GLS: Chapter 218

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Chapter 218 – Finals (4)

The scene of the invisible Ling Xuefeng watching Li Cangyu kill monsters was quickly sent to the Miracle forums and accompanied by various comments: [I will quietly watch you play.] [Don’t ask me where I am. I am actually in front of you.] [The furthest distance in the world isn’t that you love me and I don’t love you, it is that I’m standing in front of you with an invisibility cloak and you can’t see me.] [Dear Old Cat, I came to see you in an invisibility cloak. Are you okay?]

The talented onlookers matched this image with various words of flirting between the two great gods. However, they were fans of other teams or passersby who didn’t care about the final outcome. The Wind Colour fans and Canglan fans weren’t in the mood to joke about the captains. Everyone was nervously staring at the big screen.

Ling Xuefeng already had a double kill on his hands. The ice dragon’s economy might’ve been used to buy a Stealth Cloak but the early advantage allowed him to buy the Witch’s Tears necklace. If he killed one or two more people, Captain Ling would become a boss.

Would Cat God realize he was being targeted by Captain Ling?

The Canglan fans were distraught and wanted to reach into the soundproof room to tell Cat God.

On the VIP stands, brainless fanboy Cheng Wei hurriedly jumped to his feet. “Ling Xuefeng is too unethical! He actually bought an invisibility cloak to kill Cat God. Cat God, quickly find it, quickly find it!”

Ling Xuefeng was invisible. How easy could it be to find him?

The effect of the cloak was much more powerful than a blood kin assassin’s stealth skills. Such a thing couldn’t be dismissed when hit or it would be a waste of money. The cloak was automatically immune to all attacks. Unless the owner launched an attack, they could keep appearing like a ghost by the opponent’s side.

Li Cangyu calmly fought the monsters. The mobs were quickly killed by him and the gold coins constantly emerged above his head.

Ling Xuefeng was very patient and quietly watched him play.

Li Cangyu sometimes passed by Ling Xuefeng in order to kill the mobs. Ling Xuefeng was steady and unmoving.

Suddenly, Li Cangyu seemed to notice something and took a step back.

This was a great god’s feeling about a crisis!

It had been almost two minutes since the third wave of mobs refreshed. There were no fights on the road and Ling Xuefeng couldn’t be seen. Li Cangyu wasn’t slow to react.

Since the other two roads were quiet, Ling Xuefeng must be setting up an ambush!

Li Cangyu expected this but he hadn’t expected Ling Xuefeng to spend a lot of money buying an invisibility cloak to catch him!

According to common sense, the ambush would generally be in the blind spot of the field of view. There were two huge pillars in front of Li Cangyu and he suspected that Ling Xuefeng might be hiding behind them. He thought he could retreat from the demon summoner’s attack range by taking one step back. He didn’t expect Ling Xuefeng to actually be one step away from him!

Ling Xuefeng saw Li Cangyu’s actions and finally moved. He summoned the black crows and used Cover the Sky!

Li Cangyu jumped with fright when he saw the demon summoner suddenly emerge from the invisibility cloak. The black crows rushed over and Li Cangyu’s computer screen turned black.

A man suddenly appeared out of nowhere, accompanied by black crows. If Li Cangyu’s psychological quality wasn’t so high, he might’ve been scared to death!

Li Cangyu, “…”

His most hated skill was the black crows’ Cover the Sky. In addition, this time Ling Xuefeng directly summoned the black crows in front of him. Li Cangyu’s face was stunned and the shocked expression that he rarely showed was quickly captured by the viewers.


“This sneak attack is very cool!” Kou Hongyi couldn’t help saying excitedly when he saw this scene. “The Stealth Cloak can be used like this. Captain Ling’s actions today have opened up a new way of thinking for us!”

Yu Bing continued, “Canglan is in trouble. Wind Colour has three people compared to Canglan’s two. It is estimated that Cat God and Old Zhang can’t run away.”

Sure enough, as soon as Ling Xuefeng acted, the two Wind Colour members who had been pretending to clear mobs finally moved. Yan Ruiwen used Dark Fear on Old Zhang so that Zhang Jueming couldn’t use skills. Then the blood kin sacrifice used Blood shield on Li Cangyu, making him constantly lose blood for a period of time.

The blood kin sacrifice’s Blood Shield could add blood when used on a a team member and decrease blood when used on an enemy. It was very versatile. Li Cangyu had Blood Shield placed on him while being blinded. Old Zhang was controlled and couldn’t help him. Thus, Li Cangyu’s blood dropped to 80% in the blink of an eye.

It was a three against two situation. Li Cangyu was forced to summon the guardian to help him resist the wave of big moves yet Ling Xuefeng didn’t let him go so easily. He summoned the banshee without hesitation and forcibly pulled Li Cangyu away from the guardian!

The audience saw the beautiful demon being appearing and Li Cangyu being pulled from the guardian. The position of the banshee was very clever. The owner Li Cangyu was 8 metres away from the guardian and out of its protection range, causing the effect to be greatly reduced!

At this time, Li Cangyu was still blinded and couldn’t see what was happening in front of him.

Ling Xuefeng summoned four skeleton infantry that surrounded Li Cangyu. The moment the vision control ended, all four skeletons exploded!

The black screen had just ended when there was the light effect of the skeletons exploding. Li Cangyu blinked from the skill effect while Ling Xuefeng’s attack directly knocked out half of his blood!

Wind Colour’s three against two advantage was extremely large. Old Zhang was being controlled and Li Cangyu couldn’t fight Ling Xuefeng head on. He didn’t hesitate to use Flying Feather Steps to move behind a pillar, wanting to escape.

It wasn’t so easy to stop the fleeing elf but Ling Xuefeng had his own unique method. After seeing Li Cangyu go behind the left pillar, Ling Xuefeng summoned the banshee to the right corner and the moment Li Cangyu’s head popped out, the banshee used Witch Demon’s Curse!

A black cloud emerged and spread out at the speed of light, pulling all the mobs and opponent to her side.

Cat God wanted to escape but he was pulled back!

—Skeleton Explosion! —Demon God’s Descent!

Ling Xuefeng unceremoniously unleashed his skills and Li Cangyu’s blood volume was quickly emptied.

[Undead Demon has killed Old Cat!]

Li Cangyu typed a row of ellipsis: […]

—Going this far! Was he trying to rob a dragon?

Spending a lot of money to buy the Stealth Cloak and then using a group skill…

Li Cangyu smile very helplessly and this was displayed on the big screen. The Wind Colour fans excitedly typed: [Call you arrogant. Captain Ling definitely has a method to clean you up!] [Captain Ling can stop being ashamed!]

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help laughing. “Captain Ling, this is definitely true love! He is doing everything he can to kill Cat God!”

This was a joke but in fact, many of the jokes told to the audience were a truth that they couldn’t guess.

Yu Bing calmly added, “Last time Captain Ling had the 10% fire dragon robbed by Cat God. He must be sighing with relief because he definitely wanted to show Cat God in this game. Moreover, Captain Ling’s actions weren’t impulsive or for a vendetta. Killing Cat God is very beneficial for the Wind Colour team.”

In the VIP seats, Cheng Wei was a bit puzzled. “He wants to fight like this just to kill Cat God? Captain Ling’s moves are all on cool down. What about the group battle later? He won’t be able to release any skills.”

Tan Shitian smiled, “Once Cat God is killed, his resurrection time will be very long. Before Cat God is resurrected, it will be impossible for Canglan to open a group combat with Wind Colour. By the time Cat God is back, most of Captain Ling’s cooldowns will be over. It is very cost effective for Captain Ling to do this.”

Cheng Wei suddenly lit up. “Of course. Canglan only has five people left while Wind Colour is in a very good state. Canglan can’t go against Wind Colour.

Zhang Shaohui interjected. “It isn’t five people, it is four. Old Zhang is just about to die!”

While Ling Xuefeng had been killing Li Cangyu, Yan Ruiwen and He Qun had been fighting Zhang Jueming. At this time, Old Zhang only had a trace of blood left and he finally fell helplessly.

[Undying Gratitude has killed Juemingzi!]

This time, his head was taken by Vice-Captain Yan. This meant Yan Ruiwen could buy a black magic necklace which would greatly improve the output of the whole team.

In the Wind Colour command channel, Yan Ruiwen asked, “Captain, do you want to go to the middle highlands?”

Ling Xuefeng ordered, “Go back and update your equipment. The others will go the highlands to prepare to push towards the towers.”


Time passed and Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming had to wait 20 seconds before they could be resurrected. During this time, Wind Colour gathered in the middle highlands.

The defense towers would attack all players who entered within 5 metres of it and would automatically select the closest player. It was almost as painful as being hit by a boss.

Usually when pushing to the tower, the thick-skinned melee would be in front. Wind Colour’s front row was the berserker Liao Zhenyu. He wasn’t as famous as the melee of other teams but he had a good awareness and played very stably. In addition, he bought defense equipment after gaining the ice dragon bonus so the attacks of the towers weren’t a problem.

Liao Zhenyu resisted the tower in front while his teammates stayed behind him and attacked the tower. Within 20 seconds, the defense towers on the east and south sides were broken and the six players gathered in the middle high ground.

The crystal in the centre shone brightly, still full of blood.

Compared to the fire dragon, ice dragon and defense towers, the crystal was much simpler. It was because the crystal didn’t cause harm to the person who attacked it.

The problem was that the crystal’s defense was very high. If the equipment wasn’t sufficient then fighting the crystal would be very slow. That’s why most teams would develop well in the early stages by killing the ice dragon or gaining heads. After gaining the key equipment, they would come to play the crystal. If their equipment wasn’t good enough, they would kill the fire dragon or clear the mobs.

Today, both sides cleared mobs instead of facing the fire dragon.

The economy from clearing three waves of mobs was quite a lot. Both sides had enough equipment to play the crystal but apart from the mobs, Ling Xuefeng had money from three heads and Yan Ruiwen had it from one head. The other players had the ice dragon’s economic bonus and their equipment was more than double Canglan’s!

The speed at which they hit the crystal was extremely fast.

Bai Xuan, Xie Shurong, Gu Siming and Zhuo Hang ran over to interfere but the berserker Liao Zhenyu and blood kin summoner Xu Feifan stayed at the intersection after the towers were cleared. The road was very narrow, like a canyon where two armies fought. It wasn’t easy for Canglan to break through the defenses of these two people.

Ling Xuefeng sent two people to protect the road while the other four released their outputs. Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s black magic spells stacked up for five layers and He Qun applied negative shields on the crystal. Ling Xuefeng couldn’t use any big skills but his attack bonus and equipment meant he caused big damage with general attacks…

Once Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming rushed over after 20 seconds, they saw the scene of the crystal being destroyed!


This time, it was Wind Colour who won and Li Cangyu who saw the crystal being destroyed.

Li Cangyu sent a row of thumbs up. [You played well.]

Ling Xuefeng replied, [Thank you for the praise.]

The audience was speechless as they remembered the last game. Li Cangyu used clever tactics to hit Wind Colour and the almost dead fire dragon. Then he relied on the fire dragon’s buff to take the crystal. Ling Xuefeng had told him that the ambush was good and Li Cangyu had replied with: [Thank you for the praise.]

As a result, this situation of this game was completely reversed. The person who said ‘thank you for the praise’ was Ling Xuefeng.

They were really worthy of being fated opponents!

Li Cangyu was convinced of the arrangement of Ling Xuefeng’s game. The initial 3, 2, 1 split mode illustrated the flexibility of Ling Xuefeng’s tactical thinking. Later, in order to kill Cat God, he bought a Stealth Cloak! It was really convincing!

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Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
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“The furthest distance in the world isn’t that you love me and I don’t love you, it is that I’m standing in front of you with an invisibility cloak and you can’t see me.”

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