GLS: Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Dropping the Ball

Every game in the regular season of the Miracle Professional League was divided into the single-elimination competition (winner stays on until they are defeated) and the team battles.

The arena adopted the KOF system, which meant that three players played alternately on each side. The last player to survive would win the game and the winning team would accumulate three points. The team battle was a 6V6 battle to capture the crystals. There were three crystals: red, blue and white. One crystal was worth two points for a total of six points.  This way, the total score for each match in the regular season was nine points.

This game model of the arena and team battle had been in use since the first season. It was the unified system according to Miracle’s official regulations and was used in the Professional Leagues of all countries.

The eight teams in the first division would be ranked by the total number of points after two rounds in the regular season. The top four would enter the playoffs and would knock each other out until there was the winner, runner up and third place team.

This time, Wind Colour and Time met in the regular season and both had very high chances of winning the season.

Both were traditionally strong teams. No one could doubt the personal ability and command level of Ling Xuefeng. On the other hand, the old captain might’ve retired after the fourth season and the rookie Tan Shitian took over as captain, but Tan Shitian’s commanding style was very flexible and responsive. He was among the leading players in the next generation of players and his strength couldn’t be underestimated.

“The seats for today’s game are packed. I believe that many spectators are currently waiting in front of the screen for the showdown between Wind Colour and Time.” Once the leaderboard was finished, Yu Bing continued. “We know that Wind Colour’s play is dominated by dark spells and most players are of the demon or blood kin races. Meanwhile, the Time team favours the light department and they are mainly elves or angel players. The two teams have truly met their match.”

“Yes, it is as Sister Bing said. These two teams are old rivals and I think many people are looking forward to today’s game.” Kou Hongyi followed closely. “The game will start soon and the players have officially entered. Let’s look at the preparations of players on both sides.”

The live broadcast cut to a soundproof room. The players were already seated in their uniforms.

The Wind Colour team took the characteristics of the demon and blood kin race. They wore pure black T-shirts with a small amount of red embellishments. This simple black-red look was domineering. Meanwhile, the Time team had a pure white uniform with a small amount of elf green forest embellishments. They looked sunny and the style of the Time team was very harmonious.

One was dark and one bright, the two teams were clearly enemies in the Miracle League.

The screen zoomed in on the two captains. Once he saw Ling Xuefeng’s handsome face on the computer screen, Li Cangyu couldn’t help laughing. “This person still hasn’t changed.”

He was just as handsome as before and his face still had no expression.

He sat in front of the computer and quickly tapped on the keyboard with his slender fingers. This was Ling Xuefeng’s habitual pre-match warm up. His hand speed was very fast and his tapping fingers dazzled the people watching. They could imagine how this man’s terrible speed would erupt at key moments in the game.

Compared to him, Tan Shitian looked relaxed as he smiled in the soundproof room. He rubbed Cheng Wei’s head and didn’t know what to say. Cheng Wei sent him a look before turning to his position and ignoring him.

A group of fans excitedly wrote in the comments area: Captain Tan rubbed his head!If Vice-Captain Cheng doesn’t let you rub his head, I will give you ten heads to rub!

-Our Vice-Captain debuted earlier than you and his head is smaller than yours! Don’t bully him!

Wind Colour’s fans said: Asking for a crushing by Captain Ling! Asking Captain Ling for an outbreak!

Captain Ling is handsome when he abuses the opponent!

Captain Ling smiles at good opponents. When he doesn’t smile, the opponents will be under an extreme psychological pressure!

The game hadn’t yet started and there were already tens of thousands of messages in the comments area. It was obvious that the two teams were extremely popular. Not only were the seats full but many viewers were watching the live broadcast.

Finally, the hour hand pointed to 9 o’clock and the camera cut to the big screen in the centre of the stadium. The words ‘The Miracle Professional League’s sixth season • The last match in the first round of the regular season • Time VS Wind Colour’ appeared on the screen, causing warm applause.

Yu Bing said, “Audience and viewers, the match between Time and Wind Colour is about to start. The referee is in place and let’s first look at the single-elimination battle… The two captains have submitted the players order list. The first player for Time is Vice-Captain Cheng Wei while the first player for Wind Colour is Vice-Captain Yan Ruiwen. Then the first stage of the arena will be the confrontation between a white magician and a black magician.”

“What a coincidence.” Kou Hongyi smiled and said, “Vice-Captain Yan and Vice-Captain Cheng are the top players in the magician class. The black and white magic are incompatible with each other and the mutual restraints are very serious. This duel will certainly be exciting!”

As he spoke, Cheng Wei’s character ‘Only Dedication’ and Yan Ruiwen’s character ‘Unforgettable’ entered the competition room.

Only Dedication was wearing white angel equipment. His hands held a staff where the tip had a three layered ring symbolizing peace. The centre emitting a dazzling silver-white light. Unforgettable wore pure black magician robes and his staff had purple vines wrapped around it. The tip was similar to the shape of an eye, giving off a hint of dark arrogance.

“We can see that the weapons chosen by the two players are the angel’s Bright Heart and the demon’s Eye of Death. The two weapons’ data are very close and maximum magic damage is added.” Kou Hongyi spoke excitedly, “Vice-Captain Yan and Vice-Captain Cheng should show us the ultimate showdown between black and white magic. Let’s see who can seize the chance!”

The match officially started.

The arena map for the regular season was very simple. It was a wide square with light marble tiles and a circular fountain in the middle for players to walk around. This terrain was fair to both players.

Kou Hongyi just finished speaking when the two players met at the central fountain on the screen.

Yan Ruiwen started with using Death Spell on Cheng Wei while Cheng Wei instantly resolved it with Purification. He followed up with Seal of God to counter Yan Ruiwen but the latter flexibly moved and evaded it.

Yu Bing explained calmly, “The level of both sides isn’t much different. It is obvious that they are trying to test each other and this game might be played slowly…”

She hadn’t finished speaking when Yan Ruiwen suddenly used Soul Curse black magic, hitting Cheng Wei and directly reducing his blood by 20%!

“Uh…” Yu Bing was stunned before quickly reacting. “The attack by Vice-Captain Yan is truly unexpected.  Soul Curse is an instant skill but it doesn’t lock onto the target. A person with quick reactions can move a bit to evade it. Xiao Wei… is he a bit distracted?”

Yan Ruiwen was actually quite surprised. He used this trick but he didn’t expect it to actually hit the opponent.

Cheng Wei’s status seemed a bit wrong?

Yan Ruiwen immediately grasped this opportunity. His fingers quickly hit the keyboard and he released Dark Fear.

“It’s another hit!” Kou Hongyi’s tone was very surprised. “Cheng Wei is affected by fear for three seconds and is probably very uncomfortable.”

A player affected by the fear status couldn’t release any skills. This was a single player arena and there were no teammates to help relieve the negative state. Cheng Wei could only rely on moving to avoid the opponent’s attack.

However, Yan Ruiwen wasn’t a fool. Immediately after the fear hit, he used the ultimate black magic spells— Shadow Winding and Hell Flames!

The two spells hit and Cheng Wei’s blood volume directly dropped to 50%!


The audience watching the game were very confused. Cheng Wei and Yan Ruiwen were at almost the same level. It was reasonable to say that these skills should’ve been avoided. The match had just started yet Cheng Wai was inexplicably beaten to half blood? Where was the expected duel between masters? Why did Cheng Wei seem to be in a trance today?

The 50% blood Cheng Wei seemed to have finally recovered his spirit. He directly used Sacred Light to improve his magic defense while he used Combat Voice to attack Yan Ruiwen. The success of his pre-judgement meant that he removed 15% of Yan Ruiwen’s blood. This was the standard that Cheng Wei should be at!

Yu Bing finally sighed with relief. “There were some surprises in the opening but this is a chance to see how Cheng Wei recovers from the disadvantage.”

The two sides started to fight with magic. Black magic spells tended to have very strong attack power while white magic spells facoured soft control. One was bright and one was dark, the two people pouring out their spells was very exciting.

However, Cheng Wei experienced too much of a loss in the beginning. He later tried to recover the situation but Yan Ruiwen was the vice-captain of Wind Colour. His play was very calm and they had a similar level. It was impossible for him to give Cheng Wei an opportunity.

10 minutes later, Cheng Wei finally fell helplessly and Yan Ruiwen entered the second stage of the arena with 40% of his blood.

On the Wind Colour side, the black magician Guo Xuan sat in the spectators position and couldn’t help feeling puzzled. “Is Time’s vice-captain not awake?”

Ling Xuefeng frowned slightly. “Perhaps he hasn’t adjusted his state.”

He knew that Cheng Wei was affected by the news of Canglan’s disbandment. Ling Xuefeng was very clear about the relationship between Li Cangyu and Cheng Wei and he knew that Cheng Wei saw Cat God as his master. This guy must’ve slept badly last night and the game was early in the morning. He was presumably still sleepwalking. It was normal for Yan Ruiwen to seize the opportunity to win since there was no room for distractions in a duel between masters.

In the second round of the arena, Time sent Lu Hao, who was a main elf archer of the Time team. The 40% blood Yan Ruiwen met Lu Hao and knocked out half of the opponent’s blood before dying, successfully completing his mission.

Ling Xuefeng didn’t openly praise his vice-captain but looked at him with appreciation.

Yan Ruiwen smiled and spoke with sitting down, “Xiao Cheng played strangely today.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “I can see that.”

Yan Ruiwen patted Guo Xuan’s shoulder and said, “Xiao Guo, it is your turn.”

“Yes, look at me!’ Guo Xuan immediately went to his position.

Guo Xuan VS Lu Hao, both sides were having a duel using their strengths.

Guo Xuan was full of blood while Lu Hao had been knocked to half blood by Yan Ruiwen. There was no suspense about the outcome. The two people steadily fought and Guo Xuan successfully killed Lu Hao, bringing Yan Ruiwen’s half blood advantage to the third stage. In other words, the half blooded Guo Xuan was about to face the last defender of the Time team.

Yu Bing frowned. “The Time team has lost two players in a row while Wind Colour’s second player Guo Xuan still has 50% blood and the third player hasn’t appeared yet. If the third player is Captain Ling, it will be very difficult for Time to win.”

Her statement was very polite. If Ling Xuefeng played personally, it didn’t matter if Guo Xuan only gave him a bit of advantage. Ling Xuefeng was almost always the winner when he played guard.

“I can see that Time’s player is Ten Days, the youngest captain in the league, Tan Shitian!” Kou Hongyi’s voice increased with excitement. “Will Captain Tan make a comeback for his team? Let’s wait and see!”

Li Cangyu couldn’t help asking, “This is Tan Shitian?”

The player’s appearance was shown at the bottom of the live screen. The young man sitting at the table looked very relaxed. He had a smile on his face and didn’t seem affected by the disadvantage of the previous two players.

Li Cangyu didn’t know this person but after seeing his calm and excellent mentality in the face of a disadvantaged situation, he knew that Captain Xu made the correct decision when he appointed Tan Shitian as Time’s captain. Tan Shitian was much more mature than Cheng Wei.

Sure enough, Tan Shitian wasn’t affected by the disadvantageous situation and played very calmly.

His class was a ‘bard’, also known as an ‘archer’. Tan Shitian’s debut was late but his reputation was the loudest. His style of play was quite elegant and flexible and he took full advantage of the agility of elves. When he stayed in the distance and kited the opponent with his bow and arrow, his winning percentage was very high.

Guo Xuan with 50% blood was soon sent off. Time’s Captain Tan Shitian had 70% of his blood left, which was equivalent to recovering 20% blood. This captain’s strength wasn’t normal.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help praising him. “Tan Shitian played well.”

This comment meant that Cat God acknowledged Tan Shitian’s strength.

Bai Xuan couldn’t help glancing over at him. “Even if Tan Shitian recovered a bit of the situation, his health has been reduced and he also consumed a lot of blue. He will die if he faces Ling Xuefeng.”

Li Cangyu replied, “He might not necessarily face Ling Xuefeng.”

He just finished speaking when Wind Colour revealed their player player. ID: Shepherd, the blood kin summoner Qin Mo!

The audience was in an uproar.

Li Cangyu smiled at his correct guess.

Bai Xuan reluctantly said, “You really know Ling Xuefeng!”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu honestly admitted it. “With my understanding of him, he sent Qin Mo to the arena so the group battle will be his double control with Xiao Xu, the black magicians Vice-Captain Yan and Guo Xuan will be the outputs, plus a berserker in the front line and a blood kin sacrifice healer.”

The arena battle was still ongoing and he actually guessed the lineup of the six member team.

Bai Xuan laughed. “With your worldly knowledge, the games will be spoiled in advance every time.”

Li Cangyu touched his chin. “It is just my guess. I might not necessarily guess right.”

Li Cangyu said this but Bai Xuan knew that his probability of guessing was almost 100%.

Li Cangyu knew Ling Xuefeng too well. Every time he guessed Ling Xuefeng’s lineup against another team, he would be very accurate. However, every time they met each other, they would guess wrong. It was probably because Ling Xuefeng also understood Li Cangyu very well?

There was such a strange understanding between them that they couldn’t understand each other.

From the first season to the third season, Wind Colour and FTD faced each other six times. The two captains kept guessing each other’s thoughts and the result was that they guessed wrong. They never faced each other on the arena!

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