GLS: Chapter 226

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Chapter 226 – Finals (12)

Xie Shurong’s biggest feature was his fast attacks and Xiao Han was also a very sensitive player. By combining these two people, Li Cangyu’s intentions were obvious—play quickly!

The Shu Han combination’s movement speed was as fast as lightning. Guo Xuan was about to read a skill when he was interrupted by Xie Shurong’s first move, Breaking Bone Sword. Xiao Han also cleverly lurked behind Guo Xuan and released Backstab and Fatal Blow!

[Frost Descends has killed Blade Dancer!]

The residual blood Guo Xuan couldn’t cast a skill before dying. It was enough to see that Xiao Han’s explosive power didn’t lose to the league’s first-class assassins.

Yan Ruiwen was smart. The moment his teammate was fixed in place, he quickly moved and pulled away from the Shu Han combination. He followed up with the single target attack skill, Soul Burning. This was the skill that Li Xiaojiang released before dying and it caused Ah Shu to lose blood while his blue fell.

Then he used the Hell Flames group attack to successfully hit Xiao Han, although Xie Shurong escaped with a teleport skill. He quickly chased Yan Ruiwen and stabbed the other person’s chest.

The terran swordsman waved his silver sword and unceremoniously struck Yan Ruiwen.

[Ah Shu has killed Undying Gratitude!]

The residual blood Yan Guo combination couldn’t last for half a minute under the rapid attacks of the Shu Han combination. It could be seen that Li Cangyu’s intentions behind sending them in the second stage instead of the Shu Bai combination was perfectly realized.

In this way, Wind Colour didn’t have much of an advantage because Xiao Han had 80% blood and 90% blue while Xie Shurong was almost full of blood.

The Canglan fans immediately heated up. They didn’t expect the combined power of Ah Shu and the little prince to be so powerful. The two players were as fast as lightning, their strikes fierce.

[Canglan, I’m cheering for you!] [Giving strength to Tree God and the little prince!] In the live broadcast room, everyone was cheering on the players.

On the Wind Colour side, Ling Xuefeng submitted the lineup for the second stage—Qin Mo and Xu Feifan!

This lineup made the eyes of the audience shine. Kou Hongyi immediately interjected, “Xu Feifan and Qin Mo are both blood kin summoners! This combination hasn’t appeared in the previous Wind Colour games against Canglan. The double summoners should be dominant against double melee.”

Yu Bing said, “The vision in today’s square map is very clear. If Ah Shu and Xiao Han quickly interrupt their casting, the summoners will have a headache.”

“In other words, both sides have hope. We will have to see who can seize the opportunity!” Kou Hongyi added.

Xu Feifan and Xie Shurong both debuted in the third season while Qin Mo and Xiao Han were newcomers in the team and had the title of ‘little prince’. Both sides could be called equal.

The audience were nervous while Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng’s eyes were focused on the big screen.

Qin Mo and Xu Feifan were both blood kin players. The moment they refreshed on the map, the two of them became invisible and walked side by side to the centre of the map. Their goal was obvious. First kill Xie Shurong!

Ah Shu couldn’t see the other side who were invisible and could only rely on his fast movement skills to shuttle back and forth between the stone pillars. Suddenly, Qin Mo locked on the target and the blood spider accurately set Xie Shurong in place. This was followed by the blood snake which bit Xie Shurong!

Xu Feifan also moved to set a blood snake on Xie Shurong!

Ah Shu was set in place and couldn’t move. He had to hold out against the next wave of attacks. Qin Mo and Xu Feifan tacitly understood to use their big move on Xie Shurong—Bat Summoning, Blood Bat Festival!

At this time, Xiao Han suddenly appeared behind Xu Feifan and stunned him using Pain Blade!

Xu Feifan’s big move couldn’t be used and Qin Mo’s move only hit Xie Shurong to half blood. Ah Shu was released from the control and returned fire. He teleported to Xu Feifan and cooperated with Xiao Han, using Light and Shadow Rotation!

The damage caused by Light and Shadow Rotation was proportional to the number of times the sword hit the target. If there were multiple enemies in range then the damage would naturally be dispersed to many people. Now Xie Shurong used the group attack on Xu Feifan and the damage was quite scary. The big move directly knocked out 35% of Xu Feifan’s blood!

In addition, Xiao Han wasn’t polite. He moved to the rear and raised his dagger to unleash the assassin’s most dangerous combo— Backstab, Soul Stab, Death Strangulation!

Xu Feifan was hit by both people and his blood fell to 40%. He had to summon the knight to save his life.

During this time, Qin Mo had been using the blood snake and blood spider to nibble on Ah Shu. Ah Shu now had 10 layers of bleeding stacked on his body and his blood fell below 50%.

Compared with the previous games where the Shu Bai combination appeared, the pace of this game was significantly faster.

Xie Shurong was affected by bleeding but he didn’t appear afraid. He still fought very hard in a handsome manner. His sharp sword left white shadows everywhere!

The terran swordsman chased the blood kin summoner and slashed at him. Xu Feifan wanted to use his pet to control the opponent but Xiao Han wisely killed his pet.

The surrounded Xu Feifan had to move around the fountain. Qin Mo chased after him and attacked Xie Shurong!

The result was that while Xie Shurong was killed, Xu Feifan was also killed.

[Shepherd has killed Ah Shu!]

[Frost Descends has killed Out of the Ordinary!]

This was a violent exchange of heads. Both sides set fire to kill each other at the fastest speed, tacitly setting the goal as the god on both sides.

The ones remaining were the little princes of Canglan and Wind Colour, two young players of the next generation.

This scene completely ignited the emotions of fans on both sides. Currently, Qin Mo had 60% blood and 50% blue while Xiao Han had 50% blood and 40% blue. Qin Mo still had some advantages because Xiao Han was hit by Yan Ruiwen at the beginning of the second stage.

The two men were across each other at the fountain and there were no movements for a moment.

Since they met each other, they had always been fighting in the online game. Xiao Han was a rookie and always killed by Qin Mo. As time passed, Qin Mo discovered that this clever mixed-race boy progressed quickly. He had been tempered in the seventh season and today’s Xiao Han couldn’t be underestimated!

Qin Mo took a deep breath and continuously summoned blood spiders, blood snakes, blood knights and blood bats. The many pets were arranged in front of their master. This was the violent blood-sucking style of the blood kin summoner.

Jack Josh, the world’s strongest blood kin summoner liked this gorgeous style of play. Qin Mo previously used it often until he was severely taught by Cat God in the online game. Now he was fighting in the finals!

He wanted to use a wave of blood kin pets to take Xiao Han’s life away in one breath!

The blood kin pets spread out rapidly under Qin Mo’s control and surrounded Xiao Han.

Xiao Han saw this scene and quickly used stealth to escape. However, Qin Mo was quick and used his blood bats to make the invisible Xiao Han appear.

Xiao Han just kept rushing forward. The audience discovered at this time that Xiao Han wasn’t escaping at all. He instead rushed to the blood kin spider!

His dagger fell and blood splashed. The blood kin spider was killed by him in a few seconds.

“Xiao Han seems to have no plans to save his life. He has only one idea, attack, constantly attack!” Kou Hongyi exclaimed excitedly when he saw this scene. “The little princes on both sides are playing very hard. They are exploding their full force to create advantages for their masters in the last round.”

Xiao Han’s approach was actually very clever. He was surrounded by the blood kin pets and couldn’t escape, even if he was invisible. The reason why he entered stealth was to force QIn Mo’s bat move.

Many players were likely to be dazzled when facing a large number of blood kin pets but Xiao Han’s goal was very clear. First kill the spider so that he wouldn’t be set in place, followed by killing the blood knight. Then the master would lose the protection effect of the knight.

Qin Mo summoned many pets. In addition to stacking up the bleeding effect, he wanted to greatly consume Xiao Han’s blue. The spider and knight died but Xiao Han paid a heavy price. He only had 20% blood and blue left, while there were still five layers of bleeding on his body.

By the time the bleeding effect ended, Xiao Han would directly die!

At this moment, Qin Mo used Combat Stealth to disappear from Xiao Han’s vision.

This practice might seem shameless but Qin Mo was actually being quite rational. As long as he was invisible, Xiao Han didn’t have an enemy to attack. He couldn’t suck blood and the stacked bleeding would make him die in 10 seconds.

The Canglan fans felt reluctant. It would take a long time for Xiao Han to kill the pets and too much bleeding was stacked. Was it necessary for him to die this way?

The Canglan fans were feeling depressed when Xiao Han suddenly used the assassin’s only ranged attack, Arc Stab!

This skill was difficult to use. The assassin would throw the dagger in their hand and cause damage along the arc that the dagger passed through. It was a type of damage chain attack.

The audience saw Xiao Han throwing the dagger into the air. Qin Mo was actually in the arc of this attack and was unexpectedly hit by Xiao Han!

Qin Mo, “…”

He didn’t expect this guy’s judgment ability to be so strong. Xiao Han actually guessed the position of the invisible Qin Mo!

After the opponent was revealed, Xiao Han didn’t rush to kill Qin Mo. He used a rapid displacement to kill the bats. This attack didn’t absorb a lot of blood. Qin Mo decisively used the blood snake to finally take away Xiao Han’s life.

[Shepherd has killed Frost Descends!]

He succeeded in killing Xiao Han but Qin Mo was particularly shocked. This person had improved recently. Not only were his pre-judgment skills quite accurate, the calculation of his various damages was also very clever.

If it wasn’t for the blood and blue advantage that Vice-Captain Yan had created, Qin Mo might not be able to complete the kill against him. Despite completing the killing, Qin Mo found that almost all his skills were used up by Xiao Han.

The blood spider, blood knight and blood bats were killed, with only the poor blood snake left…

Yu Bing couldn’t help expressing her admiration. “Xiao Han couldn’t kill the opponent but he guaranteed that his next teammates wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. He showed consideration to the overall situation of the team. To have such an excellent general view and ability to make the most rational judgment at a crucial moment, Xiao Han really surprised me.”

Kou Hongyi also felt admiration. “Their two masters are fated enemies and the little princes show signs of also being enemies. This strength is really high! Next they will hand it to the players in the final guard stage!”

The audience members warmly clapped and the Canglan team sent their final combination to the guard stage.

—Old Cat, White Fox.

The appearance of these two IDs caused many Canglan fans to tear up.

The partners for seven years, partners who had been fighting together for seven years!

No matter how cruel failure was or how depressing the experience, Vice-Captain Bai always faced it together with Li Cangyu. Without the vice-captain’s persistence, there wouldn’t be the Cat God of today.

Now in the guard stage of the finals, they were finally working together again.

They would face the outcome with the most tacit combination of the old partners!

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