GLS: Chapter 253

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Chapter 253 – Miracle Village

The league gave the members of the national team three days off, allowing them to go back and say goodbye to their loved ones. After all, they would be spending the next few weeks abroad.

For many people, this was their first time going abroad. Their parents naturally weren’t very comfortable with them going so far away. Then they thought of their children participating in the national team and representing the country, causing them to be filled with pride!

“I heard your son is going to the United States to play the game?”

“Yes, he will leave in two days. I’m not too sure. This is the first time he is going so far!”

“What’s the game?”

“It is a competitive game!”

“Competitive game?”

“I don’t know much about it. It is… using the keyboard to play the game?”

Many people didn’t understand what ‘e-sports’ was. However, the Miracle League’s advertisement of the national team was amazing. The Internet was full of news about the World Competition and many friends and relatives cheered for them in their circles. For a time, the term e-sports quickly spread.

In the past, parents saw e-sports as just ‘playing around’. Once they saw this World Competition, they no longer strongly opposed the children who had talent for games and wanted to be e-sports players.

In the training camps of the major teams, the number of newcomers who rushed to sign up broke a record high.

Of course, there was no time for the national team’s members to pay attention to this. They were making final preparations to leave the country.

Li Cangyu provided small tips in the chat group. [Bring a few sets of clothes to change into, shampoo and shower gel can’t be brought, the hotel will provide them. Everyone should bring their own water bottle and don’t forget an umbrella…]

The captain was like a big housekeeper as he worried about the team members. The vice-captain Ling Xuefeng was responsible for contacting people at headquarters in the United States. His English was very good and he could communicate with the person directly in English.


In the blink of an eye, September 25th arrived and all members of the national team came to Beijing Capital International Airport with Chairman Nan Jiangang and took a flight to New York.

The flight that spanned almost half the earth lasted for more than 10 hours. At first, everyone was quite excited and talked about going abroad. Later, the lights turned off and everyone gradually became sleepy, falling asleep one by one.

It was afternoon when they arrived in New York. The Miracle League headquarters sent people to pick them up. The huge pick-up sign with English and Chinese characters that said ‘Miracle League’ was particularly conspicuous.

Ling Xuefeng stepped forward and exchanged a few words with the girl who picked them up. She was Chinese and her Chinese was also very good. She had already arranged the vehicle and once everyone got their checked baggage, they followed her to the officially arranged accommodations.

They had slept on the plane for two long. Now everyone was awake and extraordinarily lively when looking at the buildings outside the window.

Cheng Wei asked excitedly, “I wonder what hotel the league arranged? I hope it is a single room…”

This was immediately denied by Tan Shitian. “The possibility of a single room isn’t big. There are 22 contestants from each country, as well as the team leaders, assistants, photographers, etc. The 16 countries can add up to over 400 people. Will they be able to arrange more than 400 single rooms?”

Cheng Wei glared at him. “If it is a double room, this time I want to stay with Cat God…”

Tan Shitian rudely ruined his dream. “Do you want to die? Cat God will definitely live with Captain Ling to discuss tactics every day. How can he stay with you?”

Cheng Wei felt a bit lost and muttered, “I don’t want to stay with you.”

Tan Shitian whispered in his ears, “Why?”

Cheng Wei didn’t speak. Tan Shitian smiled slightly and spoke in a voice that only he could hear. “Are you afraid of kissing me?”

“…” The distance was too close and heat touched his sensitive ears. Cheng Wei’s face turned red as he yelled, “Tan Shitian, get out of here!”

The group looked back with expressions asking, ‘What happened?’ Li Cangyu was the only one who was different, his eyes saying, ‘Don’t be too emotional in public.’

Cheng Wei angrily stared at Tan Shitian, his round eyes looking particularly cute.

Tan Shitian reached out and gently patted him on the head. “Don’t be angry. I’m joking.”

Cheng Wei twisted his head and ignored him.

Su Guangmo asked the female guide, “Where is the hotel arranged by the hotel? Is it going to take a long time?”

The Chinese girl smiled. “Yes Captain Su, in order to avoid being disturbed by crazy fans, the players’ residence has been arranged in a quieter suburb.”

Su Guangmo was surprised. “Eh, you know that I am Captain Su?”

The girl winked at him. “Of course, I have watched the Chinese league. Didn’t you also participate in the Carnival?”

Su Guangmo smiled. “Yes, I came to New York last year for the Carnival and stayed at a hotel.”

“This time, the number of players from the various countries is very high and arranging hotels are too hard. The league has arranged a residence for everyone to stay. Hey, we are here!” The Chinese girl was very cheerful and she pointed to a group of buildings outside. “It is there!”

The group looked outside and sure enough, they saw a row of neatly arranged buildings.

Behind the row of buildings was a small playground with a standard rubber track, a variety of fitness equipment and an open-air swimming pool.  It was obvious that in order to prepare for the first World Competition, the league worked hard to transform the residence of the players.

The vehicle stopped at an open space in front of the buildings and everyone got off it. Once they got off the bus, they saw a row of spectacular sculptures in front of them. It was actually sculptures of the six races of Miracle!

Large maps in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and other languages were placed to one side of the sculptures. Everyone gathered and looked at the map. The labels were very clear, stating things like dormitory, dining room, activities area, supermarket etc. Even if they didn’t know English, they wouldn’t get lost. The Miracle League in the US was quite reliable.

Under the leadership of the female guide, the members dragged their luggage to the Chinese team’s dormitory.

There were traces of the Miracle game along the way. The street lights were made into the shape of a priest’s staff, the signs were full of the various Miracle classes and even the trash cans were made in the shape of the elf summoner’s four water, fire, wind and thunder pets…

Li Cangyu pointed to a water spirit trash can and asked, “Do you like this type of trash can?”

Of course, he was talking to Ling Xuefeng and everyone was aware of this. Ling Xuefeng look at the lovely water spirit trash can and said, “I don’t want to throw rubbish into it.”

Li Cangyu agreed. “Yes, I want to take one back as a commemoration.”


Everyone walked through the village and despite being in a foreign country, they felt intimate and warm because the place was full of Miracle elements.

Qin Mo secretly pulled Xiao Han and whispered as he pointed to the sign in front of him. “What does Miracle Village (Eng) mean?”

Xiao Han replied, “It can be understood as a small village dedicated to MIracle.”

Qin Mo muttered, “…Oh.”

Once he arrived in the United States, he firmly hugged Xiao Han’s thigh. From today on, Xiao Han was his English teacher!

The World League had specifically built a Miracle Village to host the annual World Competition. This intimate design proved their far vision and sincerity towards the World Competition.

The main office’s sincerity could be seen from these details.

They might be players from different countries, they might have different religious beliefs and customs, but there was one thing they had in common—they were all e-sports players who loved Miracle.

In the Miracle field, all players were equal and every opponent was worthy of respect.

It didn’t matter if they didn’t have a shared language. They would use their skills to speak!


The Chinese girl took everyone to the third building. Then she said to Ling Xuefeng, “There are a total of 14 room on the 3rd and 4th floors that belong to the Chinese team. The flag of the Chinese team is hung next to the rooms. The captain should arrange for everyone to check in.”

She thought Ling Xuefeng was the captain and spoke facing Ling Xuefeng.

It was natural since the person who always contacted the league headquarters was Ling Xuefeng. Li Cangyu didn’t mind since they were inseparable…

For the accommodation arrangements, Ling Xuefeng asked, “Shall we continue to follow the arrangements from the secret base training?”

The group immediately agreed.

The lone Cheng Wei couldn’t object and he could only follow Tan Shitian in a dejected manner.

That night, everyone took a shower and went to the dining room to have dinner. On the food side, the United States didn’t have as much variety as domestically. Many people wisely brought snacks and didn’t go hungry.

After dinner, Li Cangyu took everyone to the hall arranged by the league to register.

The World Competition would use a new server since there were new maps decided by the World League and the submitted maps from each country. The players’ information must be re-registered and their IDs couldn’t have complex symbols such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters. Only numbers and English letters could be displayed during the match.

All players needed to submit their ID card and national team invitation letter. Li Cangyu and LIng Xuefeng went to the reception and discussed it with each other. “What ID do you plan to use?”

Ling Xuefeng said, “LXF, just like my previous Carnival pinyin abbreviation.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Then I will use Old Cat.”

“Yes, just use this.”

Tan Shitian used his old Tenday, Cheng Wei had no idea and directly used his name in pinyin, ChengWei. Then he looked at the registration ID of the other players.

Su Guangmo used MOMO to sell meng, Yu Pingsheng followed him with YUYU and Xie Shurong followed the brothers with XIEXIE. Bai Xuan couldn’t help spitting out, “Thank you, you really want to take advantage of people.”

Xie Shurong smiled innocently. “Thank you! How about you use XuanXuan?”

Bai Xuan didn’t do this to avoid his IQ being pulled down. He used the more distinctive White Fox. Look at the white fox that got up and smashed Xie Shurong ten streets away.

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui used a pair of brother IDs—Killer Lou and Killer Zhang to indicate the Lou Zhang brothers.

Xiao Han directly used his English name Xavier.

Qin Mo’s English was too rotten and he asked Xiao Han to give him an English name. Xiao Han thought about it and had him register as Adrian. Qin Mo couldn’t read this world but looking at the shape, it seemed to match Xiao Han. The name was quite good? Thus, he happily registered the ID.

Zhuo Hang registered Navigator, which was consistent with his domestic ID.

The three sisters of Red Fox used their surnames of Liu, Yang and Meng as their IDs. This inspired the other players who weren’t good at English. Thus, Chu Yan, Zhu Qingyue, Yan Ruiwen, Guo Xuan, etc all used their surnames as the ID.  At this point, everyone discovered that there was no repeated surnames in the national team!

It took an hour for everyone to confirm their information and successfully create their character.

Previously, they were worried about the visa or something going wrong on the road. Now that they successfully arrived at the Miracle Village and registered their information, the stone in everyone’s heart was finally let go.

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