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Chapter 216 Finals (2)

Li Cangyu had long known that Ling Xuefeng wouldn’t choose a map that was too simple in the finals. Thus, in the past few days, he studied the seven star high difficulty maps in the league gallery, including Wilderness Ridge.

Wilderness Ridge was located on the boundary of the blood kin realm. The map was dimly lit, the sound was terrible, the scene particularly desolate and there were high and low tombstones. This was actually a graveyard where vampires were buried. In the team battles, the mobs were vampires that emerged from the ground. Girls with low courage would be scared when they walked this map. The vampire mobs were also more difficult to beat than mobs from general maps.

None of these things were a big problem for professional players. All professional players would experience a league map once and it was impossible to be unfamiliar with a map. The key was that there were too many tombstones in the wild area of the map. Accidentally touching a tombstone would cause them to be cursed to death.

This death map was very tricky yet Ling Xuefeng dared to choose it. He naturally had reasons for this. The black crows and banshees were Ling Xuefeng’s favourite pets and the black crow’s Cover the Sky forcibly obscured the opponent’s field of view. Meanwhile, the banshee could pull opponents directly towards the tombstones. These strong control skills gave him a great advantage on the Wilderness Ridge map.

In this regard, Li Cangyu had ways to cope. It was because his wind spirit played the same important role on death maps.

It was hard to win against Wind Colour but it wasn’t impossible.

Li Cangyu quickly told his teammates as they loaded into the map, “Don’t be impulsive if you encounter Ling Xuefeng. Act like a turtle and hide from him. In particular, be careful of his banshee! Even if your economy has to suffer, don’t give him a head.”

Everyone knew that giving Ling Xuefeng a head was basically making him into a weapon. Then Canglan would have no way to win!

Li Cangyu quickly made a mark on the map. “Old Zhang and Xiao Gu will go to this area, I will go to the next one with Xiao Han while Shu Bai will guard the middle. Be stable and kill monsters in order to gain good equipment for the first wave of combat.”

His words just finished when both teams refreshed on the map. The six of them quickly split towards three areas according to the captain’s arrangement and waited for the mobs to refresh.

The surprising thing was that Li Cangyu and Xiao Han didn’t see any members of Wind Colour where they were…

Li Cangyu noticed it wasn’t good and immediately spoke in the command channel, “Report the number of people there!”

Xie Shurong said, “Vice-Captain Yan and the paladin are in the middle.”

Gu Siming actively replied, “I only see one black magician. The other is estimated to be a blood kin who has gone invisible.”

Two black magicians were accounted for while meant Ling Xuefeng…

Li Cangyu reflexively ordered Xiao Han to retreat and didn’t hesitate to use Flying Feather Steps to move behind a tree.

At almost the same time, not far from the tree, Ling Xuefeng summoned a banshee and accurately aimed Charm at where Li Cangyu had been standing, only for it to miss!

The audience saw a strange scene. They saw Ling Xuefeng just used the female demon’s skill only for Li Cangyu to retreat like he had eyes in the back of his head. The almost synchronized brain waves was simply incredible!

In the live broadcast room, there were rows of: [Cat God 6666!] [Cat God is witty!]

Li Cangyu’s fans were naturally very satisfied with his excellent reaction rate.

Ling Xuefeng’s black fans also cheered. [It is really rare to see Captain Ling’s skills miss!] [Clapping Captain Ling, Captain Ling is also 6!]

Ling Xuefeng wasted his skill and typed: […]

Li Cangyu replied: [It isn’t so easy if you want to catch me.]

Ling Xuefeng: [Yes.]

He had been hiding in Canglan’s blind spot and wanted to use the banshee to pull Li Cangyu to the tombstone. The result was that the other person’s reaction was particularly sensitive. As soon as Ling Xuefeng fired the skill, Li Cangyu immediately evaded.

Ling Xuefeng’s banshee had been called a ‘pulling machine’ by many players, showing how accurate his skill release was. He rarely missed when using Charm.

Today he missed the skill in front of Li Cangyu but he remained calm. Ling Xuefeng saw that the mobs refreshed and no longer interfered. He quickly cleaned up the mobs with the invisible blood kin sacrifice.

Li Cangyu also returned to the wild area and rushed to interfere with Ling Xuefeng. Xiao Han was next to his master and help interfere with Ling Xuefeng’s killing speed. However, Ling Xuefeng’s positioning was extremely skillful. He still killed the mobs in an orderly manner without Xiao Han’s interference disturbing his rhythm.

In just a few minutes, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng’s economy were almost even and no one was at a disadvantage.


In the middle road, Bai Xuan habitually gave all resources to Ah Shu. Xie Shurong used his rapid attacks to gain the most benefits with the least consumption. This was the advantage of a fast-moving swordsman.

The main output on Wind Colour’s side was Yan Ruiwen and the paladin gave all the resources to him.

On the other road, Old Zhang sent a message to the team channel. “Qin Mo.”

It was only two words but everyone had played many games together. Li Cangyu quickly understood what he meant. Qin Mo was the one being developed while Guo Xuan assisted him.

This way, the economic resources of the first wave of mobs would be concentrated on Ling Xuefeng, Qin Mo and Yan Ruiwen.

The lineup of the Wind Colour team battle rarely changed but the strategies were flexible. If the focus was on Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan in the early stages, it meant the mid stages would be based on the negative effects of black magic.

However, it could be see that the focus of today’s game was the Ling Qin master and disciple and the vice-captain Yan Ruiwen.  Ling Xuefeng would surely use the pets of both summoners to control the field while Yan Ruiwen’s black magic would be a means to make full use of the map characteristics.

Li Cangyu had an idea in his heart and spoke in the command channel, “Everyone go back to the city and buy resistance defensive clothes.”

The Miracle library had a variety of equipment and each player had their own matching scheme. Today, they definitely couldn’t play according to their previous outfits. Since Wind Colour wanted to use control, they had to buy resistance clothing. In a death map, attack power didn’t matter. The key was who would take the lead in grasping an opportunity.


10 minutes passed and there were no big explosions on both sides. Everyone went back to the city to supplement their equipment and the ice dragon finally refreshed at the cave on the southeast part of the map.

As the first boss, the significance of the ice dragon was self-evident.

Everyone went to the ice dragon refresh point to prepare for the first wave of combat.

Anyone who played Miracle would know the importance of the first wave of combat in team battles. 70% of the teams who won the ice dragon would eventually win. The other 30% might be in the online game. In the professional league, the teams that could win after losing the ice dragon was all due to an unexpected tactical arrangement.

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were both good at counterattacking so this wave of combat was particularly tense for the audience.

On the big screen, both players gathered in the vicinity of the cave. They were probably waiting for the captain’s instructions because no one moved forward.

It could be seen that there were tombstones to the right and left of the cave. Both ace players had strong pulling or control skills and could use the map to directly kill someone. In the end, would it be Cat God or Captain Ling who acted first?

Yu Bing watched nervously while her voice remained calm, “At the beginning of the game, Captain Ling wasted the banshee’s skill. Now 10 minutes has passed and the skill has cooled down. He can use the banshee to pull a single person or a group to cause a death effect on this map.”

Kou Hongyi nodded. “The role of Cat God’s wind spirit is similar. A strong gust of wind that is well controlled can also directly kill a person of Wind Colour. This is the reason why the players don’t dare go forward. We can see that members of both teams are maintaining a delicate distance from the other side’s attack range. As long as a mistake is made, they are likely to be killed in an instant.”

The thrill of a death map was that no matter how much blood a player had or didn’t have, it was likely they would die directly after being careless.

The players on the field stared closely and didn’t dare relax.

The two sides stayed in the same place for a while before Wind Colour finally moved. The blood kin summoner Qin Mo and blood kin sacrifice He Qun suddenly disappeared from everyone’s eyes!

Li Cangyu immediately ordered, “Scatter!”

Canglan quickly dispersed, their reaction speed causing admiration.

Qin Mo’s blood spider had just appeared behind Li Cangyu, trying to hold him in place. Li Cangyu seemed to guess this and used Flying Feather Steps to move to the left, before summoning the wind spirit and casting without hesitation.

—Wind and Clouds Destruction!

This wave of tornadoes was extremely skillful. The group attack blew pass the berserker Liao Zhenyu and the little prince Qin Mo, who were close to the Canglan team.

They hit the tombstones and Qin Mo and Liao Zhenyu instantly died!

Canglan fans were just about to clap when Ling Xuefeng decisively summoned the black crows and used Cover the Sky!

This was the skill that Li Cangyu hated the most.

Black crows swept over where Canglan stood, causing them to lose their vision.

Then Yan Ruiwen used a black magic spell at the same time—Dark Fear!

The vice-captain of Wind Colour was first-rate and could keep up with the captain’s thinking. After Ling Xuefeng used the crows to control their vision, the Canglan team didn’t dare move easily. The result was that Yan Ruiwen’s group control skill hit all Canglan members!

Of course, Ling Xuefeng didn’t just prepare Cover the Sky. He was ready to follow up after summoning the crows. He summoned the banshee and used Witch Demon’s Curse!

The beautiful demon used a big move. Black mist emerged from her body and then gathered. The Witch Demon’s Curse drew the five people who lost the vision to the tombstone next to them!

[The Wilderness Tombstone has killed Ah Shu!]

[The Wilderness Tombstone has killed White Fox!]


The death messages filled the screen.

Only one person survived and that was Li Cangyu.

It was because the moment Ling Xuefeng used Cover the Sky, he moved boldly in the darkness and retreated behind a big tree, showing that his familiarity with the map was no worse than Ling Xuefeng’s!

Li Cangyu escaped these big moves and didn’t hesitate to immediately run. His teammates had died and he didn’t have confidence to win 1v4. The most sensible decision was to return to restore his statuses and think of another method.


Canglan was sent back to the home while Wind Colour started to attack the ice dragon.

In the broadcast room, Yu Bing gave an objective evaluation of this wave of combat. “This wave of combat was truly wonderful! Wind Colour was very meticulous in their tactics. Qin Mo and He Qun entering stealth was actually for the sake of their team members. Their positioning allowed Ling Xuefeng to use the black crows to darken the vision of the opposite team. Yan Ruiwen followed with Dark Fear to control them and then Witch Demon’s Curse was connected. The several skills were released in an orderly manner and took advantage of the terrain of the death map to the extreme.”

Kou Hongyi continued. “We saw that Canglan was almost destroyed, with only Cat God escaping. His luck was good and his resistance equipment played an effective role in him resisting the fear. In the blinded state, he could withdraw from the banshee’s range using his experience. This also shows Cat God’s understanding of the Miracle maps.”

In the live broadcast area, some people joked: [Fortunately Captain Ling didn’t miss this big move or he would have no face in front of Cat God!] [The black crows vision control and the banshee’s group pull is really strong!] [Wind Colour 6666!]

Ling Xuefeng’s first banshee skill missed so this wonderful wave of combat made the fans of Wind Colour really proud.

The ice dragon was a wild map boss and wasn’t easy to kill. Despite the berserker and Qin Mo dying, there was still Ling Xuefeng, two black magicians and the blood kin sacrifice. The sacrifice could rebound damage, the black magician can give negative states and Ling Xuefeng could use pets. Everyone circled the ice dragon and used ranged attacks to fight it, smoothly reducing its blood volume.

[The Wind Colour team has killed the ice dragon!]

[The Wind Colour team has won the economic bonus!]

The two messages that popped up on the screen seemed to indicate the ending of the game.

Ling Xuefeng glanced at the statistics of the game and calmly ordered, “Go back to the city.”

They just killed the ice dragon and everyone’s status wasn’t good. They needed to go back to restore blood and blue. They also made a lot of money and had to buy new equipment. All members of Wind Colour happily replenished at the battlefield store.

At this time, there were two choices. They could go down the middle road to fight the defense towers and pushed all the way to the central crystal. Another option was to rely on the equipment advantage to play the second wild boss, the fire dragon.

The current equipment of the Wind Colour team was almost one level higher than Canglan. Thus, Ling Xuefeng made a sensible decision. “Go to the fire dragon!”

As long as they won the fire dragon, they would win this game with no suspense.


On the big screen, all members of Wind Colour gathered at where the fire dragon would refresh.

However, the audience was surprised to see that Li Cangyu, after going back to the birth point to restore his resources, actually ran to the fire dragon’s refresh point!

Since everyone had been focused on Wind Colour killed the ice dragon, no one had seen Li Cangyu’s movements. It wasn’t until the director aimed the camera to Li Cangyu that everyone discovered Cat God was stealthily advancing to the location of the fire dragon.

Yu Bing was startled. “What is Cat God doing? Is he planning to start a battle with Wind Colour over the fire dragon?”

This was too unthinkable. Canglan had just been wiped out and everyone’s equipment was worse than Wind Colour. It was impossible for them to fight the boss fire dragon with such bad equipment. The moment that fire emerged from the fire dragon’s mouth, the entire Canglan team would burn to death.

The audience watched with confusion, until Li Cangyu moved around the fire dragon and quickly put down a few lights.

Yu Bing finally understood and couldn’t help shaking. “He is arranging the lights in a very clever manner. Is he planning to use the dark zone to set up an ambush?”

Yu Bing had just finished speaking when the resurrected members of Canglan quickly gathered near the fire dragon’s refresh point. They scattered according to Li Cangyu’s arrangement and all hid behind trees.

The Canglan team took advantage of the time difference. They had died before facing the ice dragon and it took only 10 seconds to resurrect after dying the first time. Wind Colour took nearly half a minute to kill the ice dragon. Thus, Li Cangyu came to the fire dragon to make arrangements in advance and had his teammates quickly gather.

The audience had a god’s perspective and found that the Wind Colour members were coming this way.

After walking to the vicinity of the fire dragon, Ling Xuefeng didn’t rush to attack. Instead, he let Qin Mo go around the field of vision. Wind Colour’s equipment was superior but they couldn’t rule out the possibility of being attacked by the other team.

Qin Mo walked in a circle before saying, “There is no one from Canglan.”

Ling Xuefeng ordered, “Start! Quickly take it down!”

In fact, there were two choices after the ice dragon was killed. Canglan could go to the wild area to kill the second wave of mobs, supplementing their economy and equipment. The other method was going to the fire dragon to fight with Wind Colour. It was impossible for Canglan to go directly to the crystal with their equipment.

Since Canglan wasn’t seen at the fire dragon’s refresh point, Ling Xuefeng naturally concluded that Li Cangyu should be killing mobs in the wild area.

Wind Colour didn’t push to the crystal because their current equipment was still a bit weak to do so. If the won the fire dragon, the attribute bonus meant it would be a stable win.

He had the advantage so Ling Xuefeng definitely wanted a stable win.

The audience could see that Cat God was actually very tricky. The Canglan members were hidden behind tombstones. The death map killed people who touched tombstones so Qin Mo couldn’t run towards the tombstones.

The person in Wind Colour in charge of scouting had always been Qin Mo who could go invisible. Li Cangyu used psychology to place the lights behind tombstones. People couldn’t get close to the tombstone but they could control items remotely.

The audience saw this and felt that the small prince’s IQ was crushed by Cat God.

The Canglan players were very calm and kept hiding as they watched the distant Wind Colour.

The Wind Colour team thought that Canglan was killing the mobs in the wild so they were at ease when attacking the fire dragon.

The fire dragon’s blood was 80%…

The fire dragon’s blood was 50%…

The second boss was much less difficult to kill, especially if the Wind Colour members were prepared for the wide range fire attack that occasionally came. However, it consumed many resources.

In particular, the blood kin sacrifice used big moves and barely managed to maintain everyone’s blood.

Fortunately, the Wind Colour team were better equipped and unleashed their hand speed. The fire dragon’s blood was soon almost gone.

The fire dragon’s blood was 10%…

Li Cangyu saw this and ordered. “Go!”

The first to rush out were Gu Siming and Xiao Han. Xiao Gu carried his shield and used Fighting Howl to directly steal the fire dragon’s aggro!

The Wind Colour members were shocked by this little madman. Before they could react, the invisible Xiao Han’s Pain Blade struck the sacrifice, making him dizzy!

At this time, the Wind Colour members had fallen to residual blood due to fighting the fire dragon. Their healer was controlled and they immediately fell into a dangerous situation!

Ling Xuefeng ordered, “Withdraw!”

He reacted quickly. Canglan had used this opportunity for a sneak attack. They were in a full blood and blue state. Even if Wind Colour’s equipment was better, it was impossible to beat the full blood Canglan team. It was likely that all six people of Wind Colour would be directly killed.

However, Li Cangyu didn’t give him the chance to retreat.

Zhang Jueming released skills to enhance attack power and crit rate in a timely manner, then used God’s Seal to control Qin Mo who wanted to run.

Xie Shurong used Spirit Lock to control the berserker in the front row!

Li Cangyu used the water spirit to personally control Ling Xuefeng.

The Wind Colour team encountered an ambush and couldn’t run away. In addition, their blood was low, Ling Xuefeng’s crows and banshee’s big moves were on cooldown and their healer was dizzy…

Forget Ling Xuefeng, not even a god could save Wind Colour.

Canglan had been waiting to ambush for a long time and all of them were full of blood and blue. Xiao Gu was responsibility for maintaining the fire dragon’s aggro while everyone else used their big moves. The swordman’s Light and Shadow Rotation, the assassin’s Death Strangulation, the summoner’s Thunder’s Wrath… The big moves were superimposed and the light effects were dazzling!

[Old Cat has killed Undead Demon!]

[Old Cat has killed Blade Dancer!]

[Frost Descends has killed Shepherd!]

[Frost Descends has killed Surrounding Mountains!]

[Ah Shu has killed Undying Gratitude!]

[Ah Shu has killed Mad Dragon!]

The whole team was wiped out!

The output of the three Canglan members matched each other and they instantly completed a wave of head harvesting. The Canglan fans jumped up and cheered like crazy while the Wind Colour fans were stunned.

How could this happen? Wind Colour clearly had the advantage yet they were wiped out?

To add insult to injury, once Wind Colour was completely destroyed, the ownership of the fire dragon transferred to Canglan. Gu Siming used the Fighting Howl skill to steal aggro and Gu Siming’s blood fell like crazy from the fire dragon’s attacks. However, Bai Xuan was there to restore blood.

The Canglan team’s equipment wasn’t good but the fire dragon only had 10% blood left! This could be emptied as long as everyone unleashed a wave of attacks.

Li Cangyu decisively ordered, “Quickly kill the fire dragon!”

The 10% blood fire dragon received the full output of the Canglan team and fell with an unwilling roar within 10 seconds. Then two lines popped up on the big screen.

[The Canglan team has killed the fire dragon.]

[The Canglan team will gain an attack and defense status bonus.]

Li Cangyu smiled. “Don’t go home and directly push to the crystal!”

As more of the game time passed, the waiting time for resurrection became longer. It would take the Wind Colour members 20 seconds to resurrection and then move from their home. The fire dragon’s refresh point was very close to the crystal and Canglan was in a good condition right now. The attack and defense bonus meant it was feasible to push to the crystal!

Bai Xuan quickly restored everyone’s blood and used the priest’s skill to give them some blue. The six people pushed through the defense tower at a very fast speed. By the time the resurrected Wind Colour members arrived, they could only watch as the crystal was destroyed!


The Canglan members felt disbelief as they saw the word pop up on their screens.

Many audience members hadn’t recovered their spirits yet.

No one thought that after the loss in the first wave of combat, Cat God would actually set up an ambush near the fire dragon.

A team that would run to fight the dragon while wearing bad equipment was only Canglan.

Still, Li Cangyu was truly daring.

He knew that Canglan’s current equipment meant it was impossible to fight the fire dragon or Wind Colour. Thus, he used the characteristics of the map to arrange the field of view in advance and patiently hid for a long time. Once the boss was almost wiped out by Wind Colour, he took his teammates to finish the harvest. This was truly cunning!

Wind Colour played the boss for a long time only to be robbed… the thoughts of the witty cat wasn’t based on common sense.


In the VIP seats, Cheng Wei excitedly exclaimed, “Hahaha, Ling Xuefeng must be going mad. The 10% blood boss was robbed by Cat God and the residual blood Wind Colour team wiped out by Canglan. I would be going crazy, hahaha!”

Tan Shitian smiled and touched his chin. “It is estimated that Captain Ling wants to cough up blood but this doesn’t fit his abstinent style. Therefore, he must hold his breath. It is estimated that he will give Cat God a good beating in the next team battle.“

Su Guangmo sat next to him and couldn’t help sighing, “Cat God’s tactical ambush is truly wonderful! He has a deep understanding of Wind Colour. In fact, the key to that wave of combat was that Qin Mo couldn’t find the vision lights of the other team. If Wind Colour had detected Canglan’s ambush position then Canglan would’ve definitely been destroyed.”

Zhang Shaohui agreed. “Yes. Wilderness Ridge was originally chosen to use the tombstones to kill Canglan in seconds. The result was that it was used by Cat God to place the vision lights behind the tombstones!”

Everyone evaluated the game while feeling admiration for Li Cangyu in their hearts.

The Miracle League had many excellent commanders but Li Cangyu’s thoughts were the most difficult to guess. Ling Xuefeng couldn’t be blamed for today’s unexpected loss. Who would’ve thought that in an equipment and economic disadvantageous situation, Li Cangyu would actually bring his teammates to set up an ambush?

Wind Colour hit the boss to 10% blood only for it to be taken away by the opponents.

In the soundproof room, Ling Xuefeng was very calm and not coughing up blood like Cheng Wei said… however, no one knew what he was thinking.


In the meantime, Yu Bing took a deep breath to control her excitement and spoke in a trembling voice. “The result of this game is really surprising! It can be said that Cat God’s train of thoughts can’t be followed. I didn’t guess that he would actually dare to play like this!”

Kou Hongyi exclaimed, “Cat God is too handsome! Captain Ling must be feeling helpless right now. Cat God doesn’t follow common sense. Jumping out to grab the boss, this type of method is a bit of a petty trick! However, from Canglan’s point of view, this is indeed the only way to counter their disadvantage. It was very risky but the result was excellent!”

“Wind Colour used this map to gain an advantage in the early stages. They didn’t expect Canglan to use it to reverse the situation. This is the first time the Wind Colour’s advantage in the team battle was reversed in this season.” Yu Bing couldn’t help feeling admiration. “The first game is so fierce. The next game will definitely be more intense.”

On the big screen, the score became 1:0. It was intermission time and the players prepared for the next game.

Before leaving his seat, Ling Xuefeng typed on the public channel: [Your ambush was good.]

Li Cangyu sent a smiley expression. [Thank you for the praise.]

This tone seemed quite smug?

The Wind Colour fans silently cursed while the Canglan fans lost their IQs. Li Cangyu just returned to his seat and arranged the next game with the players.

It was a real surprise that they won this game. In fact, he tried the ambush without the expectations of succeeding. There was a chance that Ling Xuefeng would personally scout and find their ambush, or that Canglan’s cooperation wouldn’t be good during the ambush. They might be controlled by Wind Colour’s black magic and ultimately defeated.

Fortunately, Canglan was lucky today and this ambush was successful.

This was the thrill of the game. No one knew the ending until the last moment.

The tacit understanding between the team members made Li Cangyu very happy. In particular, the scene where they connected skills to harvest the heads of the residual blood Wind Colour members was beautiful!

Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling when he thought about this. He patted the shoulders of his teammates and said, “Everyone is good. Let’s work hard and win the second game!”

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