GLS: Chapter 257

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Chapter 257 – 3v3 Finals (3)

Zhang Shaohui was extremely quick. He hadn’t cooperated many times with Li Cangyu but his judgment of the field was excellent. His long-term tactical awareness developed from having Lou Wushuang as a partner also wasn’t bad. Once he saw Cat God summon the water spirit to use a big move, he immediately headed towards the three American players. Sure enough, the moment he moved behind them, Li Cangyu’s Frost Heart froze all three people.

Zhang Shaohui didn’t hesitate to open a set of moves, all of them towards the healer Winfrey. Li Cangyu stayed in the distance and used Fireball on the healer. Cheng Wei, who managed to keep his life in a thrilling manner, also stayed in the distance and used white magic single attack skills on Winfrey!

Winfrey had a good temper but at this moment, her heart was extremely anxious.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen the healer consumption tactic before. On the contrary, her IT team was good at this war of attrition. Compared to a face to face fight, buying time would make the opponent more annoyed.

Now the person being consumed was her…

She quickly refilled her blood after the control ended but Winfrey felt that the situation was getting worse. The other side had three outputs and their combined output power was higher than the US team. Edmund and Angus weren’t able to take Cheng Wei’s life, the US team losing their best chance.

Winfrey was very clear that in a 3v3 small battle where the opposite side had three outputs, if her healing was disturbed then the situation was very unfavourable… They were likely to lose.

She regretted her hasty decision to kill the summoner first. However, she couldn’t reverse time and now it was impossible to change such a disadvantage.

Once she stepped into the other party’s trap, every step she took was wrong!

Winfrey actually hit a state where she was empty of blue and felt incredulous.

For a god level healer like her, controlling the blue was the most basic professional quality. Today, the blood pressure meant she had no way to control her amount of blue.

The eruption of the opposite side’s summoner was too terrible. The attack speed was very fast and the skill cooldown was short. She carefully calculated it and found that his output in half a minute was more terrible than an attack-focused summoner.

How high was his hand speed?

Winfrey was frightened at the thought. She couldn’t make any more contributions to the team and had to say helplessly. “Don’t worry about me. Kill the residual blood white magician!”

The other two members didn’t care about her.

The surprising thing was that Li Cangyu also ignored her…

He had always been aiming for her and the moment her blue was empty, Li Cangyu decisively stopped and started attacking the other two players.

He seemed to be saying, ‘Sister, you are useless. Just wait and watch the game!’

Winfrey’s face was red after she realized this and her fists clenched tightly.

Then she felt depressed again because she really couldn’t do anything. A healer without any blue was just a waste!


The domestic live broadcast was filled with many comments. [Cat God is bullying a foreign girl!] [No wonder Cat God is single. He is so cruel to the woman who is recognized as the big beauty of the Miracle League!] [The poor sister’s confidence will be hit…]

In fact, Winfrey’s psychological state wasn’t so fragile. Li Cangyu’s tactics didn’t make her uncomfortable but it wasn’t hard to understand. Rather than wasting moves on a blue empty healer, it was better to take care of the other two attackers as soon as possible.

Winfrey’s healing ability was gone and the result of the remaining 3v2 wasn’t difficult to speculate. The residual blood Cheng Wei was killed but Zhang Shaohui was in excellent condition and cooperated with Li Cangyu. Their firepower exploded and the American team’s Angus quickly couldn’t stand it.

The remaining Edmund didn’t last for long. Once Zhang Shaohui was beaten to 10% blood, Edmund regretfully fell.

Zhang Shaohui and Li Cangyu dealt with the healer with no blue. Winfrey directly typed GG and took the initiative to admit defeat.


“The Chinese team has won!” Kou Hongyi almost pulled off his headset from the excitement. “We won the last 3v3 championship and this year’s championship still belongs to us!”

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for their victory in the Carnival!” At the same time, Yu Bing didn’t forget to boast about her idol. “In fact, the decision maker for the two consecutive 3v3 finals is our Cat God! Last time he assisted behind the scenes to help Captain Ling win. This time, he carefully arranged a trap and directly smashed the American team’s god level healer, Winfrey!”

Many domestic Cat God fans wanted to cry. This late player, today on the Miracle world stage, he finally let everyone who knew Miracle remember his name—Old Cat!

His name might be ‘cat’ but he wasn’t a soft cat. He was a sharp cat with sharp eyes and claws, who could kill his opponent in one breath!

It was the moment when people around the world following Miracle knew about the terrible Chinese team’s captain!

The British media: [A full agility elf summoner, not only did he bring a surprise to the US team, he scared them to death!]

The Japanese media: [The Chinese team’s Old Cat is good. The summoner rankings are about to reshuffle!]

The South Korean media: [Deeply excavating the history of the Chinese Miracle player, Li Cangyu…]

Reporters from various countries started to dig at Li Cangyu’s background. Many sunspots in China indicated that they wanted to become Cat God’s fan. Li Cangyu’s popularity shot up and stood side by side with LIng Xuefeng, who had occupied number one on the domestic popularity list for many years.


Li Cangyu didn’t know about the media madness. After the game, he smiled and patted Cheng Wei’s head, encouraging the brainless fan.

Cheng Wei was very happy instead of depressed. He was killed by the other side but had nothing to complain about. His sacrifice was worth it if it allowed Cat God and Zhang Shaohui the opportunity to attack and win!

Zhang Shaohui laughed. “The American team’s sister probably wants to cough up blood…”

As he spoke, Winfrey brought her two teammates over to shake hands politely. She came to Li Cangyu and found that this player was very handsome. She smiled sincerely. This person seemed to be a straightforward guy. How could he make such unpredictable tactics?  Sure enough, she shouldn’t look at the face.

Winfrey shook hands with him and congratulated him. Before leaving, she declared, “The winner of the World Competition will be us!”

Li Cangyu smiled graciously and didn’t reply.

This indifferent attitude made Winfrey feel a bit stupid and she had to turn away.

A moment later, Li Cangyu, Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui came up to the big stage.

The host cried out excitedly, “Congratulations to the winners of the 3v3 event, Old Cat, Chengwei and Killer Zhang!”

The audience members warmly clapped.

Unlike the previous year where China won both the championship and were the runners up, this year Chinese’s second team met the South Korean team one in the quarter-finals. This team consisted of great gods. There as the well-known archer Kim Yoonhee and the ace of the South Korean team, Kim Changmin. This brother and sister pair were extremely aggressive. They broke through the trap flow tactics and blocked the Chinese team two from moving forward.

Jiang Xu, Yan Ruiwen and Meng Jie calmly accepted this result. After all, there were as many masters as there were clouds. It was very difficult for the Chinese team to win double prizes for two consecutive years.

Everyone was happy that Cat God won the championship. In particularly, the tactical deployment that hit the three US team members really gave the Chinese team face.

The players in the stands clapped wildly.

Once the commemorative trophy was presented, the host smiled and said, “According to the convention of the Carnival, in addition to the trophy, everyone can choose a world only commemorative model figure.”

Cheng Wei excitedly chose the white magician and Zhang Shaohui naturally chose the blood kin assassin. Unexpectedly, Li Cangyu chose the demon summoner instead of the elf summoner!

The Chinese audience looked like they had been struck by lightning. [Oh my god, he chose the demon summoner? Is this going to be for Captain Ling?] [I remember that last year, Captain Ling chose an elf summoner when he won…]

The host asked suspiciously, “Why didn’t you choose the elf?”

Li Cangyu replied with a smile. “I want to give it a very important friend.”

The host felt like gossiping. “Oh, a demon summoner, is it the Chinese team’s vice-captain, Ling Xuefeng?”

Li Cangyu nodded calmly. “Yes.”

Everyone, “…”

The national team members looked over at Ling Xuefeng. He had a rare smile on his face.

He remembered the promise made at the Carnival last year.

One day, they would stand side by side on the stage of the World Competition.

This promise had finally come true!

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