GLS: Chapter 236

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Chapter 236 – National Team Selection (3)

The assassin and hunter group broke out in succession. The next melee-resistance selection would probably have the fiercest fights. It was because both paladins and berserkers were in this group!

The one who made a clean sweep was naturally the ghostly vice-captain of Flying Feathers, the always silent Yu Pingsheng. His violent style made the opponents feel fear and the giant axe smashed deep pits. He won first place and got the qualification for the national team.

For the remaining paladins and berserkers, the viewers were worried this wouldn’t be fair to paladins. However, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng considered this in advanced and used the ‘time scoring method’. As long as the paladin could persist for 10 minutes under the violent attacks of the berserker, it could be considered a victory.

This highlighted the paladin’s ability to ‘resist pressure.’

There weren’t many paladins in the China Miracle League because Flying Feathers, Red Fox, Cheetah, Wind Colour and other teams all used berserkers in the front row. Only Time and Canglan had a paladin as their front row.

The most famous one was Chai Jun of the Time Team. The young madman Gu Siming was still a newcomer and it was hard for him. In the first round, he faced Meng Jie of Red Fox and entered the losing group.

Xiao Gu wasn’t discouraged. He entered the trials to enrich his experience and didn’t think he could actually be selected for the national team. After all, this group of berserkers was too much!

In the end, the one who won was Meng Jie of the Red Fox team. This sister played very fiercely and the strong paladin male players were beaten by her. She was a complete tough woman!


Next was the selection of the healers and psychics. They certainly couldn’t have the healers and auxiliaries fight each other. Li Cangyu considered these two classes and submitted an application to the chairman about obtaining an instance to test the healers and auxiliaries.

The technicians in the league worked overnight to make a single player instance ‘Nightmare’ that the healers could challenge.

In the Nightmare instance, there were many bosses with group and single target attacks. There were four different NPCs teammates facing the bosses. The healers must guarantee the blood of the teammates, with the death time of the first teammate being considered the final grade.

This instance seriously tested the healers and some players lasted less than five minutes before their teammates died. Finally, only Liu Xiang and Bai Xuan’s healing exceeded 20,000 per second and their teammates didn’t die for eight minutes. The two gods successfully won the admission ticket for the national team.

Xie Shurong saw Bai Xuan reporting and was very excited. He walked over and hugged Bai Xuan. “You will soon become a world-class milk dad!”

Bai Xuan looked at this guy whose IQ had regressed and smiled helplessly. He was very happy to be part of the national team. Moreover, he saw the people gathered and thought the lineup was very luxurious!


The psychic group was unquestionably won by Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue of the Pure Cleansing team. The two people reported backstage and there were only two spots left in the national team.

It was the free group where the class was unrestricted.

Qin Mo applied for this group as well as the blood kin summoner Xu Feifan. The summoners were understandable since their spots had already been taken. The unexpected one was that Lou Wushuang actually applied!

The Ghost Spirits fans filled the screen with comments as they cheered on the captain.

Captain Lou’s state still wasn’t too good but it was better compared to his pale face in the morning. Zhang Shaohui was always with him, helping Lou Wushuang register and drew the opponents.

The Ghost Spirits fans prayed that Vice-Captain Zhang’s unlucky hand wouldn’t be shown…

Fortunately, this time Zhang Shaohui lucky and drew more average players. Lou Wushuang won five matches in a row.

In the sixth match, he faced the blood kin summoner Xu Feifan. He grasped an opportunity for a sneak attack and sent the other party to the losing group in a thrilling manner.

Then he met Qin Mo in the finals and sent Qin Mo to the losing group.

Lou Wushuang played very hard in the afternoon game and the audience could see the sweat on his forehead. He was sick but won the 21st spot in the national team. This perseverance was enough to make people feel admiration.

The Ghost Spirits fans cried excitedly. Everyone had been really shocked by Captain Lou’s surprise elimination in the assassin group earlier.

Zhang Shaohui’s gloomy face finally showed a bright smile as he hugged his brother. “Great!  Brother, we can enter the national team together! It’s really great!”

This hug was very hard and made Lou Wushuang feel slightly dizzy, but he wasn’t willing to push the other person away. This embrace was warm and Zhang Shaohui’s bright smile was like sunlight shining on his cold heart…


In the backstage command room, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng glanced at each other and sighed with relief.

Xiao Han wasn’t weak but in terms of cooperation, he was definitely inferior to the tacit understanding between the Lou Zhang combination. Lou Wushuang was sick in the morning and lost. Fortunately, he was better in the afternoon. Otherwise, it would be very regrettable if the national team lost such a player.

There was one last spot left!

Qin Mo or Xu Feifan in the losing group were likely to be selected. Both of them were blood kin summoners and teammates on the Wind Colour team. This game made the Wind Colour fans feel distressed.

Xu Feifan was Ling Xuefeng’s old partner and his strength naturally didn’t need to be described. Qin Mo was in the spotlight as Wind Colour’s little prince. The battle between old and new player caught the eyes of e-sports reporters.

Both the first and second games were played stably and it was a 1:1 draw.

In the third inning, Qin Mo suddenly changed his style, using a quick change of pets, stealth and movement to fight a guerilla battle. Xu Feifan was caught off guard and lost 30% of his blood from Qin Mo’s outbreak!

Xu Feifan smiled helplessly at the word ‘failure’ that appeared on the screen and typed his congratulations to Qin Mo: [Your progress is very fast. Don’t lose face for Wind Colour in the World Competition.]

Qin Mo immediately replied: [I understand Brother Xu! I will work hard!]

In the Wind Colour team, he was most familiar with Xu Feifan. Whenever he was in a bad state, he was enlightened by Xu Feifan and Xu Feifan also taught him many things. Qin Mo hadn’t been very happy about competing with him for the national team’s quota but it was a fight. He naturally had to do his best on the field.

He won the national team’s quota and could go to the world stage with Master and Xiao Han!

Finally, Lou Wushuang, Qin Mo and Zhang Shaohui came backstage together. Lou Wushuang and Qin Mo signed their names in the national team’s register.

The team members had all come together! The first Chinese Miracle national team was finally formed!

The author has something to say:

The 22 members of the national team:

Summoners: Li Cangyu (Canglan), Ling Xuefeng (Wind Colour), Qin Mo (Wind Colour)

Assassins: Lou Wushuang (Ghost Spirits), Zhang Shaohui (Ghost Spirits), Xiao Han (Canglan)

Black magicians: Yan Ruiwen (Wind Colour), Guo Xuan (Wind Colour)

White magicians: Cheng Wei (Time), Yang Muzi (Red Fox)

Healers: Bai Xuan (Canglan), Liu Xiang (Red Fox)

Swordsmen: Xie Shurong (Canglan), Su Guangmo (Flying Feathers)

Berserkers: Yu Pingsheng (Flying Feathers), Meng Jie (Red Fox)

Bards: Tan Shitian (Time), Lu Xiao (Time)

Psychics: Chu Yan (Pure Cleansing), Zhu Qingyue (Pure Cleansing)

Hunters: Jiang Xu (Cheetah), Zhuo Hang (Canglan)

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5 years ago

For a team that just debut this season, Canglan really filled up the stage huh

3 years ago

Yay both little princes made it <3 and lol 5 out of 22 spots are Canglan! Only 3 members didn’t make it onto the team… the little snail, Xiao Gu, and Old Zhang… i guess it makes sense.

3 years ago

at the very least, three of the selected canglan are already old/god players. haha

11 months ago

I’m here again in 2023……..