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Chapter 208 – Canglan VS Ghost Spirits (2)

The setting of Zhuo Hang’s traps was so fast that an assassin of Ghost Spirits inadvertently walked into the trap, had his stealth skill removed and the blood kin assassin immediately appeared.

The light of this map was extremely dim but Li Cangyu’s eyes were as sharp as an eagle. He aimed at the position where the assassin was standing and unceremoniously had this thunder spirit attack.

—Thunder’s Wrath!

There was a loud bang and a purple thunderbolt descended from the sky. In addition to the exposed assassin, the teammate beside him were also hit. Two assassins of the Ghost Spirits team immediately lost 20% of their blood!

Xie Shurong and Zhang Jueming followed their captain’s rhythm. Once they saw Cat God act, Zhang Jueming didn’t hesitate to use the white magician’s auxiliary big move while Xie Shurong teleported to the two people and used Light and Shadow Rotation!

Zhuo Hang also dealt some output damage. Trap Blast!

The big moves came one after another, the speed too fast. In just three seconds, various skills and light effects overlapped, causing the dark map to become bright.  The two assassins of Ghost Spirits didn’t have any time to output before they were directly hit by the Canglan team!

[Ah Shu has killed Flowing Moon, first kill!]

[Ah Shu has killed Quicksand, second kill!]

These assassins were newcomers raised by Lou Wushuang in the sixth season. After the sixth and seventh seasons, the two of them had become a highly familiar assassin combo along with the Lou Zhang brothers. They formed the assassination lineup of the Ghost Spirits team.

However, the two people were unlucky today. One step in Zhuo Hang’s traps caused them to instantly be killed.

“Beautiful! Kou Hongyi couldn’t help cheering. “I didn’t expect the team’s ability to set fire to be so strong. Once Zhuo Hang’s trap was triggered, Cat God, Ah Shu and Old Zhang combined to kill them and the skills were so fast that is was dizzying!”

Yu Bing also sighed. “It seems that sending Zhuo Hang in today’s team battle was a bold move for Cat God but it was effective. The hunter’s traps caused big trouble to the assassins of Ghost Spirits.”

This was a bit unexpected for Lou Wushuang and he frowned slightly.

Before the game, he tried to guess Li Cangyu’s formation and thought that Xiao Han was most likely to play in the team battles. He didn’t expect Zhuo Hang who rarely appeared in the team battles to actually participate in this one.

The even more unexpected thing was that Zhuo Hang’s speed was extremely fast. It was almost comparable to the winner of the sixth season’s rookie award, Chen Anran.

The most terrible thing about hunters was their ability to quickly set up traps to suppress the opponents. If they could arrange traps in combination with the terrain then it would be hard for the opponents to move!

Today, Zhuo Hang could do both these things. He didn’t just move like the wind but his trap layout was extremely sturdy. It was just against the black stone pillars where an assassin had been hiding. The assassin stepped forward and accidentally triggered Zhuo Hang’s trap!

This wasn’t a coincidence but Zhuo Hang’s precise grasp of the terrain.

The two people killed by Canglan were obviously annoyed. They looked at each other and reluctantly waited for their resurrection.

Captain Lou Wushuang was very quiet. He gave Zhang Shaohui a signal on the map. Zhang Shaohui immediately followed him to the front of the Canglan team.

The audience felt a bit nervous. From their perspective, the Lou Zhang brothers were standing opposite Li Cangyu at this time. However, they were both invisible so Li Cangyu didn’t notice there were two terrible assassins in front of him.

The Lou Zhang brothers took advantage of this opportunity to act at the same time.

Zhang Shaohui used Pain Blade to stun Li Cangyu while Lou Wushuang controlled the healer Bai Xuan. Then both of them attacked Li Cangyu while cooperating with the blood kin sacrifice. Li Cangyu’s blood immediately fell to 10% residual blood!

Cat God’s blood gauge was flashing red and the milk dad Bai Xuan was fainted and unable to add blood. After seeing that Li Cangyu was going to die in seconds, Gu Siming rushed to the captain’s side and decisively opened Guardian’s Power!

A golden light shone on the body of the elf summoner. This was the paladin’s skill that protected the designated target. Gu Siming placed the shield on his captain and Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui’s most critical attack skills were transferred to Gu Siming.

Li Cangyu saw this and felt gratified. He didn’t exact Xiao Gu’s reaction to be so fast and he actually knew to run back to protect the captain at a key moment…

The thing that made Li Cangyu especially happy was that the Lou Zhang brothers failed to kill him and wanted to retreat, only to be set in place by Ah Shu’s Spirit Lock!

Wanting to kill their captain, it wasn’t so easy to leave!

Xie Shurong wasn’t a herbivore. He just killed two assassins and was in an excited state. He turned back and hit Lou Wushuang with a set of combos, causing Lou Wushuang’s blood to fall to 50%. Lou Wushuang was forced to open Combat Stealth to rapidly retreat and Zhang Shaohui naturally withdrew with him.

This wave of the team battle ended with two assassins being killed and the Lou Zhang brothers reluctantly retreating.

In the commentators’ room, Kou Hongyi exclaimed, “Ghost Spirits is suffering at home, this is rare!”

Yu Bing explained calmly, “We can’t blame them. The two assassins of Ghost Spirits obviously didn’t expect Zhuo Hang to set a trap nearby and accidentally triggered it, giving Cat God a chance to kill them.”

Kou Hongyi said, “Ghost Spirits suffered a big loss in this wave and it will be difficult for them to make a comeback.”

Yu Bing agreed.

The game wasn’t over yet but many people already expected the ending. Xie Shurong had two heads and after Ghost Spirits retreated, the Canglan team quickly won the ice dragon’s economic bonus. Gaining the ice dragon was such a big advantage that it was almost impossible for the Ghost Spirits to reverse the situation.

Unless Li Cangyu lost his IQ at a critical moment… but this probability was infinitely close to 0%.

Cat God’s IQ was online for a long time, especially during a match. Cat God’s head worked quickly and he was always stable when he had an advantage. Moreover, Ah Shu’s attack bonus from the double kills was enough to make the Ghost Spirits’ assassins nervous. It wouldn’t be easy for the assassins to kill Old Cat in one breath.


Sure enough, it was as Kou Hongyi and Yu Bing expected. After the defeat in the first wave of combat, Ghost Spirits found it more and more difficult to play.

Li Cangyu had a habit when commanding games. He would play very hard when in the disadvantageous position, letting the opponent accidentally make a mistake and then seizing this opportunity to reverse the game. However, he was particularly stable in the advantageous position. He was as stable as a mountain and didn’t move. The enter Canglan team was like an unbreakable wall that didn’t give the opponent a chance to counterattack.

The first wave of combat fattened up Xie Shurong and he became a very sharp swordsman. His hand speed plus the equipment bonuses made his big moves the same as cutting vegetables.

Meanwhile, Zhuo Hang and Li Cangyu were the typically fast attackers. Thanks to Old Zhang doubling their attack at key moments, the attack power of the three people far exceeded the four assassins of Ghost Spirits.

Once the two sides met again in the lower middle road, Ghost Spirits fought Canglan and lost, sending another two heads.

At this point, Ghost Spirits completely lost any chance of turning things around. The Canglan team pushed through through the defense towers and directly crushed the central crystal!

The result stunned the audience. After all, Ghost Spirits’ home games were notoriously difficult to deal with. In the regular season, Ghost Spirits eliminated many strong teams at home, including Canglan!

Today, Ghost Spirits’ assassin pair were killed by a newcomer, making it difficult for the Ghost Spirits fans to accept.

Canglan fans were very pleased. They won the first game, which was extremely beneficial to the morale of the team. It was a good start to the playoffs.

The score on the big screen became 1:0. Li Cangyu smiled and brought the players together to prepare for the next game.


In the VIP seats, Qin Mo commented, “I think that Gu Siming and Zhuo Hang are performing very well today. Their reaction rates are much faster than the regular season.”

Vice-Captain Yan Ruiwen smiled. “This is the process of quantitative change to achieve qualitative change. Xiao Gu is a player from the Dragon Song training camp. His foundation is very solid but his awareness wasn’t enough in the regular season, especially when it came to protecting teammates. During this period of time, Cat God should’ve designed targeted training for him. He isn’t stupid so it isn’t surprising that he can keep up with the pace of the team.”

Qin Mo nodded in agreement. “Yes, just now, if he hadn’t come back in time to throw the shield on Cat God then Cat God would’ve probably died. Once Cat God dies, Xie Shurong would have to face the Lou Zhang brothers and might not be able to fight. The ones to collapse would be Canglan.”

Guo Xuan interjected. “I think Zhuo Hang has made very fast progress. I watched the last match between Canglan and Cheetah and he didn’t have too much of an advantage against Chen Anran, vice-captain of Cheetah. However, based on today’s performance, he has learned from Chen Anran. He blended his own style with what he learn, combining his effective hand speed with the terrain.”

“The most difficult thing for a hunter is to grasp the terrain. Zhuo Hang’s level has improved a lot…” Qin Mo scratched his head and asked doubtfully, “The newcomers of Canglan seem to have hormones injected in them today. How can they improve so much?”

Yan Ruiwen touched his chin and thought for a moment. “Perhaps this was Cat God’s targeted training during the week. They aren’t stupid and also have the long accumulation of experience in the seventh season. Perhaps that’s why they seem better today than usual?”

After discussing it for a while, Yan Ruiwen found that Ling Xuefeng was silent. Yan Ruiwen couldn’t help looking over and asking, “Captain Ling, what do you think?”

Ling Xuefeng only said one thing. “We have to prepare for the next battle with Canglan.”

Everyone knelt down!

The captain’s words were really domineering. The match wasn’t over yet he was so sure that Canglan would advance?

Still, no one could refute him when they saw Ling Xuefeng’s cold but firm eyes. They could only think in their heart, ‘Your confidence in Cat God is really unparalleled. Only the first game is finished yet you directly confirmed that Canglan will win! Is this an opponent or true love?’

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