GLS: Chapter 220

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Chapter 220 – Finals (6)

This result not only was unacceptable to the Wind Colour fans but the Canglan fans were also a bit surprised. At first, everyone thought that Canglan would lost this round. After all, He Qun was an experienced veteran player and Qin Mo wasn’t weak. This game was also the Space-Time Tunnel map that was Wind Colour’s ace…

Unexpectedly, Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han were so strong, using traps and guerilla attacks to send away the two people of Wind Colour.

Li Cangyu was actually quite surprised. He thought that this round would be a tie or one of Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han would die. As a result, both of them survived. They might be residual blood but at least they were alive. The meaning of sending away the opponent was different.

In Wind Colour’s soundproof room, Vice-Captain Yan Ruiwen frowned with some worry. He had a type of unpredictable foreboding feeling. Wind Colour played the first game smoothly only to robbed of the fire dragon. This was Wind Colour’s home and the Space-Time Tunnel where Wind Colour had the unbeaten myth, yet the start was like this…

Was Li Cangyu really Captain Ling’s nemesis?

His partner Guo Xuan couldn’t help saying, “They must’ve trained specifically in this map.”

Yan Ruiwen continued, “I didn’t expect the cooperation between Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han to be so good.”

Captain Ling Xuefeng’s expression was very calm. He heard this and finally opened his mouth, “It’s fine. The two of you are next and you are both black magicians, which is superior to the Shu Bai combination.”

Yan Ruiwen smiled confidently. “That’s true.”

Bai Xuan’s healing level couldn’t be doubted. Bai Xuan had the title of ‘undying cockroach’ and was the person with the highest survival ability in the Miracle League. However, the combination of two black magicians was bad for him because the two black magicians could complete the ‘black magic overlapping’ style. In other words, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan could alternate stacking negative states. As long as the spells stacked, they could cause great damage using the least amount of blue consumption.

In order to maintain blood volume, Bai Xuan must continue to fill up his teammate’s blood. In the long run, he would face the situation of running out of blue.

There must be a stable conversion ration between the amount of blue, the amount of damage and the amount of blood. Once this stability was broken, the players would become weaker in the later stages. The combination of two black magicians meant that one could act as the output and the other as the control. It was also handy in a consumption battle. The strength of the Yan Guo combination was a match for the Tan Cheng and Su Yu combinations.

It was normal for Yan Ruiwen to feel confident for the second stage.

After a short rest, Ling Xuefeng submitted the second pair for Wind Colour—Undying Gratitude and Blade Dancer!

Vice-Captain Yan and Guo Xuan’s presence won enthusiastic applause from fans.

At this time, Zhuo Hang only had 15%. Xiao Han had the characteristic of the blood kin race and his blood volume was slightly higher at 20%. This amount of blood wasn’t enough to have an effect on the Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan combination.

Moreover, Xiao Han’s stealth skill was on cooldown and Zhuo Hang’s big moves were also used. They didn’t have many skills available.

Yan Ruiwen didn’t want to talk to the opponents. He simply took Guo Xuan to a fork. They didn’t waste control skills but quickly put Death Mantra on Zhuo Hang’s body.

Death Mantra was a basic black magic skill. It allowed the opponent to continue to lose blood for a certain period of time. The blue amount of this skill was relatively low but five layers must be stacked to achieve maximum effect. It was much easier to stack when two teammates were working together.

The Yan Guo combination had been old partners for many years. They released the skills with perfect timing and Zhuo Hang had five layers of Death Mantra stacked on him.

Zhuo Hang was in a residual blood state but he didn’t feel fear. Instead, he bravely rushed forward and placed two Stop Traps at Yan Ruiwen’s foot.

The damage from the traps weren’t high. It was like a tickle to Yan Ruiwen…

Vice-Captain Yan killed Zhuo Hang with a small black magic skill.

The audience gave a thumbs up to Zhuo Hang’s last minute dedication. The thing that surprised everyone was that after Zhuo Hang died, Xiao Han bravely rushed forward, the dagger in his hand shining coldly. He wasn’t polite to Yan Ruiwen and used a series of moves.

Yan Ruiwen was trapped in place and hit by the assassin. Fortunately, Guo Xuan quickly took Xiao Han’s head and there wasn’t too big a loss. Otherwise, the vice-captain of Wind Colour had no face!

Xiao Han was sent off and Yan Ruiwen sighed slightly with relief.

Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han knocked out almost 20% of his blood but his blue was still more than 90%. Guo Xuan’s state was better, he had 100% blood and 95% blue. The two black magicians could join hands to slowly consume the Shu Bai combination. Their chances of winning were still big.

The game was suspended again and it was Canglan’s turn to pick.

Li Cangyu went to the command post and submitted the players. The big screen soon showed their information—Old Cat, Juemingzi.

Yan Ruiwen almost coughed up blood!

Your sister! What about the Shu Bai combination? Cat God, you have always been the guard. Why are you suddenly appearing in advance?

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