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[Final Volume – Top of the World]

Chapter 231 – League Dinner

After the awards ceremony, the professional players of the major teams returned to the hotel in a vehicle arranged by the league. Dinner was booked at a Chinese restaurant on the third floor of the hotel. Everyone had dinner together and it was a perfect ending for the seventh season.

The players who got a trophy were naturally very happy. Players who didn’t win awards quickly adjusted their mood. After all, this was the end of a season. There would be an eighth season next year waiting for everyone to continue their efforts.

The six month race made the players exhausted. According to the practices of the previous years, the off-season of the Miracle League would occur. All professional players would get a two months holiday. They were free to arrange a holiday, accompany their family or go on a trip.

This year was very different from previous years because the World Competition was going to start in October. This meant the great gods wouldn’t have much time to rest and needed to be ready to take on the serious world event.

At the dinner party, the chairman Nan Jiangang didn’t mention the topic of the World Competition. Instead, he summarized the seventh season and let everyone eat well, drink well and rest well.

The impatient Cheng Wei couldn’t help wondering, “What about the World Competition? Why is the chairman so calm? What about the national team?”

After seeing that he was about to run and ask the chairman, Tan Shitian immediately pressed down on his shoulder and made him sit down. “Don’t worry. The rules of the national team’s selection shouldn’t come out yet.”

Cheng Wei was puzzled as he sat down. “How do you know?”

Tan Shitian patiently explained, “The World Competition will definitely attract widespread attention from the media. The selection of the national team has to be fair and just or the league will be scolded to death. The chairman must still be hesitant about the specific selection plan. After the plan is decided, the league will definitely announce it.”

Cheng Wei remembered all the curses on the Internet and exclaimed, “Yes! If the league directly chooses the team members, people will say we relied on relationships to go through the back door. It would be really annoying! A direct public selection is more reliable. We will speak with strength!” He shook his fist. “I want to enter the national team!”

Tan Shitian saw his vow and couldn’t help smiling, whispering into his ears, “If only one white magician is chosen, can you win against Vice-Captain Yang Muzi?”

Cheng Wei was stunned. He and Vice-Captain Yang Muzi hadn’t fought alone against each other for a long time. He might not necessarily win against her. However, he already said the big words and had to continue with his swollen face, “I-I should be able to win against her!”

Tan Shitian’s stomach was sore. This guy was really pure. How could he believe that the league would only send one white magician? The national team wasn’t the second Time team. It was impossible for there to be only one white magician.


Cheng Wei wasn’t the only one anxious. At the next table, Zhang Shaohui couldn’t help saying, “What time is this? Why hasn’t the national team been formed or even a plan determined. Is the league so inefficient? I don’t know how many assassins…”

Lou Wushuang heard his muttering and glanced at him, “What’s the hurry? Let’s wait and see.”

Zhang Shaohui had a bitter expression. “I’m afraid that there will only be one assassin. What if our combination is broken…?”

Lou Wushuang asked, “What if there really is only one spot?”

Zhang Shaohui scratched his head and smiled. “Then you go. Your strength is better than me and you are a commander. I will come and cheer you on.”

Lou Wushuang heard this and showed a rare smile.

This person always gave the opportunity to Lou Wushuang. Every time his parents bought delicious fruit, he would take the initiative to give it to Lou Wushuang, saying with a smile, “Brother, eat first.” In the voting for the last world competition, he gave up his ticket and had Ghost Spirits fans vote for the captain. Now he would also give away his opportunity for the World Competition…

All professional players wanted to go to the World competition. It was a wider and more exciting stage.

Going out of the country and playing against the big gods from other countries should be the dream of every Miracle e-sports player.

Zhang Shaohui actually wanted to give the opportunity to his brother. Lou Wushuang was touched by this silly younger brother. He gently gripped his brother’s hand with a soft expression. “Let’s go together. There should be more than one assassin quota.”

Zhang Shaohui immediately became excited. “I also hope there are two spots! Then I can go with my brother and sneak kill the world’s top players!”

Lou Wushuang couldn’t help smiling at his giggling brother. His teammates glanced at each other. Captain, what about your iceberg male image? How did you suddenly become soft today? This style was too wrong!


On the Flying Feathers side, Su Guangmo wasn’t in a hurry. He calmly picked vegetables to eat. Yu Pingsheng was a person who didn’t like to talk. He just ate on his own and didn’t seem to care about the World Competition.

The vice-captain didn’t speak and the other team members didn’t say much.

Yang Muzi, vice-captain of the Red Fox team, couldn’t help feeling concerned. “Sister Xiang, how many healers will the national team have? If there is only one, is it possible for Vice-Captain Bai to be directly selected?”

Liu Xiang smiled and replied very gracefully, “His healing is very accurate. I will be convinced if he is selected for the national team. It is like the deciding game in the finals. I certainly wouldn’t be able to sacrifice myself for my teammate. The overall situation of Vice-Captain Bai is stronger than me.”

Yang Muzi wasn’t convinced. “Sister Xiang is being too modest. You have a different style. I think his emergency healing is indeed better but in large groups, your ability is obviously stronger than him.”

Meng Jie, the straightforward female warriors, told them, “I have a sense that the national team’s lineup should be very big.”

Liu Xiang was doubtful. “Why do you think this?”

Meng Jie smiled. “The Miracle League has been going for eight years. In many countries, the professional leagues have been running for at least seven years. The first World Competition will definitely have a lot of noise or many Miracle fans in the world will be angry.”

Liu Xiang nodded thoughtfully. “It makes sense. If there is an open selection then we will have to sign up and let foreigners look at the style of Chinese women.”

The team members immediately agreed. “Of course we will all try!”


Li Cangyu was very calm compared to the anxious attitude of the players of other teams.

Regardless of how the national team was selected, his quota was absolutely certain. The captain of the championship team was directly appointed as captain of the national team. This was the rule that the Miracle World League had long set.

In other words, the captain would be Li Cangyu, no matter who was selected for the national team.

The Canglan team was very happy. Bai Xuan exclaimed, “Our Cat God will be the captain of the national team!”

Xie Shurong asked curiously, “What about the vice-captain? Will Vice-Captain Bai directly become vice-captain of the national team?”

“Probably not.” Li Cangyu replied. “The specific plan hasn’t come out yet. Xiao Bai, do you want to be vice-captain?”

“I don’t have the energy and my body can’t afford it. Forget it.” Bai Xuan smiled. “In fact, you should have a more suitable person in your heart, right?”

Xiao Han asked seriously, “Is Captain Ling the person in Master’s heart?”

Li Can really wanted to hit him. This apprentice, selling his master?

Everyone around them made a ‘it turns out to be like this’ expression.

Li Cangyu touched his nose guiltily and pretended to be calm. “Cough, Xiao Bai doesn’t want to do it. Then I think Ling Xuefeng is really suitable for this position. It needs to be discussed with the chairman before it is decided.”

Everyone nodded in unison. “Oh…”

Li Cangyu wondered, “What’s with your expressions?”

Xiao Han replied seriously, “Master doesn’t have to explain. We all understand.”

Understand a fart! What did they know?

Gu Siming seemed to understand and explained while scratching his head. “The strongest opponent has become the strongest partner. This is a very magical story!”

Zhuo Hang smiled. “Once Cat God and Captain Ling joins hands, it is estimated that the other countries will have to kneel before them.”

Xie Shurong strongly agreed. “The American team’s Jack Josh has always been arrogant. He said many times that he is the world’s best summoner. Once Cat God joins forces with Captain Ling, he will have to cry and will see what a real summoner is!”

Li Cangyu smiled slightly. “Don’t brag. There are many excellent players in other countries. Of course, I am looking forward to joining forces with Ling Xuefeng in the World Competition.”

Ling Xuefeng seemed to be aware they were talking about him as he turned and looked at Li Cangyu, just in time to meet Li Cangyu’s gaze. Li Cangyu smiled at him and Ling Xuefeng walked over. “Are you looking for me?”

Li Cangyu, “…”

We were just talking about you. What are you doing here?

The Canglan players smiled and endured their stomach pains. They saw their captain’s expression and suddenly felt that Captain Ling truly was Cat God’s nemesis?


At the end of the dinner, Chairman Nan finally fulfilled everyone’s expectations by picking up the microphone. “All players, the seventh season has been successfully completed but we are waiting for the World Competition in October!”

The players immediately pricked their ears as they heard the keyword ‘World Competition’.

Chairman Nan smiled. “You must be very keen to know the selection rules for the national team. However, it is the national team and we will have to face the top players of each country in the future. The team’s lineup can’t be hastily decided. Go back and wait for the notice. By tomorrow night at the latest, the league will definitely release a detailed selection plan.

The players, “…”

Everyone was very anxious but the chairman’s words were correct. The selection rules for the national team had to be carefully considered. Hasty people don’t get to eat hot tofu. They had to wait for the league’s notice.

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