GLS: Chapter 249

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Chapter 249

The many gods watching from the sidelines didn’t expect Qin Mo and Xiao Han to have such a tacit understanding and strong attack power. Zhang Shaohui and Lu Xiao were successively sent off, Qin Mo taking the double kill with Xiao Han’s help.

This was even more powerful than many of the fixed partners.

The killed Lu Xiao wrote on the public channel: [The two little princes are well matched.]

Zhang Shaohui agreed. [Their tacit understanding is more than ours!]

Cheng Wei followed up with: [Qin Mo accompanied Xiao Han to train for so long. Your understanding must be cultivated in the process of sparring.]

Qin Mo noticed the messages on the screen and chose to ignore the word ‘sparring.’

He was quite surprised that he could kill two great gods along with Xiao Han. Today, many combinations were temporarily set up for the arena. It seemed their understanding wasn’t as good as him and Xiao Han.

Su Guangmo said: [The two newcomers are very big.]

Xiao Han typed on the public screen: [Thank you Captain Su. You are also very big.]

Su Guangmo, “…”

The group laughed. Xiao Han’s Chinese standard was still at the level of ‘copying slavishly.’ He didn’t understand the essence of Chinese and returned other people’s praise. It was estimated that only Xiao Han could do this.

Cheng Wei actively came forward. [Who is the next group? Who hasn’t fought?]

[Me.] This was said by Tan Shitian’s side account, followed by a row of smiling expressions. [Xiao Wei isn’t cheering for me?]

Cheng Wei didn’t hesitate. [No.]

Tan Shitian asked: [Don’t you have any team love?]

Cheng Wei: [No.]

Tan Shitian smiled helplessly and got ready with Liu Xiang’s side account.

At this time, Xiao Han and Qin Mo had less than half their blood left. Once Tan Shitian appeared, he used the big move, Death Arrow Rain.

The bow fired the overwhelming arrows and Qin Mo immediately flashed to the left. Xiao Han turned to the right and the two people moved so that Tan Shitian’s group attack couldn’t reach both of them at the same time.

The stealth skill was on cooldown and Xiao Han couldn’t go around to interfere with Tan Shitian. Tan Shitian was the furthest attacker in the league. Thanks to the advantage of his long range, he constantly used cold arrows to interfere with the two.

In just one minute, Xiao Han was hit to 10% of his blood.

Xiao Han would die if he was hit by one more arrow. At this moment, Qin Mo suddenly summoned his blood knight right in front of Xiao Han. Everyone saw Tan Shitian’s Death Shot hit the night, allowing Xiao Han to avoid the move!

The cooldown of the stealth skill finished at this and once again, the two men pressed the key simultaneously, becoming invisible in front of everyone.

Xiao Han quickly circled behind Tan Shitian and used his final blue to hit Tan Shitian with a series of crits. Qin Mo also used all his pet skills.

The two men joined forces and Tan Shitian’s blood rapidly dropped. Fortunately, Liu Xiang didn’t stay still. She used a small healing skill and stacked up Healing Language to soon fill Tan Shitian’s blood.

Tan Shitian no longer hesitated. He used Flying Feather Steps to move quickly and used Quenching Arrow to shoot Xiao Han. This was a skill for archers to slow down the opponent and it was Tan Shitian’s signature during his kiting tactics.

Xiao Han couldn’t catch up with him. Tan Shitian used the advantage of his long attack range to easily take care of the two little princes.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han were sent off but Tan Shitian couldn’t help sighing. The cooperation between these two little guys was really wonderful!

Qin Mo used a skill to protect Xiao Han and Xiao Han seized the opportunity to cooperate with Qin Mo. They entered stealth and attacked at the same time, like their brain waves were synchronized. It was worthy of long-term partners, not teammates but better than teammates.

Fortunately, the two little guys weren’t in the same team or the MIracle League might become their world in the future. Many great gods thought this.

The masters Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu also exchanged a tacit look.

According to Qin Mo and Xiao Han’s performance today, they should keep cooperating in the arena. Then Li Cangyu could safely let them appear in the arena at the World Competition.


Tan Shitian’s blood was filled by Liu Xiang but killing the two teenagers cost him a lot of blue.

Next up was the berserker combination of Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie.

Meng Jie had the nickname of Meng Jiejie (Sister Meng) in the league. She was one year older than the Red Fox captain Liu Xiang. She had the character of a northeast sister and have a lively manner of speaking. Her style when playing a berserker could be described in one word—fierce!

Yu Pingsheng was gentle and quiet as a ghost. A person with a communication disorder seemed a far cry from the berserker class but his berserker was fierce!

Two fierce berserkers acted together, it was simple the peak of the melee flow. As soon as they met the opponents, they would chase to cut them!

Tan Shitian was chased by the two players and his scalp was numb. Liu Xiang was also under great pressure.

This might be the first time Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie were cooperating but players of the same class were familiar with each other’s skills. The two people also had similar styles so it was easy to keep up with the rhythm of the other party.

Yu Pingsheng used Mountain Chop the moment Tan Shitian stepped back. Then Meng Jie followed up with Splitting Bone Chop to freeze Liu Xiang in place. The two people chased Tan Shitian with their axes and the group watching had shocked expressions.

[The two berserkers are terrible!]

[The nightmare of fragile remotes!]

[The two of them are really fierce. So many pits have been smashed into the ground…]

[Lighting a candle for Captain Tan.]

Tan Shitian was very helpless. The most annoying thing for a ranged class was to be tangled up with a melee, especially when they were two fierce berserkers. His fragile defense couldn’t stand it and Liu Xiang’s blood adding could only delay things.

In the final, Yu Pingsheng emptied Tan Shitian’s blood and Liu Xiang was killed by the sister of the same team.

Liu Xiang typed on the public screen: [Meng Jie isn’t showing me any affection?]

Meng Jie said: [It is hard to kill you so I must seize the opportunity, haha!]

Yang Muzi jumped forward and agreed. [Yes!]

Liu Xiang, “…”

Weren’t they supposed to be good sisters for the rest of their lives?


Li Cangyu looked at the cooperation between Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie and whispered in Ling Xuefeng’s ears, “What do you think of letting them partner up in the arena?”

Ling Xuefeng shook his head and replied in a low voice that only the two of them could hear. “Two berserkers move slowly and are easily controlled if they aren’t careful. If they encounter a magician or summoner, they can’t play at all. The Su Yu combination has more guarantees. We can considered putting Meng Jie in the melee flow team battles.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “I think so as well. They both look very fierce because they encountered an archer and a healer, a combination without many control skills. They must kneel down if they meet magicians. We can’t send them to the arena.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “Yes.”

Yan Ruiwen sat next to them and automatically moved away. He looked straight ahead and pretended not to see anything. The two commanders whispering through the whole process and exchanging a tacit understanding, couldn’t they consider the feelings of the single dog sitting next to them?


Tan Shitian and Liu Xiang were eliminated and they were followed by the double hunters combination of Zhuo Hang and Jiang Xu.

As Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng just analyzed, the shortcomings of the Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie combination were exposed at this time. They encountered a class with many control skills and simply couldn’t move.

Zhuo Hang placed the traps at a fast speed while Jiang Xu was a professional hunter. He placed traps one after another to make it difficult for Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie. The two berserkers acted fiercely but they could only be controlled by the traps.

Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang’s chain traps exploded and quickly sent the two berserkers away. It was followed by the last pair of partners, Guo Xuan and Yang Muzi.

This combination seemed a big nondescript, the black magician and white magician combination not appearing in the regular season. To everyone’s surprise, the effect of the black magician and white magician wasn’t bad. The white magician was the main control while the black magician was the violent output. This had an advantage against middle-range players like Zhuo Hang and Jiang Xu.

Still, this combination didn’t have the force of two white magicians or two black magicians. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng soon passed it. It wasn’t desirable to send such a combination to the arena.


The first round of the arena lasted for nearly an hour and everyone wasn’t tired at all. Instead, they became more and more excited.

In the national team, everyone could try a variety of novel combinations in the arena, which wasn’t possible in their own team. The reason why Li Cangyu did this was to see if they could form a stronger partnership than the fixed domestic lineup.

Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang’s double hunters fit Li Cangyu’s plan, Xiao Han and Qin Mo’s partnership was an unexpected gain and they could consider Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong for a fast break.  In addition, the combination of Yan Ruiwen and Bai Xuan, Guo Xuan and Yang Muzi, Yu Pingsheng and Meng Jie were all nagated. They weren’t suitable for the World Competition.

Next, Li Cangyu had everyone continue with the reorganization. This training mode made many people feel excited and not tired at all. At lunch time, they were even reluctant to leave the training room. They only reluctantly went to the hotel’s dining room under Li Cangyu’s urging.

Ling Xuefeng saw the excited expressions on everyone’s face and couldn’t help saying, “It seems that your training method is useful and everyone likes it.”

Li Cangyu replied, “They are also tired from always fighting with the same partner. Changing the taste can mobilize people’s enthusiasm.”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng nodded. “A variety of strong combinations appeared in this morning’s arena but there is a very strong combination that didn’t appear.”

Li Cangyu was puzzled. “Who?”

Ling Xuefeng pointed to the other person and then himself. “Us.”

Li Cangyu was stunned before immediately smiling. He whispered in Ling Xuefeng’s ear, “The two of us must be the finale… do we need to practice?”

A soft look appeared in Ling Xuefeng’s indifferent eyes. “No.”

The understanding between them was better than Qin Mo and Xiao Han. They didn’t need to deliberately train, as long as they practiced their hand speed and tactics before a game.

Both people believed that the final lineup of two summoners would bring a surprise to everyone in the World Competition.

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