GLS: Chapter 223

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Chapter 223 – Finals (9)

At this moment, many viewers at the venue had complicated expressions.

The finals between Canglan and Wind Colour was really fiery. Ling Xuefeng took the lead in forcibly sending away the two newcomers. In the face of the boss, Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to play directly to send Ling Xuefeng away!

—I will personally send you away.

Li Cangyu seemed to be saying this to the audience.

The second stage players for Canglan were Li Cangyu and Gu Siming. He didn’t bring Zhang Jueming because his auxiliary skills weren’t really effective on this map. On the other hand, the thick-skinned paladin could guarantee his safety.

Once Gu Siming saw Ling and Xu, he placed Light Shield on the captain. This Light Shield lasted a long time and would transfer all damage and negative states from the target onto his body.

With this Light Shield, Li Cangyu was invincible. All damage and negative states like bleeding would be supported by Gu Siming. Xiao Gu became the captain’s personal bodyguard.

Ling Xuefeng saw that Li Cangyu came and immediately summoned the skeleton infantry to block him. As a result, Li Cangyu skillfully used Flying Feather Steps to move to the left, making the skeleton infantry pounce on empty air.

Li Cangyu called the water spirit to freeze Ling Xuefeng. The other side seemed to expect this and moved to dodge the small water spirit. Then he used the banshee’s Charm to pull Li Cangyu over!

However, Li Cangyu moved to the right to cleverly avoid the banshee’s control!

The two men kept moving and four skills continuously missed. The audience felt a bit drunk. How well did they know each other to mutually avoid each other’s skills for so long?

The two skills of Captain Ling couldn’t hit Cat God and Cat God couldn’t control Captain Ling. They were really fated enemies!

Ling Xuefeng no longer hesitated and used Cover the Sky!

Li Cangyu really wanted to spit at the screen. This was his most hated skill. He could hide from Ling Xuefeng’s other skills but the range of the vision control skill was too wide. He was so annoyed every time the crows covered the screen.

Ling Xuefeng took advantage of the vision control to summon the demon god. This was the demon summoner’s fourth pet. It consumed the largest amount of blue and had the longest cooldown. Naturally, its attack power was the strongest!

Once the demon god appeared, it would become the most terrifying output.

Its body constantly emitted black mist around it, causing a wide range group damage. The affected opponent would have the negative state ‘Demon’s Curse’. Every time the demon god used a big move, the negative effects would constantly stack. The frequency of the demon god’s attacks were also very fast at 1.5 seconds.

Li Cangyu’s black screen lasted for three seconds and two layers stacked on him at that time. In addition, Xu Feifan quickly had the blood snake and blood spider bite Gu Siming. Then he used the blood kin summoner’s big move, Blood Bat Festival!

Gu Siming’s shield was on the captain so Li Cangyu wasn’t affected. However, there were so many attacks that the thick-skinned paladin lost a large amount of blood and fell to the 30% residual blood state.

Ling Xuefeng and Xu Feifan’s explosive power was so terrible that the paladin was beaten like this!

The field control ended and Li Cangyu immediately used Wind and Clouds Destruction!

This was the counterattack to Ling Xuefeng’s banshee. He pulled people then Li Cangyu would use Wind and Clouds Destruction to blow people away!

The release angle of this move was extremely subtle. Li Cangyu blew Ling Xuefeng and Xu Feifan into the thorns and had the water spirit use the big move Frost Heart!

The water spirit’s Water Ball could slow down the opponent and had a certain probability of freezing them. Frost Heart froze all those within range. Ling Xuefeng and Xu Feifan were frozen in the thorns and their bodies were smashed by the bleeding state.

Li Cangyu then summoned the thunder spirit and used Thunder’s Wrath!

His hand speed reached the peak as he used the water, wind and thunder spirit’s big moves to directly take Xu Feifan’s head and disable Ling Xuefeng.

The fans of Canglan were comforted. Sure enough, Cat God was reliable against Boss Ling Xuefeng!

Everyone’s mood had just improved while Ling Xuefeng was freed from the control and summoned four skeleton infantry, making them surround Gu Siming before exploding.

There was a loud noise and Xiao Gu’s blood fell to 10%…

Li Cangyu couldn’t bear it and directly summoned the first spirit to send Ling Xuefeng off!

[Old Cat has killed Undead Demon!]

The stage ended but the Canglan team paid a great price. The professional players watching the situation weren’t optimistic about the next situation.

Li Cangyu was still in a good state thanks to Xiao Gu’s protection but Xiao Gu barely had any blood left. Then Li Cangyu would have to face the situation of two against one.

In addition, the signature double black magicians hadn’t appeared yet.

The Canglan fans were distraught and hoped that Cat God could let out an explosive wave to move the situation back.


In the second stage, Wind Colour sent Qin Mo and He Qun.

This blood cow combination was a special combination that Wind Colour formed this season.

Qin Mo appeared and didn’t hesitate to release a wave of skills at Gu Siming, taking away Gu Siming’s 10% blood.

Li Cangyu really had to face a 1v2 situation…

The thing that made the audience feel admiration was that Li Cangyu still played fiercely in this disadvantageous situation. Qin Mo was suppressed by him and could barely use skills. His blood volume also plummeted!

He Qun clearly felt the pressure of healing. This was a pressure he normally only felt when facing two violent outputs. He had to keep adding blood to ensure that Qin Mo’s blood was above the safety line. Cat God’s output was terrible!

Under the protection of He Qun, it wasn’t easy for Li Cangyu to kill Qin Mo.

He could only consume as much resources as possible.

He released everything at Qin Mo in order to maximize the healer’s consumption!

The battle lasted for almost 10 minutes. Li Cangyu’s blue became empty and He Qun’s blue was almost empty. Qin Mo finally used the blood spider and blood snake to stack five layers of bleeding on Cat God. Then he used the vampire bats to send Cat God away!

[Shepherd has killed Old Cat!]

This made Qin Mo feel very excited. It felt different to kill his master’s strongest opponent.

It was because his master did a good job in the previous round. However, Qin Mo was always at the bottom of the food chain and he finally turned it around. It was a rare moment so he was sure to take a screenshot!


For the key third stage, Li Cangyu could only send the Shu Bai combination.

Wind Colour’s little prince had 80% blood left due to He Qun filling his blood. The big move Blood Bat Festival also allowed him to suck a lot of blood. The survivability of the blood kin race was stronger than other races.

He Qun was in a very poor state as Li Cangyu consumed almost all his skills.

Before going to the player’s seats, Xie Shurong looked at Bai Xuan and smiled. “This game will be tough. Let’s refuel.”

Bai Xuan looked over at him and was about to talk while Xie Shurong put away his smile and made a firm expression. “Whether we win or lose, we will face it together. I won’t give up until the last moment.”

Bai Xuan’s heart was moved. He tried to say something but forcibly resisted. He knew the probability of winning this game was very small but Ah Shu’s words calmed his mood.

Yes, they wouldn’t give up until the last moment. It was enough if they fought as hard as they could.


Yu Bing was obviously worried as she commented, “After killing Qin Mo, they will have to face the double black magicians of Wind Colour. It is too difficult to reverse the situation. This is because the advantage from the previous pairs was too big.

Kou Hongyi spoke in a serious manner. “As far as today’s match is concerned, the away team is more advantageous than the home team. Previously, Wind Colour was beaten at home and now Canglan is being beaten. It is because the commanders can target people.”

Yu Bing nodded in agreement. “The playoff rules are applied here. The role of the map is weakened, the effect of the lineup is strengthened and it tests the strategic deployment of both sides.

This was normal. Otherwise, the home side would choose a familiar map to defeat the away side and the playoffs would be no fun. In the playoffs, the home side could choose a targeted map and mode while the away side targeted the people. This allowed the two sides to stand at a relatively fair starting line.

Obviously, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were captains who thoroughly studied the class characteristics and lineup.

In the last game, Li Cangyu’s targeting broke Wind Colour’s unbeaten myth in the Space-Time Tunnel. In this game, Ling Xuefeng personally went forward to crack Zhuo Hang’s traps and Xiao Han’s assassination skills. The advantage he made in the early stage was too great that it was impossible for Li Cangyu to reverse the situation.

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