GLS: Chapter 224

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Chapter 224 – Finals (10)

Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong had appeared many times in the guard stage of the arena but today’s situation was the most severe one they had ever encountered.

He Qun had no blue and Xie Shurong rushed to quickly kill him, but Qin Mo was still full of blood. He had a lot of skills left and it wasn’t easy to kill a blood kin player without consuming a lot of resources.

Bai Xuan spoke in the channel, “I won’t give you blood. Take care of it yourself.”

Xie Shurong replied in a clear voice, “Understood.”

They had to face the Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan ace black magicians combination next. The consumption during this stage had to be minimized. Bai Xuan’s decision not to add blood to Ah Shu was the most sensible one.

Still, Qin Mo wasn’t stupid and he won the newcomer award last season for a reason. His awareness was excellent and he knew that Xie Shurong wanted to kill him with the lowest cost. Qin Mo immediately used stealth to lurk behind Xie Shurong and unleash a set of crits.

The blood kin race could rely on these attacks to suck blood. Originally, he had 80% blood and this set of moves filled it back to 100%. Many Wind Colour fans excitedly typed: [Little prince 6666!] [Qin Mo can be called the blood-sucking prince!]

Xie Shurong was hit and quietly turned to use Spirit Lock. The sword stabbed the other person’s chest and set Qin Mo in place. Then Xie Shurong relied on his quick attacking method and his sword struck Qin Mo. The audience saw the swordsman’s elegant movements like a phantom around Qin Mo’s body as his blood volume quickly fell.

Xie Shurong’s blue was still at 95%, showing that he only consumed blue for Spirit Lock!

Many spectators were surprised at Xie Shurong’s speed. His senior brother, Su Guangmo watched from the stands and praised him. “Ah Shu’s speed is getting faster and faster. He relies on rapid attacks to cause high damage.”

Yu Pingsheng nodded seriously and spoke one word. “Yes.”

Xie Shurong’s stat points were mainly added to attack power, allowing ordinary attacks to cause high damage. Unfortunately, Qin Mo was full of blood. It was impossible to take his life with normal attacks and it was necessary to use some blue consuming skills.

Qin Mo was also smart. As soon as the Spirit Lock control was over, he summoned a blood spider to control Ah Shu and widened the distance. Then he summoned the blood snake to quickly bite Ah Shu.

The blood snake’s attack left several layers of ‘bleeding’ on Ah Shu and Bai Xuan quickly cleared it with the Purification skill.

However, Qin Mo sucked a lot of blood and his original half blood returned to 60%.

This type of delaying the game made Xie Shurong feel quite helpless. In order to avoid recovery, Xie Shurong immediately used a movement skill to catch Qin Mo and used Breaking Bone Sword and Gale Sword to beat Qin Mo to 15%.

In any case, Qin Mo was the apprentice personally taught by Ling Xuefeng. It was impossible for him to sit still and wait for death. He didn’t hesitate to call the death knight at a crucial moment and used the death knight to block Xie Shurong’s next attack.

Xie Shurong had to change targets to the death knight before using Devouring Soul Sword to take Qin Mo’s head.

[Ah Shu has killed Shepherd!]

The Canglan fans clapped while the Wind Colour fans also applauded the little prince’s performance.


The third stage was about to begin and Wind Colour’s advantage was still very big. It was because the upcoming Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan were full of blood.

Xie Shurong used a few skills and had 70% blue and 60% blood left. Bai Xuan stacked five layers of Healing Language followed by a small healing skill to fill Ah Shu’s blood. This blood-adding technique reduced the blue consumption to a minimum.

After a short period of adjustment, the Yan Guo combination appeared in the guard stage.

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan were the two strongest black magicians in the Miracle League. The two of them had been together for three years and had a very high understanding of each other. In the regular season, Ling Xuefeng often handed the guard over to the Yan Guo team when he didn’t play. The two men were full of blood and very confident in this game.

Bai Xuan had a bad feeling and the result was as he expected. Yan Ruiwen used Death Mantra as soon as he appeared and used Shadow Winding which cooperated with Guo Xuan’s Hell Flames. Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan’s blood volumes were completely suppressed.

In the face of such a violent group attack, the pressure of the healer was very big. Then Bai Xuan was once again controlled by Yan Ruiwen’s Dark Fear.

The strength of Wind Colour’s vice-captain wasn’t ordinary. Ling Xuefeng’s light was so dazzling that Yan Ruiwen seemed a bit bleak. In fact, anyone who played with the vice-captain knew he was a very careful and calm player. His black magic wasn’t as good as Guo Xuan but the release of his negative statuses and control skills was always just right.

Bai Xuan couldn’t release any skills. At this moment, Xie Shurong jumped in front of Yan and interrupted Yan Ruiwen’s casting with one strike.

Yan Ruiwen immediately jumped to avoid him and Xie Shurong followed up with Light and Shadow Rotation, forcing the blood of Yan Guo to 70%.

The explosive power of his big moves was truly amazing and it allowed Bai Xuan to adjust his timing. Bai Xuan gave a thumbs up to Ah Shu’s reaction.

This battle was very difficult because Ah Shu’s blue was limited. The pressure on Bai Xuan would get bigger and it wouldn’t be easy to recover from the previous disadvantage.

The battle dragged on for five minutes and the blood volume of both sides was constantly decreasing.

Suddenly, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan took advantage of the time when Bai Xuan’s skills were on cooldown and stacked up five layers of Death Mantra on Xie Shurong. Yan Ruiwen followed up with Shadow Wrath.

Thanks to the five layers of Death Mantra, Xie Shurong was hit by this instantaneous skill and directly fell to 5% blood.

Even worse, Bai Xuan’s healing pressure was too great and he had just used a single increase skill. It was obvious how accurate Yan Ruiwen’s grasp of the timing was.

Xie Shurong still didn’t give up despite having only a bit of blood left. He fiercely rushed towards Yan Ruiwen and hit Yan Ruiwen with all his available skills. Breaking Bone Sword, Bloodsucking Sword and Soul Hunting Sword!

The set of gorgeous swordsman moves pleased the fans and Yan Ruiwen was beaten to 5% residual blood. Fortunately, Guo Xuan reacted quickly and used the big move, Soul Burning!

[Blade Dancer has killed Ah Shu!]

Yan Ruiwen received a sudden shock only to have his life saved in a thrilling way. A layer of cold sweat appeared on his hand.

The two of them teamed up to kill the healer at a very fast speed, keeping the advantage to the end.

In the fourth game, Wind Colour won!

Still, Yan Ruiwen sent a row of thumbs up to Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan on the public channel. They fought fiercely to the last moment. Such opponents deserved his respect.


On the second floor stands, Chairman Nan Jiangang spoke with a bit of regret. “In this game, the Canglan lineup was targeted too badly. No one can match Ling Xuefeng’s understanding of Li Cangyu…”

The chairman’s words were very emotional.

A careful review of today’s match showed that Canglan was defeated at home by Wind Colour and Wind Colour was defeated at home by Canglan. This happened in four consecutive games as the two captains exchanged blows. It was intense and exciting.

Nan Jiangang paused before saying, “In this game, Old Cat’s thoughts were correct. If he encountered other teams in Thorn Valley then he would really win. However, he encountered Wind Colour. Ling Xuefeng saw his move and dismantled his entire lineup, forcing Cat God to play in advance.”

Someone next to him asked, “Would it have been better if Cat God chose another map?”

Nan Jiangang shook his head. “It will be the same. I understand Wind Colour. In addition to LIng Xuefeng’s strong attack power, Vice-Captain Yan is actually a very stable player. Wind Colour always has a double insurance in the arena. In addition, the away team can target the home team. Wind Colour winning this game is within expectations.”

Liu Chuan heard this and couldn’t help saying to the person next to him, “The match between Captain Ling and Old Cat is really like the one we played in the finals in the past. There was a 2:2 draw and it depended on the last game. The result was that Dragon Song won against Seven Star Grass.”

The man next to him was expressionless. “What do you want to say?”

Liu Chuan smiled.”I want to say that Old Cat will definitely win today. He signed with the Dragon Song Club and we are born to be champions.”

The people around him, “…”

They really wanted to kill this club owner! Was he running to watch the match or speak annoying words?

On the other hand, the man sitting next to him was calm and cold. “You better speak properly about Cat God or his good luck will be defeated by you.”

Liu Chuan immediately made a gesture like he was zipping his lips and his eyes moved back to the big stage.

In the soundproof room on the stage, Li Cangyu stood up very calmly and patted the shoulders of Ah Shu and Bai Xuan, encouraging them.

Liu Chuan had seen Li Cangyu embracing his teammates and encouraging them many times. Every time he was defeated, the man would always used his shoulders to carry his teammates. He had a will as tough as steel and a mind as broad as the sea. Despite repeated defeats, he was unrelenting and climbed all the way to the present.

The Thorn Valley map couldn’t show its full effect because of Ling Xuefeng’s targeted deployment. The away team had the opportunity to send people to target the home team.

Still, Liu Chuan believed that the god of luck would eventually pay attention to this man who worked hard for seven years in the e-sports field.

The final game, he was cheering for Cat God!

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5 years ago

This battle is really tense and gobsmack i hope canglan will be the winner 😊

5 years ago

This is the longest battle and it made me sweat every single time! Most of the time though i can’t help but want to see Cat God and Undead Ling to die together like the ones they did before

The Grave Digger
The Grave Digger
4 years ago
Reply to  Momomomo


3 years ago

Lol was the author too lazy to look up the name of Xiao Sijing, the old captain of Qixing Cao? I assume he’s the cold man sitting next to Liu Chuan XD That’s just my guess of course……

Thank you for the translations!