GLS: Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Truth

This was an away match for the WInd Colour team and all the members had flown to Beijing, the base of the Time team.

It was hard to get points in an away game so winning the game 6:3 was quite beautiful. Ling Xuefeng was in a good mood so he took everyone to a nearby restaurant and ordered sumptuous dishes. He boldly used the team funds to buy the meal.

At Wind Colour team parties, Ling Xuefeng didn’t like to speak but Vice-Captain Yan Ruiwen was very active. The main players Guo Xuan and Xu Feifan were also lively. Everyone chatted together and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

However, today’s situation was somewhat wrong. It was because Qin Mo was pale from beginning to end, like a sky about to collapse.

The full blood Qin Mo had been completely suppressed by Tan Shitian and killed. It was estimated that the shock the rookie who just debuted experienced was too big and his emotions hadn’t adjusted.

A few old players were afraid of his sadness and took the initiative to give him some dishes, which he accepted with an embarrassed expression.

Ling Xuefeng still hadn’t given an evaluation on Qin Mo’s performance. He knew that his disciple’s self-esteem was very high. At this time, Qin Mo would be psychologically damaged no matter what his master said. Therefore, it was best to let Qin Mo think about it himself.


After dinner, everyone headed back to the hotel by car. The game time was in the morning and Wind Colour’s leader had booked an afternoon flight back to Shanghai. Ling Xuefeng asked everyone to take a nap first before meeting in the hall at two in the afternoon.

Everyone went back to their room to rest. Qin Mo was staying with Xu Feifan, a blood kin summoner. This was Ling Xuefeng’s arrangement since he thought two players of the same class could exchange experience.

Normally Qin Mo would take the initiative to consult with his predecessor when he encountered problems. Today, he headed straight to the bathroom as soon as he entered the room.

Xu Feifan had been planning to go to sleep when he received a text message from Captain Ling. [Qin Mo seems to be worrying about something. Speak to him and see if you can figure out what caused him to play abnormally.]

[I understand.] Xu Feifan accepted the task and started to frown.

Qin Mo took a shower and came out a while later. The young boy was only 16 this year and his body hadn’t yet developed. The skinny boy was pale and looked very depressed. This guy’s heart was too proud and he thought he was great just because he was Ling Xuefeng’s apprentice. Xu Feifan had long thought Qin Mo would fall, he just didn’t expect it to be in such a ruthless manner.

He was abused in the ring in front of so many people. A young player could easily receive psychological shadows and even lost confidence. Competitive games were always cruel. If a person didn’t get up after being beaten, there would be countless players stepping on their back.

Xu Feifan was aware of the seriousness of the problem and pondered for a moment. He looked back and found that after taking the shadow, Qin Mo was already going to sleep.

“…” Xu Feifan was torn for a moment before going to Qin Mo’s bedside and whispering, “Xiao Qin, are you sleeping?”

“No.” The little boy’s stuffy voice came from the quilt.

Xu Feifan coughed two times to clear his throat before saying, “I am a player who debuted in the third season. You should know that before me, the best blood kin summoner in the league was Yuan Shaozhe, the former Vice-Captain of Wind Colour. After Vice-Captain Yuan retired, I started to play with Captain Ling.”

“I’ve heard about it.” Qin Mo replied softly.

He knew that the former vice-captain, Yuan Shaozhe was three years older than Ling Xuefeng and retired earlier.  He had never seen that person but he heard that Xu Feifan, the current main blood kin summoner, had inherited his style of play.

“From the beginning, the core of our Wind Colour team is the control of the double summoners. You should already know that your master is one of the best in the world. However, Captain Ling isn’t young and he will retire someday.” Xu Feifan paused and his voice became gentler. “He accepted you as a disciple, had me teach you the blood kin summoner’s gameplay and also makes you watch videos about blood kin summoners. Do you know the reason for this?”

Qin Mo was startled while a strong bitterness filled his heart.

Yes, he knew.

Captain Ling was doing this for the future of Wind Colour, so he could train successors for the Wind Colour team.

As Captain Ling’s apprentice, Qin Mo received more opportunities than his peers since he debuted. Captain Ling wasn’t stingy about letting him play in less important games and even when meeting a strong team like Time, his master put pressure on him by placing him in the key ‘guard’ position…

Then what did Qin Mo do?

He was in a daze during the game…

He was full of blood when facing Tan Shitian but he was sent off without causing Tan Shitian’s blood to drop at all.

He completely betrayed his master’s trust and felt sorry for his master’s efforts in teaching in.

Qin Mo’s pain twisted when he thought this and he wrapped himself tighter in his quilt, his eyes becoming red. It was like a faucet was opened as tears that he could no longer control flowed out.

Xu Feifan saw the little boy wrapped in the quilt and knew he must be crying. After all, Qin Mo was only 16 years old and still hadn’t grown up. It was impossible to ask him to be calm after being abused by an experienced player.

The fact that he was crying about today’s situation was a good thing.

Xu Feifan sighed and patted Qin Mo over the quilt. “Xiao Qin, Captain Ling is actually very good to you. He rarely expresses concern but everything he has done is to make you as strong as possible. You lost today’s arena match but it doesn’t matter. He sent you to gain experience from Tan Shitian, not to win. Do you understand?”

Qin Mo was stunned and emerged from the quilt to look at Xu Feifan.

Not to win? It was to gain experience?

Xu Feifan’s words were like cold water, immediately waking Qin Mo up.

Yes, he was a rookie player and would find it hard to win against Tan Shitian, the captain of the Time team. Master should’ve guessed this result and sent him to fact Tan Shitian to gain experience from an expert.

In fact, taking the game seriously and playing at his own level would be enough. However, he only wanted to win and his brain was messy. The result was that he was abused and completely wasted this rare opportunity.

It could be said that Wind Colour lost three points for nothing…

Xu Feifan say the boy’s repentant expression and couldn’t help patting Qin Mo’s shoulder. “Captain Ling doesn’t care about the score. He is more concerned about why you were playing abnormally. Xiao Qin, look back and think about it. I feel… you should take the initiative to give your master an explanation.”

Qin Mo thought for a long time before nodding hard. “Thank you Brother Xu. I will talk to Master.”

“Then have a good sleep. Once we return to Shanghai in the afternoon, you can go find the captain.” Xu Feifan had pondered on his lines, opened the big brother’s warm education mode and finally succeeded in persuading Qin Mo. He fell asleep in a happy mood.

Qin Mo’s head was in chaos and he didn’t sleep. He was thinking about how to explain the matter with Love to Eat Braised Fish.


At four in the afternoon, the Wind Colour collectively returned to Shanghai.

The Wind Colour Club was one of the earliest clubs established in the Miracle League and its popularity was very high. In its home city of Shanghai, there were numerous loyal fans.

In order to avoid the e-sports reporters waiting like rabbits at the airport, everyone walked down to the parking lot under the leadership of Ling Xuefeng and were sent back in a car that picked them up.

Upon arriving at the club, Ling Xuefeng said to the players, “Starting tomorrow, it is a holiday in the league. Those who want to go out to relax or go home to visit their loved ones should tell Vice-Captain Yan. Just remember to return before the 17th.”

It was a rare holiday and Ling Xuefeng didn’t want to make everyone train. At present, Wind Colour was ranked first in the team standings. As long as there wasn’t a drop in the second round of the regular season, this year’s playoffs definitely wouldn’t be a problem.

“Okay!” It was clear that everyone was happy about the captain’s decision.

Ling Xuefeng made arrangements for the team’s holiday and then returned to his dorm. He put away his luggage and turned on the computer in the living room.

He was watching a video replay of the match between Wind Colour and Time when a knock was heard and Qin spoke in a weak voice.

Ling Xuefeng got up and opened the door. He saw Qin Mo whisper with a bowed head, “Master…”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng looked at him lightly. “Did you find me to say something?”

Qin Mo nodded and organized his words. “I’m sorry Master. My mind was very messy today and I didn’t play well.’

“Don’t apologize. Tell me why you didn’t play well.” Ling Xuefeng ordered.

“Uh… it is like this. Yesterday, the president of the Wind Colour Guild told me that their six member team was killed by a three member team in the game. I was curious and went online to look. The result was I met a very strong elf summoner. I didn’t beat him and was even taught by him…’

Qin Mo’s heart felt very wronged when he thought about this and his voice couldn’t help choking up. “He said I lost because I was too careless and that I shouldn’t summon too many pets. It would just put me at a disadvantage. I.. I thought he had a point. I was thinking about it last night and my spirit wasn’t good in the morning. My mind was dazed and I didn’t know what to do in the game.”

Ling Xuefeng waited for him to finish before seizing the key point. “You said an elf summoner?”

“Yes.” Qin Mo nodded. “He is very powerful. I have never met an elf summoner and didn’t know how to play against him.”

“What is his name?”

“Love to Eat Braised Fish.”

“…” Ling Xuefeng was silent for a moment before leaving the room. “You should’ve told me earlier.”

“Master!” Qin Mo quickly followed him. “Where are you going?”

“I am going to the guild.” Ling Xuefeng said calmly.

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