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Chapter 227 – Finals (13)

Qin Mo only had one blood snake left, so he didn’t hesitate to have the snake bite Cat God when he saw Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan coming over. However, Li Cangyu didn’t give him a chance. He used a simple water spirit summoning and the Water Ball attack to delay the progress of the blood snake. At the same time, he summoned the fire spirit and used two Fireballs to kill Qin Mo in one breath.

He sent Qin Mo away using the least consumption and the Wind Colour team finally sent their combination for the guard stage—Ling Xuefeng and He Qun, also a summoner and healer!

This was really a once-in-a-lifetime show.

Kou Hongyi exclaimed excitedly, “The two captains are really connected. They are playing the last stage with a milk dad!”

Yu Bing added, “The personal strength of the two summoners is at the top of the league. It is fair for them to bring healers with them.”

The professional gods watching the game were all focused on the big screen. The camera showed Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng looking very calm, as if they had been waiting for this scene for a long time.

The guard stage of the deciding game officially started!

The blood kin sacrifice He Qun followed Ling Xuefeng. Once they arrived at the centre of the square, they saw Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan across the fountain. Li Cangyu had the water and fire spirits while LIng Xuefeng hadn’t summoned any pets. The two sides moved around the fountain and Li Cangyu acted first.

Once Cat God moved, he was as fast as the wind. He used Flying Feather Steps to enter within attack range of Ling Xuefeng.

The water and fire spirits moved to the left and right, surrounding Ling Xuefeng.

—Frost Heart, Raging Prairie Fire!

Two big moves were used as soon as they met!

Li Cangyu generally used the small skills of the water and fire spirits to hit the opponent, in order to lower his blue consumption. Today he met Ling Xuefeng and used his big moves to smash the other person. It was because his enemy took a healer. If he played using small skills then it would be like tickling Ling Xuefeng.

He Qun didn’t expect Cat God to be so fierce and use two big moves which caused both of them to lose a lot of blood. He had to open the blood kin sacrifice’s big move, Desperate Sacrifice, which had a long cooldown time. The blood of both people were quickly restored.

Li Cangyu immediately turned around and re-positioned himself. He wanted to summon the thunder spirit but Ling Xuefeng couldn’t sit still. The freezing effect of Frost Heart ended and he instantly summoned four skeleton infantry. At the same time, he used Skeleton Explosion to force Cat God’s blood down.

Bai Xuan quickly placed five layers of Healing Language on Cat God to let his blood slowly recover, then gave a small healing skill to fill the blood.

Ling Xuefeng saw this scene and summoned the black crows and demon god to unleash a wave of crits.

This damage was too terrible. Bai Xuan had to use the priest’s Divine Blessing to force their blood back up.

The professional players in the stands were very impressed. The two people weren’t kind to each other and unleashed a heavy bombardment, causing the pressure on both sides to be very high. It had been less than half a minute since the stage started and He Qun and Bai Xuan were already forced to use their big moves. It could be seen how terrible Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu’s explosive power was. Once the healer couldn’t keep up with the rhythm, the player was likely to be killed in one wave!

Bai Xuan’s eyes were fixed on the screen. Their understanding of many years made it easy for him to judge Li Cangyu’s next move and Li Cangyu also knew Bai Xuan’s position. It was like Li Cangyu had eyes in the back of his head. Even when he was rapidly moving using Flying Feather Steps, he always kept within range of Bai Xuan.

After the wave of big moves, Li Cangyu quickly moved. He used Fireball and Water Ball on Ling Xuefeng. Fireball dealt damage while Water Ball slowed Ling Xuefeng down, so he couldn’t catch up and would become passive.

Cat God’s hand speed reached its highest speed. The audience saw the summoner wearing the white elf’s costume quickly move around Ling Xuefeng like the wind. The blue water sphere and red fire sphere were alternately thrown from the distance, dazzling people.

Cat God’s offensive rhythm was extremely fast. Relatively speaking, Captain Ling was much calmer. He suddenly placed the banshee in a clever position and accurately used Charm to pull Li Cangyu!

He followed up with the skeletons to quickly reduce Li Cangyu’s blood volume. Bai Xuan had to release his hand speed to fill his teammate’s blood. Captain Ling’s output was too fierce and Bai Xuan’s skills consumption was more terrible than a team battle.

The two sides faced each other for five minutes. Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu were still full of blood, making the viewers feel anxious. Yu Bing quickly explained, “In an arena game with healers, it is difficult to wipe out the opponent in seconds. He Qun and Bai Xuan are first-class healers. Thus, Captain Ling and Cat God can only use a lot of skills to consume the healer and then seize an opportunity to break out.”

“We can see that although the captains are still full of blood, the healers have many big moves are on cooldown and the amount of blue is getting less and less. Once they can no longer keep up with the rhythm, the blood of their teammate will be wiped out in one wave!”

“He Qun and Bai Xuan will surely be very nervous right now. The captains of both sides are fast and their skills are overwhelming. Under the pressure of the high-intensity healing, it is easy to make mistakes!”

At this moment, Bai Xuan suddenly changed targets to He Qun. He used Purification to set the other party in place, then quickly stacked up five layers of Healing Language!

In Miracle, the healers had a special feature. Healing skills would add blood to their teammates while decreasing it for the opponents. The Purification skill would have a similar effect on the opponent!

Bai Xuan’s change in target caused many viewers to feel confused, only for Li Cangyu to also change targets. His elf summoner moved around a stone pillar at a very fast speed and his water and fire spirits aimed their skills at He Qun!

He Qun had been full of blood. Now he fell to half blood from this wave!

Once the control effect ended, He Qun opened Lava Shield to counter all damage.

Yet at this moment, Li Cangyu decisively stopped and switched targets back to Ling Xuefeng. It was because Ling Xuefeng had rushed over and used the demon god.

Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan were attacked by the demon god and had three layers of negative effects stacked on them. Their blood started to plummet. The worst thing was that Ling Xuefeng switched targets to Bai Xuan and called the crows to block Bai Xuan’s vision!

Bai Xuan was in a blinded state he still aimed to the front left, casting the Holy Star group skill!

Li Cangyu couldn’t be seen with his eyes but the tacit understanding allowed him to judge Li Cangyu’s general position. At critical moments, Li Cangyu was always to his left in front of him!

The magnificent ‘blind casting’ become the classic shot of the seventh season. Bai Xuan’s healing chain fell on Li Cangyu’s body, bringing Cat God’s blood back to 60%!

Bai Xuan was hurt by Ling Xuefeng’s move and only had 50% blood left, while also being affected by the demon god’s negative state. He couldn’t restore the blood volume of both of them at the same time…

At this time, Bai Xuan made a choice that was unexpected for many Canglan fans. He struggled to move behind a stone pillar and used this brief respite to cast the healer’s big move, Holy Light Surge!

Holy Light Surge was one of the most powerful single target healing skills, restoring 40% blood.

His goal wasn’t his residual blood self but Li Cangyu to the front left.

This skill was released and Li Cangyu instantly became full blood. Bai Xuan only had 15% blue left and he didn’t hesitate to use another skill—Energy Infusion!

This was a skill that transferred all his current blue volume to his teammate!

The spectators were gobsmacked and even the professional players felt complicated.

Bai Xuan’s approach was equivalent to a last-ditch attempt. It was hard for him to guarantee the blood of two people so he decisively abandoned himself and gave the opportunity to survive to his captain.

This was out of absolute trust in his old partner.

He believed that even if he was dead, Li Cangyu would be full of blood and additional blue and this was enough to take care of the opponent.

Bai Xuan fell with a smile.

Ling Xuefeng felt very impressed the moment he killed Bai Xuan. This person was able to make a strong decision at the crucial moment and abandon himself. He was worthy of being the partner who stood next to Li Cangyu for seven years.

Thanks to the additional blue, Li Cangyu immediately used the water spirit’s Water Ball to freeze He Qun in place. He took advantage of the fact that most of He Qun’s skills were on cooldown and released his hand speed, taking away He Qun’s head!

[Old Cat has killed Surrounding Mountains!]

The audience didn’t expect that the healers of both sides would die.

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were now 1v1. They were both full of blood thanks to the milk dad but the Energy Infusion skill before Bai Xuan’s death meant Li Cangyu’s blue was 15% higher than Ling Xuefeng.

What could an extra 15% blue do?

Li Cangyu told everyone the answer with practical actions.

Wind spirit summoning, Wind and Clouds Destruction!

This skill precisely blew Ling Xuefeng and his demon god pet into the fountain.

The demon god was out of range of his attacks. Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps to quickly move closer. He called the fire spirit to release a fierce attack, followed by Thunder’s Wrath. This forced Ling Xuefeng’s blood down to 50%.

Ling Xuefeng also started to fight back—Witch Demon’s Curse, Skeleton Explosion!

The extremely strong pull dragged Li Cangyu into the water where the four skeleton infantry were prepared. They exploded and Li Cangyu’s blood sharply decreased.

The two people didn’t go easy and the exchange of skills dazzled the audience.

Their rhythm was so fast that even the experienced commentators couldn’t tell what skills they used. It could only be distinguished with the slow replay.

In the blink of an eye, the two men pressed their opponent’s blood below 20%. In the absence of a healer, the two of them played three times faster than before and their various moves filled the audience with excitement!

Li Cangyu calculated his blue consumption and the final skill cooldown time. Frost Heart and Raging Prairie Fire still had 10 seconds left on their cooldown. These two set of moves could undoubtedly kill Ling Xuefeng but his blue wasn’t enough.

If his speculation was correct, Ling Xuefeng’s blue was enough to summon a large number of skeletons because the summoning cost was relatively small. The damage of the skeletons was enough to kill him.

Li Cangyu absolutely couldn’t let him summon the skeletons and grab the first hand!

Li Cangyu thought this and immediately used Flying Feather Steps. He moved before the stone pillars, temporarily escaping Ling Xuefeng’s field of view.

Many years ago when they were still 17 and 18 years old, they met every night to fight in Yisu City Square. Li Cangyu especially liked to slowly grind down Ling Xuefeng’s blood around the pillars.

At that time, he was a rookie and could only rely on such means to let himself live a bit longer.

Today, they were both players who stood at the peak of the summoner’s class. The strategy used by Li Cangyu returned them to the age of the online game.

This method was also effective because the elf race moved faster than the demon race.

Ling Xuefeng was very familiar with this method of avoidance. Li Cangyu moved behind a stone pillar and Ling Xuefeng didn’t hesitate to follow. As he moved, he quickly summoned four skeleton infantry, prepared to hit the other side.

However, he had just moved around the stone pillar when he found Li Cangyu’s water spirit waiting for him.

—Frost Heart!

The overwhelming ice and snow, like a mountain top, froze all targets within a radius of 5 metres.

The water spirit’s big move consumed a lot of blue from Li Cangyu while accurately freezing Ling Xuefeng and his skeleton infantry.

Li Cangyu only had 5% blue left, which was only enough to summon a pet.

The freezing time was three seconds. He had to find a way to kill Ling Xuefeng in three seconds or else the awakened demon would empty his blood.

What was Cat God going to do?

The audience was anxious, especially the Canglan fans whose fists were clenched with tension.

At this moment, Li Cangyu summoned the demon and attached it to Ling Xuefeng’s back…

Yu Bing was shocked. “Oh my god, he still has this pet!”

The demon was the summoner’s shared pet and the amount of blue required for summoning wasn’t too much. There was only one effect: greatly slow down the movement speed of the target.

In the regular season, Ling Xuefeng used this pet to control LI Cangyu. Now in the finals, Li Cangyu repaid him by using Demon Possession to control Ling Xuefeng.

After three seconds, the freezing effect on Ling Xuefeng and the skeleton infantry ended but he had no way of catching up with the fast moving elf summoner.

Li Cangyu relied on his agility and used the simplest attack that didn’t consume blue to hit Ling. He took advantage of the opponent’s slower movements to move around the pillars and lowered the other person’s blood to 0%…

[Old Cat has killed Undead Demon!]

All the Canglan fans finally couldn’t stand the excitement and jumped up from the seats, screaming and cheering!

The two people in the soundproof room were very tired due to the fierce battle. Li Cangyu’s fingers left the keyboard but Ling Xuefeng’s hand was still on his keyboard. He quickly typed: [Congratulations.]

Li Cangyu smiled and replied: [Thank you.]

Many years ago when he was a rookie, no one in the online game played the elf summoner because they died too easily. However, Li Cangyu had his own thoughts. In his view, as long as the full agility route was taken, he could maximize the elf’s inherent speed advantage to compensate for his lack of defense.

Many people opposed it at the time and some even said it was a fantasy.

It was only Ling Xuefeng who encouraged him. “If you have your own ideas then you can try it.”

This test lasted seven years. Despite Li Cangyu changing games in the middle, he always adhered to his agile and quick-moving tactical style.

Now he finally proved it to all those who questioned him. The elf summoner wasn’t weak!

In the deciding game of the finals, Li Cangyu relied on the deceleration control of the demon and played the elf summoner’s agility to the extreme, defeating the famous god Ling Xuefeng who was on the world summoner’s list!

This was the lightning fast elf summoner—Cat God Li Cangyu!

The champions of the seventh season belonged to the brand new team he led—Canglan!

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