GLS: Chapter 241

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Chapter 241 – Hot Springs Hotel (2)

Tan Cheng were bickering but the opposite room 201 was much warmer.

Lou Wushuang’s cold was much better but Zhang Shaohui still wasn’t at ease. As soon as he entered the room, he raised the temperature of the air conditioner by two degrees and helped his brother carefully arrange the luggage.

Lou Wushuang sat on the edge of the bed and watched his brother. The corner of Lou Wushuang’s lips couldn’t help curving upwards.

“I’ll take a bath first.” Lou Wushuang suddenly told his brother.

Zhang Shaohui turned around and said, “Then wait for me. I will give you water.”

Then he diligently ran to the bathroom, opening the faucet to help his brother fill up the bath and pulling out a change of underwear from the suitcase. The pyjamas were placed on a hanger in the bathroom and he also changed the towels. Lou Wushuang had a slight cleanliness obsession and always used his own toiletries instead of the hotel supplies.

Zhang Shaohui arranged things and tested the temperature of the water. Then he went back and called Lou Wushuang. “Brother, the water is ready for you. Go and wash.”

Lou Wushuang looked coldly at him from behind the lens and asked, “Aren’t you going?”

Zhang Shaohui replied with a smile, “You go bathe first. I will wait for after dinner.”

Lou Wushuang suggested, “Let’s go together and we can save some water.”

He headed to the bathroom with a cold expression, leaving Zhang Shaohui standing in place.  Lou Wushuang stood at the bathroom door and glanced at his brother. “I told you to wash up together. Why are you dawdling?”

Zhang Shaohui scratched his head. “This… cough, Brother, don’t you think it is strange for two men to take a bath together?”

Lou Wushuang frowned. “Didn’t we bathe when we were young?”

Zhang Shaohui sighed and quietly retorted, “That’s when we were children. How old were we when we were kids? Cough, now I am so tall. Won’t I squash you if we take a bath together?”

Lou Wushuang replied, “Don’t you see grandfathers sharing a bath in the public baths? So what about our age? The bathtub here is large enough.” He glanced at the bathtub in the bathroom, the size not disappointing him.

“Hurry up, the water is going to cool down.” Lou Wushuang pushed up his glasses and said coldly.

Zhang Shaohui had to take a change of clothes and enter the bathroom with Lou Wushuang.

Lou Wushuang calmly removed his clothes and then placed his glasses next to him. His skin was white and under the light of the bathroom, his smooth back was like good jade. His spine was straight and slightly sunken in at the waist, forming a beautiful curve.

He looked very thin but his figure was good, especially the long legs that had the proportion of a model.

Zhang Shaohui was a straightforward person and couldn’t help expressing his admiration, “Your figure is very good.”

Lou Wushuang kept his back to his brother. His face was slightly red but his tone was calm. “Is it? I’m not as strong as you.”

Zhang Shaohui laughed. “A strong man doesn’t always look good. Nowadays, girls like the lean type. I’m different. People always say that my limbs are developed but my mind is simple.

Lou Wushuang thought to himself, ‘At least you don’t have a simple mind and weakly developed limbs.’

He looked back and found that Zhang Shaohui had also removed his clothes. Unlike the lean Lou Wushuang, Zhang Shaohui had buff chest muscles and an eight pack. The muscles on his arms were strong and beautiful. He looked manly.

Lou Wushuang calmly extended his hand and touched the strong chest muscles. His heart was beating as quickly as a drum but he pretended to be calm on the surface. “Your figure is really good.”

Zhang Shaohui was happy about being praised. “Hehe. Brother, I will help you rub your back!”

His parents died and he was taken in by distant relatives. Due to his young age, Lou Wushuang’s mother wasn’t comfortable with XIao Shaohui living alone and had the two boys share a room.

There was also a large bathtub in that room and the two boys often took a bath together. Zhang Shaohui would offer to rub his brother’s back every day so his words were very smooth.

However, Lou Wushuang’s back was obviously stiff. After a moment of silence, he nodded. “Okay.”


The two people sat next to each other in the bathtub. Lou Wushuang felt uncontrollable and his mind was full with various types of animations…

Zhang Shaohui had an honest face. He was afraid of squeezing Lou Wushuang and deliberately moved to the side, leaning against the edge of the bathtub. He relaxed with his arm behind his head and said, “Hey, this bath is very comfortable! Once I have enough money, I will install a bit bathtub at home.”

Lou Wushuang asked, “Where are you going to buy a house in the future?”

Zhang Shaohui thought about it for a moment. “I will go back to Guangzhou. After all, it is where I grew up. The prices might be high but I can buy a big house in a good suburb.”

Lou Wushuang told him, “Then I’ll go back to Guangzhou as well.”

Zhang Shaohui actively suggested, “Why don’t we buy it together? Two sets with connected doors can be discounted if they are bought together.”

“…” Lou Wushuang was speechless. His intention was to live with his brother in the future. They could save money, buy a bigger house and achieve his dream of installing a large bathtub.

It was just that Zhang Shaohui was still oblivious about the situation and didn’t understand.

He looked over at Zhang Shaohui. Lou Wushuang had removed his glasses so the facial features of the person in front of him weren’t particularly clear, but the familiar smell of his body made Lou Wushuang feel at ease.

What would Zhang Shaohui’s reaction be when he learnt that his brother had special feelings towards him?

Lou Wushuang’s mood was complicated when he thought about it…

Suddenly, a warm hand touched his waist and Zhang Shaohui’s voice was heard. “Turn over. I will help you wash your back.”

Lou Wushuang turned stiffly and Zhang Shaohui started to actively wash his back.

Zhang Shaohui’s technique wasn’t bad and the strength of his fingers was good.

During their school years, they often used to rub each other’s back. At this time, Lou Wushuang’s thoughts were simple and he only considered Zhang Shaohui a companion. It was better than staying home alone.

When did Lou Wushuang start having a different mind? He wasn’t sure. He only knew that these feelings had become deeper and deeper over the years. If he couldn’t see Zhang Shaohui for a few days, his heart was uncomfortable, as if it was being hollowed out.

As the big hands slowly rubbed his back, Lou Wushuang’s cheeks gradually reddened. He breathed deeply and control his body, preventing any embarrassing reactions.

Zhang Shaohui noticed that Lou Wushuang’s back was tight and decreased his strength. He said, “Relax Brother, I won’t hurt you.”

Lou Wushuang, “…”

This sentence was easy to make people think crooked thoughts. A hint of red filled Lou Wushuang’s cheeks.

Zhang Shaohui helped massage the muscles of his shoulders and said, “I checked the weather forecast. It has been raining recently so you must cover yourself with the quilt. Don’t kick off the quilt again. You have loved to kick your quilt since you were young. This habit is really bad.”

‘If you hold me while sleeping, I won’t kick the quilt…’

Lou Wushuang wanted to say this but forcibly suppressed it.

Zhang Shaohui finished rubbing his brother’s back and retracted his hands. “Okay! Take a shower. There is an hour until dinner. Get some sleep first if you want.”

Lou Wushuang got up from the bathtub. Zhang Shaohui saw his red face and reached out to touch his forehead. “Is the fever back?’

“…I’m warm.” Lou Wushuang shook off the hand, wrapped the towel around his body, walked out of the bathroom and lay down on the bed.

When would this person open up? Did he have to confess his feelings?

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