GLS: Chapter 243

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Chapter 242 – Hot Springs Hotel (4)

Xiao Han stayed with Qin Mo in order to learn Chinese. They entered the room and Qin Mo carefully observed the bathroom. Then he turned back to Xiao Han and asked, “The shower room and bathtub are separate. Do you want to take a shower or a bath?”

“Can I only choose between a shower or a bath?” Xiao Han looked doubtfully at the other person.

“Uh… you can choose both. Wash yourself with the shower first and then soak in the bathtub.” Qin Mo pulled him into the bathroom and patiently explained it. “This is the switch for the shower head. The hot water is on this side and the cold water is here. The faucet for the bathtub is here. Are you going to wash up now? I will help you fill it up.”

Xiao Han glanced at him. “Thank you.”

Qin Mo smiled. “You’re welcome. You are unfamiliar with life here and Master asked me to take care of you.”

Xiao Han hurriedly asked, “What does it mean to be unfamiliar with life here?”

Qin Mo patiently explained, “In other words, you aren’t familiar with the people and things here. It generally describes how a person feels when they first arrive somewhere new.”

Xiao Han nodded thoughtfully, “Then in a known place, people are ‘familiar with cultivated land’?”

Qin Mo almost spat out his saliva. Xiao Han, his strange brain circuits always created some inexplicable words. What was familiar with cultivated land? It wasn’t so messy!

Qin Mo had a headache at Xiao Han’s series eyes. He simple explained, “There is no such saying…”

Xiao Han asked, “Then what is the opposite of unfamiliar with life?”

“That…” Qin Mo grabbed his hair. He wanted to call his middle school language teacher and invite him over. Whenever Qin Mo met Xiao Han, he always felt that his vocabulary was far from enough to answer this person’s strange questions!

“You take a shower first. There isn’t much time. Take a shower and go to eat dinner.” Qin Mo smartly changed the topic and Xiao Han didn’t keep up the pestering. He grabbed his pyjamas and brought them into the bathroom.

Qin Mo consciously looked around the room as he listened to the sound of water in the shower room. His heart was a bit messy. Then he looked back and almost coughed up blood. ‘Young man, could you lower the roller blinds when taking a shower?’

It was probably the first time Xiao Han had stayed in this type of hotel. He didn’t notice there was a roller blind behind the transparent glass. He took off his clothes to shower, not knowing he was clearly seen by Qin Mo outside the bathroom.

Qin Mo glanced away with embarrassment. A few moments later, he turned back curiously. After all, Xiao Han hadn’t lowered the roller blinds so this couldn’t be counted as peeking, right?

Qin Mo thought this and watched Xiao Han washing up.

Xiao Han was a mixed-race child with white skin. His delicate collarbone was like carefully carved white jade. His golden hair was wet and fell softly over his ears. His eyelashes were also very long. Water fell from the nozzle and looked like diamonds on his eyelashes.

Compared to his usual cold self, the teenager taking a shower with his eyes closed looked a bit s*xy. It was a special s*xiness that came from being between a teenager and an adult. Bright water drops slid down the young man’s slender body, making people unable to look away.

Qin Mo saw him washing from outside the bathroom and thought that this mixed-raced child was really beautiful! The curly golden hair and long eyelashes made him look like a doll carefully crafted by the creator!

Xiao Han quickly took a shower, washed away the shower gel, wiped his body with a towel and wanted to go into the bathtub to soak in the hot springs water. As a result, he happened to meet Qin Mo’s eyes.

Xiao Han, “…”

Qin Mo, “…”

Two pairs of eyes met. Xiao Han was obviously startled while Qin Mo moved his gaze with an embarrassed expression.

Xiao Han wrapped himself up in a bathrobe and asked doubtfully, “Do you have something to say to me?”

Qin Mo stuttered, “N-No…”

“Then why were you looking at me?”

Qin Mo subconsciously replied, “Because you look good.” Then he realized he was like an idiot and changed his words. “I haven’t seen a mixed-race person shower before so I was curious.”

Xiao Han replied, “Oh. Then continue to watch. This mixed-race is going to take a bath.”

Qin Mo, “…”

Sure enough, Xiao Han went to the bathroom, lay down in the bathtub and comfortably took a bath. He was saying, ‘I don’t mind if you look.’

Qin Mo didn’t look, didn’t look. Finally, he went to the bathroom and pretended to calmly ask, “Cough, tomorrow your master will definitely have everyone train in a group. Do you think he will let us be in the same group?”

His mouth was saying serious things but his eyes couldn’t help looking at Xiao Han soaking in the water.

Xiao Han didn’t notice the other person’s gaze and replied, “He should. After all, you are my sparring partner.”

Qin Mo endured the urge to cough up blood. “Do you have to keep mentioning sparring partner?”

Xiao Han said, “Well, you are my good friend.”

“…That is almost the same.” Qin Mo smiled with pleasure and said, “There are too many gods in the national team and we still have a lot to learn. Your master might have you train in a group with Captain Lou and Vice-Captain Zhang. After all, you re a killer and will need to cooperate with their assassination tactics.”

“I like Captain Lou.” Xiao Han suddenly said. “It is good to train with him.”

“Oh? Why do you like Captain Lou? Don’t you like the vice-captain?” Qin Mo was very curious about this. Xiao Han explained bluntly, “It is because Vice-Captain Zhang looks a bit silly.”

“…” Qin Mo smiled. “His mind might be simple and he isn’t careful enough. However, on the field, Zhang Shaohui’s intuition is quite keen and his moves are very decisive.”

“That’s true.” Xiao Han nodded seriously., “Which player do you like the most?”

“It is naturally my master.” Qin Mo answered without hesitation. My master is calm and his hands are super fast. He often crushes his opponent in the arena, he is handsome and his popularity is first in the league.”

Qin Mo’s expression was full of pride but Xiao Han’s words pierced it. “However, my master won against him.”

“…” Old blood choked Qin Mo’s chest and it felt like he was going to have a heart attack. He suddenly discovered that not only was Xiao Han’s Chinese terrible, his ability to exasperate others was absolutely first-class.

He really didn’t want to debate on the issue of whose master was stronger. Qin Mo swept over Xiao Han in the bathtub and he uneasily changed the topic. “By the way, how tall are you?”

Xiao Han replied, “I’m 176 cm.”

Qin Mo was happy. “I’m taller than you. I’m 178 cm.”

Xiao Han glanced at him with a puzzled expression, “You didn’t already know? Didn’t you realize you were taller than me whenever we stood next to each other?”

It was rare to hear Xiao Han say such a long sentence without any grammatical errors. Qin Mo coughed with embarrassment. “I knew… i just wanted something to talk about.”

Xiao Han’s lips curved at the remark. “Oh. If you want to talk, why not talk about how you entered the Wind Colour team?”

Qin Mo sat down next to the bathtub and seriously recalled it. “I used to be in the Wind Colour guild in the online game. I played with the guild masters every week in the legion defense. The president thought my level was good and called Captain Ling to come and see.  I didn’t know it at the time and PKed with my master. I was abused by him…”

Xiao Han glanced sympathetically at Qin Mo. “I was also abused by my master in the online game…”

The two people looked at each other and wanted to hold each other while crying. However, one person was sitting outside the bathtub and one person was bathing inside. It wasn’t convenient and they could only pat each other’s shoulders in encouragement.

“Then you joined Wind Colour?”

“I first joined the training camp to practice my foundations for a month. Later, Master felt that my talent was good and accepted me as his apprentice.” Speaking of which, Qin Mo had travelled a bit further than a lot of other players. He was discovered by the Wind Colour guild in the online game, joined the Wind Colour training camp, became LIng Xuefeng’s apprentice and then debuted.

Of course, he also made some mistakes when he first debuted last year. In particular, he almost lost his mind after being abused by Cat God in the online game. Fortunately, he adjusted in time and his mentality matured a lot.

Xiao Han kept asking curiously, “I heard that the vice-captain of Wind Colour is very good-natured?”

Qin Mo nodded. “Yes, like your Vice-Captain Bai, Vice-Captain Yan is a very kind person. My master usually only manages the tactical arrangements of the team while Vice-Captain Yan is responsible for the daily training.”

Xiao Han felt thoughtful. “It seems that Wind Colour and Canglan have a lot in common.”

Qin Mo smiled. “Yes, our captains are both summoners and the vice-captains are gentle characters. There is also a little prince.”

Xiao Han added, “The uniform looks like a couples outfit.”

Qin Mo, “…”

Xiao Han turned his head and spoke seriously, “Thus, after a long time, we might become the strongest opponents like our masters.”

After seeing the clear and bright eyes under the thick eyelashes, Qin Mo couldn’t help reaching out and touching the wet blond hair. “To become the strongest opponent, you should first become better is Chinese.”

Xiao Han wasn’t convinced. “Your English is worse than my Chinese.”

Qin Mo retorted, “I don’t have to speak English here!”

“However, you won’t understand anything when you go to the United States.”

Qin Mo was stunned because he suddenly felt that Xiao Han’s words made sense! The World Competition was held in the United States. He wouldn’t be able to understand a word when he went abroad. If he got lost then he wouldn’t know how to return…

He would have to hug Xiao Han’s thighs.

Qin Mo immediately smiled at Xiao Han. “Then we will learn from each other. I will teach you Chinese and you teach me English. I won’t charge you tuition fees!”

He generously said he wouldn’t charge tuition fees and wisely didn’t mention that his master helped pay Xiao Han’s tuition fees.  Xiao Han felt this exchange was fair and said, “No problem.” (Eng)

Qin Mo looked dull. “Ah?”

“It means no problem.” Xiao Han asked him seriously, “Qin Mo, did you graduate from your English primary school?”

“…” Qin Mo coughed and exclaimed, “I suddenly remembered something. You continue to take a bath. I am busy!”

Xiao Han watched Qin Mo’s back and felt pleased. He had previously been slandered about having rotten Chinese and now he could say that Qin Mo’s English was rotten.

What was this called? Evil has its retribution? Karmic retribution? Karma?

Xiao Han thought about it but couldn’t find the right answer. He kept thinking about it as he lay in the comfortable bath.


Outside the bathroom, the beautiful sight of the mixed-race Xiao Han bathing was still in Qin Mo’s head. He took a deep breath to calm down his confused thoughts. Then he opened his phone and logged into this Q account, receiving a message: [Old Cat has invited you to join the Miracle National Team Q group.

Qin Mo immediately agreed and found there were already many people in the group. Li Cangyu saw him enter and asked, [Where is Xiao Han? Isn’t he logging into Q?]

[He is in the bath.]

[Tell him to add the group later. Also, don’t forget the dinner time.] This was from Ling Xuefeng.

[I know Master.] Qin Mo replied.

[Everyone get ready for dinner. The time is approaching and it isn’t good to eat too late.] Li Cangyu issued a reminder to @all members and immediately got their responses.

Qin Mo turned to call Xiao Han, “Eat dinne…”

He hadn’t finished his words when he happened to meet Xiao Han coming out of the bathroom.

Xiao Han was walking with his head down and his head hit Qin Mo’s chest. He stumbled in a dizzy manner and Qin Mo hurried to grab him, helping Xiao Han rub his head. “Sorry, I didn’t see you… is it painful?”

Xiao Han shook his head. “There’s no pain. I just have slightly low blood pressure.”

“Then sit down and take a break.” Qin Mo took him to the sofa, handing him a glass of water and a few delicately wrapped candy. “Drink some water and eat some chocolate. After you rest for a bit, we will go eat dinner.”

“Yes.” Xiao Han sipped the water and saw Qin Mo’s worried expression. He couldn’t help laughing, “Don’t worry. I just took too long in the bath and my blood pressure was a bit low when I suddenly stood up. I will be fine after a while.”

Qin Mo saw this laugh and felt his heart beat become faster. This youth always had a cold face so when he smiled, it made people’s heart melt.

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Qin Mo saw this laugh and felt his heart beat become faster.


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