GLS: Chapter 211

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Chapter 211 – Canglan VS Ghost Spirits (5)

The careful audience members found that after killing Gu Siming and Zhuo Hang on the road, the other four members of Ghost Spirits rushed to interfere with the Shu Bai combination while the Lou Zhang brothers stayed to kill mobs. Thus, after the first wave of mobs was finished, Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui took the lead in buying rings due to the economic advantage of one head and the mobs.

For Miracle equipment, weapons increased attack power, necklaces increased blue and magic while rings increased crit rate. There were solo rings and pair rings and these rings were naturally the most expensive.

Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui’s economic advantage meant they chose the Blood Colour ring.

The pair of rings was very nice. The middle of the silver-white ring had a red gem in the shape of a teardrop, which glowed red at night.

Of course, for professional players, the appearance was secondary and the most important thing was the attributes.

—Crit rate +20% and attack speed +20%!

The left and right hands wore the Blood Colour Ring and and the effect of the bonus was quite powerful. Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui were first-class fast attacking players in the Miracle League. Their explosive power was terrible and the additional crit rate and attack speed were added, making them terrible night killers!

In the first wave of combat, due to the map restrictions and the impact of being killed, Zhuo Hang couldn’t play his role like the first two games. His traps couldn’t stop six assassins and the Blood Swamp map didn’t allow him to lay traps behind his teammates.

The result was that Lou Wushuang and the other assassins rushed to Zhuo Hang and killed him first!

Zhuo Hang wanted to cry. He didn’t expect that six people would join together to kill a newcomer and it was even twice! Wasn’t the treatment given to him by Captain Lou too luxurious?

Gu Siming wanted to save Xiao Zhuo but it was too late. The Ghost Spirits assassins suddenly appeared and unleashed big moves. His paladin couldn’t endure it, let along a fragile hunter.

The double kill went to Captain Lou’s hands and his momentum became even fiercer. Together with Zhang Shaohui, they broke into the rear towards Li Cangyu…

The Canglan formation was broken up. In this wave of combat, the Ghost Spirits team occupied a great advantage and this was maintained to the end. They won the third game in a thrilling manner!

The score on the big screen became 2:1.

Many Ghost Spirits fans were surprised by the result of this game. The pure assassination tactic involving six assassins was something that Ghost Spirits had never tried before and the effect was unexpectedly good!

The Ghost Spirits fans started to cheer madly, expecting Ghost Spirits to gain back some points.

On the Canglan side, Zhuo Hang was a bit depressed. Li Cangyu smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “You are a newcomer. The fact that you were aimed at by six assassins shows that Captain Lou acknowledges you. You should feel happy.”

Zhuo Hang’s mood quickly changed after these words and he scratched his head. “What will we do in the fourth game?”

Li Cangyu looked over at Li Xiaojiang and Xiao Han. “It isn’t good for you to just sit and watch. It is your turn to play in the fourth game.”

The four teenagers immediately brightened and they surrounded Li Cangyu like they were begging for candy.

The fourth game was Canglan’s home. Due to winning two points, this game was still match point.

Li Cangyu touched his chin and thought about it. If the situation was dragged out to the fifth game, it was impossible for Lou Wushuang to make it easy to win. Thus, it was best to end the match directly in the fourth game.

What could he do to win the fourth game in a safe and secure manner?

Li Cangyu considered it for a while before showing a confident smile. “Then we will fight in the arena.”

Everyone, “…”

Captain, are you really going to break Captain Lou’s rhythm today?


There were still three minutes left of rest time. Ghost Spirits would feel more psychological pressure because they had to win this game to get a chance of winning the match. If this game was lost, the score of 3:1 still meant elimination.

It was also Canglan’s home game so Yu Bing felt it was less likely for Ghost Spirits to win. “In the second game when Canglan is home, Cat God unexpectedly chose a team battle. What will he choose for this home game?”

Kou Hongyi said, “I won’t guess. Every time I do, I am beaten by Cat God until my face is swollen. I think that Captain Ling can definitely guess it. Oh right, why didn’t the league let Captain Ling explain this game?”

Yu Bing suppressed her temper. “You can give the chairman a suggestion.”

Kou Hongyi smiled. “Isn’t Captain Ling here today? I saw him in the VIP seats. Would you like to help us guess what Cat God will choose in the fourth game?”

Due to Kou Hongyi’s words, the camera director wisely pointed the camera to the VIP seats. The audience saw Ling Xuefeng’s face appear on the big screen and the veniue became noisy.

There were also many Wind Colour fans who came to watch the game. The close-up of their captain on the big screen was an unexpected benefit for everyone.

Ling Xuefeng usually wouldn’t care about Kou Hongyi’s jokes but today he seemed to be in a good mood. Once he saw the camera on him, he used his face and mouth to tell everyone: “Arena.”

His action caused screams that almost tore off the roof!

The Canglan fans watching the live broadcast outside the stadium couldn’t sit still. [This is a Canglan match. Why is Ling Xuefeng grabbing the camera?] [Ling Xuefeng used his face to create a sense of presence but I still want to see Cat God…]

[Can the 1% Ling Xuefeng guess accurately this time?] [I think it is reliable. They lost in the last game so the witty cat definitely won’t choose a team battle again.]

The rest time ended and the captains of both sides sat at the command post again. Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate and submitted his choice directly to the referee—the arena, City Square!

Lou Wushuang really wanted to vomit up blood!

He finally understood Su Guangmo’s feelings when Flying Feathers fought in Changsha. At the time, Flying Feathers prepared for team battles in that one only to almost cough up blood from Cat God choosing three arena games. Now in the crucial game, Lou Wushuang found a way to deal with Canglan in the team battle. If there was another team battle then he might be able to move back the score. The result was that Li Cangyu didn’t fight with him and chose the arena!

Of course, from an objective point of view, Li Cangyu’s choice was very reasonable. It was match point so it was natural to choose the arena, which Canglan was stronger in.

The players of Ghost Spirits were very depressed because everyone had been fired up!

Fortunately, it wasn’t impossible for Ghost Spirits to play the arena. Lou Wushuang had thought Cat God would choose the arena for all home games and specially trained his players for a week, as well as suggesting splitting the Lou Zhang combination.

Now it happened to come in handy.

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Bwahahahaha i feel bad for Lou Wushuang… Cat God is really too unpredictable… Well except for the 1% LX for course~ Husband really do understand Wifey~

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thanks 4 the chapter………

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Silence is Golden
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And the 1% ling xuefeng is successful once again XD

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Thanks for the chapter! New nickname, the 1%… In any other circumstances, would anyone have been happy with it? 😂🤣 But a certain doting husband must be really proud of it, this proof of couple’s harmony & understanding! 😏