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Chapter 229 – Post-Match Interview (End)

Wind Colour’s interview finished and it was the Canglan team’s turn. The reporters were surprised to find that all eight members of the Canglan team came to the interview room. The excited reporters immediately welcomed the winning team with dazzling flashes and warm applause.

The female reporter who just boldly asked Ling Xuefeng a question immediately stood up. “First of all, congratulations to the Canglan team for winning the championships! I want to ask Cat God, did you think you could win before the match?”

Li Cangyu took the microphone and smiled. “I didn’t think too much before the match. I just decided to do my best in this finals. At the very least, I can be the runner-up and touch a trophy, which is better than before.”

His small joke caused some reporters to turn red. Before each match, they would write that the Canglan team would lose and Cat God would once again miss the playoffs. Fortunately, today those reporters could finally praise Canglan.

Bai Xuan took the microphone. “We were all prepared to lose the moment we found out the opponent was Wind Colour. After all, the strength of the Wind Colour team is too strong and it is hard to win against them. Some elements of luck were involved in our victory today.”

After Bai Xuan’s words, a reporter who liked this milk dad immediately stood up and cried out excitedly, “Vice-Captain Bai’s cooperation with Cat God in the guard stage today really made us open our eyes! In particular, your vision was darkened by Captain Ling yet you could blindly add blood to Cat God. This judgment ability is too amazing!”

Bai Xuan was humble. “At that time, his blood volume was very dangerous. If I didn’t add blood to him, it was likely he would’ve been killed by Captain Ling. I could only gamble. It is also because we have been working together for too long. I am familiar with his positioning and could make a bet in the key moment.”

This man’s voice was always soft when answering questions. The person who looked gentle impressed everyone with his decisive performance in the finals.

“At the last minute, Vice-Captain Bai gave up on yourself and handed over your blue to Cat God. This action made many fans feel touched. Can you tell us what your thoughts were at the time?”

“At the time, I had a limited amount of blue and Captain Ling was suppressing me. I couldn’t guarantee the blood of both of us. I decided it was better to give my resources to Cat God to take care of it. I believe in his personal ability. As long as I gave this to him before dying, I believed he could release the highest outbreak without any worries. The facts proved that Cat God could create a miracle.”

Li Cangyu was praised by his old partner and couldn’t help smiling happily. He patted Bai Xuan on the shoulder and said, “I have been with Xiao Bai for seven years. We faced countless failures and climbed up from the bottom. We are more like family members. In the most crucial moment, Xiao Bai always knows what I need the most. He volunteered to give his blue to me at the key moment and this was simply helping me in my hour of need.”

The two people smiled and many reporters were touched by this scene. The friendship between them was truly liked loved ones. They had been old partners for many years and finally reached the peak of the Miracle Professional League. They really deserved it, showing their strength and qualifications!

Warm applause filled the venue. This was applause for Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan, the old partners who experienced twists and turns but always accompanied each other, never giving up.


The interview with the vice-captain finished and the reporters moved onto the youngsters. “The four newcomers, you just started and could follow Canglan to win the championship. How are you feeling at the moment?”

Gu Siming replied bluntly, “I am so excited that I can’t hold the microphone!”

Laughter filled the venue. Then Xiao Gu grabbed the microphone and said, “I feel that my luck is particularly good. I was discovered by the boss in the Dragon Song training club, joined the team and followed Cat God to the championship! In fact, my own strength isn’t particularly prominent. The key is that my teammates are excellent!”

The reporters were amused by him. This little madman wasn’t the best in the team but he came from the Dragon Song training camp. His foundations were particularly solid and his craziness made the opponents feel fear. In particular, his protection during the playoffs laid the foundation to the finals.

The reporters turned to question Zhuo Hang. “Xiao Zhuo, your hunter shone in the playoffs. Your ability to combine your traps with the terrain improved by leaps and bounds. What caused such a sudden increase in strength?”

Zhuo Hang calmly replied, “The Dragon Song Club has a master who is an expert on maps. I consulted him on some questions and he also gave me suggestions. I would like to thank Senior Wu Zewen for his guidance.”

Some reporters were confused but other senior reporters knew that Wu Zewen was the information genius who created the Dragon Song team and club with Liu Chuan! It was no wonder that Zhuo Hang seemed different in the playoffs. It turned out there was such a master behind him.

After being taught by the school tyrant for a period of time, Zhuo Hang broke through his bottleneck. He paid more attention to the positioning of traps and the map. Wu Zewen really contributed to this.

The old reporters explained to the new reporters and everyone realized why Zhuo Hang made such rapid progress. It turned out he had the guidance of such a master. The Dragon Song Club was really full of talents!

“Xiao Han’s play was also excellent. Do you also have a behind the scenes master guiding you?” A reporter asked curiously.

Xiao Han took the microphone and asked seriously, “What is the meaning of behind the scenes master? What is the difference with an illegal person?”

The reporters, “…”

Young man, your focus is wrong! These two words are completely different!

Li Cangyu helplessly leaned over and explained to him, “They are asking if there is a master who secretly taught you?”

Xiao Han nodded thoughtfully. “Does my sparring partner Qin Mo count?”

Qin Mo, “…”

Could he stop using the words ‘sparring partner’?

The reporters were speechless. This mixed-race child with different brain circuits made them feel very tired. Still, they saw Xiao Han’s face and thought he was too cute. They couldn’t help wanting to tease him.

“Xiao Han, you and Qin Mo are both called little princes. In private, do you have a tacit rivalry like your masters?”

Xiao Han nodded. “We often fight in the arena.”

“Who is more powerful?”

“I think I am more powerful since I won the championship.”

Qin Mo, “…”

Xiao Han’s straight talk was particularly irritating. Ling Xuefeng turned back and saw the redness on his apprentice’s face. He couldn’t help patting Qin Mo’s shoulder and asking, “Xiao Han’s Chinese has improved. Did you teach him?”

Qin Mo was very dissatisfied about this. “He comes to me every day to learn all types of words and doesn’t even pay me tuition…”

Ling Xuefeng said, “I will buy you something as the tuition fee.”

Qin Mo was stunned. Why was his master giving him the tuition fees on behalf of Cat God’s apprentice? Didn’t this mean Wind Colour was losing money?

Of course, Qin Mo was at the bottom of the food chain and couldn’t object to this. Since Master was paying for Xiao Han’s tuition, he had to accept it.


In the interview room, Xiao Han’s answer made many reporters laugh. However, the mixed-raced teenager’s expression said, ‘What are you laughing at? I am telling the truth.’ This made people laugh even more.

After interviewing Xiao Han, another reporter asked Li Xiaojiang. “Xiaojiang, you made a good counterattack while being suppressed by the two black magicians. You performed very well.”

Li Xiaojiang stuttered with a red face. “Thank, thank you. Zhuo, Zhuo Hang protected me well.”

Zhuo Hang gently waved his hand. “Stop being modest. You are excellent, which is why we can work together.”

Li Xiaojiang’s face became redder but his eyes were shining.

“Xiaojiang, did you think you would win the championship when you joined Canglan?”

Li Xiaojiang shook his head. “I never thought I could become a professional player, let alone win the championship. I want to thank, thank Cat God for giving me this opportunity as well as the team, teammates for their help.”

His serious appearance made many reporters clap to give him encouragement. Li Xiaojiang’s level was the worst in Canglan but he was the hardest worker. The fact that he could keep calm in the finals showed he was already a mature professional player.

“Ah Shu played very well today. Your fast attack combination with Xiao Han caught everyone’s eyes. Do you think you did well? What about compared to your brother Su Guangmo?”

Xie Shurong showed a handsome smile. “I don’t know how I compare to him since we haven’t fought alone in a long time. However, my face is definitely more handsome.”

Su Guangmo, “…” Could he be so shameless?

“What do you think is the difference between the American ICE Club and the domestic Dragon Song Club?”

“The atmosphere of the Dragon Song Club is better and the food is naturally more delicious.”

It was discovered that this person was a foodie and everyone suddenly understood why he returned to China. Perhaps he was uncomfortable eating the Western food?

The last one to receive the microphone was Old Zhang. The reporter asked about his mood and Old Zhang laughed happily. “Of course, I am super excited! It is lucky to return to the field at such an old age. The face that I could take the championship with everyone made me feel that it is worth it, haha! I want to laugh and wake up from the dream!”

The straightforward answer made the reporters laugh. However, his words were really reasonable. At the end of his career, he met Cat God and won the championship with Canglan. He no longer had any regrets.

They interviewed everyone and the questions returned to Captain Li Cangyu again, “Captain Ling praised you in his interview and said he was happy to see you win the championship. What do you have to say to this old rival?”

Li Cangyu smiled and simple said, “It is my luck to have such an opponent. Thank you Xuefeng. In my heart, you are also an excellent player.”

Ling Xuefeng’s lips curved as he watched the live broadcast.

‘For seven years, I know everything you’ve experienced and how you persisted. Now I can see you on the throne at the peak. As your opponent and lover, I am happy and proud of you.’

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