GLS: Chapter 221

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Chapter 221 – Finals (7)

Under the stage, Ling Xuefeng’s always calm face couldn’t help showing a complicated look.

Li Cangyu was truly a very cunning commander. He saw Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s intention to consume the Shu Bai combination and decisively changed the order of the Shu Bai combination.

It was like accepting one loss to ensure two wins. The black magician combination had the advantage against the Shu Bai combination but the summoner with an auxiliary had the advantage against the two black magicians! Using the lineup advantage to beat him?

Li Cangyu’s thoughts were very sensible but in the eyes of many viewers, they suddenly felt: [Cat God is angry!] [Captain Ling must be really psychologically strong to not be coughing up blood!] [I feel that the vice-captain is coughing up blood!] [Where is the Shu Bai combination in the middle?]

In the regular season, the Shu Bai combination showed up in the middle transition stage 95% of the time. The main reason was that Canglan would send newcomers to fight in the first stage and newcomers were likely to make mistakes. In a disadvantageous situation, the Shu Bai combination could bring it back. Then Li Cangyu would play last in a steady manner.

Today, Li Cangyu confidently placed the Shu Bai combination in the guard stage. It was because Canglan had the advantage after the first stage and he would personally appear in the second stage, further expanding the advantage.

He believed that Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan wouldn’t lose the game when they had such a big advantage.

He also took Old Zhang because Zhang Jueming was a white magician. White magic and black magic restrained each other. Old Zhang could take care of the negative states of the black magic spells.

Yu Bing greatly appreciated Cat God’s choice. “Cat God’s approach is really wise. If he sent Shu Bai in the second stage, he will play against Ling Xuefeng in the third stage. There is a chance of winning but the risk will be quite big. Now that he is playing in the second stage, he can make it very difficult for the Yan Guo combination.”

Kou Hongyi laughed. “In fact, being the second team in the playoffs is also good. You might not be able to choose the map or mode but you can pick a lineup that will make the other party want to cry! Especially when it is Li Cangyu. This type of cunning tactical command is like a sharp needle against Wind Colour’s lineup. I don’t know what Captain Ling is thinking.”

The direction cut the camera towards where Ling Xuefeng was sitting and everyone saw a cold and handsome face.

Kou Hongyi was speechless for a moment. “Cough, Captain Ling is still calm!”

After the break, the Canglan second stage players went to their seats. Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming entered the game and immediately rushed to the centre of the map.

Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan were still standing at a fork in the road, forming a position where they could attack and defend each other.

Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming came over and Yan Ruiwen used the Dark Fear that he had prepared without hesitation. Dark Fear hit!

As the most powerful black magician in the league, Vice-Captain Yan’s prediction ability wasn’t weak. The group fear made Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming unable to release any skills.

The Yan Guo took advantage of this opportunity to start with a big explosion—Shadow Winding, Hell Flames!

Black shadows and flames rose from the feet of the two people, causing Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming’s blood to fall.

After the three seconds of fear was almost over, Guo Xuan used the follow up control and Dark Fear once against swept towards the opponent!

The strong and continuous control of the two black magicians was almost seamless, showing how high the understanding between the Yan Guo combination was.

However, Li Cangyu wasn’t in a hurry. It was impossible for Yan Guo to kill him immediately. The moment the fear ended, he used Flying Feather Steps and moved behind Guo Xuan, directly freezing him with the water spirit!

Zhang Jueming also used the Purification skill and released the black magic Death Mantra on Li Cangyu. The result was that Yan Guo’s black magic stacking was interrupted.

After taking care of his teammate’s negative state, Old Zhang helped increase the captain’s crit rate and attack speed.

Li Cangyu received the buffs and fought back without hesitation.

—Water Ball, Fireball, Thunder’s Wrath!

The wave of damage was released and Yan Ruiwen was beaten into residual blood. Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han had deliberately decreased his blood before they left the field and Li Cangyu gave priority to killing him first.

Guo Xuan’s frozen effect was over but Old Zhang used a seal to set him in place.

God Seal set the body in place. The person affected couldn’t move but could still release skills. The problem was that today’s map was the labyrinth. Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps to move around and the stuck Guo Xuan couldn’t hit him!

Guo Xuan could only cry as he watched Yan Ruiwen’s blood fall.

Yan Ruiwen was chased and killed by Cat God and almost cried. He suddenly felt that the summoner was the most shameless class. How could there be so many little brothers? Spirits that couldn’t be killed!

The water spirit slowed down the opponent, the fire spirit attacked, the thunder spirit released a group attack and the wind elf could control people by blowing them away. Yan Ruiwen couldn’t survive once singled out by Li Cangyu.

[Old Cat has killed Undying Gratitude!]

The moment he was killed, Yan Ruiwen was convinced that Cat God was the person worthy of standing at the peak with their captain. This hand speed was really terrible…

Li Cangyu chased Yan Ruiwen in front while Guo Xuan turned to chase Zhang Jueming. He might’ve forced Old Zhang’s blood to 20% before dying but Li Cangyu still had over 50% blood left.

Wind Colour’s double magician combination left the field and Canglan’s blood volume advantage had further widened.


The combination for the third stage was Ling Xuefeng and Xu Feifan. On the field, Li Cangyu had 50% blood left. What could the half-blood Cat God do?

Li Cangyu told everyone the answer with practical actions.

The moment he saw Ling Xuefeng, he didn’t hesitate to throw all his skills at Ling Xuefeng.

One fireball flew after another, looking as beautiful as fireworks. While controlling the fire spirit’s violent attacks, he used the water elf to control Xu Feifan and also used Flying Feather Steps to move as fast as a phantom…

Li Cangyu’s hand speed caused many viewers to feel admiration!

Ling Xuefeng lost 40% of his blood to this wave of attacks. Then Li Cangyu turned and killed the blood spider, making it fall into cooldown.

After these skills were released, his blue was empty and Ling Xuefeng used a series of movies to kill him.

Everyone who knew the rules of the competition knew that Li Cangyu made the final and most crucial effort for Canglan.

Ling Xuefeng had only 60% blood left. In order to kill Li Cangyu, he used a lot of blue and skills. Xu Feifan’s key spider was also killed by Li Cangyu while the full-blooded Shu Bai combination were appearing next. Under the care of Bai Xuan, Xie Shurong could use his fast attacks to beat Ling Xuefeng and Xu Feifan.

Li Cangyu had made all the preparations and Shu Bai just needed to not drop the chain…

The Wind Colour fans silently cursed Shu Bai, hoping their IQ would fall. However, Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan had many years of experience in the competition and it was impossible for them to ruin the great advantage their teammates worked hard to create.

The Shu Bai combination was very stable. Bai Xuan’s blood adding techniques weren’t panicked and Xie Shurong’s attacks were as fast as lightning. They kept their advantage to the end and the word ‘Victory’ popped up on the computer screen!


On the second floor of the stands, Chairman Nan Jiangang smiled. “It seems that your self-confidence is reasonable. Canglan really did win this game.”

“Of course.” Liu Chuan smiled proudly. “I don’t casually sign players. The moment I started cooperating with Li Cangyu, I expected him to go to the finals…” Liu Chuan looked over at Chairman Nan. “He has been working hard all these years. Isn’t it time for him to be rewarded?”

Chairman Nan Jiangang was silent for a moment before saying emotionally, “He really is a late player. He has been losing at the time and I couldn’t bear to watch it. Fortunately, he held on until the day he could win.”

The third game, Canglan was victorious.

Wind Colour’s unbeaten myth on the Space-Time Tunnel map was successfully broken by Li Cangyu.

Like a black horse, the Canglan team took the lead and gained the first match point in the finals!

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5 years ago

If Canglan win, mann that would be a sight.. underdog ftw!!

Silence is Golden
Silence is Golden
5 years ago

I won’t be surprised if the score went to 2:2 the next chapter and begun a tie breaker 😂

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

Yeah, there is a chance of that, after all, these 2 Captains are not only truly linked, they are also these 2 unattainable beings, lol, with an incredible amount of skill.

Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
5 years ago

Oh gahd Cat God really is so handsome enough for others to cough up blood everytime he appears xD but he is exclusively for LXF only xD

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