GLS: Chapter 246

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Chapter 246 -Training Group

The next morning, the members of the national team gathered on time at the meeting room on the 10th floor of the hotel. Once everyone arrived at the meeting room, Li Cangyu connected the projector equipment while Ling Xuefeng helped him organize the materials.

Since the daily training of e-sports professional players was inseparable from the computer, Chairman Nan carefully placed 22 notebook computers in the conference room. They were naturally the highest configuration gaming computers that the sponsors provided to players free of charge.

Li Cangyu told them, “Everyone find your positions.”

The name of each person was next to the laptop. Everyone found their place and sat down. The projection on the big screen finally worked and Li Cangyu said, “Hand me that USB.”

People were wondering who he was talking to, only to see Ling Xuefeng hand Li Cangyu a USB drive.

Yan Ruiwen, Guo Xuan and Qin Mo of the Wind Colour team saw this scene and felt very awkward. Who would dare talk to Captain Ling in this manner? Cat God made Captain Ling do things to make the meeting smoother and Captain Ling seemed willing to do so.

Li Cangyu took the USB drive and opened the slides. His eyes swept through the meeting room and he asked, “Is everyone here?”

“Not yet, I just arrived!” Cheng Wei walked in while running his eyes and Tan Shitian was behind him. Tan Shitian saw that everyone was already here and smiled apologetically. “Are we late?” Blame Xiao Wei for holding into the quilt for so long in the morning. He had a hard time waking up this lazy cat and had to wait for breakfast, making them a few minutes late.

Li Cangyu looked down at his watch. “You’re not late. Go and sit down.”

The two people found their positions. Cheng Wei was surprised to find that Tan Shitian was sitting with Red Fox’s Yang Muzi instead of him. Perhaps the captain arranged them by the same class?

He smiled at Yang Muzi, scratched his head and sat down.

Everyone had arrived so Li Cangyu turned off the lights in the meeting room, making them focus on the projection screen. “The meeting before the first team training has officially started. I will announce something to everyone. The league has approved Su Guangmo, Tan Shitian, Lou Wushuang, Chu Yan and Jiang Xu acting as tactical conductors. The five of you should be prepared to personally command a team battle in the future.”

Everyone was surprised by this result, especially Tan Shitian who hadn’t been a captain for a long time. He thought that the national team would be directed by Cat God and Captain Ling…

Li Cangyu added, “We selected so many mobile commanders because the system of the World Competition is different from the domestic league. Every game is three rounds and the players in the three games can’t be repeated. I can’t take care of all aspects with Xuefeng. Thus, the team command will be handed over to you when necessary. Do you have any questions?”

Su Guangmo replied simple, “I have no problems.”

Other people didn’t raise any objections but Tan Shitian smiled and said, “Letting me command so many great gods, I don’t have much confidence…”

Su Guangmo patted him on the shoulder. “You are too humble. You are definitely the best when it comes to kiting tactics.”

Chu Yan added. “The chairman’s arrangement should be in order to send a more extreme tactical lineup against specific countries right? Like the assassination tactics of Captain Lou or the trap flow of Captain Jiang.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “You have the right idea. The national team has many players but they can’t be repeated in the three games. This limits the number of tactical implementation. We need time to consider different formations for the pairs arena, economic war and death racing.”

The great gods gathered in the national team were great. There were two general commanders and five mobile commanders. The various domestic tactical styles had different masters. Everyone couldn’t help feeling excited at the upcoming World Competition.

Li Cangyu went on to say, “I have compiled information on all the players in the national team. Before we start training, we should first have a comprehensive understanding of the national team as a whole.”

He pressed the mouse and the PPT turned over a page. The information of the 22 team members were listed on a simple background with cool animation effects. The few members of Wind Colour had complicated expressions. This PPT was also made by Captain Ling!

“The national team has 22 players, including three summoners, three assassins, two hunters, two black magicians, two white magicians, two swordsmen, two berserkers, two archers, two psychics and two healers.”

“Our national team is lacking two classes, which are the paladins and sacrifices. It isn’t because there are no good paladins and sacrifices in the country. We just have a limited quota and have no choice.”

“Without a paladin, the front row will have slightly weaker pressure resistance. However, the current team is very fast. It is likely that the opponents will be defeated in one wave. The berserkers can protect their teammates in the front row while also showing fierce attacks. I feel that the lack of a paladin won’t be a disadvantage.”

“In addition, the sacrifice is about control and is suitable for teams who use negative statues as the main method of attack. The national team might not have a sacrifice but the two healers selected are very powerful. You don’t have to worry about the amount of healing.”

“Our team is very large. When divided into three games, there will be countless combinations. Before the start of the World Competition, we need to practice and familiarize ourselves with these combinations. Once we come up with a plan, we need to keep up with the rhythm.”

Li Cangyu turned a page and started to introduce several lineups. “The first is the assassination flow. The three assassins, Lou, Zhang and Xiao will be the main output. They were bring several other players with them. The specific players will be handed over to Captain Lou to select and train.”

“The kite flow lineup will be dominated by Tan, Cheng and Lu of the Time team. The other candidates and training will be handled by Captain Tan…”

“The trap flow will have Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang as the main players. Captain Jiang is responsible for…”

“The melee flow will have Su, Yu and Shu as the main force and Captain Su is responsible for it.”

“We aren’t good at the illusion flow. Chu Yan is an expert in this area and it will be handed over to him.”

“Finally, there is the summoner tactics that I am good at with Xuefeng. The blood kin summoner Qin Mo will train with us. I will arrange other players…”

Li Cangyu quickly set up several main lineups and selected their respective leaders. If he managed more than 20 players by himself, it wouldn’t necessarily be effective. This type of training division would give him twice the results with half the effort!

The other leaders would be more motivated and wonder which gods to pull into the teams they were responsible for.

Li Cangyu arranged the lineup commanders and followed up with the arrangements for the single person training. “The training schedule for the national team has been placed on the table of each player. You can open it and take a look.”

“From today, you will spend one hour in the morning doing basic training to maintain your good hand speed and state. From 10 to 12 o’clock, we will practice the pairs arena. A room with a password will be built in the arena. Everyone will open their sides accounts and test all types of combinations.”

“The afternoon is the team tactical training time. You will go to the arena to build a free room and choose a seven star difficulty map announced by the World League. Play matches against different genre lineups in the form of an elimination battle.”

“After dinner, your time is free for you to arrange. You can play the game solo, play against designated players or learn from seniors in the national team. Everyone should look at their own requirements.”

Li Cangyu explained things clearly and turned off the projector. “We will start training now. The training software are installed on the computer and you are free to use them.”

The group immediately opened the software that suited their needs.

The national team was different from Canglan and Li Cangyu was unlikely to stipulate their training content too much. For example, telling Tan Shitian to go practice his movement, Su Guangmo to practice his attack and Lou Wushuang to practice his speed was completely unnecessary! It would only make them feel restrained.

The great gods usually had their own training methods. As the captain, Li Cangyu only needed to grasp the overall direction and tactical thinking of the national team. Too much control would make people feel sick and annoyed. Li Cangyu focused on the overall arrangement while the details were very free. The great gods of many teams were convinced.


The sound of tapping on the keyboard was soon heard in the meeting room.

Li Cangyu glanced around the room and observed everyone’s training method. Su Guangmo was using a black axis mechanical keyboard. His fingers pressed against the keyboard with extra force, making a very loud sound. This echoed his heroic and violent swordsman style. In contrast, Yu Pingsheng sitting next to him was much quieter.

Tan Shitian should be using a green axis. It was very crisp and rhythmic when pressed. His operations were very flexible, with his slender fingertips quickly pressed the keys, his hands dancing across the keyboard.

Chu Yan’s hand speed was relatively slow and he also took a long time to press the keys. As an auxiliary, he didn’t need high hand speed. He only needed to be precise when using skills. Obviously, Chu Yan’s grasp of various arrays had reached a superb state.

Lou Wushuang was as cold as a statue. It might just be daily training but his eyes were extremely sharp as he stared at the computer screen, not missing any details.

Cheng Wei was energetic as he tapped on the keyboard, almost smashing the keys with bright eyes. He had panda eyes when walking into the meeting room and now he was so excited…

Of course, the most handsome one was Ling Xuefeng. Every key press was stable and his fingers were slender and powerful. Watching him train was simply a visual and auditory enjoyment.

Li Cangyu turned around and sat next to Ling Xuefeng, also opening the training software.

As the captain, he must lead by example. They might already be at the top of the Miracle Professional League but basic training was a daily routine that every e-sports professional couldn’t ignore.

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Silence is Golden
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Jeongipoom Deer
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