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Chapter 210 – Canglan VS Ghost Spirits (4)

The Canglan team won two consecutive team battles and the referee turned on the ‘match point’ indicator light. According to the three wins out of five games system of the playoffs, whoever won three games would be judged as the winners. In other words, the next game was crucial. If Canglan won then Ghost Spirits would be eliminated directly with a score of 3:0!

Kou Hongyi saw this and couldn’t help exclaiming, “I didn’t expect the Canglan team to get match point first!”

Yu Bing looked at the soundproof room and said, “Ghost Spirits has lost two games and the situation is serious. If the captain doesn’t do anything, Ghost Spirits will end their seventh season here.”

The fans of Ghost Spirits were hurriedly cheering for the members on the live broadcast room and the Canglan fans weren’t to be outdone. The fans organized by the support groups dressed in the uniform of the team and cheered in unison.

The players in the soundproof room couldn’t hear the things outside. The Ghost Spirits were focused on Captain Lou with a serious expression. The atmosphere on the Canglan side was more relaxed with some of the newcomers smiling.

After a short break, the captains of both sides sat on the podium again.

It was the third game and the home and away sides had switched. Ghost Spirits once again had the initiative and Lou Wushuang quickly submitted the mode and map of the game—team battle, Blood Swamp!

Li Cangyu saw this map and sensed something. He remained calm on the surface until the lineup list submitted to the referee was shown on the big screen.

There were actually six assassins!

The calm on Li Cangyu’s face broke as he finally showed a surprised expression.

It wasn’t just Li Cangyu., The other professional players and spectators didn’t think that Lou Wushuang would deal with the Canglan team’s match point in such an extreme way. It was obvious that he was forced onto this road by Cat God.

In the commentators’ room, Kou Hongyi’s face was dull and stunned. He only reacted after a moment. “Six assassins! Isn’t this too hard?”

Yu Bing just thought that Lou Wushuang’s command style was too cautious and conservative. The result was that Lou Wushuang suddenly came out with a bold all output lineup. She was quite surprised and also felt admiration. “Zhuo Hang’s trap interference meant that the assassins of Ghost Spirits couldn’t cooperate. Captain Lou using a bold move is reasonable. Sending six assassins is extreme but in the case of a match point, if they don’t do something new then Ghost Spirits will lose and be directly eliminated.”

The audience understood Yu Bing’s words. After all, the match point was the most crucial game in the whole match. The advantageous team would be stable and steady while if the losing team didn’t fight, they would directly lose.

In front of the TV, Cheng Wei excitedly said, “Oh, six assassins! I have never seen so many assassins playing a team battle before! Is Captain Lou planning a wave of outbreaks?”

Tan Shitian smiled. “Well, Captain Lou’s thoughts are correct. The role of the paladin in Ghost Spirits is to protect the Lou Zhang combination. However, in today’s situation, the role of the paladin is greatly reduced. It is useless if assassins can’t kill people so Captain Lou simply sent a full assassin lineup. This can be very tricky.”

Cheng Wei couldn’t help asking, “Do they want all six people to work together to kill Cat God?”

Tan Shitian thoughtfully touched his chin. “It is possible.”


On the VIP seats, Qin Mo spoke softly into Yan Ruiwen’s ears, “The tactics of Ghost Spirits is actually the most singular in the Miracle League. It is purely based around assassins so it will be more difficult to fight when encountering classes that restrain the assassin.”

Qin Mo’s meaning was clear. For example, hunters were very good against assassin. In the regular season, Ghost Spirits found it very hard to win when encountering Cheetah. It was also the reason why Li Cangyu sent Zhuo Hang today to limit the stealth skills of the assassins.

Yan Ruiwen looked seriously at the little prince.

The captain of Wind Colour was too cold and tough so the little prince didn’t dare go to his master. Whenever there was a problem, he would secretly communicate with Vice-Captain Yan. Yan Ruiwen found that Qin Mo recently liked to analyze tactics when watching the game and his eyes were much better than last year. Today’s Qin Mo was more mentally mature and he was becoming more and more like the team’s heir.

Yan Ruiwen smiled with pleasure when he thought this and patiently said, “Yes, a team with a lineup that is too singular will be easy to target. The most annoying thing for an assassin is a hunter. It was a wise choice for Cat God to let Zhuo Hang join the team battle today. Captain Lou had to use an extreme formation of all assassins.”

Qin Mo asked, “Which team do you think will be the winner of this game?”

Ling Xuefeng suddenly interjected, “Ghost Spirits has a bigger advantage.”

Qin Mo, “…”

Master’s hearing was very good. He could hear from so far away!

Yan Ruiwen also thought it was funny. The captain clearly had a cold and serious expression but he was always paying attention to the discussion over here. He inserted a sentence at a crucial moment, almost scaring them to death.

Qin Mo asked, “Master… why is Ghost Spirits superior? They don’t have the protection of the paladin and healer. If Cat God and Ah Shu hits them with big moves, they will die because they are very fragile.”

Ling Xuefeng reminded him, “The Blood Swamp.”

Qin Mo suddenly realized.

That’s right, the key lay in the map Lou Wushuang chose, Blood Swamp!

This was the most complicated swamp map. The lighting was dim and the swamps on the maps slowed down the speed of the players while adding the negative ‘bleeding state’, which automatically decreased blood every second. In addition, the negative states of this map couldn’t be lifted by any skill!

There were only cluttered stones on the swamp for people to stand up, making the Canglan team face a problem. If everyone dispersed then it would be harder for Zhuo Hang to place his traps. However, if they stood together, it would be easy for the assassins of Ghost Spirits to sneak around and open big moves!

Once Li Cangyu saw this map, he immediately understood Lou Wushuang’s intentions. He thought for a moment before submitting the lineup of the game.

It was still the same as the previous two games.

Kou Hongyi was surprised. “It seems that Cat God is very confident in this lineup!”

Yu Bing said, “Xiao Han and Li Xiaojiang have been sitting on the bench today. Zhuo Hang is the highlight of today’s match with Ghost Spirits but this map… is really difficult for a hunter. The extent that Zhuo Hang can play depends on his understanding.


The two teams sat and the 12 players logged into the match room.

Li Cangyu’s splitting mode was the same as before. He went to the southeast area with Old Zhang, Shu Bai were in the middle while Zhuo Hang and Gu Siming went to the top. In the early stages, Gu Siming would take the initiative to give all the economy on Zhuo Hang. In combat, they had to rely on Zhuo Hang’s traps to stop the assassins from getting close.

This tactic wasn’t wrong in theory and was the best configuration for dealing with Ghost Spirits!

Lou Wushuang wasn’t an incompetent person and wouldn’t be still for so long after being targeted. In this game, Ghost Spirits changed their style of play and abandoned the protection of the paladin and healer, directly sending six assassins. The nerves of the audience were mobilized because the six members all directly entered stealth. In the eyes of the Canglan players, the entire map was empty and no enemies could be seen!

What was the concept of six assassins staring at you?

Many viewers thought their backs would be freezing.

An assassin had two stealth skills. One was the stealth that could be opened in the non-combat state and it lasted for a long time. As long as they didn’t attack or were attacked, their figures wouldn’t appear. There was also the short combat stealth which could be used to release a big outbreak or escape at a critical moment.

The six Ghost Spirits obviously opened non-combat stealth. The more extreme thing was that Lou Wushuang didn’t split the players into three roads. All six people moved together!

Since the start of the seventh season, 95% of team battles had the teams split into three ways to kill mobs and earn money. This was the most stable and reasonable arrangement recognized by the captains of the major teams.

However, Lou Wushuang made a strange move today. He didn’t send people to the middle of the south areas and went together on the road. The players of Canglan didn’t know this because all of the Ghost Spirits members were completely invisible!

Lou Wushuang used this small trick to gather a large number of troops on the road. He decisively ordered, “Go!”

His voice was like a glass of ice water in the summer, making people feel refreshed!

The other give assassins of Ghost Spirits immediately appeared and followed Lou Wushuang. They flexibly circled, with one person controlling Gu Siming and the other controlling Zhuo Hang. Then the remaining four people exploded their moves.

—Pain Blade, Backstab, Fatal Blow!

Six assassins teamed up to attack on the road. Gu Siming and Zhuo Hang couldn’t understand what happened and immediately died.

[Vestige has killed As the Name Suggests!]

[Shadow has killed Great Navigator!]

The tacit understanding between Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui surprised the audience. One brother received a head and the younger brother received one. The time difference between them was no more than two seconds!

The moment of the attack, Gu Siming shouted into the voice channel, “There are six people on the road. Oh my god, six people!”

The killed Zhuo Hang made a tearful expression on the team channel.

The other four people saw the news of their deaths and were a bit surprised. Li Cangyu couldn’t help sighing. Lou Wushuang’s play was really unexpected but also very beautiful! He abandoned the resources in the middle and lower areas and went to suppress Zhuo Hang and Xiao Gu, directly killing both of them. This was actually very profitable for the Ghost Spirits team.

There was no other way. Li Cangyu had to say, “Hurry and kill the monsters. Prepare for the first wave of combat!”

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