GLS: Chapter 254

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Chapter 254 – Fight in the Carnival Again

That evening, Li Cangyu called everyone together for a small meeting. The league made sure to arrange a meeting room for each floor, allowing the players to meet and discuss tactics.

This meeting wasn’t about the World Competition. It was for the upcoming appetizer—the 2nd World Carnival.

The players who participated in the first Carnival were voted by the domestic audiences.  However, this year was more exciting and intense due to the World Competition following the Carnival event. Thus, the league announced a new regulation. Every country’s Carnival players should be directly selected from the national team by the captain.

In other words, this time the Carnival had no voting. The national team’s captain would directly send people.

Li Cangyu had many benefits but it wasn’t good for him to make private decisions. He called everyone to discuss the Carnival participants. “The Carnival is just an entertainment project, with events like basketball, racing, etc.  My suggestion is that the participants of the first Carnival should give the opportunity to others. What do you think?”

Su Guangmo readily said, “I have no opinion. I have already played last time. Do you want to go this time?” He was looking at Yu Pingsheng. The latter smiled shyly before finally managing to say, “Ah Shu should go.”

Xie Shurong replied, “I don’t have much interest in this type of entertainment. I will keep training.”

Li Cangyu asked, “Who especially wants to go?”

Cheng Wei raised his hand. “I want to try!”

Lou Wushuang looked over at Zhang Shaohui. “Last time, you helped me get votes. This time you should go and play.”

Zhang Shaohui was excited. “Okay, I’ll go as well!”

Chu Yan and Liu Xiang participated last time. Li Cangyu asked, “Captain Jiang, do you want to go? You can look at the hunters from other countries.”

Jiang Xu nodded. “No problem.”

Red Fox’s Meng Jie asked said bluntly, “Is there still room? I want to see it!”

Yan Ruiwen followed up. “Can I go?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes. Then the temporary participants this time are Cheng Wei, Zhang Shaohui, Jiang Xu, Meng Jie, Yan Ruiwen and me. This Carnival will be led by me while Xuefeng will stay behind to arrange everyone’s training. Players who can’t go to the Carnival shouldn’t feel too lost. After all, it is only an entertainment project. The key is the World Competition.”

“The main purpose of the Carnival is to meet the players of other countries.  For the arrangement of these six places, everyone can directly give their opinions.”

The few newcomers actually wanted to go but Xiao Han and Qin Mo’s qualifications were too shallow to rob the places of the great gods.  It also wasn’t good for the players who participated last time to go again.

The opportunity was limited and first come, first served. Everyone had no opinions and Li Cangyu finalized the list.


The list of Carnival participants was released and many domestic netizens questioned it.

[Captain Ling, Su and Tan aren’t going! Isn’t the lineup a lot worse than last year?]

[How was this selected? The lineup is too poor…]

However, there were many sensible people.

[It is probably to hide the great gods. Too much exposure isn’t good for the World Competition.]

[I have discovered that the five tactical commanders didn’t go. This is the right choice. The Carnival runs for two days and it is better to study tactics during this time.]

[The World Competition is about to start and the players’ energy is limited. It is correct that the tactical commanders don’t participate in an entertainment project!]

Regardless of the Internet, Li Cangyu had a decisive nature and wouldn’t change his mind once he made it.

He submitted the list to the World Carnival and didn’t carefully arrange any tactics. The first day of the entertainment project didn’t need any arrangements because it was just playing basketball, racing, etc.

His focus was still on the World Competition.

Through the window, he could see that another country’s team had just arrived in the Miracle Village. It was only one week away from the World Competition and it was almost impossible to find out the tactical ideas of each country in such a short period of time. Therefore, each step must be cautious. He couldn’t be too careless!


At noon the next day, the second Miracle World Carnival finally opened to the expectations of the Miracle fans!

The opening ceremony of the Carnival was still as grand as it was last year. However, this year’s entertainment project had been replaced by new events. The first day basketball game was changed to beach volleyball, a two person match that was decided by drawing lots.

Zhang Shaohui drew the American team’s Thomas and almost coughed up blood. This madman always threw the ball in the wrong basket last time. This time, he put the volleyball on his own side. He was truly a pig teammate!

Cheng Wei drew a female Korean called Kim Yoonhee. She had handsome short hair and was a very popular bard who had debuted for a long time. Her reputation in the world was a lot bigger than Tan Shitian.

She was obviously a very beautiful sister but Cheng Wei was uncomfortable working with her and felt Captain Tan was better. Her aggressiveness was too strong and always made him feel embarrassed, not knowing where to place his feet…

Li Cangyu didn’t participate in the entertainment projects and waited for the 3v3.

For this year’s 3v3, China still sent two teams. Li Cangyu, Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui were one team while Jiang Xu, Meng Jie and Yan Ruiwen were the other team. One group took the assassination route while the second group took the negative states and trap route.

This team, there were 16 countries participating and the other captains had the same thoughts, sending two groups to the 3v3 project. This led to the emergence of 32 teams in the 3v3 project. They were divided into 8 groups of four and played at the same time.

Sending so many teams was just to learn more about the players of other countries.

Li Cangyu’s team was assigned to Group A. The other countries in this group were Sweden, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In the first game against Australia, Cheng Wei’s white magician was the main control, Li Cangyu’s summoner burst out and Zhang Shaohui looked for an opportunity for a sneak attack. The trio won relatively easily.

The other tactical commanders watched from below the stage and kept their eyes on players from other countries. Ling Xuefeng even took notes.

Australia’s overall strength was low among this year’s participating countries and Li Cangyu’s win was expected. The following Swedish and British teams didn’t cause too many obstacles for Li Cangyu and they successfully entered the round of 16.

From the round of 16, it was a knockout match. Li Cangyu went all the way to the finals and once again met the three people of the United States!

This time, the US team’s lineup was different from before. Last time it was Jack Josh’s summoner, Thomas’s bard and Edmund’s assassin. Li Cangyu was the behind the scenes strategist, provided Ling Xuefeng with a novel tactic that allowed them to violently counterattack and win the 3v3 championship.

For this year’s Carnival, the American star summoner Jack Josh didn’t come. The 3v3 lineup only had the blood kin assassin Edmund, while the other two were new faces. They were the terran swordsman Angus and the angel healer Winfrey.

Winfrey was one of the few female players in the Miracle circle and had the title of ‘world-class god milk.’

She was a typical Caucasian, with long curly blond hair, a fair complexion and eyes as blue as the sky. This image almost perfectly coincided with the image of the angel priest in the Miracle game. As a result, she had a large number of fans around the world and her reputation was higher than Bai Xuan and Liu Xiang.

She was the vice-captain of the American national team. She was said to be very calm and good at grasping opportunities. The captain of the US team didn’t come, sending the vice-captain to observe the players from other countries.

She didn’t have a deep impression of the name Old Cat.

She liked cats and had a beautiful Persian cat at home.

There weren’t many Miracle players with the word ‘Cat’ in their ID. She would’ve had an impression if she met this player before.The strange thing was that she didn’t have the slightest impression of this ID.

She just heard that this player was the captain of the championship team in the seventh season and became the captain of the national team. She was more familiar with the vice-captain Ling Xuefeng and saw his wonderful commanding at the previous Carnival. She knew that Ling Xuefeng was a summoner on the same level as Jack.

This elf summoner in front of her… she had never heard of him before in the world’s Miracle circle.

Was this a dark horse who suddenly emerged or a newcomer who won the championship through luck?

Winfrey was a bit confused but her keen instincts as a professional player allowed her to calm down. She quickly issued an order on the voice channel. “Kill the summoner first!”

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