GLS: Chapter 244

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Chapter 244 – Hot Springs Hotel (5)

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng headed to the restaurant on the third floor of the hotel. They found that Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng were already sitting there to eat. Ling Xuefeng went to grab plates for them and Li Cangyu moved forward to say hello. “You came so early? You didn’t take a bath?”

Su Guangmo replied with a smile, “There is no rush. We plan to go swimming at night.”

Li Cangyu was a bit surprised. “You can swim?”

Su Guangmo looked at his younger brother. “Xiao Yu can’t so I am going to teach him.”

The four females living on the seventh floor, Liu Xiang, Yang Muzi, Meng Jie and Zhao Yue also arrived. They saw Li Cangyu and came over to say hello.

Yang Muzi asked curiously, “Captain, have you eaten?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Not yet. Xuefeng is helping me by getting some food.”

Everyone had ‘how can this be?’ expressions on their faces.

It was hard to imagine that a man with such a serious and abstinent face would actually do something like ‘help people get food’. Then Ling Xuefeng came back with two places and calmly placed one plate in front of Li Cangyu. Everyone watched with shocked eyes before pretending not to see anything.

The four females turned to grab food. Su Yu had finished eating and left first. Then Tan Shitian, Cheng Wei and the Lou Zhang brothers arrived.

Lou Wushuang nodded at everyone but didn’t like a lively atmosphere. He looked for a double table to sit at while Zhang Shaohui eagerly ran to get food for his brother. Lou Wushuang sat there coldly and waited for his brother.

Cheng Wei excitedly rushed over to Cat God and asked, “Have you used the hotel bathtub? It is super big!”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes, the bathtub is very big and it isn’t too crowded for two people to bathe together.” He realized his words were wrong and corrected himself, “I mean, it is very big. There is no problem accommodating two people. It is too spacious for one person.”

Ling Xuefeng gave him a look and didn’t speak. Tan Shitian pretended not to understand and went to get some food. Cheng Wei’s IQ wasn’t online and didn’t realize the meaning behind Li Cangyu’s words. “Yes, it is an oversized bathtub!” Then he asked curiously. “I have a question. Is the water in the bathtub really from a hot springs?”

Li Cangyu replied, “That’s what it says in the advertisements.”

Cheng Wei was happy. “It is really comfortable. I can soak in it every day.” Then he saw Tan Shitian coming with food and stood up. “I will also get some food!”

Tan Shitian put a plate in front of him and smiled. “I grabbed this for you. They are all dishes that you love.”

Cheng Wei glanced at the plate and sure enough, he loved eating all of them. Cheng Wei’s cheeks slightly reddened at the gentle gaze and he said awkwardly, “Thank you…”

Tan Shitian rubbed his head. “You are hungry. Eat first before talking.”

Then he turned to grab his own dinner. Cheng Wei’s cheeks were red at the action and he always felt like he was a pet raised be Captain Tan. Wasn’t this too shameful in front of Cat God?

He sneaked a peek and saw that Li Cangyu was eating with Ling Xuefeng and didn’t notice what happened here. Cheng Wei couldn’t help sighing with relief.


A moment later, Qin Mo and Xiao Han also arrived. Xiao Han had apparently just taken a shower because his wet hair was hanging over his ears. He wore a simple white t-shirt and the beautiful mixed-race youth attracted people’s attention.

Li Cangyu beckoned for him to come over and Xiao Han sat down at their table. “Master.”

“Why didn’t you blow your hair dry before coming?” Li Cangyu looked at his wet head and asked.

Xiao Han replied bluntly, “I’m hungry.”

Li Cangyu almost spat out his rice. He coughed twice and waved his hand. “Go and get food.”

The two little princes walked to grab food. At this time, Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan also arrived. Bai Xuan smiled and said hello to everyone. “Everyone is so active at dinner time?”

Li Cangyu told him, “They would be even more active if you were the one cooking.”

“I haven’t cooked for a long time. If I have the opportunity then I will do it later. Then I’m going to get food first.”

He turned around and walked away. Xie Shurong immediately followed him and asked, “Vice-Captain Bai, what do you want to eat? I’ll get it for you… do you want beef? I remember that you love to eat this garlic dish. Isn’t it your favourite?”

Bai Xuan saw him grabbing some food and helplessly blocked his hand. “I will do it myself.”

The rejected Xie Shurong showed a sad expression and whispered, “Oh, then you should eat a bit more.”

Bai Xuan thought that he might be pretending but still found Xie Shurong’s depressed expression unbearable… Still, feelings couldn’t be forced. How could he accept a person he didn’t like because of his soft heart?

Bai Xuan didn’t like Xie Shurong, a young and cheerful man. He liked mature and steady men.  The half-year deadline that he originally agreed to was approaching and he only hoped that they could solve this matter peacefully. The best situation was for Ah Shu to become aware of the difficulties and retreat.

Bai Xuan put away his complicated thoughts and headed to the table next to Li Cangyu with his plate.


People started coming one after another to the restaurant. Li Cangyu saw Zhuo Hang and waved him over. Then he asked, “Have you become used to staying with Captain Jiang?”

Zhuo Hang smiled. “Captain Jiang is very good. We have no problems with communicating.”

Li Cangyu let go of his worries. “Jiang Xu is the best hunter. If you don’t understand anything then you can ask him directly. As a newcomer, do it humbly.”

Zhuo Hang nodded seriously. “I know.”

“Did Xiaojiang contact you?”

“Yes, he went back this holiday to help with his cousin’s Internet store.”

“Xiaojiang is really serious.” Li Cangyu smiled slightly. “Tell him that when the World Competition starts in October, he will go with Xiao Gu and Old Zhang overseas to watch. The round-trip tickets, food and accommodation will be paid for with the team’s funds.”

Zhuo Hang was shocked. “Really?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “We won and received the prize money. In addition, there are the bonuses allocated to the players. Xiaojiang might not be selected for the national team but going abroad to see the World Competition is also an experience. Have them hand over their information to the Dragon Song team leader and he will help them with them visas.”

Zhuo Hang was excited, “Xiaojiang will be very happy.”

Xiaojiang, Xiao Gu and Old Zhang might not be selected for the national team but they would definitely be happy at the opportunity to go abroad and watch the World Competition. Once Xiao Gu found out, he might crazily run two laps up and down the stairs.


The dinner ended and Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng returned directly to their room. As the captain and vice-captain of the national team, they had a lot of overtime work to do. Ling Xuefeng voluntarily helped Li Cangyu organize the materials. The two of them discussed and quickly decided on the arrangements for the national team’s training plan.

Tan Shitian called Zhuo Hang to the hotel’s basketball court to play. Cheng Wei sat to the side, drinking milk as he walked them play basketball. Without Cat God, he didn’t have the motivation to cheer for people.

In the open-air swimming pool next door, Su Guangmo was teaching Yu Pingsheng how to swim.

Vice-Captain Yu stood beside the pool in his swimming trunks and refused to enter. Su Guangmo coaxed him, “Take a deep breath and enter the water. I am here and won’t let anything happen.”

Yu Pingsheng thought for a long time before finally saying, “The water is cold.”

Cheng Wei directly spat out his milk, coughed a few times and couldn’t help interjecting. “Vice-Captain Yu, how can there be hot water in the swimming pool?”

Su Guangmo gave him a ‘nosy’ look and Yu Pingsheng replied seriously, “I won’t swim.”

“Didn’t you ask me to teach you?” Su Guangmo looked at him helplessly.

Yu Pingsheng lowered his head. “I regret it.”

“…” Su Guangmo really wanted to throw him into the pool!

Cheng Wei suppressed his laughter so much that he got an internal injury. Su Guangmo had no way to force Vice-Captain Yu. Yu Pingsheng took a long time to reply but his words were very powerful. As a coach, Su Guangmo probably wanted to cough up blood.

After a while, Su Guangmo jumped into the pool and started swimming. He had obviously given up on teaching Yu Pingsheng.

Yu Pingsheng sat down next to Cheng Wei and seriously explained, “In fact, I am afraid of water.”

Cheng Wei asked curiously, “You are afraid of water? I can’t swim but I’m not afraid of water.”

Yu Pingsheng was silent for a moment. “I almost drowned when I was a child.”

Cheng Wei suddenly realized. No wonder why Yu Pingsheng stood next to the pool and refused to enter. He had this reason. Cheng Wei patted his shoulder in a comforting manner and said, “Then move away from the water. There is no need to worry about swimming. Be a dry duck!”

Yu Pingsheng glanced at the pool. There weren’t many people swimming in the open-air pool. Su Guangmo happily moved back and forth, his slender limbs moving through the swimming pool. He was able to move a large distance with one stroke, looking strong and flexible.

His brother’s favourite sport after basketball was swimming. Yu Pingsheng’s physical fitness wasn’t good and his level in basketball was so bad he couldn’t bear to look. He also couldn’t enter the pool because he was afraid of water… His brother was so good to him but he couldn’t do anything with his brother apart from the e-sports competition. Yu Pingsheng thought with some regret.

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Silence is Golden
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