GLS: Chapter 252

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Chapter 252 – End of Training

The half a month of training was coming to and end. Before leaving this peaceful place, Li Cangyu summoned the players to check the results. In addition of the sufficient understanding between the various partners, the tactical genres’ performance also made Li Cangyu feel satisfied. The awareness of the great gods wasn’t bad and they adapted quickly.

On September 15th, Li Cangyu flew to Beijing with the national team.

Chairman Nan’s assistant sent a special car to the airport and it brought everyone to the league designated hotel. Chairman Nan personally attended the meeting and told everyone the good news. “The national team’s uniforms have been made according to everyone’s sizes. I will give it to you!”

Warm applause filled the meeting room at the chairman’s words.

A moment later, several people came in carrying large boxes. They opened them, revealing the neatly placed uniforms with the names of the players.

The staff handed the uniforms to everyone. Cheng Wei put on the long-sleeved jacket, his tone full of excitement. “There is a new team uniform to wear. Hahaha, wearing the national team’s uniform is definitely different! It seems that my standard has improved!”

Xiao Han and Qin Mo also put on the jackets to try. They glanced at each other in the same clothes, their moods somewhat subtle.

The team had short-sleeved shirts and matching long sleeved jackets. It was summer and the long sleeves basically weren’t needed, but there was a chance the air conditioning at the game venue would be too low. This jacket meant the players wouldn’t freeze or have stiff fingers.

Everyone carefully collected their uniforms and Chairman Nan told them, “I have more good news for everyone. The map designers and illustrators have worked day and night and the maps submitted to the World Competition have been completed. Once you go back, log into your league account and you can try out the maps!”

Compared to the uniforms, the news about the maps made the players very excited. They had previously discussed the map plans and everyone was looking forward to it. Now that the maps were finished, they couldn’t wait to open their computers and experience it.


After returning to his hotel room, Li Cangyu logged into his Q and told everyone to gather in the league server.

The league’s game server was generally closed during the offseason. This time, in preparation for the World Competition, the operators extended the opening hours at Chairman Nan’s request. The professional players selected for the national team were free to log into it.

Li Cangyu @all members. In less than 10 minutes, the 22 members of the national team were gathered in the server.

[Let’s start with an observation trip.] Li Cangyu quickly typed. [There is no limit on the number of people in a map. Everyone is free to team up. I will take 11 on this side and Xuefeng will take 11 on the other side. Move from the two refresh points to the middle.]

The players quickly divided into teams and Li Cangyu chose the first map from the gallery, the five elements eight-trigram array.

The thumbnail for this map on the selection panel was very beautiful. There was an eight-trigram array in the middle surrounded by five coloured squares, representing the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

The foreigners who didn’t know the truth were likely to be confused when seeing this thumbnail!

Cheng Wei couldn’t help typing on the public channel: [I think this map will kill players from other countries?]

Zhang Shaohui also said: [That is absolutely right!]

The group entered the map and in less than five minutes, the public channel was filled with ellipsis.

[Where is the exit?]

[Have you found the entrance yet?]

[I have. The red area is blood DOT, the blue area causes blue to drop and the middle is the entrance to the maze!]

Everyone, “…”

Don’t talk about foreigners, their own people were being pitted…

Li Cangyu was more sensitive to directions and after entering the eight-trigram array labyrinth, it wasn’t long before he arrived at the central area and saw Ling Xuefeng.

Both of them had red names and should’ve started fighting as they were enemies. Instead, they started chatting on the area channel.

[This eight trigrams maze is a bit complicated. There are too many roads and the surrounding walls are exactly the same. It is easy to get lost in the middle.] Ling Xuefeng said.

[Yes, there are too many escape routes. I think this map is suitable for the death racing mode. It definitely won’t work in an economic battle since the wild areas can’t be divided.] Li Cangyu typed.

It didn’t take long for everyone else to find the entrance and gathered in the central area.

The centre of the array was a wide ground, suitable for large group battles. A beautiful image of the light goddess was drawn on the ground, which was consistent with the Miracle game style. This was obviously to make it easier for the World League to review.

The players who reached the centre of the maze couldn’t help saying: [The outside is full of negative states and the inside is a major maze. The foreigners who walk into this place will probably show no love on their face?]

[Haha, they will definitely be like ‘What?’]

[I estimate that at the beginning of the World Competition, the first report from the media will be: What is the Chinese team’s maps?]

The people talked like they were sightseeing. They rapidly moved through the five maps and Li Cangyu asked: [Did you find any bugs on the map? For example, a dead corner where skills can’t be used?]

The attentive Tan Shitian replied: [The lower left fork of the eight-trigram array, the arrow will directly penetrate through the wall after being shot. It should be a bug in the terrain setting.]

Lou Wushuang wondered: [Is Mount Huangshan a death map? You will die if you fall off.]

Zhang Shaohui asked curiously: [Brother, did you jump down to see?]

Lou Wushuang: [Yes.]

Everyone, “…”

If Cheng Wei said this then everyone would laugh at him. However, the one who said it was Lou Wushuang. Everyone felt that Captain Lou was really serious and careful!

Cheng Wei’s heart was hurt by the crit attack.


That evening, all players actively spent time in the five maps, testing each step and using skills to see if there were any bugs.

The test lasted a few hours until the players had found all dead corners of the five maps. Li Cangyu submitted the bugs found by the players to Chairman Nan.

At the same time, the chairman sent a detailed three-dimensional diagram of the maps to let everyone study.

The three dimensional maps should be done by the Dragon Song master, Wu Zewen because every coordinate was precisely marked. Thanks to this three dimensional perspective, they could find the positions of opponents and arrange some clever ambush tactics according to the map.


The next day, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng met with the five mobile commanders to make some preliminary tactical plans. Then they convened the players to start training.

The previous training at the secret base meant the team members had enough understanding. The tactical training at this time was for the maps and the effect was very obvious.

After practicing on these five maps, everyone couldn’t help looking forward to the next World Competition. They wanted to immediately jump to October to go to the United States and challenge the world’s masters.

Within a few days, the national team’s visas were successfully completed. Chairman Nan personally acted as team leader and book tickets to New York for everyone.

Before their departure, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng once again accepted an interview on behalf of the national team.

A reporter asked, “I heard that the national team has set up several tactical commanders? Is this Cat God’s idea?”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu nodded. “The three games in the World Competition might have different commanders. We have many tactical plans and you can look forward to the performance of the national team.”

“What about the maps submitted by the national team? Can you tell us anything about them?”

“I can only say that the maps submitted have obvious Chinese elements. The designers have worked hard and made the maps very beautiful. Please wait for the World Competition where they will certainly be announced.”

“What about the training rules? Can Cat God give us a brief description? Everyone is very concerned about the status of the national team.”

“Please rest assured that after more than half a month of training, the expected results have been achieved and everyone is very stable.”

“For the World Competition, are the two of you confident as the captain and vice-captain?” A reporter stood up and asked.

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng glanced at each other. “Of course, there is confidence.”

“How far can the Chinese team go?”

“It is hard to say at the moment but I can guarantee that we will definitely try and compete for the championship trophy!” Li Cangyu’s words were very powerful and many reporters clapped.

A team who didn’t want to win the championship wasn’t a good team. With the strength of the Chinese team, they truly had a chance of competing for the championship!

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