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Chapter 219 – Finals (5)

Wind Colour was beaten by Canglan at home and Canglan was beaten by Wind Colour at home. The two sides were equal at 1:1. The onlookers might be joking about both captains but the fans of the two teams were extremely tense. The third game was crucial. Whoever won the third game would take the lead and match point.

According to the rules of the home and away rotation, the third game would be Wind Colour’s home and Ling Xuefeng would decide the game mode and map. This was naturally very beneficial for the Wind Colour team.

In the soundproof room, Li Cangyu summoned the players together and spoke quickly. “In the team battle just now, Ling Xuefeng used the 3, 2, 1 split mode to build more advantages in the early stage. The next game at home, he has a high probability of choosing a team battle. Our lineup is unchanged. Xiao Zhuo and Xiao Gu needs to be extra careful. Even if you miss a few mobs, you have to pay attention to the positioning of the enemy and don’t be caught by them.”

Zhuo Hang and Gu Siming immediately nodded seriously.

Li Cangyu continued saying, “In the first wave against the ice dragon, Xiao Zhuo and I will use Flying Feather Steps to set up a trap. Once the people of Wind Colour arrive, we will set fire to kill whoever steps into the trap first. The task of controlling the sacrifice will be handed over to Old Zhang and Ah Shu will disturb their distance casting.

Zhang Jueming and Xie Shurong immediately exclaimed, “Understood!”

Vice-Captain Bai Xuan suddenly reminded softly, “The probability of Wind Colour choosing a team battle at home is very high but you should remember that you guess wrong every time you encounter Ling Xuefeng… is it possible he will choose the arena?”

Bai Xuan was right. Wind Colour’s tactics in the second game were quite beautiful but Ling Xuefeng might not necessarily choose a team battle. The possibility of the arena had to also be considered.

Li Cangyu kept this in mind and said, “If Ling Xuefeng chooses the arena then we will play according to the arrangement already decided. The partners that will cooperate with each other…”


The intermission time soon ended and the captains of both sides sat in the command position again.

“Audience members, welcome back to the finals of the seventh season! In the previous two games, Canglan and Wind Colour’s score is equal. The third game is Wind Colour’s home game. Let us see how Captain Ling will choose!” Kou Hongyi quickly explained in an excited manner. Yu Bing sat calmly next to him, eyes fixed on the big screen.

Finally, Ling Xuefeng’s submitted choices popped up on the big screen.

The third game was the arena, the map was the Space-Time Tunnel!

There was an uproar in the audience and many Canglan fans didn’t look good. It was because Space-Time Tunnel was a super difficult seven star map. It wasn’t a death map or a status map, it was a large maze!

Cheng Wei immediately spat out, “Why is Captain Ling choosing such difficult maps today? In addition, he didn’t choose a team battle?”

Tan Shitian responded politely to Cheng Wei’s question. He heard this and softly explained, “Captain Ling has continuously commanded two team battles. This is very energy intensive. He might choose the arena to adjust his status. Wind Colour isn’t bad in the arena and there is the home game advantage. Their chance of winning is still very big.”

Cheng Wei couldn’t help blushing and suddenly felt that he was a lot stupider than Tan Shitian.

The moment Su Guangmo saw this map, he couldn’t help getting a headache. It was because it evoked unpleasant memories. The Flying Feathers team had been smashed on this Space-Time Tunnel map, which wasn’t good for melee classes.

The always silent Yu Pingsheng suddenly grabbed his brother’s arm and whispered, “Canglan is in danger.”

Su Guangmo looked over at him and smile. “Yes.” The players of Wind Colour are very good in the labyrinth. Previously, Wind Colour have never lost an arena game when playing with this Space-Time Tunnel map. They haven’t uses this trump card map in this season and finally selected it today. It seems that Ling Xuefeng is bound to win this game.”

Yu Pingsheng nodded seriously and moved his eyes to the big screen.

After submitting the game mode and map, Ling Xuefeng followed up by submitting the lineup—Qin Mo and He Qun.

This combination had appeared in the regular season. Qin Mo’s explosive power was very impressive while He Qun could protect Qin Mo and counter the opponents. Both of them were blood kin players who could absorb the opponent’s blood while attacking. They could go invisible and were the super blood cow combination of the Wind Colour team.

The away team could choose the map but they could some people to target the home team’s lineup. After seeing that Ling Xuefeng sent the Qin Mo and He Qun blood cow combination, Li Cangyu sat at the command post and thought for a moment. Then he submitted the first lineup, Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang.

The audience cheered on the live broadcast. [The small prince is on again!] [This is a bit like the regular season but Xiao Han isn’t with Old Zhang?] [Cat God let Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang appear. He should be wanting to play fast.]

Li Cangyu’s idea was obvious. Hit quickly.

The two blood kin players were capable of delaying the battle and it would take time to move around the labyrinth map. If Canglan didn’t send fast attackers then time would drag out and it would be more disadvantageous.

After submitting the list of people, Li Cangyu left the command post and walked back to the seats. He whispered to Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han, “The opposite side’s blood kin will be invisible. Xiao Zhuo will act as protection while Xiao Han will be the main output. Think of a method to control the sacrifice and kill Qin Mo.”

The two people understood. They bumped fists to cheer each other on and walked towards the player seats.

On the Wind Colour side, Qin Mo and He Qun were also ready. The referee lit up the indicator lights and the third game officially begun!


The Space-Time map was very colourful. There were various bands of light flowing through the tunnel, with one colour a winding road. This was a great test for the players. Colour blind players and direction challenged players would completely lose their way.

There was a road at both ends of the tunnel that led to a central area and the terrain of the central area was particularly complicated. The winding roads had four directions to the east, south, north and west. Each direction branched into small channels that connected to each other. If the opponent was interested in playing hide and seek, it wouldn’t be easy to find them.

Qin Mo and He Qun were invisible from the beginning. Xiao Han’s blood kin assassin was only invisible. Zhuo Hang didn’t have any stealth skills but he had Flying Feather Steps!

At the beginning of the game, Zhuo Hang immediately flew forward with Flying Feather Steps. He reached the central area at the fastest speed and then placed the lowest-level setting traps at the forks in the four directions.

The damage caused by the setting traps were very small and the effect only lasted one second. The advantage was its short cooldown time and that the amount of blue consumed was very low.

As the preliminary trap for hunters, Zhuo Hang generally only used it to limit enemies in special terrain.

Space-Time Tunnel was the ace map of the Wind Colour team. Li Cangyu would’ve certainly had everyone train in it. Zhuo Hang was very familiar with the terrain here. After the low-level traps were arranged, he immediately retreated to the junction of two channels and waited for Xiao Han to come.

The blood kin players moved slower than elves. Xiao Han only arrived at this time. He Qun and Qin Mo also came over. The audience held their breaths because the two people of Wind Colour were about to arrive at a fork and Zhuo Hang’s traps were waiting for them!

To everyone’s surprise, Qin Mo arrived at a trap but didn’t go straight. He summoned his blood snake to explore the road. The small prince’s awareness wasn’t bad. He knew the other side had a hunter and didn’t go himself, letting his pets step into the trap!

The blood snake moved forward and sure enough, it was set in place.

Zhuo Hang’s trap was successfully broken and the setting effect wasn’t applied, but at least he and Xiao Han knew that Qin Mo had come!

“You hide first. I will drop the trap and blow them up before you start.” Zhuo Hang ordered.

“Okay, be careful.” Xiao Han spoke while turning the camera and staring sharply at the southeast where Wind Colour were located.

The audience saw that after revealing the trap, the invisible Qin Mo let his blood snake move to the other side of the road which happened to be the direction of the hidden Xiao Han.

The shocking thing was that both sides were in stealth yet Xiao Han suddenly used a backstab!

He hit behind him and once the skill finished, Qin Mo appeared.

Qin Mo was surprised and obviously hadn’t expected Xiao Han to pop up.

Kou Hongyi and Yu Bing were silent because neither of them could explain Xiao Han’s magical intuition—or was it not intuition?

Only Li Cangyu knew that this was due to the complexity of the Space-Time Tunnel. During training, he had Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han practice together. Zhuo Hang went east, Xiao Han went west, Zhuo Hang went south, Xiao Han went north.

At present, only the trap in the east had been destroyed by Qin Mo’s blood snake. Qin Mo would definitely advance from the east and Zhuo Hang played a trap in the fork at the east. Since Qin Mo wasn’t caught by Zhuo Hang’s trap, he could only be coming from the north direction.

Zhuo Hang’s traps weren’t just for capturing people. He could also assist Xiao Han in making a judgment about the opponent’s position!


On the second floor, Chairman Nan Jiangang of the Miracle Professional League saw this scene and couldn’t help smiling. “Xiao Han’s reaction surprised me. That child’s growth rate is really too fast. Zhuo Hang’s awareness is also good. He used the combination of traps and terrain to help his teammate judge the position. The two little ones know each other very well.”

“Of course. Look at the club they are in.” The man wearing sunglasses and smiling was Liu Chuan, the owner of the Dragon Song Club. He came to watch the match today but he was also a member of the E-Sports Association.

Nan Jiangang glanced over at him and asked, “God Chuan is very confident in them? Do you think Canglan can win this game?”

Liu Chuan grinned. “Li Cangyu’s standards are absolutely first class and he is well aware of the Wind Colour team. Li Cangyu would have Canglan go through special training for this map and this game shouldn’t be a problem.”

The colleague sitting next to him whispered, “Can’t you be less boastful?”

Liu Chuan made an innocent expression. “I’m just being honest.”

Everyone, “…”

In fact, the people of the China E-Sports Association were watching the finals of Wind Colour VS Canglan but they were also preparing for the formation of the national team.

Liu Chuan was an executive director of the E-Sports Association. He used to be an e-sports god. Compared to the so called leadership who didn’t understand e-sports, Nan Jiangang preferred this person. He was experienced and at least understood the game.

Liu Chuan coming here was due to Chairman Nan Jiangang’s proposal. Liu Chuan was naturally willing to see Cat God’s performance.


In the game, Xiao Han’s sudden attack made Qin Mo passively appear. Qin Mo was shocked for a moment but he quickly reacted. He used the blood spider to set Xiao Han in place but Xiao Han responded quickly and used Pain Blade!

This was the assassin’s stun skill and the control time was slightly longer.

Qin Mo was dizzy and couldn’t release any skills. Xiao Han was fixed by the blood spider and lost blood but he could still attack.

He ignored his blood loss and quickly aimed a series of big moves towards Qin Mo.

—Fatal Blow! Soul Stab! Death Strangulation!

The blood kin assassin’s dagger moved in the direction, creating a series of handsome light effects. Qin Mo’s blood plummeted. The blood spider’s attacks could give him blood but the amount of blood recovered wasn’t enough when compared to Xiao Han’s damage!

The three seconds stun effect ended and the awakened Qin Mo immediately used Blood Bat Festival!

However, Xiao Han suddenly disappeared in front of him.

He used Combat Stealth!

The use of this Combat Stealth was too clever and allowed him to dodge Qin Mo’s big move. Qin Mo wanted to cough up blood. The thing that made him depressed was that He Qun was late.

The direction cut the camera to the southeast road where He Qun was caught in Zhuo Hang’s traps. Zhuo Hang madly pressed the keyboard to set off one trap after another. He Qun suffered from the wave of trap explosions.

Under the stage, Bai Xuan couldn’t help sighing, “Xiao Zhuo’s style of play is really becoming smarter. He actually learnt to use the terrain of the maze to lay a chain trap to kill his opponent…”

Li Xiaojiang whispered, “I, I have seen him. He has been training in Space-Time Tunnel, sometimes until late at night.”

Bai Xuan heard this and couldn’t help smiling at Li Xiaojiang. “I know Xiaojiang. Are you helping Zhuo Hang speak?”

Li Xiaojiang blushed and stammered, “He, he is very serious.

They were roommates so Li Xiaojiang had seen Zhuo Hang frequently practice and improve. In the beginning, Li Xiaojiang felt that the arrogant Zhuo Hang was too hard to get along with. Then after the two of them became familiar with each other, Li Xiaojiang discovered that Zhuo Hang didn’t have a bad nature, he was just somewhat proud.

Li Cangyu listened to Bai Xuan and Li Xiaojiang’s conversation and didn’t express his opinion. He knew that Zhuo Hang’s progress had been largely influenced by Xiaojiang. The fact that they absorbed each other’s advantages to help themselves improve was consistent with Li Cangyu’s original expectations.

Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han were both talented players. The fast attack combination was better than Li Cangyu expected.


On the field, Qin Mo was suppressed by Xiao Han and He Qun lost a lot of blood from Zhuo Hang’s serial traps. The two of them finally met in one place and He Qun was forced to open a big move to return blood. The blood volume of both sides didn’t seem much different but the Wind Colour members knew that they suffered a great loss in the first wave.

Qin Mo’s big move had missed while Zhuo Hang only used small skills to consume He Qun’s blood. Meanwhile, Zhuo Hang’s big trap skills were still kept.

In the skills exchange above, Canglan gained the advantage of two big moves.

Qin Mo and He Qun’s cooperation made a lot of trouble for Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang but Zhuo Han’s cooperation on this map was extremely tacit. The narrow passages were covered with Zhuo Hang’s traps and the two members of Wind Colour found it difficult to move!

In the end, the two of them seized an opportunity to kill. Zhuo Hang used a silence trap to control He Qun while Xiao Han quickly took away the residual blood Qin Mo.

[Frost Descends has killed Shepherd!]

Once Qin Mo died, Xiao Han immediately turned to help Zhuo Hang. Zhuo Hang opened his big move, Trap Blast and killed He Qun!

[Great Navigator has killed Surrounding Mountains!]

In the first stage of the arena, the two newcomers of Canglan actually completed the double kill!

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