GLS: Chapter 248

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Chapter 248

Li Cangyu and Cheng Wei went down and the Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong combination followed.

The apprentice brothers had fought side by side in the Flying Feathers team. Later, due to young impulses, the brothers broke the connection.  Now they were once again standing next to each other in the national team and seemed to have recovered the tacit understanding of the Three Musketeers.

Su Guangmo had the violent style while Xie Shurong was best at fast breaks. Under the joint attacks of the two people, Ling Xuefeng didn’t last long and was sent off.

The second lineup sent by that team was Bai Xuan and Yan Ruiwen.

Xie Shurong smiled and typed on the public channel: [Vice-Captain Bai, show mercy!]

Bai Xuan: […I’m not the one hitting you.]

The group laughed. What did he mean by having a healer show mercy? Don’t add blood to him?

Xie Shurong continued typing: [I am used to you giving me blood. I can’t bear to cut you. I will target Vice-Captain Yan.]

Yan Ruiwen smiled. [Okay.]

Su Guangmo couldn’t bear it and typed: [Ah Shu, can’t you be serious?]

Xie Shurong replied: [I am very serious. Can’t you see it?]

There was no way to handle this guy and Su Guangmo directly ignored him. The two opponents appeared in front of him and he immediately used Light and Shadow Rotation.

At the same time, Xie Shurong also used Light and Shadow Rotation. His technique was extremely skillful and he avoided Bai Xuan, only hitting Yan Ruiwen. Yan Ruiwen was really in pain. He was hit by two swords at the same time and his fragile body couldn’t stand it!

Fortunately, there was a strong milk dad by his side.

Bai Xuan’s blood adding technique was very fast. In the face of such a violent attack, he carried Yan Ruiwen’s blood to the 60% safety line.

However, the combination of Yan Ruiwen and Bai Xuan couldn’t show any advantages.

Tan Shitian shouldn’t help typing: [This map isn’t good for Yan Bai to fight on. There are no obstacles for Vice-Captain Yan to move around and once a swordsman gets close, his skills are always interrupted.]

Cheng Wei also typed: [It is very annoying to be interrupted by a swordsman.]

Many ranged classes jumped out to agree.

At this moment, Yan Ruiwen suddenly moved behind Bai Xuan and managed to hide from Xie Shurong’s attack. Then he used Dark Fear and affected both Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong!

He took advantage of this chance to open a wave of black magic combos. Death Mantra, Shadow Winding, Hell Flames!

Black mist scattered from his hand, forching Su Guangmo and Xie Shurong to be affected by the negative black magic. Yan Ruiwen’s grasp of the timing was quite accurate.

Yan Ruiwen unleashed a wave but it was difficult for Yan Bai to take back the situation.

Once the control effect of Dar Fear was over, Su Guangmo’s Spirit Lock set Bai Xuan in place. He followed up by teleporting to Yan Ruiwen and used Breaking Bone Sword and Soul Sword.

Xie Shurong also cooperated with his brother’s offensive rhythm and used the swordsman’s sharp attacks to forcibly empty Yan Ruiwen’s blood.

[Ah Shu has killed Undying Gratitude!]

Yan Ruiwen was helpless when he fell while Bai Xuan smiled apologetically. [I couldn’t add blood.]

Xie Shurong was happy at the through. The Shu Bai combination was the best. If he was Bai Xuan’s partner, he would definitely reduce Bai Xuan’s burden.

Everyone found that the black magician and priest were really different and it was too strange to mix them together. The only chance was if there was a map with many obstacles, allowing them to slowly delay the time and apply negative states. Otherwise, the two people together were easily destroyed once controlled.

The combination of the vice-captains ended in failure. Yan Ruiwen typed on the public channel: [It seems i don’t fit with Vice-Captain Bai.]

Xie Shurong immediately jumped out. [Of course, I am a perfect match for Vice-Captain Bai.]

Bai Xuan, “…”

He looked at the words ‘perfect match’ and remembered Xie Shurong’s gentle kiss. Bai Xuan’s cheeks suddenly became hot. He ignored this sentence and continued to watch.


The next appearance was the combination of Zhang Shaohui and Lu Xiao. Don’t look at Zhang Shaohui’s developed limbs and simple brains. He might be emotionally slow but in Miracle, he was quite proficient from a young age. His keen senses and decisive judgment on the field made him a top assassin in the Miracle League who could stand next to Lou Wushuang.

A swordsman and assassin had an equal winning rate but in a two player battle, the assassin was definitely a bit more dominant. As long as the stealth skill was used well, it was enough to give the other side a headache.

Zhang Shaohui’s stealth skill was used to sneak behind Xie Shurong. Pain Blade was used to freeze the other person and Lu Xiao immediately used Death Arrow Rain, turning Xie Shurong into a hedgehog.

Lu Xiao’s awareness wasn’t much worse than Tan Shitian and his playing was very stable. This might be his first time cooperating with Vice-Captain Zhang but the two of them were tacit about their choice of target.

Xie Shurong, who just typed on the public channel, was killed. Su Guangmo gloated in his misfortune. [It is true that those who speak a lot of words are the first to die.]

Xie Shurong rudely told him: [You’re going to die soon.]

Su Guangmo lasted for a minute. His swordsman had higher defense than Ah Shu due to the way they added their points. The archer’s attack distance was too far and he couldn’t reach. He could only target Zhang Shaohui.

Zhang Shaohui’s assassin style wasn’t as cool and sharp as his brother but it was a bit annoying. Still, today’s map meant there was no place to hide. Su Guangmo chased him and Zhang Shaohui was forced to fight hard.

Fortunately, his attacks could suck up blood and by the time he killed Su Guangmo, he had 60% blood left.

Here, Qin Mo and Xiao Han appeared in the arena.

Just now, the vice-captains of Wind Colour and Canglan ended up failing. How would the little princes go? Everyone was looking forward to it.

As a blood kin assassin, Xiao Han was best at grasping opportunities. He wasn’t as cool and sharp as Captain Lou, nor did he have wretched sneak attacks like Zhang Shaohui. His style of play was smart and flexible, his brain circuits different from ordinary players.

He targeted the ace archer Lu Xiao, quietly moving around to the back and then staying still. Qin Mo summoned a blood spider and blood snake in front, letting his blood spider chase after Zhang Shaohui.

Everyone thought Qin Mo and Xiao Han had split up to fight when Xiao Han suddenly typed on the team channel. Then everyone was surprised to see the wonderful cooperation between the two teenagers.

Xiao Han suddenly broke out with Pain Blade, interrupting Lu Xiao’s cold arrows and stunning him. At the same time, Qin Mo’s blood snake suddenly shifted directions and bit Lu Xiao!

On the sidelines, Su Guangmo sighed with admiration. [A double line operation! Good senses.]

This was a beautiful double-line manipulation.

Qin Mo had his blood spider fix Zhang Shaohui in place while his blood snake cooperated with Xiao Han to fight Lu Xiao in the distance. The positioning of the two pets was very precise and the timing was also great. He was truly Ling Xuefeng’s apprentice!

Xiao Han naturally couldn’t drop the ball. After Pain Blade stunned the opponent, he immediately released Back Stab, Soul Stab and Death Strangulation!

Qin Mo used the blood snake to quickly apply three layers of bleeding and then opened the big move, Blood Bat Festival!

The cooperation of the two teenagers was very smooth and the tacit understanding didn’t lose to long-term partners!

Cheng Wei sent a row of thumbs up to express his admiration. [Qin Mo is worthy of being Xiao Han’s sparring partner. This understanding should be developed from long-term training?]

Tan Shitian sent a laughing expression. [Xiao Wei, you shouldn’t be too direct or you will make Xiao Qin sad.]

Cheng Wei laughed. [I am telling the truth.]

The two people in the arena couldn’t see the messages on the public channel because they were concentrated on the game. Lu Xiao and Zhang Shaohui’s control effect would soon be over.

At this moment, Qin Mo typed in the team channel. [222.]

Then everyone saw a magical picture. It was like Qin Mo and Xiao Han’s brain waves were synchronized as they entered stealth at the same time.

Stealth was the common skill of the blood kin race. The control effect of Zhang Shaohui and Lu Xiao had ended and they were thinking about counterattacking. As a result, the two young teenagers in front of them used Combat Stealth at the same time. Zhang Shaohui and Lu Xiao lost their goal in an instant!

Cheng Wei typed on the public channel: [Two little princes, 666666!]

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng glanced at each other and saw a satisfied look in the other person’s eyes.

They didn’t expect that Qin Mo and Xiao Han could work together to actually fight the big gods like Zhang Shaohui and Lu Xiao. The two teenagers who won the Best Newcomer Award in the sixth and seventh seasons had really grown into excellent players.

Perhaps their combination could be sent to the arena in the World Competition?

Li Cangyu asked Ling Xuefeng. Ling Xuefeng seemed to know his question and nodded in agreement.

The tacit understanding between the masters seemed to have affected the apprentices. On the field, Qin Mo and Xiao Han teamed up to kill Zhang Shaohui!

[Shepherd has killed Shadow!]

Qin Mo was really excited when he saw this message. The feeling of being able to fight with Xiao Han was better than imagined. His long time spent as a sparring partner and Chinese teacher wasn’t wasted!

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