition.]

Cheng Wei asked: [Do they want an economic battle or fight in the pairs arena?]

Ling Xuefeng replied: [Death racing.]

People were surprised but soon understood. The death racing mode was only available on the web server of the Miracle Village. This was a new mode for the World Competition and everyone wasn’t very familiar with it. This was different from the pairs arena and economic war that they had been studying for a whole season.

Chu Yan said: [A psychic isn’t very useful in the death racing mode. I won’t participate.]

Zhu Qingyue also typed: [+1, I will watch the fun with Master.]

[Since the Korean team is trying to test our standards, let’s send a few juniors to fight with them.] Li Cangyu typed a few names on the keyboard. [Zhuo Hang, Qin Mo, Xiao Han should go. For the other two names, who is interested?]

Cheng Wei immediately raised a hand. [Me, me, me!]

Zhang Shaohui also volunteered. [Me as well!]

Li Cangyu smiled. [Very good, this is it! The five of you will play and everyone else will watch from the sidelines.]

Letting the two ‘silly’ people of the league bring three newcomers to test the level of the Korean team, this wasn’t bad!


3 o’clock soon arrived. All the members of the Chinese team and the Korean team gathered in the 11th room of the network server. It was a group of messy English and digital IDs. Apart from a few well-known names, the others were completely confused about who was who.

On the Chinese side, Zhang Shaohui, Cheng Wei, Qin Mo, Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang entered the room and pressed the ready button.

The Korean side’s lineup was an archer, a black magician, a white magician, an assassin and a swordsman. As for the IDs that were a string of letters and numbers, Li Cangyu couldn’t match them at all.

It could only be analyzed according to the operation of the character and the class. Li Cangyu looked down and thought about it while Ling Xuefeng said, “This archer might be Kim Yoonhee. We have to pay attention.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “Yes.”

The game soon began. The system randomly selected a map while the five players on both sides waited.

The random map was Dark Reef. This was a very difficult obstacles map. Based on the map name, there was obviously a beach with countless reefs to block people’s vision.

The map could be used for both death racing and the pairs arena. It was abandoned for the economic league because there was no way to split it into wilderness areas.  The tactics of lurking and sneak attacks made this map very interesting to play for death racing and the arena.

The two sides appeared at 10 refresh points on the map after 10 seconds.

This was the interesting part about death racing. At the beginning, the mini-map was covered in fog. Players could see their position and the position of their teammates, but they couldn’t see where the opponents were.

Of course, a strong commander would find the best meeting place based on the players’ positions.

During this period of training, the Chinese team members had also practiced the death racing mode. Generally, the key point of death racing was to gather together at the fastest speed.

It was because in a situation where a smaller group encountered a larger group, it was easy to die and give a head to the other side. The death racing mode was based on who won the most heads. It was safer to gather as five and act together.

How to gather together was the biggest problem.

At this time, LI Cangyu adjusted his view to Cheng Wei’s main view and temporarily served as the commander on the Chinese team’s voice channel. “Everyone, quickly gather at the southeast corner of the dark reef map!”

This was the fastest assembly point based on where everyone refreshed.

The group immediately rushed to the southeast corner. Fortunately, there were no road idiots here or they wouldn’t be able to tell where the southeast corner was.


Cheng Wei had just walked a few metres when he suddenly saw a black magician in the corner. He reflexively used God’s Seal to fix them in place and then typed at an extremely fast speed: [1 black demon!]

He meant that he had discovered a black magician. However, at this time, his teammates were too far away to help him.

Still, Cheng Wei wasn’t afraid. Who would be afraid of meeting a single opponent in the wild?

After the sealing skill controlled the opponent, he followed with two single target skills—God’s Light and Voice of Combat!

The two moves decreased the opponent’s blood to 60%. Then the black magician was released from the seal and Cheng Wei immediately hid behind a reef.

The black magician pursued decisively and Cheng Wei emerged from the other side of the reef. He used Voice of Combat and decreased the other person’s blood by another 20%!

He quickly reduced the person’s blood to below 50%. Cheng Wei didn’t have time to feel happy when there was a cold flash behind him—Pain Blade!

The Korean team happened to have two players refresh in the vicinity and Cheng Wei was unlucky enough to encounter them!

The trapped Cheng Wei’s blood volume quickly fell as he was brutally beaten.

In the death racing mode, once you fell into a disadvantageous situation, the most important thing was survival!

It was because the number of heads was the key to determining the outcome. As long as they survived and didn’t give points to the other side, they could wait for the rest of the team and fight back.

Cheng Wei thought this and immediately used a key white magician skill, Purification!

This was a long cooldown skill that allowed him to be free from control for three seconds. After Cheng Wei resolved the dizziness of Pain Blade, he immediately walked around the reef. This technique while moving was quite slippery and was worthy of being the handed-down teachings of his idol cat god.

Li Cangyu was just watching from Cheng Wei’s perspective and couldn’t help feeling admiration. “Xiao Wei is good. Run!”

Cheng Wei ran really quickly and suddenly encountered a person. It was his team’s QIn Mo. They had a companion and the two people acted more boldly. Qin Mo consciously protected the residual blood Cheng Wei.

The distribution of the reef was extremely chaotic. They just turned a corner when they encountered the two men of the Korean team, a swordsman and white magician!

2v2 met on a narrow road. After seeing Cheng Wei’s blood, the two of them ran over to kill Cheng Wei. The opposite side’s white magician used Voice of Combat on Cheng Wei, causing poor Cheng Wei to fall to 5% blood.

Li Cangyu said, “Zhuo Hang, save them!”

He had a grasp of the positions of the five players and had the nearby Zhuo Hang go to save them.

[I understand.] Zhuo Hang hurriedly typed.

The South Korean team was attacking Cheng Wei with full force. At this moment, an elf hunter appeared behind them and placed a row of traps at a very fast speed. The Stop Trap!

It was the most elementary trap but it played a key role!

At the same time, Xiao Han and Zhang Shaohui heard the sound of combat and rushed over. Li Cangyu saw the five people run over and immediately ordered, “Fight!”

The five people combined. Cheng Wei remained in the back and used a white magic spell!

The others also released their output at the fastest speed. By the time two more players of the Korean team caught up, the 5v2 situation had already collected two heads.

On the data panel showing the Chinese team VS the Korean team, the score was 2:0.

Kim Yoonhee frowned.

The strength of the Chinese team was more than she imagined. She just observed this white magician called ChengWei. If she remembered correctly, this should be Cheng Wei who fought at the Carnival. In a 1v2 situation, he quickly used Purification and then movements skills to escape. Both his awareness and positioning were up to standards.

It seemed that the Chinese team didn’t only have Li Cangyu. They also needed a good understanding of the strength of the other players.

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Aside from. Zhang Shaohui and Qin Mo. Others are all kittens raised by Old cat ya know