GLS: Chapter 237

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Chapter 237 – First Meeting

Once the 22 people arrived at the meeting room, Chairman Nan Jiangang arrived with Xiao Sijing and Liu Chuan to hold the first national team preparatory meeting.

The first part of the meeting was to confirm the list of national team players. Everyone was very excited about the invitation letter in their hands. Many people put the invitation letter away, planning to take it home as a commemoration item.

Chairman Na spoke solemnly. “Today is the first meeting after the establishment of the national team. All players selected are the top players of out Miracle League. Everyone used to be on different teams and were opponents most of the time. Now that you are on the national team, I hope you can put down past grievances and work together to compete in the World Competition!”

The chairman’s remark received warm applause from the players present. Regardless of the past, from this moment on, everyone was a brand new team. They hard to work hard for a common goal and not damage it!

“Captain, can you first introduce the World Competition’s system in detail?”

The chairman looked at Li Cangyu, who cleared his throat and readily explained, “According to the latest notice from the World League, the World Competition has invited a total of 16 countries. Those participating will be divided into four groups: A, B, C, D. Each group has two places to enter the quarter-finals. From the quarter-finals, it will enter the knockout mode until there is a winner.”

This was a common mode for world events. The World Championships or cups of various spots had such a system and everyone was very familiar with it.

Li Cangyu saw everyone was listening and continued, “There will be three games per match. The first game is the elimination arena, which is the same as our domestic league. This is worth five points. The second game is an economic team battle and the rules are also consistent with the domestic league. Destroy the crystal and gain five points. The third game is the new event of the World Competition, the death racing mode.”

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng had mentioned this mode when they were interviewed by reporters but the players were still unsure about the details. Many players pricked their ears and some people even took out notebooks to take down notes.

“For the death racing mode, every team will send five players. There are 10 refresh points on the map and two red and blue resurrection points. Every player will randomly refresh at one point on the map and kill the other side. After death, you can be resurrected. The side to kill 10 people first will win.”

Li Cangyu’s explanation gave everyone a bit of understanding of the rules of death racing. The confused Cheng Wei raised his hand. “Every person can resurrect several times?”

“There is no limit to the number of resurrections. After being killed, you can immediately resurrect and freely choose between either the red or blue resurrection points.” Ling Xuefeng replied.

Many people had surprised expressions on their faces. This meant that when choosing resurrection points, they could select the same resurrection point as the enemy.

It was worthy of being called ‘death racing’. This type of killing game would certainly by intense!

“How will the maps be chosen?” Zhang Shaohui asked. “Is there a distinction between home and away?”

Li Cangyu replied, “I just wanted to say this. The group matches of the World Competition will no longer have the home and away system. The three game model is different and it won’t be fair to the away team.”

Ling Xuefeng added, “The World Competition will randomly select seven maps from the map gallery. Both sides will have an opportunity to ban two maps. The remaining three will be used as maps for the three games.

This mode was quite new and was similar to previous DOTA games where the two sides disabled each other’s heroes.

There were seven maps. They could ban two maps they weren’t good at or two maps that the other team was particularly good at. This tested the overall quality of the team and the on-spot thinking.

Li Cangyu smiled at Ling Xuefeng and continued, “We just got news from the World League. For the World Competition maps, one-third will be old maps used by the league, one-third will be maps dedicated to the World Competition and the remaining one-third will be maps freely submitted by each participating country.

Su Guangmo showed interest. “In other words, our Chinese team can freely develop a map and submit it for the World Competition?”

“That is what it means.” Li Cangyu looked at the big gods present. “Everyone can put forward suggests about the maps our country will submit.

Cheng Wei raised a hand. “Can we use the Chinese style? How about hanging up red lanterns!”

Tan Shitian looked at him. “Do you want to place red carpets, incense burners and similar things?”

Cheng Wei immediately nodded. “Yes!”

Tan Shitian smiled. “Once our players appear on the field, they will be accompanied by sound effects of worship and it will be like a husband and wife worshipping?”

“We are playing a game, not going to the chapel!” Cheng Wei’s eyes were red with anger. “I just want to hang red lanterns!”

Everyone suppressed their smiles. Vice-Captain Cheng was really funny. If red lanterns were hung then how could a black and white magician play? His aesthetics were really unbearable…

It was better to have more reliable people speak, for example, Captain Lou Wushuang of Ghost Spirits.

“I think we can use real scenery. There are many places in our country with steep terrain and beautiful scenery. If we change this into a map, we can make majestic scenes while also using the familiar terrain to our advantage.”

Lou Wushuang’s words were always calm and his eyes were cold. His tone had no ups and downs but due to his cold, his originally cold voice was a bit hoarse and people found it a bit painful to listen to.

Zhang Shaohui immediately raised his hands in agreement. “My brother is right! In fact, this is a lot more reliable then Vice-Captain Cheng’s red lanterns.”

Cheng Wei stared and Zhang Shaohui stared back.

Su Guangmo casually turned the pen in his hand. “Real landscape being turned into a map is a plan. In addition, I feel it is possible to design a map with garden-style buildings suitable for playing games. The roads, temples and other things can be used to make the foreigners feel dizzy.”

Xie Shurong added, “As far as I know, the US team has map masters and it is hard to beat them with a maze. Brother, you talked about a garden style map with temples and I think you can add some designs inside the room. For example, adding an attic to a two or three storey building, the remote classes can go upstairs to attack the opponent.”

The two brothers liked to ridicule each other but Su Guangmo agreed with Xie Shurong’s opinion. “The attic idea is good. In the current Miracle League maps, the water and air battle maps are too open. We can make a more comprehensive complex map. For example, a large courtyard with an attic, a pond and many roads. It would be very interesting if this map was selected for the death racing mode.”

Pure Cleansing’s Chu Yan said, “I had a thought. The five elements eight-trigram array is a characteristic of out country. It can be made into a difficult status map. For example, the five elements can give their own buffs or debuffs, such as enhanced attacks, enhanced healing, deceleration, blue reduction or reduced defense. The central area will be a large map…”

The great gods had their own opinions. The low IQ Cheng Wei listened with wide eyes while Xiao Han was stunned since he wasn’t good at Chinese. Qin Mo sat beside him and patiently gave him the translation…

To the surprise of Chairman Nan, the players weren’t cautious at the first team meeting. There were no boring and lengthy leadership speeches. The players were masters who talked together in an excited manner. Every person thought different things and the collision of ideas produced many novel ideas. After 10 minutes, at least five options were negotiated for the Chinese team’s submitted maps.

Li Cangyu had been listening carefully and occasionally took notes. He might be the captain of the national team but he wasn’t an arbitrary dictator. Many people sitting here had high standards and he wanted to listen to their suggestions.

He also thought of a map scheme, which was a three-dimensional map with upper and lower levels. He could set up different mechanisms on the map. Different mechanisms would trigger different effects, such as stepping on a floorboard and falling into a trap, or being surrounded by arrows, etc. It should be very interesting to play.

Li Cangyu put forward this suggestion and immediately received strong support from the brainless fan Cheng Wei. “This map is cool! It is best to do it with dim light like a tomb. Everywhere will be full of dangerous traps!”

Finally, Li Cangyu summed up the plans that the great gods thought of and handed them over to Chairman Nan.

Nan Jiangang asked, “God Chuan, can you lend us your map analysis expert? The development of the map requires his help with coordinating the positioning!”

Liu Chuan replied quickly. “Of course, there is no problem. Our Zewen had a lot of free time recently. I will have him discuss with the program director who will develop the maps and try to make a plan that satisfies everyone.”

Nan Jiangang nodded happily. “There is one more thing. What do you think should be the national team’s uniform?  Next month, the World Competition will start. The team uniforms need to be designed as soon as possible for the manufacturers to produce them.”

The silent Bai Xuan smiled and opened his mouth. “Don’t make it red and yellow. It would look a lot like tomato scrambled eggs…”

Xie Shurong instantly nodded in agreement. “Yes, a red and yellow team uniform is too bright. I think white and black are universal colours.”

Tan Shitian said, “Now it is summer so isn’t white more refreshing? Of course, black gives off the feeling of a dark horse. I don’t mind.”

Li Cangyu also gave his opinion. “Since it is the World Competition, the national team’s logo must be the country’s flag. A black uniform with the red pattern is too similar to the Wind Colour uniform. How about a white uniform with red patterns and the national flag on the chest?”

Ling Xuefeng suggested, “We can’t see the effect just talking. How about you have the designer make a few plans and then everyone will vote?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “That is also okay.”

Nan Jiangang thought this discussion would drag out but the national team’s vice-captain was resolute. The maps and uniform took less than an hour to finish discussing.  Nan Jiangang was very relieved. He accepted the plan that Li Cangyu handed over and had his assistant contact the map and uniform designers to hurry.

“Next will be a three day holiday. You can go back and spend time with your parents, as well as arrange your luggage. Three days later, everyone will gather at the reception hotel near Kunming AIrport. I’ll arrange for a vehicle to send you to the secret training base.”

Everyone was surprise when they heard this and the impatient Cheng Wei directly asked, “Where is the secret training base? Why is it in Kunming?”

Nan Jiangang answered, “Now it is summer and Kunming will be a bit cooler. I have already contacted the training place. Everyone will soon know what it is.”

Chairman Nan was deliberately vague and everyone had to suppress their doubts.

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