GLS: Chapter 247

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Chapter 247 – Doubles Partner

Perhaps it was because there were great gods around but everyone was very serious with training. There were players like Captain Ling and Cat God practicing seriously, how could other people be so lazy?

One hour of basic training passed quickly. Next was time for the arena. Li Cangyu stood up and told them, “The fixed combinations of each team just have to maintain their understanding. In the national team, everyone should try other combinations. The players we meet at the World Competition will surely have a variety of players. We should play with different partners to enrich our experience.”

“If you want to combine with someone, register the group. Once the groups have finished being decided, we will play in the arena.”

Everyone immediately logged into the Q group and Cheng Wei came forward first. [I want to team up with Cat God! Please satisfy the wish of your fan O(∩_∩)O.]

Li Cangyu looked at his expression of selling meng and couldn’t help smiling. [Okay, I will fulfill your wish.]

Xie Shurong asked: [Brother, do you want to come with me? Take care of the younger brother you’ve abandoned for all these years.]

Su Guangmo wondered, [Which brother are you calling?]

Xie Shurong: [My oldest apprentice brother.]

Su Guangmo turned to Yu Pingsheng. “Then I will try it with Ah Shu. Who do you want to form a team with?”

Yu Pingsheng thought for a long time before finally managing to say a name. “Meng Jiejie.”

Meng Jie turned at the sound of her ID. “Did you call me?”

Yu Pingsheng smiled shyly and asked, “Team?”

Meng Jie had a decisive nature and nodded. “No problem!”

The people around them, “…”

Wasn’t this style too wrong? Meng Jie was straightforward and heroic while Vice-Captain Yu could barely say a word…

Guo Xuan saw this and couldn’t help moving. [Sister Muzi, do you want to team up? How about we try a black and white magician alliance?]

The lively Yang Muzi immediately agreed. [Good! I haven’t played this combination yet.]

Yan Ruiwen smiled. [Vice-Captain Bai, how about we team up? The vice-captains of Wind Colour and Canglan haven’t cooperated yet.]

Bai Xuan easily promised: [No problem.]

Xiao Han followed up with: [The little princes of Wind Colour and Canglan should also form a group.]

Qin Mo was excited. [Yes!]

Zhuo Hang @Jiang Xu and asked: [Senior, do you want to guide me? Shall we try the combination of two hunters?]

Jiang Xu: [Yes.]

Time’s captain Tan Shitian invited Red Fox’s captain Liu Xiang. [Captain Liu, do you want to give me face? I also want to try the feeling of taking a milk mother with me.]

He had debuted in the same season as Liu Xiang. Among the captains present, they were the youngest and naturally chatted together. Liu Xiang saw this and responded: [Okay Captain Tan, I will look after your blood.]

Zhu Qingyue of Pure Cleansing saw this and couldn’t help saying weakly: [Cat God is truly the expert at demolition. Almost all the fixed combinations in the national team have been broken apart by you 🙁 ]

Cheng Wei jumped out: [Xiao Zhu, cry to Cat God and he might change his mind!]

Zhu Qingyue sent a row of tearful expressions.

Then Chu Yan spoke: [The demolition is very good but the Ghost Spirits combination hasn’t been torn apart yet.]

Zhang Shaohui replied: [No one wants to team up with us. Is it because assassins are harder to team up with?]

Ling Xuefeng suddenly came up. [I will be with Captain Lou. Vice-Captain Zhang, do you want to try it with Lu Xiao?]

Zhang Shaohui immediately agreed. [No problem!]

The demolition expert’s achievement of tearing apart all combinations was finally reached. Li Cangyu smiled and said, [I will bring a team and Xuefeng will bring a team. Everyone is free to join one of them. We will play the KOF style.]

People immediately selected a team.

Apart from the two auxiliary psychics of Pure Cleansing, who wouldn’t play for the time being, the other 20 people were divided into teams of team. The five pairs on each other would start the PK according to the KOF elimination style.

Li Cangyu built a room and selected the seven star high difficulty maps of the World Competition, setting it to random mode.

Li Cangyu and Cheng Wei pressed ready. Their first opponents were Ling Xuefeng and Lou Wushuang, while the others observed.

Cheng Wei was very excited at teaming up with Cat God as he waited for the map to load.

The map that appeared was the seven star map previously seen before. The deceleration map tested the accuracy of the player’s skill release in the low-speed state.

The Cat Wei combination had been seen at the Carnival while the Ling Xuefeng and Lou Wushuang combination was fresh. Many great gods watched this game from a spectator’s perspective.

Ling Xuefeng and Lou Wushuang were both cool-type players and didn’t communicate much. As soon as they appeared on the map, Lou Wushuang used the normal stealth skill of a blood kin player. He quickly lurked behind Cheng Wei while Ling Xuefeng would use his skeleton infantry to control Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu’s instincts were very keen. He saw Ling Xuefeng coming over and immediately used Flying Feather Steps to slide away a few metres. Sure enough, Ling Xuefeng used Cover the Sky at this moment!

The black crows flew in their faces and Cheng Wei’s screen was blacked out. However, Li Cangyu wasn’t affected because he avoided it in time.

Lou Wushuang took advantage of this and struck Cheng Wei with Pain Blade. Still, Cheng Wei wasn’t silly. The moment he became blind, he jumped a few steps forward and directly avoided Lou Wushuang’s control.

Su Guangmo joked on the public channel: [Did Xiao Wei’s hand slip and he pressed the wrong key?]

Tan Shitian retorted: [Don’t underestimate our vice-captain. How can his awareness not sense this?]

Cheng Wei couldn’t see the words on the public channel. At this time, his screen was still black. He just guessed that Lou Wushuang would definitely take the time to attack him so he blindly jumped forward and happened to dodge this skill.

A moment later, his vision was restored and Cheng Wei used the previous prepared God’s Seal to control Ling Xuefeng in front. The other party had long guessed this and summoned a skeleton in front of him, accurately blocking Cheng Wei’s sealing skill.

Both sides avoided the control. It was as good as an official match!

The people watching couldn’t help sighing with admiration. They didn’t expect that the national team’s casual game could be at the same level as the season’s finals. It could be seen that everyone was particularly serious about this training.


Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu privately had a honey-like relationship but they didn’t have the name of the ‘strongest opponent’ for nothing. In the blink of an eye, the two people used their big moves. Ling Xuefeng used the demon god to smash Li Cangyu’s health down to 50% and Li Cangyu ruthlessly used the fire spirit and thunder spirit to smash Ling Xuefeng.

At a critical moment, Lou Wushuang suddenly became invisible and moved to Cheng Wei at the fastest speed. He unleashed a series of combos and directly took Cheng Wei’s head!

Captain Lou’s fierce and calm attacks made everyone’s backs cold.

It was the first captain of Ghost Spirits who created the ‘assassination style but the one who was widely recognized for it and won the championship in front of everyone was his apprentice Lou Wushuang.

This man had a calmness that was beyond ordinary people and his eyes were like a cold snake. His body temperature was lower than normal people and he could only say that his personality was a perfect fit for this ‘assassin’ class.

Previously, he was sick and eliminated from the national team’s trials but fortunately, he survived the danger. Today’s arena game proved Lou Wushuang’s strength. He was definitely the best assassin of the league.

Cheng Wei was a bit depressed but the arena was like this. He accidentally let the other person seize an opportunity and was killed by Lou Wushuang. He had nothing to complain about.

[Cat God, come on!] Cheng Wei typed on the public channel.

Li Cangyu had no time to pay attention to anyone else. Previously, Lou Wushuang had been beaten to residual blood by Cheng Wei and it wasn’t difficult to kill the other person. However, Ling Xuefeng had three types of pets and Li Cangyu’s thunder and wind spirit’s moves had been used.

The desperate Li Cangyu had to call the water spirit and wanted to rely on it to slowly grind Ling Xuefeng.

However, Ling Xuefeng was very smart his time. He wasn’t killed by Li Cangyu as he was in the seventh season’s finals. The moment that the other person summoned the water spirit, he immediately realized what Li Cangyu was doing and used Witch Demon’s Curse to forcibly bring Li Cangyu forward!

This reaction speed made the onlookers feel amazed.

Li Cangyu was pulled over and couldn’t escape. Ling Xuefeng summoned the skeleton infantry and used continuous Skeleton Explosions to clear the other person’s blood.


This time Ling Xuefeng won against Li Cangyu, which could be considered making up for the loss in the finals.

Li Cangyu didn’t mind. He smiled and sent a row of thumbs up. [Your reactions are fast!]

Ling Xuefeng asked: [Did you want to use the same method a second time?]

Li Cangyu: [I can only use it on you once but I can try it again on foreigners.]

Ling Xuefeng agreed. [That is fine.]

Everyone, “…”

The captain and vice-captain were chatting? They were waiting for the game to continue!

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Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

Thanks for the chapter! We can expect some fun battles during the training! 😊😆

3 years ago

The ‘cool’ combination of Captain Ling of Wind Colour and Captain Lou of Ghost Spirits is seriously so freaking hot as my second and third fav characters are Ling Xuefeng and Lou Wushuang UWU

2 years ago

Weren’t they just sitting next to each other? 😂