GLS: Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Regular Season Match

After Li Cangyu abused Qin Mo in the online game, he continued to do the bounty mission with his teammates.

Xie Shurong couldn’t help sighing. “In this battle, Qin Mo’s self-confidence suffered a serious setback. It is estimated that he will be slow for a while.”

Bai Xuan gloated. “It is a misfortune caused by underestimating Cat God.”

Gu Siming couldn’t help asking, “What if he goes back and tells his master? Then he will ask his master to help sweep us up… Ah, can I see Captain Ling?!”

Xiao Gu was obviously Ling Xuefeng’s fan and his voice became excited when he talked about Captain Ling.

Bai Xuan smiled. “Xiao Gu, tomorrow is a regular match between the Time team and Wind Colour team. Ling Xuefeng won’t have time to care about the online game. Moreover, I heard that Qin Mo has a very high self-esteem. Such a shameful thing, he certainly won’t tell his master.”

“Oh…” Gu Siming felt regret before he cried out excitedly. “By the way, the game between Wind Colour and Time is at 9 in the morning. Do you want to watch it?”

Li Cangyu asked, “Then it is 9 in the evening in New York?”

Bai Xuan nodded. “Yes.”

Li Cangyu said, “Then we can watch it.”

Xie Shurong added, “My team has a holiday tomorrow. I will come over and watch it with you.”

“Aren’t you really coming over for dinner?” Bai Xuan poked him.

Xie Shurong smiled. “Vice-Captain Bai knows me too well. Your cooking is too delicious. Tomorrow, can you cook fried bamboo shoots and braised pork ribs? I will bring you a full race set of commemorative Miracle postcards.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

‘Okay, I will look at the gift to satisfy you.’

Li Cangyu said, “Tomorrow, take a trip to the supermarket and buy more fish.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

Okay! He would do this for Cat God’s sake!

Gu Siming listened to the three people discussing food and couldn’t help sending a row of tearful expressions. “I want to eat too!”

Bai Xuan smiled and said, “You are halfway around the Earth and can’t eat. Once we return, I will invite you for a meal.”

Bai Xuan’s voice was gentle and Gu Siming’s eyes immediately lit up. “Yes! I want to eat mapo tofu and braised chicken wings!”

Xie Shurong added, “I want to eat roast duck.”

“Cough” Li Cangyu decided to switch the topic. “Stop or I will become hungry again. We still need to level.”


The four people kept doing the bounty mission until 11:30 in the evening. Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong had risen to level 35. Gu Siming was with the three masters and quickly rose to level 27.

It wasn’t good for Bai Xuan to stay up late. Li Cangyu urged him to rest while Xie Shurong was still part of the ICE Club and also couldn’t stay up late. The three of them went offline while Gu Siming followed his captain’s arrangement and did the missions to level up.

He had played three accounts before and was familiar with the road for the beast race’s main storyline. By 8 in the evening, he really rose to level 35. On the other side in New York, Li Cangyu and the others also woke up and everyone met up.

At level 35, the bounty missions couldn’t be completed anymore and a new instance called ‘Frost Temple’ opened. The elite groups of the major guilds went to Frost Temple. For a time, everyone was busy levelling and nothing happened in the game.

After one day, there were people who had risen to level 40 in the new Moonlight Forest district.

The presidents of the major guilds stared at the leaderboard and found that Love to Eat Braised Fish had been offline for eight hours. They were confused for a moment. What was the routine of these people? Did they sleep in broad daylight and stay up all night?

The witty Luo Xiaoluo reacted first. “Perhaps they are abroad? Isn’t it the opposite of our schedule?”

Time Machine hit his thigh. “It makes sense! Their online time means they are likely to be overseas!”

Everyone was excited at discovering this.

Unfortunately, it was useless after their excitement died down. Did the fact that they were abroad mean anything? The Time Guild was still confused about the identity of Love to Eat Braised Fish.


Li Cangyu continued to lead the team in the Frost Temple instance. There were many mobs in this instance and the pressure on the front row knight was very big. It was an opportunity to see if A’Shu and Xiao Gu could handle the front lines together.

A’Shu’s style had always been fast so Li Cangyu was surprised when he saw that Xiao Gu could actually keep up with his rhythm.

Xie Shurong was also surprised. He didn’t expect this 17 year old to be so energetic and jump around everywhere.

Bai Xuan turned back and said, “It seems that we underestimated Xiao Gu’s strength. It is just an instance but he is clearly very skilled to be able to keep up with Xie Shurong’s fast rhythm.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “I think that the nickname of ‘Small Madman’ really suits him.”

The four people smashed through the instance and the levelling process was very fast.

Xiao Gu was young but he played a paladin very well. He dragged a group of mobs with him without the slightest fear. A’Shu cooperated with him to suppress the blood of the mobs in the front row. Cat God attacked and killed the monsters from a distance while Bai Xuan only needed to occasionally add blood to his teammates.

The players would hide from most of the high-damage skills themselves. This was just a simple instance but Bai Xuan hadn’t had such an easy time for ages. Thanks to his forceful and considerate teammates, the pressure on the healer was reduced in an instant!


The next night, Xie Shurong really brought a gift when he came over.

He knew that Bai Xuan liked to collect all types of fun goods regarding Miracle and was willing to exchange them for a meal.

Bai Xuan’s dishes were more abundant than last time and Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan happily hate. Bai Xuan was the chef and his mood was particularly good.

It was because Xie Shurong brought a beautiful set of six commemorative postcards containing the Miracle races as a gift for Bai Xuan. This set was extremely difficult to buy.

Bai Xuan felt that if he could receive this type of ‘meal payment’ every time, he would happily cook every day! Bai Xuan couldn’t help setting up the collection in the area.

The three people ate dinner and some fruit, before Xiao Gu woke up and went online.

Once the boy entered the game, he shouted in the voice room, “It is at 9 o’clock. Don’t forget the game!”

Li Cangyu replied, “Okay, let’s watch it together.”

He took the laptop to the table in the living room and opened it to the live channel of the Miracle Professional League.


There were too many teams in recent years and not enough time. Therefore, the Miracle League divided the competition into two grades: the first division and the second division.

There was 16 teams in the second division, which started after the spring festival and ended two months after Lunar New Year. The team ranked first at the end would have a match with the last ranked team in the first division. After winning, they could advance.

The first division took place after the second division and contained the matches between the most powerful teams in the league. The league only placed eight teams in the first division. AT the end of the season, the team with the worst score would have a match with the first ranked team of the second division. If they lost, they would be downgraded.

This mode of ‘eliminating the last team of the first division’ and ‘promoting the first team of the second division’ undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on the professional players. The strong teams were afraid to relax and it made the overall strength of the domestic league higher and higher.

At 8:45, the live broadcast finally started.

The commentators who appeared on the live channel were a handsome girl with short hair and a gentle-looking man in glasses. The two people wore dark blue suits and had silver medals on the collar.

“Good morning everyone. This is the last game in the first stage of the sixth regular season of the Miracle Professional League. It is the match between the Wind Colour team and the Time team! I am Kou Hongyi and I will be explaining this game.”

The short-haired girl nodded to the camera and said calmly. “Hello everyone, I am Commentator Yu Bing.”

Li Cangyu was surprised. “Yu Bing changed to a commentator?”

Gu Siming said in a positive manner. “Sister Bing became a commentator after she retired from the Red Fox team and she is currently the most popular commentator in the Miracle League! Her partner is Kou Hongyi and Sister Bing generally only explains important events in the league!

Li Cangyu didn’t know Kou Hongyi but he had a very deep impression of Yu Bing. After all, female players in the Miracle League were rare. Yu Bing was the first captain of the Red Fox team and she also created a pure female team.

In the second season, the appearance of the Red Fox team made the male players of the Miracle League feel complicated. Should they show mercy to females on the field? The result was that they were a bit distracted and the female players abused them. The group of people realized that female players were also very scary and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Some male players might feel that losing to females was humiliating but Li Cangyu had no prejudices against gender. In his view, as long as the male and female people worked hard for their goal, they were opponents worthy of respect.

It was because Cat God treated men and women equally that female players such as Yu Bing saw him as a ‘good friend’ and he hadn’t found a girlfriend yet!

Of course, this was just Bai Xuan’s guess.

After retiring, Yu Bing became a commentator with a good way of explaining the game. Her popularity was very high and her disposition generally calm. A professional player speaking game commentary was better than the nonsense of laymen.

On the live channel, Yu Bing said, “The first round of the regular season is almost over. I believe that many friends are concerned about the rankings of the eight teams in the first division. You can look at the latest points list that the league has just released.”

The screen showed the team leaderboard.

At present, Flying Feathers, Ghost Spirits and Cheetah were in the top three. Time and Wind Colour were tied for fourth while Red Fox, Pure Cleansing and the Terminator team had similar points. Once Wind Colour and Time finished today’s match and won different points, this list would definitely change again.

Xie Shurong asked, “Cat God, who do you think will win between Wind Colour and Time?”

Li Cangyu thought for a moment before replying, “I don’t know Tan Shitian so I bet that Ling Xuefeng will win.”

Xie Shurong said, “Then I bet that Time will win. I am more familiar with Cheng Wei.”

Bai Xuan smiled and added. “I will be the referee. The person who loses the bet will go to the kitchen and wash the dishes.”

The two men regretted it. If they knew they would have to wash the dishes, they wouldn’t have made the bet!

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