GLS: Chapter 256

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Chapter 256 – 3v3 Finals (2)

The domestic audience were very happy at the sight. The witty Cat God told them to run and the three people scattered. The US team must be losing their temper. Who said they wanted to kill the healer?

Li Cangyu’s wave of smoke bombs and acting was very successful. 99% of commanders would be fooled. Perhaps only Ling Xuefeng would know he was acting? You see, he didn’t even use the thunder spirit or wind spirit. How could he actually want to kill the healer? It was just to frighten Winfrey!

Unfortunately, Winfrey’s understanding of Li Cangyu wasn’t as deep as Ling Xuefeng. As the healer and commander of the Carnival team, she was the first to be controlled and set fire to. Her first thought was ‘the other side wants to kill me’ and completely didn’t expect Li Cangyu to be acting.

She was cheated by a bunch of moves and endured the urge to vomit out blood. She took a deep breath and calmed down. “Stay steady. We have encountered a rare tactical master!”


Yu Bing watched Li Cangyu’s group split into three directions and explained, “After careful observation, you can find that Cat God’s positioning is very skillful. He had already prepared a back road and even calculated the attack range of Light and Shadow Rotation. That’s how he could escape when the other party came over!”

Li, Cheng and Zhang were all full of blood at this moment. The American team was also full of blood because of Winfrey but many of their big skills were on cooldown.

The cooldown of key skills would affect their burst output ability and the single target healing skill had a 45 second cooldown. If Winfrey was controlled again during this time, it would be very dangerous.

Winfrey kept this in mind and made a sensible decision. “Withdraw!”

The two people had other ideas but they had to listen to the commander in the game. They helplessly had to protect the healer by temporary withdrawing.

The map of Moonlight Forest wasn’t small and it was good to hide and wait for an opportunity. Winfrey’s decisiveness in crucial moments was indeed the consciousness of first-class players.

However, Li Cangyu didn’t give them such an opportunity. Once Winfrey and Angus’ skill cooldowns were over, the opportunity created just now would be wasted.

Winfrey was retreating to the rear. This was the most normal reaction when withdrawing.

Yet today, she met an opponent who didn’t follow common sense!

The moment Li Cangyu scattered, he had flown to the back of the American team. He found an area where the light was extremely dazzling, almost forming a pure silver. Thus, when Winfrey turned to retreat, she didn’t discover Li Cangyu hiding here.

The three people approached and Li Cangyu summoned the wind spirit.

—Storm Fury!

This was the domestic audience’s favourite trick from Cat God and it was also Li Cangyu’s best pet skill. A gust of wind blew from the silver-white area and instantly knocked Winfrey, Angus and Edmund back five metres!

The trio retreated, only to be blown back by the wind spirit’s big move. Forget Winfrey, even Angus and Edmund wanted to vomit out blood!

In addition, this move blew the three people into the range of Cheng Wei’s attack.

Cheng Wei was extremely excited!

This was the first time he cooperated with Cat God in such a major event. During the pre-match tactical exchange, Cat God told them to pay attention to the colour instructions on the small map. Li Cangyu had just made a blue mark before acting. This was a sign for the big control that they arranged in advance.

At this time, Cheng Wei couldn’t see Li Cangyu and could only see the backs of the three American players. They were outside his range and no skills would reach.

Still, he believed in Cat God’s judgment!

Cheng Wei saw the blue mark on the map and immediately cast a skill.

—Holy Seal!

This was the ultimate white magic control skill. It consumed a lot of blue and the cooldown time was huge. It was only one word different from God’s Seal but the effect was completely different. God’s Seal could only control one person while Holy Seal was a ranged group control!

Cheng Wei rarely used this skill but today, he didn’t hesitate to use it. The result also surprised the audience!

They saw Li Cangyu blowing the three members of the US team back five metres. At the same time, countless white halos fell from the sky, as if they had been there for a long time. They sealed all three people in place!


“This is a very beautiful skills connection!” Yu Bing cried out excitedly. “The cooperation between Cat God and Xiao Wei is perfect and the grasp of the attack distance is quite subtle. The three members of the US team are sealed by the white magic and can’t move at all!”

If it was a remote class, they didn’t need to worry too much about being sealed since they could still release skills.

The melee was different. Once a melee was fixed in place, they could only be helplessly beaten. In particular, Edmund and Angus had just used their teleportation skills to save the healer. They had no way to get out of this trouble…

This seemed to be a chain trap?

Winfrey’s brow furrowed tightly.

Once the three of them were fixed in place, Cheng Wei started to cast a group attack, God’s Belief!

The visual effect of the white magic was gorgeous and the damage caused by it very impressive. White light spread from the staff in his hand. After the group attack, the three frozen people lost 30% of their blood.

Li Cangyu also wasn’t far behind and released two big group attack skills, Thunder’s Wrath! Raging Prairie Fire!

The summoner’s thunder spirit and fire spirit’s attacks fell. Purple thunder descended from the sky and red flames rose from their feet. Even worse, the two moves were both crits…

Full agility increase the speed of attack. Li Cangyu’s attack foundation wasn’t as good as other summoners but once it was a crit attack, the damage would be terrible.

Winfrey had never felt such a strong pressure since she debuted.

In the US league, she was the captain of an ace team and led the players in an invincible manner. Her healing ability couldn’t be compared to anyone. No matter how cruel the situation, she could use comfortably and methodically cope with big moves.

However, today she couldn’t keep up!

The opponents’ attacks were too fast and the explosive power too strong. While retreating, they were blown back by the elf summoner and given to the white magician. Her spirit had just returned when three big moves fell from the sky.

One move after another, the precise layout almost made her breathless.

Sweat dripped down Winfrey’s back. In desperation, she had to use two group skills, Great Healing and Desperate Prayer to forcibly fill up her teammates’ blood.

This was necessary. Li Cangyu’s two big moves were a crit and the three players’ blood was below 30%. If she didn’t forcibly increase the blood line, they would be wiped out!

At this time, the camera was showing a bird’s eye view. The audience was surprised to find that Li Cangyu, Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui were in a triangular position, surrounding the three people of the US team. It was obvious that when Li Cangyu arranged this strategy, he also calculated the position of his teammates in advance, allowing this wave of cooperation to flow smoothly.

Bai Xuan was full of sympathy. “Her blood-adding technique is good but unfortunately, she fell into Cat God’s trap from the beginning.”

Xie Shurong gloated, “Angus, that little boy actually entered the national team. He played too impulsively. There was no need to open Light and Shadow Rotation when turning back. Of course, I understand that young people want to look cool in a world event. The result is that he directly wasted a big move. This is really cool.”

Tan Shitian added,”Winfrey was too careless and she is probably crying right now. Look at her blue…”

The group looked at the data on the big screen. Thanks to using skills that added a lot of blood, Winfrey had only 30% blue left.

Li Cangyu and Cheng Wei still had above 50% blue while Zhang Shaohui was in excellent condition. He didn’t participate in this wave of combat and watched the drama from a distance, so as to not get within Angus and Edmund’s range.


The American audience were feeling anxious at this time. Winfrey used the priest’s big move, Desperate Prayer. The blood of the three people were lifted and they were immune to any control for a short time but… the moment this skill was used, the Chinese team retreated again.

A number of America spectators were scolded her. [What the hell is this fight?]

The domestic audiences were happily giving Li Cangyu flowers. [Consume your resources, release a wave of attacks and then run. In any case, you can’t catch me!] [Cat God is awesome. He will kill them with anger!] [I think Sister Winfrey won’t want to raise a cat anymore…]

[She must’ve never seen such a nasty cat. Scratching hard enough to make you bleed and then running away, hahaha!]

Indeed, Winfrey’s heart was in a state of collapse at this time.

She was fond of the word ‘cat’ because she was a cat person. She loved to be close to cats since she was a child. The Persian cat raised in her house was particularly obedient, soft and cute. The cat was like a small heater in her arms and the world always made her smile.

But today, she really wanted to climb into the computer screen and smash the man called Cat!

These tactics were too irritating!

After glancing at the skills bar, Winfrey’s eyes became cold and she no longer hesitated. “Full attack! Kill the magician!”

The US team could use their big skills again. Angus and Edmund had long become impatient after being controlled. They heard the command and were like beasts released from the cage. They used the teleport skill to move to the nearest Cheng Wei.

The summoner could run fast but couldn’t they catch the white magician?

Winfrey changed the target and the short-legged Cheng Wei was caught off guard. Moreover, Edmund’s Pain Blade stunned him and he couldn’t release any skills.

Cheng Wei ate this wave of damage and fell to residual blood. It was enough to see that the US team wasn’t weak. The output of the swordsman and assassin was quite terrible.

Li Cangyu saw that Cheng Wei was going to die and rushed over, using Frost Heart!

The water spirit’s big move was opened and an overwhelming ice and snow filled the area, freezing the three opponents directly in place.

Cheng Wei immediately turned to run and Zhang Shaohui, who had been waiting for this opportunity, finally joined the battle.

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