GLS: Chapter 230

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Chapter 230 – Awards Ceremony

The interview ended and Li Cangyu and the players were packing their bags backstage. Liu Chuan suddenly came over and hugged Li Cangyu. “Congratulations! You finally got the championship and proved yourself.”

Li Cangyu was slightly surprised. “Boss, when did you come?”

“I didn’t greet you because I was afraid it would affect your training. It is the finals so of course I would come to the venue to watch!” Liu Chuan smiled. “Let’s go out at night to celebrate. I will treat you.”

The Canglan members cheered at the words!

The restaurant had long been booked by Liu Chuan. Recently, the players had been eating takeaway every day in order to train. Liu Chuan was treating the players and was very bold when ordering food, creating an extremely rich table full of delicious dishes.

Once the meal finished, Liu Chuan stood up and said, “This is a toast for everyone. You have worked hard this season. It wasn’t easy to win. All of you are great!”

The group stood up and raised the wine glasses in their hands.

The celebration dinner was fun as everyone ate while chatting. Li Cangyu was in a good mood and drank a few more cups. As a result, he became drunk and stumbled back to the hotel with his teammates.

He woke up at noon the next day. Zhang Jueming had to shake him to wake him up. “Come on, get up! There is the awards ceremony in the afternoon!”

Li Cangyu was pulled up, washed his face with cold water to wake himself up, shaved in the mirror, tidied up his hair, put on the uniform and went to the awards ceremony with his teammates.

The awards ceremony was a sea of people. As all the members walked in, their ears were shocked by the screams.

The Miracle awards ceremony and closing ceremony always required all teams to attend. They were many great gods around and Cheng Wei came over to excitedly grab Li Cangyu’s hand. “Cat God, you won the championship. Congratulations!”

Li Cangyu laughed. “Thank you.”

The gods of the other teams congratulated him and Li Cangyu graciously accepted it.

The awards ceremony soon began and the first award for an online voting award.

“The most popular player in the seventh season—Ling Xuefeng!”

This result was expected by everyone. Captain Ling always got first in the online voting and the ‘king of popularity’s throne’ was very stable. He won this award for several consecutive seasons.

“The most popular team of the seventh season—the Time team!”

This was a surprise to many people since the Time team didn’t enter the playoffs. It was just that Tan Shitian’s fanbase was too large and as the Storytelling God, he attracted many outsiders to vote.

Tan Shitian walked on stage to receive the award with a gracious smile. Cheng Wei excitedly jumped and Li Cangyu patted him on the shoulder to make him sit.

After the online voting, there were the performance awards.

“The Best Newcomer Award for the seventh season goes to…”

This award was anticipated because the player who won it would become the pillar of the major teams. A panel calculated it based on the performance of the newcomers this season. It was very objective and the audience members were looking forward to it.

“The Canglan team, Xiao Han!”

The name was read out and all the Canglan fans at the venue cheered!

Xiao Han was stunned since he hadn’t expected to win the prize. Li Cangyu smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Go and get the award.” He went to the stage with a dumbfounded expression and received the award, saying, “Thank you.”

“Xiao Han, do you have anything to say about getting the Best Newcomer Award?”

“Thank you Master.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Thank you to the team.”

The host, “…”

The mixed-race teenager’s Chinese wasn’t great and he could only repeat his thanks. The audience laughed and expressed deep sympathy for his Chinese teacher, Qin Mo.

Next was the potential award. The beautiful host smiled and said, “The Most Promising Rookie Award for the seventh season goes to… the Canglan team, Zhuo Hang!”

This result surprised many viewers. Xiao Han was deserving of the Best Newcomer Award but Zhuo Hang made a lot of mistakes in the first half of the seventh season. Then after thinking about it, they realized he did a good job in the second half. He particularly played very well against Ghost Spirits in the playoffs.

The Most Promising Rookie Award, this showed that the judges recognized the potential of this newcomer.

Zhuo Hang was very excited but he spoke more fluently than Xiao Han. “I could grow from a newcomer to the player I am today thanks to the captain’s training and the care of my teammates. Thank you! Thank you Cat God for making me an e-sports professional. The Most Promising Rookie Award is just the beginning for me. I am still young and there will be room for improvement in the future. I will work harder!”

Li Cangyu sat and listened to Xiao Zhuo speak fluently. He couldn’t help saying to Bai Xuan, “That child’s eloquence is really good.”

Bai Xuan smiled. “He must’ve watched his cousin and uncle.”

It was estimated that he learnt many official words from Captain Su and Captain Tan.

The host immediately followed with the heavyweight award. “The seventh season’s MVP, the most valuable player award, goes to the Canglan team’s Li Cangyu!”

The Canglan fans cheered wildly while the fans of other teams were envious and disliked the blue and white area. Was the awards ceremony today contracted by Canglan?

Li Cangyu took the MVP award and there was also the team championship award. Cat God had never won a prize and now he was transformed into the winner of life.He got the grand prizes!


The second runner up was Ghost Spirits, the runner up was Wind Colour and the champion was Canglan.

The team trophies were naturally what professional players were most looking forward to.

Lou Wushuang held the third place trophy and said briefly, “We didn’t win the championship this year but we will continue to work hard next season.”

The man’s expression was very cold, despite being at the awards ceremony. The best assassin of the Miracle League, the coldest captain in the league, his combination with Zhang Shaohui and the all assassins lineup meant the performance of Ghost Spirits next season was worth looking forward to.

The runner up was Wind Colour and Ling Xuefeng was still very calm. He held the microphone and spoke to the supporters of Wind Colour. “Wind Colour is a very strong team. Every season, we will do our best to bring you the most exciting games. Our team members will never stop moving forward!”

Ling Xuefeng’s words were firm and reassured the Wind Colour fans.

From the beginning, Wind Colour was indeed built towards being an overall strong team. In every game, Wind Colour was like a storm sweeping through the Miracle League. The Wind Colour fans had reason to believe that the team’s progress will never stop!

In the end, the seventh season’s trophy was handed to Li Cangyu and many Canglan fans excitedly stood up.

This was the first time everyone saw Li Cangyu standing on such a dazzling stage and holding the championship trophy!

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on them.

Cat God, Vice-Captain Bai, Ah Shu, Old Zhang, Xiao Han, Zhuo Hang, Gu Siming, Li Xiaojiang!

The four old players took the newcomers and walked towards the podium, making people feel surprise and admiration!

Li Cangyu lifted the championship trophy and his voice was straightforward and clear as it was amplified by the microphone. “The winner of the seventh season belongs to Canglan! I am grateful to those who have helped us and supported us, allowing us to get to this point. We have no regrets! Thank you!”

He led his teammates to bow towards the audience.

Many audience members couldn’t help tearing up.

The controversial player Li Cangyu finally stood at the highest peak of the Miracle League and sat on his throne.

After several twists and turns, the king returned and wrote an eternal legend in the Miracle League with his blood and tears.

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