GLS: Chapter 225

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Chapter 225 – Finals (11)

On the big screen, the score of Wind Colour and Canglan bcame 2:2 and the final game would decide victory!

The director moved the lens towards the soundproof room. The two captains gathered their team members together to patiently explain what would happen. The final deployment made the atmosphere particularly tense.

The fifth game was a random selection so neither of them knew the map or mode.

Li Cangyu quickly said, “If it is a team battle, we will use the most stable lineup. Xiao Gu, Xiao Han, Ah Shu, Bai Xuan, Old Zhang and me. In the early stages, I will go to where Ling Xuefeng is located and kill him to create an advantage.”

“If it is the arena, Xiao Zhuo and Xiaojiang will prepare to play in the first stage. You have been working together for so long. I believe you won’t drop the chain in the finals.” Li Cangyu patted the shoulders of the two men. “Don’t let everyone down.”

Li Xiaojiang excitedly nodded. “Yes!” He hadn’t been able to play today. Since he had an opportunity to play, he definitely wouldn’t lose face for the team!

Li Cangyu looked at Zhuo Hang. “Protect Xiaojiang and try to move smoothly to the second stage. As for the second stage, I will decide when looking at Wind Colour’s arrangements. Everyone be ready to go out at any time.”

Li Cangyu smiled as his eyes swept over the faces of his teammates. “Play stably and don’t be impatient. Even if we lose, we will still be the runner-up. There is nothing to worry about. Just relax and play this game.” He placed his hand in front of everyone, his slender fingers inexplicably giving them peace of mind.

“This is the last game. Refuel!” Li Cangyu declared.

The group immediately placed their hands on the captain’s hands and shouted, “Refuel!”


The battle was imminent and Yu Bing’s mood was nervous despite her commenting for many years. “I don’t know what mode and map the final game will be. The strength of the two teams is equal and both have a chance. I can’t predict the final result.”

Kou Hongyi opened the online voting channel and looked at the date. “The current support rate is 55% Wind Colour and 45% Canglan. Objectively speaking, today’s Canglan has the strength to compete for the championship.”

Yu Bing nodded. “Yes. Previously we weren’t optimistic the four newcomers, Zhuo Hang, Xiao Han, Gu Siming and Li Xiaojiang weren’t stable enough. Today, we have seen that the four newcomers are making rapid progress, especially Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han. They are leading competitors among the younger generation.”

“Speaking of which, Li Xiaojiang hasn’t played today. I wonder if he will have a chance to play in the finals?” At this moment, the director indicated that the game was starting and Kou Hongyi immediately brought the topic back. “Audience members, the fifth game of the seventh season finals will soon start. Turn your eyes back to the big screen!”

On the big screen, the random selection for the game mode was in progress. The pointer kept swaying and finally it stopped. The mode selection was completed and it was the arena!

Next up was the random map selection. The hundreds of maps in the professional league quickly scrolled on the big screen. Which map would the system choose?

The result was soon revealed—the western suburbs of Yisu City!

The live audiences suddenly booed. This was the simplest map in the professional league!

However, in the soundproof room, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng’s eyes flashed with a complicated expression.

The western suburbs of Yisu City, this was the map they were most familiar with.

The 17 year old Li Cangyu and 18 year old Ling Xuefeng used to study there every day. At that time, there wasn’t the Miracle League and they were just ignorant teenagers who didn’t care about the world. They just liked the summoner class and had a common language. They met in the square every night and exchanged views on the summoner.

Li Cangyu was a rookie and he was always beaten by Ling Xuefeng, but he learnt a lot from every fight. Ling Xuefeng also found that this elf summoner had an unparalleled game talent.

It was a precious memory of their youth.

Today, like a fateful arrangement, they led their respective teams and encountered this map in the finals

The western suburbs of Yisu City had almost no technical content but for Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng, this map carried their pure and beautiful time.

They had played on this map many times when they were young. Now they were top gods in the league, leading their team to win or lose on this map. They would watch each other in the championships and leave no regrets.


In the commentators’ room, Kou Hongyi couldn’t help spitting out, “It is such a simple map which doesn’t match the temperament of the Wind Colour and Canglan team… Of course, this simple map can better reflect the strength of both players.”

Yu Bing said, “Next is for the captains of both sides to send people. Both sides won’t know the opponent’s arrangements and there is a bit of luck involved.”

The two sides could only blindly choose the lineup. They couldn’t choose to target the opponents. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng didn’t think for too long and simply submitted it.

Wind Colour: Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan.

Canglan: Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang.

The two messages appeared on screen at the same time. The Wind Colour fans suddenly became very excited. The signature black magician combination was actually played in advance and were facing the slow Li Xiaojiang on the Canglan team. This selection was really good!

Many spectators thought that the balance of victory tilted towards Wind Colour. After seeing the list, Li Cangyu turned calmly and patted the shoulders of the two teenagers. He whispered, “Xiaojiang, pay attention to their control and use the stone pillars as obstacles to obstruct their view of you.”

On the other side, Ling Xuefeng told Yan Ruiwen. “Watch out for the traps and fight quickly.

Yan Ruiwen smiled and nodded. “I understand.”

Guo Xuan had some gloating thoughts. ‘Slow little snail, I will let you know today what a truly violent black magician is.’


The players on both sides went to the player seats and the deciding game officially began.

The audience was very unfavourable towards the Zhuo Li combination. They were black magicians but Li Xiaojiang was a bit far from the famous Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan. In addition, he was slow to move and took a long time to cast skills. Facing two opponents of the same class, perhaps he might not be able to cast any skills later!

The facts proved it. The Yan Guo combination worked to suppress Li Xiaojiang, forcibly interrupting many of his skills. They thoroughly understood a black magician’s skills. Once Li Xiaojiang started casting, Yan Ruiwen could make a pre-judgement by looking at his starting action.

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s positioning were also very flexible and they avoided many low level traps. Zhuo Li walked around the pillars and looked extremely passive.

The two black magicians of Wind Colour chased them and quickly suppressed Li Xiaojiang’s blood to less than 50%.

After seeing that Li Xiaojiang was forced into a corner of the square, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan started tacitly reading their big moves. As long as these moves hit, Li Xiaojiang would die in a matter of seconds.

However, at this critical moment, Zhuo Hang suddenly moved from behind a fountain and teleported behind the Yan Guo pair, using a Silence Trap.

The hunter’s Silence Trap made the person caught in it unable to use any skills. Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s big moves were forcibly interrupted. The two people had a bad feeling and tried to retreat. The result was that Zhuo Hang had cleverly placed a row of traps behind them.

This retreat caused them to step into a hunter’s trap and they were set in place.

Zhuo Hang’s trap release speed was extremely fast and the timing was also clever. Yan Guo not only had their big moves interrupted but were also silent and fixed in place. They became frozen targets!

Li Xiaojiang naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. As early as when Zhuo Hang placed the trap, he hid in a corner of the fountain and started casting. Zhuo Hang’s traps hit and then Li Xiaojiang’s big move followed—Death Mantra, Hell Flames!

His casting speed was slow and he could only release two skills but his attacks were extremely strong!

A large number of points was added into magic attack and the result of his big move was frightening. Death Mantra increased the black magic damage and Hell Flames caused Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s blood to instantly drop to 65%!

Li Xiaojiang followed up with Dark Fear!

The fixed body and silence state on Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan were lifted. The result was it had just been lifted when Li Xiaojiang’s Dark Fear successfully hit!

The two teenagers’ cooperating with each other made Guo Xuan feel a bit annoyed but it couldn’t be helped. Li Xiaojiang’s group control made him and Yan Ruiwen affected by the fear effect and they couldn’t release skills.

Zhuo Hang took advantage of this to explode a wave of traps. The skill effect on the big screen was gorgeous. Li Xiaojiang also stably cast a continuous damage skill—Shadow Winding.

Black mist wrapped around Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s body. Once all the skill damage was settled, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s blood had fallen to 45%!

Many people were gobsmacked. The snail’s burst of attacks was really amazing!

Yu Bing, who always admired Li Xiaojiang, immediately said, “Xiaojiang was pressured and couldn’t cast his skills in the early stages, but he wasn’t discouraged. He might be young but his mental state is stable. He didn’t panic and seriously put out each skill. This is very rare for a newcomer.”

Kou Hongyiadded, “Of course, the key is Zhuo Hang’s clever grasp of the timing. He used the terrain of the fountain to complete the movement of Flying Feather Steps and arrange traps behind the opponents. It is really fascinating.”

Yu Bing nodded. “Xiaojiang’s reaction is also very fast. The moment that Zhuo Hang acted, he pre-judged where to cast it and he was also skilled in the release and connection of the black magic. It was beautiful.”

The two commentators praised Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang because they had performed very well.

Under the stage, Li Cangyu sighed with relief. It wasn’t wrong for him to spend so much time and energy to train Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang. The cooperation between the two of them dazzled their captain.


After all, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan were experienced players. Zhuo Li’s outbreak caused them to suffer losses but Yan Ruiwen quickly adjusted his position and cooperated with Guo Xuan.

This time, the benefits of the double black magicians showed. Death Mantra was constantly stacked so that Li Xiaojiang and Zhuo Hang always had blood loss. A long time passed and the blood gap was pulled back. Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang also weren’t as passive as the beginning. They instead took the initiative to attack.

They knew they had to do their best to get rid of more blood, consuming the other party as much as possible to pave the way for their next teammates.

Zhuo Hang used his hand speed to release a wave of traps and explode a large amount of blood from the Yan Guo combination. Li Xiaojiang also cast Soul Burning right before he died, hitting Yan Ruiwen and making him lose blood while Guo Xuan lost blue.

The Zhuo Li combination was eventually killed but they fought until the end and managed to turn Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan into a bloody state!

Yan Ruiwen had 20% blood left while Guo Xuan had 15% blood. Both of them also didn’t have much blue. In particular, Yan Ruiwen was hit by Li Xiaojiang’s Soul Burning at the last moment and his blue was burnt, leaving only 15% left.

The result was really unexpected, especially for the Wind Colour fans. They thought the Yan Guo combination would easily take care of their opponents. They didn’t expect for Li Xiaojiang’s psychological state to be very stable. He found a chance to fight back even when suppressed. The black magic spells he cast were also very scary.

Li Xiaojiang’s level wasn’t as good as Yan Ruiwen. The shy teenager might be at the bottom of the Canglan team but his bones were extremely tough. He put all his effort in every game and did his best for the Canglan team!

This was enough!

Li Cangyu saw Li Xiaojiang coming this way and rubbed his head “Good, your mission is done. Hand it over to your teammates.” He got up and submitted the lineup for Canglan’s second stage.

Kou Hongyi wondered, “Will Canglan send the Shu Bai combination?”

He had just finished speaking when two names popped up on the big screen—Xiao Han and Xie Shurong.

Kou Hongyi was punched in the face and had to cough twice. “Cat God is worthy of being called the demolition expert. He dismantled the ace combinations of other teams and now he separated the Shu Bai combination of his own team!”

The Shu Bai combination was broken and Xie Shurong actually partnered with Xiao Han. This was unexpected for everyone.

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