GLS: Chapter 222

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Chapter 222 – Finals (8)

In the soundproof room, the Wind Colour members had complicated expressions. Since the Space-Time Tunnel was added to the professional league’s map library, the Wind Colour team had never lost on this map…

However, the captain and Cat God were fighting each other and Wind Colour’s home advantage was being attacked.

Everyone’s mood became a bit better after they gathered to listen to the captain’s arrangement.

Ling Xuefeng had no expression on his cold face. He only said calmly, “The last game is over. Regardless of winning or losing, there is no need to worry over the result. Adjust your states as quickly as possible for the fourth game. Don’t drop the chain on the field!”

The captain’s language was so severe that everyone immediately adjusted their mindsets.

The Wind Colour members had experienced many games and wouldn’t collapse from losing just one game. Ling Xuefeng saw that everyone was looking at him and continued, “The possibility of Canglan choosing the arena at home is extremely great. This game is match point and Li Cangyu won’t play around. He has a greater grasp of the arena than the team battles.”

They had previously been guessing wrong but this time Ling Xuefeng instinctively knew that Canglan would choose the arena.

Judging from the third game, the 17 year old teenagers of Canglan had become excellent professional players. Li Cangyu was sure to have confidence in Canglan’s arena.

The risk in the arena was much smaller than the team battles. If someone made a mistake, the later combinations could move back the disadvantage. This was different from the team battle, where a person’s mistake was likely to disrupt the team’s lineup. Once there was an economy gap, it wasn’t easy to reverse the situation.


Ling Xuefeng always guessed Li Cangyu’s arrangements incorrectly but this time he was right.

On the screen, the map and mode Li Cangyu selected for the fourth game was displayed—the arena, Thorn Valley!

The players who would appear first were Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han.

The Wind Colour members had the expressions ‘The captain finally guessed correctly’ and Ling Xuefeng’s lips slowly curved.

Yu Bing calmly analyzed, “There is nothing questionable about Cat God’s choice of the arena. This is match point and the stability of the arena is much higher than the team battle. This Thorn Valley map is more favourable to Canglan!”

The difficulty of the Thorn Valley map was seven stars. It wasn’t a thrilling death map or status map but it had one of the most complex terrains among all maps in the professional league.

Like its name, the map was full of thorns. Those who walked into the thorns would ‘bleed’ and lose blood for 10 seconds. In addition, there were many swamps which would slow down movement speed and skill release speed. Invisible players could fall into the swamp and those casting skills could be interrupted. It was a map with many natural traps.

Jiang Xu, the hunter captain spoke from the VIP stands. “This map is great for hunters!”

Cheng Wei agreed. “Yes, it seems that Cat God is very attentive to Zhuo Hang. As long as the hunter’s traps are well placed, the Wind Colour team won’t be able to move!”

Tan Shitian smiled and touched his chin. “That might not necessarily be the case.”

Cheng Wei looked over at him. “It isn’t?”

There was an inscrutable expression on Tan Shitian’s face.”It depends on who Zhuo Hang’s opponent is.”

Cheng Wei was stunned and he suddenly thought of the last game when Li Cangyu appeared early to face the double black magicians. The second team didn’t have the advantage of selecting a map but they could send people in targeted manner! Ling Xuefeng knew that Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han were playing in the first stage. Would he send Qin Mo or the black magicians to play against Zhuo Hang?

Cheng Wei thought this and suddenly became cold. “Surely Ling Xuefeng wouldn’t go out personally?”

The result was that the list submitted on the big screen hit Cheng Wei in the face—Undead Demon and Out of the Ordinary!

Ling Xuefeng and Xu Feifan, the ace double summoners combination of Wind Colour actually appeared in the first stage of the arena!

The Wind Colour fans were also very surprised. SInce the start of the seventh season, Captain Ling hadn’t played many arena games but every time he did, he came out in the crucial guarding stage. It was unprecedented for him to appear in the first stage.

Li Cangyu was very helpless when he saw this but there was no other way. He took advantage of being the away team to target the lineup last game and Ling Xuefeng could also use this method!

The two commanders returned to the rest seats and Li Cangyu immediately whispered to Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han, “Don’t feel pressure. Play to your own level was much as possible and consume their blood and skills.”

Both of them were very serious. “Understood!”

To be honest, it wasn’t that easy if Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han wanted to win against the ultimate boss.

However, the arena game had a special feature. Since Boss Ling was coming out in advance, it meant that next combination from Wind Colour wouldn’t be too fierce. As long as the gap wasn’t too big, their Boss Cat would later appear and they could still move back the situation!


The fourth game officially began.

The terrain of this map was relatively long and narrow. Both teams refreshed at each end of the map. There were countless thorny plants and swamps on the map and the actual amount of ground was very limited. This was the reason why hunters had a big advantage on the map. As long as traps were laid on the ground, the opponents would be unable to move.

Zhuo Hang’s ability to combine traps and the terrain was well mastered, not to mention that he had specifically trained in the map before the match. As soon as he reached the centre of the map, he quickly laid down a number of low level Stop Traps in the open space between the bushes and the swamp.

Ling Xuefeng and Xu Feifan walked side by side. After reaching the middle of the map, Ling Xuefeng decisively summoned four demon infantry and split them up in four directions. Ling Xuefeng’s hand speed was vividly shown as he manipulated four skeletons in different directions with no mistakes!

The soulless skeleton infantry quickly dispersed under Ling Xuefeng’s control. There were a few loud noises as they stepped into Zhuo Hang’s traps.

Zhuo Hang’s traps were broken by Ling Xuefeng’s pets.

The fans of Wind Colour excitedly commented: [Captain Ling is handsome! [Captain Ling, I will give you a monkey!] [This is the first time I thought the demon’s skeletons were so cool!” [Who cares about traps?] [With so many younger brothers, Captain Ling can break your traps in a minute!]

Zhuo Hang actually expected this point. He knew it would be difficult to fight when he saw the list of names.

The demon summoner could summon up to four skeleton infantry to split up the actions or surround the enemy. The usage was very flexible. thanks to Ling Xuefeng’s hand speed, controlling four skeleton infantry in different directions was simply a breeze.

The four skeletons were set in place and Zhuo Hang no longer hesitated. He directly launched Trap Blast to defeat the skeletons. He knew that if the skeleton infantry didn’t die then these four pets would become Ling Xuefeng’s pathfinder, destroying all the traps that Zhuo Hang arranged!

As soon as the skeletons died, Zhuo Hang opened Flying Feather Steps and quickly moved around, putting a wave of traps to hinder the other party’s progress. Xiao Han also took the opportunity to lurk behind Ling Xuefeng and used Pain Blade!

Xiao Han didn’t expect that at this moment, Ling Xuefeng would suddenly step into the swamp with clever sidesteps!

There were exclamations of surprise from the audience. Captain Ling couldn’t make such a low-level mistake as stepping into the wrong area. This was obviously intentional. His awareness was strong enough to pre-judge Xiao Han’s move!

He guessed that Xiao Han would attack at this time and decisively jumped into the swamp to avoid Xiao Han’s initial control. Then he summoned the banshee and used a precise Charm to forcibly drag Xiao Han into the swamp!

Xiao Han, “…”

The Canglan fans, “…”

The Canglan fans had an unpredictable feeling that the little prince would be ruthlessly taught by Captain Ling.

Xiao Han was slapped in the face. He thought his move would hti and was ready for the next Backstab, Fatal Blow and Soul Stab. As a result, Captain Ling cleverly hid from him and also pulled him into the swamp!

The swamp slowed down the release of skills. This meant the assassin who relied on sneak attacks and fast crits were restricted. In addition, the position of Ling Xuefeng’s banshee was quite clever. It pulled XIao Han six metres away. If Xiao Han wanted to come and hit Ling Xuefeng then it would take twice as long as usual.

At this time, Xu Feifan cooperated with the captain to form a double-sided attack. He set the blood snake and blood spider on Xiao Han, stacking five layers of bleeding on Xiao Han!

Xiao Han fell into the swamp and Zhuo Hang had no other way to save his teammates. He made a rational decision to attack Xu Feifan!

Zhuo Hang circled Xu Feifan and placed three Stop Traps and a Death Trap in succession, causing the other’s blood to fall by 30%.

He followed up with a Silence Trap, making Xu Feifan unable to put out skills. Xu Feifan’s offensive rhythm was interrupted and he could only withdraw from Zhuo Hang’s offensive range. Xiao Han took the opportunity to climb back onto the ground but something more tragic happened. Ling Xuefeng’s banshee appeared and used Witch Demon’s Curse!

Xiao Han, who just climbed onto shore and Zhuo Hang, who was placing a trap, were forcibly pulled into the thorns and the two players were affected by the ‘bleeding’ state.

The audience, “…”

Ling Xuefeng’s use of the banshee was absurd. Li Cangyu originally wanted to use the map to target Wind Colour but the result was reversed by Ling Xuefeng. Ling Xuefeng proved through practical actions why he never lost his position as king of the Miracle League. It was enough for him to teach the two newcomers.


Once Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang were sent off, Ling Xuefeng had 60% of his blood left while Xu Feifan was hit by Zhuo Hang and only had 20% blood left. Wind Colour’s advantage going into the second round was actually quite big.

Yu Bing was a bit anxious. “The Canglan team needs to send Boss Ling away as soon as possible. If the gap is widened even more, it will be difficult to recover in the third stage!”

Cheng Wei hurriedly jumped up, “Cat God, quickly kill Ling Xuefeng!”

In fact, he just blindly said this but Old Cat’s name really appeared on the screen. Cheng Wei froze.

Cat God really was playing!

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