GLS: Chapter 242

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Chapter 242 – Hot Springs Hotel (3)

After Li Cangyu returned to his room, he was busy on Q, adding friends and pulling everyone into the national team group. There weren’t many people who responded. Obviously most people hadn’t logged into their Q account yet.

Ling Xuefeng saw him working diligently and walked over. “Is it hard being the captain?”

“I’m fine.” Li Cangyu smiled. “These small things are nothing.”

“Do you want me to share some of it?”

“Okay, help me sort out the contents of tomorrow’s meeting.” Li Cangyu handed over a stack of information. “I will start training in groups tomorrow. I have drawn up a preliminary training plan. Look at it and mark any places that need to be modified. We will discuss and finalize it.”

“No problem.” Ling Xuefeng moved a chair and sat next to him.

Ling Xuefeng’s efficiency was very high. He made several suggestions for revisions in just 10 minutes. He had Li Cangyu look at it and after thinking for a while, Li Cangyu felt the revisions were reasonable. He nodded in agreement.

“Are you going to take a bath?” Ling Xuefeng glanced at the time. “There is still an hour until dinner.”

“No, I will come back at night and take a bath. I still have some things to sort out here.” Li Cangyu’s eyes were still on the computer. “You can go first if you want to take a bath.”

Ling Xuefeng saw his serious working face and thought that Li Cangyu was particularly handsome.

The captain of the national team was really responsible. The training started tomorrow and many players were relaxing tonight. However, Li Cangyu couldn’t do that. The training program had to be settled as soon as possible and the map proposal sent by the chairman also needed to be discussed and confirmed.

“Don’t work too hard.” Ling Xuefeng gently touched Li Cangyu’s shoulder. “You spent the morning flying and then the afternoon on the bus. Take a bath first to relax. After dinner, I will help you sort through them.”

Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling. “Will you also take a bath?”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng glanced at the bathtub and said, “This hotel bathtub is really big. According to the size of our bodies, we can crowd together. Do you want to share a bath or take one alone…”

Li Cangyu saw Ling Xuefeng say these provocative words with his usual abstinent expression. Suddenly, he stood up and hugged Ling Xuefeng. “I want to bathe with you…”

The straightforward action made Ling Xuefeng forcible suppress his urge to kiss the other person. Ling Xuefeng patted Li Cangyu’s shoulder and spoke in a hoarse voice, “Then I will go fill up the water.”

Both of them were resolute types. As Ling Xuefeng filled up the water, Li Cangyu quickly pulled out a change of clothes, not hiding the expectation on his face.

Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help smiling as they headed towards the bathroom together.


The two people first briefly rinsed before sitting in the bathtub.

Both of them were over 1.8 meters tall so it was slightly crowded when they sat side by side. Their legs touched but Li Cangyu didn’t mind. Instead, he placed his legs over Ling Xuefeng’s legs and laughed. “It is strange to take a bath with someone else for the first time.”

Ling Xuefeng gazed at him with deep eyes and pinched his waist. “You will adapt after a few more times.”

Li Cangyu was ticklish after being pinched and moved away. He glanced into Ling Xuefeng’s eyes and couldn’t help leaning over to lightly kiss the other person. “During these days of training, we will bathe together every day.”

He let go of Ling Xuefeng after he finished but the latter obviously wasn’t satisfied. The back of Li Cangyu’s head was held and he was deeply kissed.

The two men had been leading their team in the competition for over a month. Whenever they met, it was with the identity of an opponent. They hadn’t had such close contact in a long time.

The kiss instantly ignited the flames inside them and the kiss became more intense.

Ling Xuefeng’s kiss was overbearing and strong. Li Cangyu was also enthusiastic and straightforward. The temperature of the bathroom slowly increased. Once they were breathless, they reluctantly let go of each other.

Their intense heartbeats echoed in their ears and both of them had the feeling of ‘I’m really lucky to fall in love with him’.

To be able to meet a lover who knew him and could stand side by side with him in the vast sea of people, wasn’t this great luck?

After the short exchange, Ling Xuefeng’s lips curved as he extended his arm and let Li Cangyu rest on his shoulder. He said softly, “It has been a tiring day. Bathe a bit longer.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu sat with him in the bath, playing with his slender fingers.

Ling Xuefeng’s hands were very beautiful. Every finger was like the creator had carefully crafted them. The bones were distinct and clearly very powerful.

They were the pair of hands that could move at extremely high speeds to destroy the gods of countless teams.

“Your hands are really beautiful.” Li Cangyu praised. “These hands are priceless treasures and must be well protected. I can’t wait for you to use these hands to abuse the world’s top players.”

Ling Xuefeng grabbed his fingers and replied, “You are the same.”

Li Cangyu smiled happily. “We are actually a good match!”

Ling Xuefeng asked, “You only found out now?”

Li Cangyu faked a sad expression. “Yes, I found out a bit late. If I knew, I would’ve caught you when I was 18 years old.”

Ling Xuefeng gently touched Li Cangyu’s hair. “It isn’t too late.”

Anyone else who dared to touch Li Cangyu’s head would be greeted with a fist to their face. However, Ling Xuefeng was different. The touch was filled with great affection. Li Cangyu rubbed Ling Xuefeng’s shoulders and said, “I will wash your hair for you.”

“Okay.” Ling Xuefeng lowered his arms and sat down in the bathtub.

Li Cangyu immediately rose to his knees, took the shampoo from the rack, poured it into his hands and carefully applied it onto the other person’s hair.

Compared to the super-hand speed used to kill opponents on the field, his fingers movements were slightly clumsy. It was obviously his first time doing this but he was very serious.

Ling Xuefeng’s heart softened and he gently hugged Li Cangyu’s waist.

Li Cangyu’s body was actually well-proportioned. It wasn’t too fat or too thin, he had a long pair of legs and his body’s curvature was very beautiful. Ling Xuefeng held him and didn’t want to let go.

Li Cangyu was hugged and Ling Xuefeng’s hair touched his face. He spoke with dissatisfaction, “Don’t make trouble. I haven’t finished washing your hair yet.”

Then he continued washing Ling Xuefeng’s hair. Ling Xuefeng had to close his eyes and wait for it to be done.

A man’s hair was short and could be washed quickly. After taking care of all the hair, Li Cangyu grabbed the nozzle and washed off the shampoo. Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help thinking that if he hadn’t bent Li Cangyu then Li Cangyu would be a super good husband for a woman.

Now such a good person was monopolized by him alone.

Ling Xuefeng’s lips curved and he made Li Cangyu sit back down in the bathtub. “I will also help you wash your hair.”

Li Cangyu was very happy. “Good!”

The two people washed each other’s hair and exchanged loving smiles.

Li Cangyu felt that if it continued like this, he would probably shoot his load. He had to train tomorrow and couldn’t let the players see… as he thought this, he jumped out of the bathtub and rubbed his body with a towel. Then he said simply, “Time is almost up. Let’s go to dinner first.”

Ling Xuefeng hadn’t gotten up yet. Li Cangyu looked back and saw Ling Xuefeng’s soft face under the lights. He couldn’t help kissing the other person’s forehead. “I gave you a kiss. Now it is time to get out.”

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

He really liked this straightforward and enthusiastic person!

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