GLS: Chapter 240

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Chapter 240 – Hot Springs Hotel (1)

Most of the players had already gotten off the bus by the time Bai Xuan woke up. Bai Xuan rubbed his eyes, grabbed his phone and got off. Xie Shurong had actively taken Bai Xuan’s luggage from the bus and walked over. “Are you awake? Go and check in.”

“Yes.” Bai Xuan grabbed his luggage from Xie Shurong and headed into the hotel lobby.

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were talking with each other at the front desk of the hotel. Bai Xuan walked over and stood with Xiao Han. Then Li Cangyu came over with a watch. “Please hand me your ID cards and I will help you check in.”

The group immediately took out the ID cards and handed them to the captain. There were some people passing by who wondered which travel agency this large group had booked with.

“Luo Zhang duo, your room number is 7th building 201, Tan Cheng duo is 202, Su Yu is 301…” Li Cangyu named the rooms and returned the ID cards to everyone. The captain of the national team didn’t need to do this but he helped everyone get their rooms. Everyone felt that Cat God was a great captain!

—At the very least, he was kinder than the serious Ling Xuefeng.

Once it came time for Bai Xuan’s turn, Li Cangyu read, “Ah Shu and Xiao Bai have room 602.”

Bai Xuan was confused. “Who arranged the rooms?” He looked back and saw Xie Shurong smiling at him. The latter met Bai Xuan’s eyes and spoke innocently, “Everyone freely formed a group. We didn’t have anyone and were grouped together.”

“Is that so?” Bai Xuan felt very suspicious.

“Yes!” Xie Shurong smiled sincerely. “XIao Han wanted to live with Qin Mo to learn Chinese. Zhuo Hang lives with Captain Jiang to exchange experiences about a hunter. Cat God wanted to team up with Captain Ling to discuss things. We were the only ones left in Canglan and were teamed up.”

His words sounded reasonable but Bai Xuan always felt that something was wrong.

He remembered the previous time when Xie Shurong crawled into his bed in the middle of the night. Bai Xuan couldn’t help thinking that living for half a month in a room with the person who confessed to him would be a big challenge!

However, Bai Xuan saw Xie Shurong actively help him lift his luggage while holding the room card and was forced to follow.


The hot springs hotel had an excellent environment. After going out behind the lobby, they arrived at the hotel accommodation area. A large musical fountain could be seen, as well as two long coffee halls surrounded by green trees. Despite being a hot summer day, the environment here was very cool.

Next to the coffee hall was an open-air swimming pool and further on were rows of villa-like apartments.

The hotel apartment buildings each had seven storeys. The first floor was a public gym, while the second to seventh floors contained two people rooms. The  national team members plus reporter and photographer took up 12 double rooms in the 7th building.

Everyone gathered downstairs. Li Cangyu patiently explained, “Go back tonight and take a rest. Starting from 7 o’clock tomorrow morning, the restaurant on the upper floor of the hotel lobby will have a breakfast buffet. You can eat breakfast by telling them your room number. After breakfast, meet at the 10th floor meeting room. The gathering time is 8 o’clock. Don’t be late.”

Cheng Wei couldn’t help saying, “Cat God, you are like a tour guide!”

Li Cangyu smiled helplessly. “There is no other way. The chairman has to go back and has handed over the training management to me and Xuefeng. This is the national team and everyone should try to be punctual. I don’t want to waste everyone’s time because one or two people are late.”

The members nodded to show they understood there was a need for strict management, otherwise it would be a mess.

Li Cangyu continued, “Xuefeng and I are staying in room 601. If you have a matter to talk about, you can directly call the hotel’s internal line to find us. Later, I will build a private Q group for the national team.”

“In addition, today’s dinner is a hotel buffet. There is a third floor Chinese restaurant in the building just now that is open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.”  Li Cangyu looked down at his watch. “It is still early. You can soak in a hot spring or eat dinner and go back to soak. Everyone is free to arrange their time tonight.”

“Okay, go back to your rooms!”

Li Cangyu quickly explained things and took the elevator to the sixth floor with Ling Xuefeng.

The view from the seventh floor was the best. In order to take care of the few sisters, Li Cangyu let Liu Xiang, Yang Muzi, Meng Jie and the team reporter Zhao Yue live on the seventh floor. He would stay on the sixth floor with Ling Xuefeng. Opposite him were Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan were on the fifth floor. The fourth floor was Jiang Xu and Zhuo Hang, Lu Xiao and the photographer Zhou Yang. The third floor had Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng, Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue. Finally, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui, Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei were on the second floor.

Cheng Wei was somewhat unhappy about this arrangement. He entered his room and complained, “I am on the second floor and Cat God is on the sixth floor. This is too far away!”

Tan Shitian wondered, “So?  Do you want to go upstairs to find him and play?”

Cheng Wei was silent for a moment before replying, “He must be very busy. I won’t bother him.”

Tan Shitian thought this person looked stupid and his IQ wasn’t high, but he was reliable in key moments. There were many ‘things’ to discuss between Captain Ling and Cat God. He still wanted to go to Cat God to play? Then he didn’t want to live!

He was finally able to be in a team with Cat God and Cheng Wei had been thinking about chatting with Cat God. This was the result. He couldn’t help feeling depressed as he hung his head and stared at his toes.

Tan Shitian walked over to him and whispered, “Do you want to soak in the hot springs water?”

Cheng Wei recovered some spirit. “Yes! I haven’t soaked in it yet!” He actively opened his suitcase and looked through his messy clothes. He found some pyjamas with the white magician avatar and exclaimed after entering the bathroom, “Wow! This bathtub is so big! The hotel is really luxurious!”

Tan Shitian was laughing at his cute pyjamas and couldn’t help going to the bathroom to check. The bathtub truly was big. The width was 1.5 metres and it was comparable to a small double bed.

The hotel designers clearly knew that many couples came to the hot springs hotel and made the bathtub big so it was convenient for a couple to take a bath together.

Moreover, there were a few bottles and jars next to the bathtub. The small bottles looked very delicate. Cheng Wei took a closer look and couldn’t help asking, “I know this is shampoo and this is shower gel, but what is the green bottle?”

Tan Shitian came to take a look. “It is essential oil. You can drop it in when taking a bath.”

Cheng Wei understood and grabbed a blue bottle. “What about this?”

Tan Shitian’s expression became strange.

Cheng Wei continued to ask, “What is it?”

“Cough, it’s… lubricating supplies and there is a fee after using it.” Tan Shitian was forced to speak with a straight face and he saw Cheng Wei’s face instantly turn red. Tan Shitian’s heart was beating so quickly that he wanted to push this person into the bathtub and directly eat him.

“I’ll take a bath first!” Cheng Wei turned the faucet and drove Tan Shitian out. “Go unpack your luggage or watch TV!”

Tan Shitian thought, ‘I would rather watch you take a bath.’

However, he saw Cheng Wei’s fierce eyes and Tan Shitian had to smile, quietly leaving the bathroom.

The bathtub was too big and it took time to fill the water. Cheng Wei grabbed his phone and logged into his Q account. He received a verification message from Li Cangyu.

[Old Cat has invited you to join the Miracle National Team Q group. Do you agree?]

Cheng Wei immediately agreed. He entered the group and found that Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were the only ones present. It was obviously that many players hadn’t logged into Q after returning to their rooms. He was the earliest one.

[I’m the first one!] Cheng Wei typed excitedly. [What are you doing, Cat God?]

Li Cangyu didn’t reply and Ling Xuefeng voluntarily typed: [He is sorting out the training materials.]

Cheng Wei wanted to ask, “Then what are you doing?” Then he thought about it again and wasn’t comfortable asking the question.

After a while, more people joined the group and the water in the bathtub was filled. Cheng Wei tested the water temperature with his hand and happily took off his clothes. He poured the essential oil into the bathtub and mixed it well.

He stepped excitedly into the bathtub and as a result, he couldn’t stand up and slipped.

“Ah!” Tan Shitian was opening his notebook computer when he heard the scream from the bathroom. He frowned and pushed open the bathroom door, asking, “What happened to you?”

He saw Cheng Wei’s four feet in the bathtub and couldn’t help saying, “Why didn’t you grab the handrail to enter slowly?” Then he reached out and helped him up.

Cheng Wei had choked on water and his face was rode. “W-Why did you come in? I just wasn’t steady!”

Tan Shitian looked down and saw Cheng Wei’s white body and slender legs. He suddenly had difficulty breathing. This guy wasn’t tall but he was well-proportioned and his legs thin and white. His face was red as he lay in the bathtub. There was no need to mention how tempting he looked…

Tan Shitian gulped and his eyes became darker.

Cheng Wei saw the other person was staring at him and his faced turned redder. He angrily asked, “What’s so funny? It is the first time I’ve used such a big bathtub and happened to slip.”

“Are you in pain?” Tan Shitian suddenly asked.

Cheng Wei was startled and his original anger disappeared due to the gentle inquiry.

He saw Captain Tan’s gentle expression and scratched his head with a bit of embarrassment. “No… it doesn’t hurt. I have to take a bath. You should go out first.”

Tan Shitian didn’t leave but raised Cheng Wei’s chin.

Their faces were so close that their breathing almost hit each other’s faces. Combined with the heat in the bathroom, Cheng Wei felt his cheeks becoming hotter than before and his body was like on fire.

The next moment, Tan Shitian leaned forward and kissed Cheng Wei.

Cheng Wei’s eyes opened from shock. His legs hung stiffly over the edge of the bathtub while his hands touched Tan Shitian’s chest, trying to push him away.  The other person didn’t let him go. Instead, Tan Shitian hugged him tighter as his tongue opened Cheng Wei’s teeth, pushing straight in and making Cheng Wei feel dizzy.

“Um… hmm… let go… let me go…”

This was the moment that he discovered that Tan Shitian was actually so strong. Don’t look at this man’s elegant and smiling appearance. He wouldn’t lose to anyone when it came to actual strength.

The muscles in Tan Shitian’s arms were very tight as he hugged Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei actually couldn’t break free!


The temperature in the bathroom was high. This kiss seemed extraordinarily long, making Cheng Wei’s body burn up and his mind gradually becoming blank…

It wasn’t until Cheng Wei was almost about to suffocate that Tan Shitian let him go.

Cheng Wei opened his mouth and breathed in. Once he recovered, he immediately punched Tan Shitian. “What are you doing?”

Tan Shitian caught his first and smiled. “I am teaching you. You haven’t studied in a long time and forgot the skills I taught you before. How can this be? After you gain a wife, will you just rub her back when bathing together?”

Cheng Wei almost spat out blood.

Since the last time when he accepted Tan Shitian’s ‘teaching’, Cheng Wei always felt that this teaching method was wrong. Later, the Time team’s itinerary became fiercer and Tan Shitian didn’t do anything special. Cheng Wei eventually forgot about it.

As a result, today Tan Shitian repeated his old words and kissed and kissed Cheng Wei again. Cheng Wei was shy and his toes were red. “I don’t want you to teach me! Hurry up and get out. I want to take a bath!”

Tan Shitian saw this guy’s hackles were raised and despite his dissatisfaction, he knew he shouldn’t be too eager. He immediately took a step back and smiled. “Okay, continue to bathe. Call me if you need me.”

Cheng Wei was almost angry to death. “Who will need you? Get out of here!”

Tan Shitian walked to the door and looked back. His eyes swept over the white body and the lips that were kissed by him. Tan Shitian gulped and thought that one day, he would imprint himself on Cheng Wei’s body.

Of course, he couldn’t be too hasty with the frog being boiled in warm water. Xiao Wei was ignorant and didn’t know much. Tan Shitian couldn’t do too much and frighten him!

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Kaguya Magami
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Kaguya Magami
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