GLS: Chapter 245

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Chapter 245 – Hot Springs Hotel (6)

Lu Xiao of the Time team followed the photographer Zhou Yang to study the usage of the SLR camera. The four girls met to go to the nearby flower market. Chu Yan, Zhu Qingyue, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan also came to the open-air swimming pool and the four people played poker at a table. Jiang Xu and Bai Xuan came over to chat with Cheng Wei. Meanwhile, Xie Shurong joined Zhuo Hang and Tan Shitian in the basketball game.

Night here was particularly cool and sitting next to the pool while playing cards was very pleasant. It would be perfect with a few bottles of beer but Captain Li Cangyu had completely prohibited alcohol. Everyone knew that top-ranking experts from various countries were waiting for them at the World Competition and didn’t dare drink alcohol.

This was the last relaxing night before the training started.

Bai Xuan saw Cheng Wei’s listless face and couldn’t help smiling. “Xiao Wei, are you thinking about Cat God?”

Cheng Wei yawned and said, “Cat God is still the most handsome basketball player.”

Bai Xuan joked, “Your Captain Tan will be hurt once he hears this.”

At this moment, Tan Shitian suddenly turned around and smiled at Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei thought of the scene where he had been kissed in the hotel and his cheeks turned red. He immediately shifted the direction of his gaze.

The three men playing basketball came over and sat down. Cheng Wei saw Tan Shitian sitting next to him and immediately jumped up. “I will go back first. There are many mosquitoes here!”

Then he ran away like his butt was on fire.

Tan Shitian, “…”

Bai Xuan looked at the back that disappeared as fast as the wind and couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Wei seems to still have a child’s heart.”

Tan Shitian smiled. “He only knows how to play games and watch games. He almost never communicates with the outside world. Nothing can be done without any experience. Still, I think he has a good personality.”

The two of them were chatting when Xie Shurong suddenly opened his white vest and revealed the back of his waist to Bai Xuan. “Vice-Captain Bai, i was just bitten by a mosquito. It is so big…”

Bai Xuan had a headache as he looked at Xie Shurong’s wait. “Aren’t you wearing clothes? How did it bite your waist? A mosquito finding such a place…”

Xie Shurong replied innocently, “Perhaps the mosquitoes think the meat at my waist is delicious?”

Bai Xuan looked at the idiot. “Mosquitoes suck blood, not meat.”

“I know, it was a mistake.” Xie Shurong frowned slightly. “It is really itchy to be bitten by such a big mosquito.”

Bai Xuan told him, “Go back and place oil on it. Then it won’t itch.”


Everyone stayed at the pool and talked until 10 o’clock. Once Xie Shurong returned to his room, he went to the bathroom and took a shower. Then he wrapped a towel around himself, brought out a bottle of oil essence and presented his back to Bai Xuan. “Vice-Captain Bai, help me. I can’t see the position of the bite.”

Bai Xuan saw the big bite on his waist and carefully applied the oil.

Xie Shurong felt Bai Xuan’s fingers gently moving across his skin. He couldn’t help feeling something down there and once the other person finished, he immediately turned to face Bai Xuan, his eyes shining. “Thank you.”

The result of this movement caused the towel to fall to the ground. Bai Xuan was surprised to see that Xie Shurong wasn’t wearing anything underneath!

Bai Xuan looked away with embarrassment. “Why didn’t you wear something before coming out?”

Xie Shurong smiled shamelessly. “I just wanted you to look at my body to earn more points.”

His thick skin was unmatched. Before Bai Xuan could say anything to him, Xie Shurong took one step forward. Bai Xuan had to move back. As a result, he stumbled against the bed and was forced to sit down on it.

Xie Shurong took the opponent to place his arms on the bed, encircling Bai Xuan. He whispered, “I have a really good figure. You can take a look and come to a conclusion.”

Bai Xuan’s face reddened and he reached out to push Ah Shu away. “Don’t mess around.”

As a result, his fingers touched strong muscles. Due to his shower, the water vapor on his skin made his chest look extraordinarily smooth…

Bai Xuan took back his hand like it was burnt but Xie Shurong gently grabbed his hand.

“Bai Xuan, I really like you.” Xie Shurong stared into his eyes and spoke earnestly. “I know I’m not your type and I can’t change my personality for you. However, emotional things are never certain. Why do you have to look for the mature type? Why don’t you try another type? I will be a good boyfriend…”

Bai Xuan sat stiffly upright. Ah Shu was younger than him and his posture made Bai Xuan embarrassed. Bai Xuan’s cheeks became hotter.

He tried to push the other person away, only for Xie Shurong to put out his tongue and lick Bai Xuan’s ear. “Why won’t you try it? You don’t hate me…”

Bai Xuan was about to say, ‘How can this thing be tried casually?’ only for his lips to become warm. Xie Shurong actually kissed me!

It was a feather soft touch of a kiss.

He was robbed of his first kiss by a guy younger than him! Bai Xuan’s entire face turned red and he pushed away the other person. The always good-natured person exclaimed with wide eyes, “What are you doing?”

“I like you and want to kiss you.” XIe Shurong said. “You don’t feel sick, right?”

Bai Xuan, “…”

He really wasn’t sick from the kiss. Ah Shu just lightly touched his lips and the kiss gave off a youthful and sunny feeling.

However, the thought of falling in love with someone younger than him made Bai Xuan’s mind hurt.

He raised his head to refute the other person, only to meet serious eyes. “I have said it many times but I still want to say it. I like you. I’m serious.”

“I have never liked a person like this.”

“I am younger than you. There is no way to change this but I will take care of you and strive to become a gentle and reliable boyfriend.”

“How do you know I can’t do it if you don’t give me a chance?”

“The six months agreement is coming to an end soon. I can only hope that you will give me a chance, as if receiving a free sample. If it doesn’t suit, you can return it at any time.” Ah Shu gently hugged Bai Xuan’s waist and placed his head on Bai Xuan’s shoulder. “If you want to break up with me, I will stop pestering you.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

The sentences that came one after another made it really hard for him to refuse. He knew it was normal for people to fall in love and break up in a few years. Love at first sight was rare and most partners had to develop their feelings.

However, if they really broke up, wouldn’t the damage to the other person be bigger?

Bai Xuan was confused and Xie Shurong told him, “You can rest assured that as long as you give me the opportunity, I will hold it firmly. If you really can’t like me after we get together, I won’t complain anymore.”

“Give me a chance, okay?” Xie Shurong’s voice was extraordinarily gentle.

After a long silence, Bai Xuan sighed. “Fine… I will give you another six months. Let’s try it.”

Xie Shurong excitedly stretched out his arms and hugged Bai Xuan. He picked up Bai Xuan and turned him around twice. “Great! This is great! Starting from today, I am Bai Xuan’s boyfriend!”

“Keep your voice down! The captain is just opposite from here!” Bai Xuan hurriedly covered Ah Shu’s mouth. He suddenly regretted his decision just now. If he actually fell in love with the childish Ah Shu, wouldn’t his IQ be pulled lower?

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