GLS: Chapter 255

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Chapter 255 – 3v3 Finals (1)

Yu Bing and Kou Hongyi were also in New York, USA. The league officially arranged live broadcasts for the media of various countries. For the two people, this was the first time going overseas for a Miracle competition.

Kou Hongyi found it hard to hide his excitement. “I will introduce the domestic audiences to the three players of the US team. Winfrey is the chief healer of the US Miracle League. She is in the world rankings and is also the vice-captain of the US national team.”

“Angus is only 17 years old and a talented player of the ICE Club. He won the Best Newcomer Award and defeated the original swordsman king, becoming the strongest swordsman in the United States.”

“There is also the blood kin assassin Edmund. His style is more unrestrained and his attacks are very fierce. He is at the forefront of the world assassin rankings and almost at the same level as our Lou Wushuang.”

Yu Bing saw him introduce the other players and followed. “For the three Chinese team members, Captain Old Cat, Chengwei and Killer Zhang, I believe I don’t need to introduce them. You can distinguish them by ID.”

Once the player ID were introduced, the domestic live broadcast channel was filled with comments like: [I’m hurt at everyone’s English level!] [It is a bunch of Chinese-style English. Tan Shitian’s Tenday is the pinnacle of Chinese-style English!] [It is estimated that foreigners are wondering why it is Old Cat, not Young Cat. Obviously he looks very young 2333.]

In the commentary room, Kou Hongyi turned back and asked, “Sister Bing, who do you think will win?”

“It should be a 50:50 chance.” Yu Bing replied calmly. “The other side has a god milk but we have a god cat. Winfrey’s blood supply is big but our Cat God’s instantaneous power will be enough to make her hands and feet useless.”

Everyone knew that Yu Bing was Cat God’s fan. It was understandable that she praised Cat God during the explanation. Many domestic Cat God fans cheered him on in the live broadcast room, but many people were still worried about this game. After all, the three players of the US team weren’t bad.


The commentators on the American side were full of confidence in their own team members. “It is Winfrey! The 3v3 team is led by our vice-captain. I believe that no one will doubt her tactical level! On the opposite side… ah, this strange elf summoner, I have never heard of him.”

“It is said that he is the captain of the Chinese team?”

“Then he must have really good luck!”

A player they had never heard of before actually won the season’s championship and took over as captain of the national team. To the foreign commentators, this was definitely because of luck. They didn’t believe that Li Cangyu’s strength was better than Ling Xuefeng. In their view, the only Chinese players worth paying attention to were Ling Xuefeng and Su Guangmo.

Where did this Old Cat come from? Every country was very confused about this.

No one thought that the handsome young man sitting calmly in the soundproof room was the one who let the Chinese team beat the US in last year’s 3v3 event!


The game was about to begin and the randomly selected map appeared on the big screen.

The maps in the world competitions were all seven star difficulty maps. The one that was selected for the 3v3 finals was a map with one of the more complicated terrains, Moonlight Forest.

In the Miracle game, this was the birthplace of the elves. The silver plants and spores floating in the air made a beautiful scenery. The competition map made some changes to the actual landscape, completely disrupting the order of the trees and creating a lot of blind spots using the principle of light refraction.

This seemingly bright map was actually full of danger!

As soon as Winfrey appeared on the map, she called her two teammates to the middle of the map. She quickly tapped the keyboard while issuing orders on the voice channel. “Edmund, go invisible and check in front. Angus, keep a good distance. We will first set fire to the summoner!”

The trio moved forward in a triangular formation which allowed them to mutually respond to each other.

Li Cangyu’s side was also in a triangular formation. Zhang Shaohui was invisible in the front while Li Cangyu and Cheng Wei were to the left and right, keeping a certain distance from each other.

The two sides soon met in the middle of the map. Once Winfrey saw the name Old Cat, she immediately ordered, “Go and kill him!”

Edmund had already long been aiming for Li Cangyu’s position. He heard this and immediately used Pain Blade. The swordsman Angus also rushed in front of Li Cangyu and used Breaking Bone Sword!

According to their thoughts, after Pain Blade and Breaking Bone Sword hit, at least 30% of the opponent’s blood would be gone. The assassin would follow up with Back Stab and Death Strangulation, while the swordsman would use Light and Shadow Rotation. It was enough to kill the extremely vulnerable summoner.

The reality was… they thought too much!

The moment that Edmund and Angus acted, Li Cangyu seemed to realize the danger. He suddenly swayed and the audience members lost track of him!

Edmund, “???”

Angus, “???”

The two moves were wasted and question marks appeared above their heads. Could the elf summoner become invisible? Why couldn’t he be seen all of a sudden?

The domestic audiences were familiar with Li Cangyu’s fascinating movement skills. At this time, they excitedly filled the screen. [Cat God 6666! It is an explosion of 6!] [It is Flying Feather Steps again! Cat God’s amazing Flying Feather Steps!]

Yes, Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps at that moment.

Of course, foreign players knew the effect of Flying Feather Steps. The elf players would use this skill to move very quickly.

However, they had never seen it so fast!

It was almost a flash as they lost track of the summoner. It was like teleportation!

Winfrey was standing in the back and saw Li Cangyu’s operation. An alarm ran in her heart and she tried to move backwards. Unfortunately, it was too late. Li Cangyu called a water spirit to her side and used the simplest technique to freeze her in place.

At the same time, the waiting Zhang Shaohui emerged behind her and unceremoniously attacked the beautiful girl with—Back Stab, Soul Stab and Death Strangulation!

The distant Cheng Wei also started casting white magic at Winfrey—Voice of Combat and God’s Light!

Both of them were high damage single attack skills. Cheng Wei was smart and didn’t waste any group attacks.

After Li Cangyu controlled Winfrey with the water spirit, he followed by summoning the fire spirit and hitting Winfrey with the simplest Fireball attack.

The American commentator Anne, who had always been known for her humour, was shocked. Once she recovered, she barely managed to say, “The goal of the Chinese team is Winfrey! Are they going to set fire to kill the healer?”

“Still… that summoner is just too fast! I found that his Fireball casting time was very short. It is almost half the time of a normal summoner!”

“Did he take the full agility route?”

“Yes! Otherwise his speed can’t be so fast when he used Flying Feather Steps!”

“Full agility, this completely abandons attack and defense. A summoner’s defense is already very weak so once caught, it will be easy to die!”

—First, they had to catch him.

The two commentators from the United States didn’t seem to have reacted to this point yet.

Li Cangyu’s gameplay was extremely rare. It was the extreme agility flow, which increased movement speed while reducing the skill release time and cooldown time. His defense might be greatly reduced and his attack wasn’t as good as other summoners, but there was only one word to describe him—fast.

For Li Cangyu, fast was enough.

It was because he had a very high hand speed. For a hand-speed genius like himself, he could use this fast style to push the opponents to the extreme.


On the field, Winfrey was hit by three outputs at the same time and her blood volume instantly fell to a dangerous state of 40%. She had no choice but to add to her blood the moment the control on her ended.

Fortunately, Angus and Edmund weren’t idiots. They immediately turned to rescue the healer.

Angus directly opened the big move Light and Shadow Rotation while Edmund ran over to interrupt Li Cangyu’s casting. At this moment, Li Cangyu suddenly ordered, “Scatter!”

It was only one word but the teammates acted according to previous arrangements and quickly spread out in three directions.

As a result, the audience saw a ridiculous scene. Angus’ Light and Shadow Rotation was completely wasted and didn’t hit a single person, while Edmund couldn’t catch up with the completely escaping Li Cangyu.

Winfrey’s chest suddenly felt tight with irritation and she wanted to vomit blood!

She had reacted the way they wanted. The elf summoner acted as bait to make the two melees hit him. Then he used the flexible Flying Feather Steps and accurate prediction of skills to ensure that the two melees’ initial moves were wasted. Then the elf summoner controlled the healer and cooperated with his teammates to give the strong illusion of killing the healer, successfully forcing out the healer’s single target skill.

Her teammates though she was going to be killed and rushed back to rescue her. However, the opponents didn’t fight and instantly spread out in three directions, once again making Edmund and Angus’ big moves miss.

The Chinese trio used only the simplest attack moves to force the American team to waste so many big moves. This was simply crushing their IQ!

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