GLS: Chapter 213

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Chapter 213 – Semi-finals

Lou Wushuang’s intention behind bringing a blood kin sacrifice with him was obvious. Slow down the pace and look for opportunities to kill.

An explosive attacker bringing a healer meant the healer’s ability to survive would be greatly improved. As long as the healer survived, Lou Wushuang could find a way to breakthrough and kill the opponents. Moreover, the Shu Bai combination were sent in the second round, avoiding the possibility that Li Cangyu would take Bai Xuan with him in the guard round.

At present, Xie Shurong still had 20% blood left. Lou Wushuang had to quickly kill Ah Shu. Xie Shurong was very smart. He deliberately walked in a circle to delay the time. Lou Wushuang was forced to open the stealth skill and sneak behind to kill him.

Xie Shurong finished using all his skills and was willing to leave. At this time, Lou Wushuang’s blood was full while he had 85% blue left. His Combat Stealth was on cooldown and the assassin’s Fatal Blow had just been used.

The audience was looking forward to seeing who Canglan would send next. There was no doubt about Li Cangyu but the key was his partner. Xiao Han and Bai Xuan had already appeared. The only ones remaining were Xiao Gu, Old Zhang and the slow snail.

[I think that Cat God is likely to take Xiao Gu. He has thick skin and can protect Cat God!] [Maybe he will bring Old Zhang. Old Zhang’s knowledge is first-class and he has control skills. He can help Cat God unleash a big explosion. This is also feasible!]

Canglan’s fans started guessing but they were all shocked when they saw the names on the big screen. Li Cangyu and Li Xiaojiang?

What was his line of reasoning for taking the slow snail?

Lou Wushuang hadn’t expected this because in the regular season, Li Cangyu and Li Xiaojiang never partnered up!

Kou Hongyi touched his face and smiled. “Fortunately I didn’t guess or I would’ve been hit in the face again. Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han haven’t played together in the regular season but today they appeared in the first round of the arena. Cat God and Li Xiaojiang have never cooperated yet they appeared in the guard stage. It seems that Cat God wants to give everyone a different surprise in the playoffs!”

Then Yu Bing said thoughtfully, “It seems that this was his intention behind tearing up the Zhuo Li combination…”

Kou Hongyi asked, “What was his intention? Sister Bing, do you want to explain it to everyone?”

Yu Bing asked, “Who is the slowest player in the Miracle League?”

Kou Hongyi was startled before suddenly realizing Li Cangyu’s arrangement. “Yes! Is there anyone in the Miracle League slower than Li Xiaojiang? I think that if we have to choose the slowest player, Li Xiaojiang will definitely win without a doubt! Captain Lou wanted to slow down the speed with the sacrifice but Cat God is also playing slow. He is saying, we will see who will drag who!”

The audience also figured it out and praised the witty Cat God.

Lou Wushuang really wanted to cough up blood. Why did he ignore Li Xiaojiang?

Indeed, Li Xiaojiang was a very slow player. There was nothing to fear when Li Xiaojiang stood alone without the protection of his teammates but once he was protected, he was the most stable remote turret and his damage was quite scary.

In the previous arena games, the Zhuo Li combination wasn’t as famous as Shu Bai but they also showed wonderful performances. Li Xiaojiang was actually a very special player but he must have strong teammates to cooperate with in order to achieve a better standard.

There was no doubt that Li Cangyu’s protection was absolutely the most stable bronze wall in the league!

Li Cangyu had many pets and his techniques were first-class. It was basically impossible for Lou Wushuang to bypass him to kill Li Xiaojiang. If Lou Wushuang went to kill Cat God then Li Xiaojiang’s output would be terrible.

The big black magic spells would make him lose 35% blood at once. If he used the spell to increase damage, the sacrifice would be needed to make sure Lou Wushuang didn’t die.  Once the healing couldn’t keep up, Cat God would unleash a big move and cooperate with Li Xiaojiang to directly kill him!

The longer the time was dragged on, the more unfavourable the situation would be for Ghost Spirits.

He had to find a way to kill one of them… but would it be so easy to kill Li Cangyu?


Lou Wushuang was well aware of the harsh situation facing the Ghost Spirits team but he quickly calmed down. He took a deep breath and placed his hands on the keyboard to prepare for the key guard stage.

As he expected, Li Cangyu and Li Xiaojiang went to the centre while protecting each other. Li Xiaojiang was hiding behind the captain while Li Cangyu protected Li Xiaojiang with his pets.

There were now two choices for Lou Wushuang. One was to kill God Cat or bypass Li Cangyu to kill Li Xiaojiang. Both options were difficult.

The blood kin sacrifice could give him blood and enhance his ability to survive but it had a fatal flaw. The sacrifice couldn’t control the field and could only rely on the rebound damage shield to fight back at a critical moment. He could also use negative statuses to drop the opponent’s blood over time but this was a more ‘defensive counterattack’ class.

What if the opponent didn’t attack the sacrifice at all? The sacrifice could only add blood back to their teammates.

This was the reason why there were more priests in the Miracle League than sacrifices. A priest was more flexible than a sacrifice. Ghost Spirits’ choice of a sacrifice healer was in line with the team lineup. A blood kin sacrifice could go invisible and form a more tacit cooperation with a blood kin assassin.

However, in today’s game against Li Cangyu and Li Xiaojiang, Lou Wushuang found that bringing a sacrifice to slow down the rhythm was actually useless.

Li Xiaojiang was slower than them and his output more stable!


Five minutes had passed and there was no fierce confrontation between the two sides. Lou Wushuang had been looking for opportunities to break through Li Cangyu’s defense. Li Xiaojiang hid far away and would hit Lou Wushuang from time to time. Of course, they were small skills and the damage wasn’t painful. The blood kin sacrifice would refill Lou Wushuang’s blood.

Still, the audience weren’t stupid and could see that Cat God and Xiaojiang were deliberately dragging things out.

It was like the small snail was constantly tickling him. If it wasn’t for Lou Wushuang’s psychological quality, he would want to climb through the cables to kill this person!

However, Li Xiaojiang played very seriously and every small skill was accurate. It was very annoying when he used small skills to consume the opponent’s resources. In addition, Li Cangyu protected him from Lou Wushuang. There was no way to bypass the pets to kill the black magicians.

The time was getting longer and longer, causing the fans of Ghost Spirits to become anxious. [This black magician is so annoying!] [Canglan’s small snail is making people anxious. Can’t you let us be happy?]

Finally, Captain Lou found an opportunity!

Li Cangyu’s pets had been constantly moving to interfere with Lou Wushuang. Lou Wushuang killed a water spirit, a fire spirit was summoned. He killed the fire spirit and the thunder spirit was summoned… the pets were too much!

At this time, Li Cangyu’s pet skills were cooling down and Lou Wushuang had been waiting for this moment!

Combat Stealth and then get close quickly!

The audience saw Lou Wushuang disappear like a ghost and then appear behind Li Xiaojiang!

—Death Mark, Backstab, Fatal Blow!

The skills fluidly linked and the dagger fell cleanly towards Li Xiaojiang’s back! Xiaojiang lost almost 40% of his blood after being hit by this set of moves.

Lou Wushuang followed with the big moves, Pain Blade and Death Strangulation!

Li Xiaojiang’s blood fell to the critical 10% threshold and his blood gauge flashed red. As long as Captain Lou released one more skill, he would probably die.

The fans of Canglan were distraught and wished to log into a computer to help Xiaojiang block this wave of damage.

At this critical moment, Li Cangyu suddenly summoned a very large pet, demon of destruction!

The giant holding a black hammer suddenly rushed to where Lou Wushuang was located. His hammer fell and caused a huge crater where Lou Wushuang was standing, forcing Lou Wushuang to fall into the pit.

Captain Lou: […]

Ghost Spirits fans: […]

Canglan fans: […]

Everyone saw this scene and typed out ellipses. Even the fans of Canglan wanted to hit Cat God at this time. He still had such a trick? It was actually a pit?

But… it was a beautiful pit!

After the surprise move, the live broadcast room was filled with: [Cat God 6666!]

In the commentators’ room, Yu Bing couldn’t help sighing with admiration. “The demon of destruction is the same as the guardian. It is a summoner’s public pet but few summoners will use it. The main function is to destroy the environment. The effect looks gorgeous but it doesn’t cause too much damage to players. Moreover, the cost of summoning the demon of destruction is extremely high. A lot of blue is consumed and the cooldown time is very long. Cat God summoned it to protect Li Xiaojiang but this is a very smart move.”

It was as Yu Bing said. As long as this protected Li Xiaojiang, Canglan was in a very stable situation.

After Lou Wushuang was buried in the pit, the dizzy effect on Li Xiaojiang was over and he immediately hid behind Li Cangyu and cast a big move.

—Dark Fear!

Lou Wushuang was inevitably hit since he was in the pit. The sacrifice had to move forward to give him blood. As a result, Li Xiaojiang’s fear hit both people!

—Hell Flames!

The accurate black magic group attack skill fell where the Ghost Spirits members were standing. Red flames that seemed to emerge from the depths of hell instantly swallowed the two people!

—Shadow Winding!

Li Xiaojiang’s black magic spells were released in an orderly manner. Several big moves were released and both Lou Wushuang and Zhou Jianan were greatly affected.

Unfortunately, the effect of the fear wasn’t too long and both people recovered. The blood kin sacrifice cast a large shield that pulled the two people’s blood above the safety line.

Unfortunately, Li Xiaojiang had been slowly consuming Lou Wushuang’s blood in the early stages, forcing the sacrifice Zhou Jianan to continuously use skills to restore the captain’s blood. Zhou Jianan didn’t have much blue left and was forced to use a big move. The following situation wasn’t optimistic for Lou Wushuang.

It was because Li Cangyu hadn’t acted yet!

Li Cangyu had been protecting Li Xiaojiang the whole time…

A bad feeling rose in Zhou Jianan’s heart. Sure enough, Li Cangyu finally showed his hand. He used the fire spirit’s long distance attacks to decrease their blood and then released the group attack skill, Thunder’s Wrath!

The big move accurately hit and this time, the blood kin sacrifice couldn’t restore Lou Wushuang’s blood.

[Old Cat has killed Vestige!]

The remaining sacrifice couldn’t kill Cat God and Xiaojiang. In a moment, Li Xiaojiang used a black magic skill and emptied Zhou Jianan’s blood.

[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed South Wood!]

The news on the screen showed that Ghost Spirits had reached the end of the seventh season.

The Canglan fans stood up and shouted excitedly. Some girls who came from far away even wept. In the players room, Li Cangyu’s hands left the keyboard and gently touched he head of the small snail next to him.

Li Xiaojiang was very happy as he walked with Li Cangyu to their teammates!

“Won, we won!” The first one to appear was Gu Siming, who jumped like crazy.

Li Cangyu stretched out his arms and hugged his teammates.

The former FTD and former Canglan captain, every time he lost in a key game, he would extend his arms and hug his teammates while pretending to be indifferent. He told everyone: It is okay to lose this time. There is next time.

Next time and next time, he lost for many years and didn’t give up because he believed he would win one day.

Now he could finally embrace his teammates as the winner and tell everyone, “We won!”

Yes, Canglan won!

They won for the first time in an important playoff game, rather than being knocked out of the first round of the playoffs.

Canglan struggled hard in the seventh season to reach this point. Li Cangyu was confident that they could go further.

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