GLS: Chapter 209

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Chapter 209 – Canglan VS Ghost Spirits (3)

In Ghost Spirits’ soundproof room, Lou Wushuang’s expression was still calm. Regardless of the occasion, he always maintain his cold appearance. The indifferent gaze from behind the silver glasses made people feel cold.

Maybe his gaze would be milder when facing his younger brother Zhang Shaohui but at this moment, his eyes weren’t looking at the tall man beside him. They were staring coldly at the players as he said, “This is only the first game. You don’t have to be discouraged. Canglan sending Zhuo Hang today is something I didn’t expect. Zhuo Hang’s hunter will indeed cause us a lot of trouble but it isn’t impossible to deal with. We will shift our target and kill Zhuo Hang first!”

Captain Lou’s words were as cold as the water in winter but there was a force in the tone that couldn’t be rejected. “Canglan should choose the arena as the second game. After all, the arena is their strength. On our side, there is only one way to win in the arena. I will split into a separate group with Ah Hui.”

Zhang Shaohui’s eyes widened with surprise. “Brother, we rarely split up…”

Lou Wushuang explained, “Being unexpected is the only way to beat Canglan. Do you remember that the Tan Cheng combination of Time also split up when encountering Canglan? We might not be able to win against the combination of Cat God and Old Zhang if both of us are the guards. If we separate, I will bring the healer, you will take the paladin and the middle will have the double assassins combination. This is triple the insurance.”

The named players nodded seriously.

Ghost Spirits had six assassins, a paladin and a blood kin sacrifice. The previous arena games had the Lou Zhang brothers as the guards while the front two combinations were relatively weak. Today when facing Canglan who was strong in the arena, Lou Wushuang would take the sacrifice and Zhang Shaohui the paladin. The strength of these two combinations should be enough to fight the aces of Canglan.

Zhang Shaohui naturally had no objection to his brother’s decision and quickly nodded. “I understand.”

In fact, the Ghost Spirits team had focused on practicing the arena during this one week. After all, Canglan was acknowledged to be strong in the arena. In order to cope with them Lou Wushuang had combined with the sacrifice and Zhang Shaohui also cooperated with the paladin. They were all first-rate players and often cooperated in team battles. This one week of training was enough for them to form a combination in the playoffs.

Everything was prepared and the rest time was over. The referee lit the signal light to indicate the beginning of the second game. The waiting audience members encouraged the players with warm applause.


The second game was Canglan’s home game.

Kou Hongyi said with a smile, “I think this game will definitely be the arena mode.”

As a result, Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to submit the game mode and map to the referee—a team battle, the Frost League.

“…” Kou Hongyi once again felt like crying. He suddenly found that every time he explained a Canglan game, he would guess wrong. Cat God’s thoughts really couldn’t be guessed by stupid humans!

Canglan was strong in the arena yet they actually chose a team battle at home?

Kou Hongyi cursed in his heart and touched his nose. “Cough, it seems that I guessed wrong…”

Yu Bing had long been accustomed to this and calmly said, “Cat God’s thinking, 99% of people can’t guess it.”

Kou Hongyi smartly replied, “The remaining 1% is called Ling Xuefeng.”

The audience, “…”

They carefully pondered it and found that these words were true. To be honest, 99% of people couldn’t guess Li Cangyu’s tactical thinking but Ling Xuefeng could often guess it. Perhaps because they were both summoners?

In front of the TV, Su Guangmo couldn’t help laughing, “Haha, Lou Wushuang probably wants to cough up blood!”

The Flying Feathers team had prepared for a week for team battles only for Canglan to choose three arena games. This caused Su Guangmo pain. Now Lou Wushuang also felt this pain. After practicing the arena for a week and spending the few minutes of rest time arranging the order of the arena, even splitting up the Lou Zhang combination, the result was that Canglan chose a team battle!

What did Cat God want to do?”

Zhang Shaohui directly let out crude words. “Crap! Frost League, isn’t this too sinister?”

Ghost Spirits, “…”

Frost League was within the angel realm in the Miracle game. It was a bright white map where the ground was paved with ice crystals. Walking on it would reflect their image, like stepping on a mirror. The map was similar to Ice Valley and had a full map deceleration effect. Unlike Ice Valley, this map had a number of icicles in the middle as obstacles in addition the deceleration.

If it was just deceleration than the assassins of Ghost Spirits weren’t worried.

The key was the icicle obstacles. It was reasonable to say that a map with obstacles was excellent for an assassin since they could hide behind various obstacles to unexpectedly attack the opponent.

However, today there was Zhuo Hang!

As long as Zhuo Hang placed traps around the icicles, it was impossible for the assassins of Ghost Spirits to be invisible!

The impact of the small Zhuo Hang was so large on Ghost Spirits. This was unpredictable for the audience members and Lou Wushuang.


The game soon started and both teams loaded on the map.

The lineup for Canglan was the same as before. Xiao Gu, Xiao Zhuo, Ah Shu, Vice-Captain Bai, Cat God and Old Zhang. The lineup of Ghost Spirits also hadn’t changed. They brought four assassins, a paladin and a blood kin sacrifice. This was the most stable lineup.

After seeing this, Yu Bing had a hunch that Ghost Spirits would find it hard to win.

There was a reason for Lou Wushuang’s decision. This was the most stable lineup for Ghost Spirits and had won against many strong teams. The problem was that this lineup didn’t have many advantages against Canglan. The playoffs were a brutal elimination system and a tactical error was likely to ruin the chances of the team advancing.

If Ling Xuefeng was the commander, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate to change people in the second game. Ling Xuefeng was tough and would decisively substitute someone on the spot. In comparison, Lou Wushuang was more cautious and conservative. The style of his command was calm and meticulous, but he was rarely bold.

Li Cangyu was the opposite. Among the commanders in the league, he could be called daring and would give many wonderful lineups. The amazing thing was that he could still win…

This game turned out like Yu Bing guessed. Lou Wushuang was calm and conservative while Li Cangyu was particularly bold. He directly used Zhuo Hang as a super bodyguard. Zhuo Hang’s traps were present wherever the players went. It was basically impossible for the assassins of Ghost Spirits to sneak up on Canglan.

In the first wave of combat at the ice dragon, Li Cangyu used his wind spirit and blew the players towards the icicles. Cat God once again acted to kill Flowing Moon and Quicksand of Ghost Spirits!

Both of them wanted to cry. Why were they so unlucky today? They were forced out of stealth twice?

This wave of combat was more intense than the previous game. The two assassins of Ghost Spirits took Xie Shurong’s life before dying and the Lou Zhang combination killed Zhuo Hang. The two sides exchanged 2:2 heads with no loss.

The key point was that the two heads were taken by Li Cangyu while the Lou Zhang brothers took one head each.

This would create an economic gap and was equivalent to fattening up Li Cangyu. There was an elf summoner with an acceleration staff in his hand. In the next wave of combat, he became like a phantom and was an unpredictable existence. His pets walked across the field and others couldn’t catch him. He was a bug!

Cheng Wei came to the venue to watch the game and couldn’t help saying, “I want to turn black on Cat God. Deliberately wandering around in front of the Ghost Spirits members. Is this intentional? Captain Lou’s psychological quality is really good if he hasn’t coughed up blood yet!”

Tan Shitian smiled and said, “Fattening up Cat God, Ghost Spirits won’t have any good fruit to eat next…”

Indeed, the result of Li Cangyu’s double kill wasn’t just the acceleration equipment to improve his movement speed but also an attack bonus to improve his explosive power. A simple Fireball from the fire spirit could decrease the opponent’s blood by 15%. Two Fireballs was equivalent to a big move!

Li Cangyu was extremely fast and Fireball had a short casting time. He could almost seamlessly connect them. The audience saw Old Cat wearing the white summoner’s outfit and blowing like the wind through the map. The fire spirit followed him and Fireball was released one after the other, almost becoming a gorgeous fireworks show!

The healing ritual of the Ghost Spirits team was interrupted by Fireball and the sacrifice was so angry that he wanted to drop his keyboard!

In this game, Ghost Spirits once again lost and the score on the big screen became 2:0.

This was unfavourable for Ghost Spirits!

The mood of the Ghost Spirits fans were very low. Everyone thought that Ghost Spirits would have no problems before the match. However, today everyone saw a brand new Canglan team that defeated Ghost Spirits in two consecutive games!

Li Cangyu also proved to everyone—we are strong in the arena but our team battle isn’t bad!

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Vei Kyuu
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