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Chapter 235 – National Team Selection (2)

Next up was the swordsman group.

A terran swordsman needed speed, attack and defense. Its defense wasn’t weak and it could serve as a front row tank when necessary. It could be called one of the most comprehensive melee class and its class costume was white and gold-rimmed. The shape of the big sword in the hand was also very handsome. Thus, the number of swordsmen players in the online game was always ranked first.

In the Miracle Professional League, a master swordsman was usually used to breakthrough enemy formations. This meant that the number of professional players who played a ‘swordsman’ was the highest and the candidates for the swordsman group actually entered the double digits.

Xie Shurong hit quickly and made it all the way to the finals. Then he met his older apprentice brother, Su Guangmo. The two brothers met and weren’t polite to each other. Both of them played fiercely, allowing the audience members who liked swordsman to feel addicted.

Li Cangyu watched the game backstage and couldn’t help saying, “Ah Shu is still a bit lacking compared to Captain Su. Ah Shu likes the rapid attacks of a swordsman while Captain Su prefers to use skills. His play is fast and stable.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “I remember the Xie Shurong from the third season. His standard was a lot worse than his brother but he has really progressed playing abroad.”

Li Cangyu added, “I hope he can be selected, In the case where we meet the US team in the future, at least Ah Shu knows them very well.”

At this moment, Su Guangmo suddenly used Spirit Lock on Xie Shurong and then broke out the big move, Light and Shadow Rotation, emptying Xie Shurong’s blood!

The fallen Xie Shurong typed: [Come again!]

Su Guangmo sent a smiley face. [You still can’t beat me even if you come again. A younger brother is a younger brother.]

Xie Shurong: [Don’t you have any face?]

Su Guangmo replied: [You don’t have any bark. Why do I need face?]

The audience couldn’t help laughing. They thought their relationship was bad after Ah Shu left Flying Feathers. Now it seemed that the two brothers had a very good relationship as they joked on the public channel.

In the second round, Xie Shurong burst out his highest hand speed and used Spirit Lock on Su Guangmo at a crucial moment, killing the master in one breath.

Xie Shurong proudly sent a row of smiles on the public screen. [A younger brother is a younger brother! Do you understand it?]

Su Guangmo, “…”

The two men played the third round and Su Guangmo thrillingly won the first spot on the national team.

The defeated Xie Shurong entered the loser group and become the champion, eventually becoming the 10th member of the national team!


Compared to the fierce battles in the swordsman group, the atmosphere of the assassin selection was completely different.

There was a large number of assassins in the league’s major teams. There were six assassins in Ghost Spirits, not to mention the assassin players of other teams. The number of applicants in this group also reached the double digits.

Surprisingly, Zhang Shaohui’s hand was very stinky and he directly drew Lou Wushuang in the first round. Many fans wanted to cry. Captain Zhang, did you have to be so unlucky?

Fortunately, the selection system was a double defeat knockout and the loser group also had a chance.

The surprising thing was that Lou Wushuang was actually beaten by Zhang Shaohui. Zhang Shaohui looked at the result with a dazed face. Once the game ended, he immediately ran over and asked, “Brother, what’s wrong? Do you have a fever?”

Lou Wushuang replied coldly, “It is nothing.”

His face was strangely pale. Zhang Shaohui worriedly reached out and touched his forehead. He found that Lou Wushuang’s forehead was scarily hot. Zhang Shaohui’s expression changed and he immediately helped his brother to the side to sit down. “You are sick, what should we do? Should we apply to postpone the matches with the league?”

Lou Wushuang shook his head at his brother’s distraught words. “The league can’t change the schedule because a candidate is sick… forget it.”

Zhang Shaohui looked like he was about to cry. “You are sick. If you lost another game, you will…”

‘Be eliminated.’ He couldn’t bare to say these words.

Lou Wushuang replied calmly, “It doesn’t matter. It isn’t a big deal if I don’t go to the World Competition since you are there.”

In fact, he felt a bit uncomfortable. When he was a child, his health wasn’t very good. In order to play the game, he was forced by Zhang Shaohui to frequently run and exercise. His physical fitness improved. This sickness came very suddenly. It was probably because he kicked off the quilt when sleeping last night and the air conditioner’s temperature was set too low. He had a headache since the morning.

In the games, Lou Wushuang could always be absolutely calm, the dagger in his hand sharp and cold. Today, he made a mistake at the crucial moment, making him lose to Zhang Shaohui in three consecutive games.

Li Cangyu was also very surprised by this result. He couldn’t help glancing at Ling Xuefeng. “Is there something wrong with Captain Lou?”

“I hope he can adjust as soon as possible.” Ling Xuefeng whispered.

Among assassins, Lou Wushuang was absolutely the strongest. There was no doubt that if he had problems in the selection trials, it would be a great loss for the national team.

Unfortunately for the Ghost Spirits fans, Lou Wushuang couldn’t adjust very quickly. Lou Wushuang relied on his rich experience to win against the next few players before meeting Xiao Han, who was sent to the loser ground by Zhang Shaohui.

Xiao Han was the best at grasping opportunities. His mastery of the timing for sneak attacks was a match for the first-class assassins in the league. He took advantage of a gap made by Lou Wushuang’s mistake and unleashed a set of violent combos. Lou Wushuang’s blood fell and then Xiao Han used the terrain to move to the other side, finally winning.

The 12th ticket to the national team actually went to the newcomer of the Canglan team, Xiao Han!

The result surprised many people. In particular, the Ghost Spirits fans couldn’t accept that Captain Lou was actually eliminated. Zhang Shaohui’s expression was very heavy.

The two players went backstage to report and Xiao Han seriously ran to the side of his master. “Master, I have entered the national team.”

Li Cangyu smiled and patted him on the shoulder, letting him sign his name.

After filling out his name, Zhang Shaohui told Li Cangyu, “I will take my brother back to the hotel to rest.”


Lou Wushuang saw his brother come out and was puzzled. “What are you doing out here?”

Zhang Shaohui decisively lifted him up. “I’ll take you back to rest.”

Lou Wushuang, “…”

Lou Wushuang lay on his wide back and suddenly felt a bit sour. This fool might only see him as a brother but at least in Zhang Shaohui’s heart, he was very important. Zhang Shaohui should be excited about joining the national team but he wasn’t smiling at all and his brow was deeply furrowed.

Lou Wushuang sighed. “I’m sorry that I can’t enter the national team with you.”

“It’s not your fault.” Zhang Shaohui interrupted in a low voice. “Go back and have a good sleep. Don’t say such dumb things.”

After carrying Lou Wushuang back to the hotel, Zhang Shaohui gently placed him on the bed, poured him a cup of warm water and bought him cold medicine to take. Then he patted the quilt and said, “Go to sleep.”

Lou Wushuang closed his eyes and slept well, waking up at two in the afternoon.


Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng took the group back to the hotel for a lunch break. In the morning, 10 places were decided and the remaining 10 places would be arranged in the afternoon. They were hunters, front-line tanks, healers, psychics and the random group.

The hunter group started at 2:30 and it was like the assassin group!

Chen Anran, the vice-captain of the Cheetah team, once again continued Zhang Shaohui’s tragedy. His stinky hand directly drew his own captain Jiang Xu and Chen Anran was defeated.

It was reasonable to say that according to the rules of the double defeat knockout, Chen Anran could win in the losing group and get the national team quota by coming first in the losing group. However, the audience members were worried because there was another strong player in the hunter group. Zhuo Hang of Canglan who just won the Most Promising Rookie award

After Zhuo Hang was defeated by Jiang Xu, he also entered the losing group. Then the second hunter quota would go to either Zhuo Hang or Chen Anran.

This match was more intense than the one between Xie Shurong and Su Guangmo, because both teenagers knew that they had to win this game. They couldn’t lose!

Chen Anran was a typical fast player. His effective hand speed could almost reach the level of Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng. This was why he won the Most Promising Rookie Award last season.

Zhuo Hang’s basic hand speed wasn’t as fast but Zhuo Hang had made rapid progress in the playoffs this season, especially when it came to the combination of traps and terrain.

In the first and second game, the two of them were randomly connected to a square map with open terrain. They each seized an opportunity to make it a 1:1 draw. They reached the third and deciding game!

The system randomly chose a mountain map with many obstacles!

Zhuo Hang arranged a wave of traps according to the terrain and then deliberately lured Chen Anran in. This wave of operation was smooth and level. Chen Anran accidentally stepped into the first trap and suffered from chain explosions. His blood was directly blown away to residual blood in one breath. Zhuo Hang followed with three consecutive Death Traps and killed him!

This approach gained Yu Bing’s appreciation. “This is a real hunter! It can be said that Zhuo Hang has mastered the essence of the hunter class.”

Kou Hongyi said, “The Cheetah fans might not feel good but it is very fair. Zhuo Hang’s selection won’t lower the level of the national team. His strength isn’t bad compared to Chen Anran and he is very good at using maps. Thanks to the existence of Zhuo Hang, perhaps the national team can use the map to play more strategies.”

Compared to the uncomfortable Cheetah fans, Chen Anran was quieter. To be exact, he was still a baby who hadn’t grown up and would hide shyly every time a match finished.

Jiang Xu explained for him. “Xiao Chen wants me to tell you that Zhuo Hang’s strength isn’t worse than his. He has no opinions about Zhuo Hang being selected for the national team. In addition, I will take him to watch the game abroad and also train him when there is time. I hope everyone can support the national team.”

Li Cangyu was naturally the happiest about Zhuo Hang being selected.

He watched this young man grow step by step. The fact that Zhuo Hang could join the national team was a result of his own efforts. Li Cangyu was going to the World Competition with a player who was good at grasping the terrain. This was more reliable than taking a shy baby.

Chen Anran was only 16 years old. He might be even better when he was two years older!

Li Cangyu patted Zhuo Hang’s shoulder and had him sign his name next to Jiang Xu. Zhuo Hang signed the national team’s list, leaving eight names left.

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