GLS: Chapter 203

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Chapter 203 – Final Game of the Regular Season (4)

The second game started very quickly. During the selection stage, the map submitted by Li Cangyu surprised many viewers—Ice Valley!

It was a deceleration map.

[The first round is acceleration and the second round is deceleration. Cat God really knows how to play!]

Comments filled the live broadcast room and Yu Bing couldn’t help saying, “Cat God’s selection will really disrupt the Time team. Let’s see how Captain Tan deals with it.”

After the map selection, the two sides started to submit their lineup to the referee.

The referee’s lights lit up and the first pairing of Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang appeared on the Canglan side. The Time side was actually Cheng Wei and Lu Xiao!

This game made the jaws of many Time fans drop open. The Tan Cheng combination was broken?

Many Flying Feathers fans gloated: [The Su Yu combination was never torn down but Tan Cheng can’t withstand Cat God!] The Time fans immediately fought back. [Flying Feathers still has to play Wind Colour in the afternoon. Su Yu might not necessarily be able to resist.]

Li Cangyu felt some surprise but this immediately changed to appreciation for the decisive Tan Shitian. It seemed that the young captain discovered his intention to target Cheng Wei and immediately made adjustments.

The result was that his plan for the second game became like punching cotton.

Li Cangyu originally thought that since Li Xiaojiang’s speed was slow, choosing a full deceleration map would also slow down the opponent so that Li Xiaojiang could better hit them. He didn’t expect the Zhuo Li combination to have to go against Cheng Wei as well as the other main archer of Time, Lu Xiao.

Cheng Wei might be very depressed when facing Li Cangyu but he played consistently against other players. Otherwise, his popularity in the league wouldn’t be so high.

Bai Xuan looked at Li Cangyu and whispered, “It will be hard to win.”

Li Cangyu smiled back. “Try your best.”


Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang did their best but there was nothing they could do against Cheng Wei and Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao and Cheng Wei weren’t fixed partners but they often cooperated in Time’s team battles. They had been teammates for more than three years and naturally had an understanding. In addition, Lu Xiao’s attack rhythm was similar to Tan Shitian and his teamwork with Cheng Wei was quite smooth.

After the Zhuo Li combination was sent off, Cheng Wei consumed some blood from Shu Bai before withdrawing.

The second pair from Time was the double archers. They didn’t play well in the first game but this time they quickly adapted to the slow paced map. They steadily maintained the 20% blood volume advantage to the end before passing it over to the guard, Tan Shitian.

Cheng Wei had already appeared so who would Tan Shitian pair up with?

Was it the hunter Zhou Yu?

As it turned out, everyone still thought too simply of Captain Tan. He actually took a healer with him!

Li Cangyu felt somewhat speechless. An archer’s attack distance was already far away, making them difficult to kill. Now with the addition of the healer’s help, Tan Shitian would become a quick moving undead cockroach!

On Canglan’s side, the third combination was still Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming. There was the early disadvantage and they lost a bit of health. In a battle between an output and auxiliary and an output and healer, Canglan had no advantage.

In the end, Tan Shitian relied on the help of the healer and the guerilla consumption tactic to win. Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming failed to move back the disadvantage and let Time take a point.

The score on the big screen turned into 1:1 and the fans of both sides were in an anxious state.


Qin Mo couldn’t help feeling anxious when he saw this and he asked, “What map will Canglan choose in the third game?”

Ling Xuefeng thought about it before replying, “If there are no surprises, it should be a kill map.”

Qin Mo looked at his master with amazement. “In such an important game, wouldn’t a kill map be too risky?”

Ling Xuefeng explained, “Captain Tan saw through Canglan’s intentions and changed the order to target the newcomers. In order to cope with the situation, the best way is to use a kill map to take care of Tan Shitian.”

Qin Mo nodded while inwardly thinking, ‘Is Master’s guess right?’

As it turned out, no one could beat Ling Xuefeng’s understanding of Li Cangyu. For the last game, Canglan also chose a kill map—Void Realm!

This was a secret map in Miracle. The entire map floated in the air and there were a number of different sized stones chaotically suspended. Players could stand on these stones but once they fell in the gap between stones, they would be directly swallowed up by the map. This was the origin of the name.

Choosing such a difficult map in a key deciding game really frightened the audience.

Tan Shitian hadn’t expected Cat God to be so bold but he soon understood. Cat God’s wind spirit!

The advantage of Li Cangyu’s wind spirit’s control on this map was extremely obvious. He would definitely be in the guard position. Tan Shitian lowered his head and thought about it while the other players of Time didn’t dare both him. The impatient Cheng Wei saw that Tan Shitian was seriously thinking and didn’t dare speak.

Cheng Wei knew that this game was crucial to the Time team and Tan Shitian would definitely think about a countermeasure.


This time, Captain Tan thought about it for a while. Li Cangyu submitted the participants list early but the Time side was still in the ‘waiting’ state. This made many fans of Canglan so anxious that they couldn’t sit still.

It wasn’t until the final moments of the countdown that Tan Shitian submitted the arena list.

The first round was still Zhuo Li from Canglan and Cheng Wei and Lu Xiao from Time. This was the same as the previous game, making the audience was very confused. This was the same lineup so what was Tan Shitian thinking about for so long?

It was the same lineup but the results wouldn’t necessarily be the same.

On the slow-paced map, Zhuo Hang was always controlled by Cheng Wei and couldn’t play much of a role. This type of jumping map was Zhuo Hang’s favourite because he was the best at rapid displacement!

The suspended stones in the air were in a mixed arrangement and some viewers were afraid when seeing them. Yet Zhuo Hang smoothly jumped between stones.

Zhuo Hang wore the hunter’s costume and jumped on the map like a gust of wind, quickly placing a bunch of traps and letting Li Xiaojiang output very comfortably.

In this game, Zhuo Li held on for 15 minutes and almost tied with Lu Xiao and Cheng Wei. Zhuo Hang dragged Lu Xiao to die with him and by the time Li Xiaojiang died, Cheng Wei only had a trace of blood left.

The Canglan fans were very satisfied with this result, especially after the passive beating of the previous game. Zhuo Li had quickly adjusted their status in the third game, which was very hard for two newcomers to do. Li Cangyu was also very satisfied.

The next combination was Shu Bai against the double archers of Time. It was almost a tie and the most crucial guard stage was handed over to the captains.

The audience stared intently at the big screen, looking forward to the participants list of both sides. It soon appeared on the big screen. The Canglan team sent Li Cangyu and Xiao Han while the Time team sent Tan Shitian and the hunter Zhou Yu!

The Time fans suddenly realized!

Tan Shitian thought for so long because he was considering the arrangement of the guard stage. In the kill map, a combination wouldn’t be effective unless it was as tacit as the Shu Bai combination. Otherwise, they would be killed by the map in seconds if they were careless. It would be impossible to win against Li Cangyu.

He eventually decided to take a hunter to control Li Cangyu’s pets with the traps.

Li Cangyu’s intention behind bringing Xiao Han was also very clear. It was because Xiao Han could go invisible!

Thanks to the thrilling terrain of the kill map, a person in stealth would psychologically suppress the opponents.

Of course, Tan Shitian’s psychological quality was very good and he wouldn’t be emotionally tense because of the existence of the assassin. Zhou Yu was also an old player of Time and his expression was very calm. After the two people reached the middle of the map, Zhou Yu quickly placed some traps on the suspended stones around him. The result was that Li Cangyu’s pets were easily trapped and his attack rhythm was affected.

The facts proved that Zhou Yu’s interference made it difficult for Li Cangyu and the speed of his pet summoning was significantly slower than in previous games.

However, the kill map slowly consumed the opponent’s blood. In fact, it didn’t matter if Tan Shitian had 80% blood or 40% blood. As long as Li Cangyu could successfully summon the wind spirit to blow him down, it would still end up in death.

The battle lasted 10 minutes. Tan Shitian’s positioning was extremely cautious and Zhou Yu was beside him. Li Cangyu couldn’t find a chance to kill him and both sides slowly consumed each other’s blood down to 50%.

The tension of the fans reached the peak and many spectators had clenched fists.

Just then, Xiao Han suddenly disappeared.

Combat Stealth, this was a skill that had a long cooldown time but it forcibly let the assassin hide while in combat, forcing the opponent to lose the target. Many assassin players knew that it was saved for critical moments when confronting opponents. This wasn’t a critical moment so why did Xiao Han suddenly enter stealth?

Moreover, the viewers couldn’t understand why after entering stealth, Xiao Han stayed still instead of moving to Tan Shitian.

…Was he frozen?

The audience was very confused and Kou Hongyi directly asked, “What is Xiao Han doing? Did he press the wrong button?”

It was Zhou Yu’s reaction that made Kou Hongyi understand. Zhou Yu turned his camera and quickly placed a trap on the suspended stone behind Tan Shitian. His intention was to prevent Xiao Han from approaching.

At this moment, Li Cangyu summoned his wind spirit.

—Storm Fury!

The gust of wind blew and the jumping Zhou Yu fell into the cracks between stones and was instantly killed!

Kou Hongyi excitedly exclaimed, “It’s too bad! Xiao Han’s stealth was actually a psychological move to deliberately mobilize the other hunter and create an opportunity for his master!”

Yu Bing also praised him. “This child’s awareness is excellent. After entering stealth, he stood in place. The other hunter is killed and now he can deal with Tan Shitian.”

Sure enough, Xiao Han saw that the hunter was directly killed by his master and moved behind Tan Shitian’s body. He had an understanding with his master and Li Cangyu didn’t need to say anything. Xiao Han immediately started with Pain Blade!

Tan Shitian was forcibly stuck in place and Li Cangyu summoned his fire spirit. Countless fireballs aimed at Tan Shitian.

The moment Tan Shitian’s control effect was about to end, Li Cangyu called the water spirit to freeze him again!

Tan Shitian was controlled by the master and apprentice for six seconds. He instantly fell into residual blood and had no possibility of coming back.

[Old Cat has killed Ten Days!]

This news finally popped up on the big screen. Li Cangyu’s hands left the keyboard and a handsome smile appeared on his face.

The Canglan fans immediately jumped up from their seats and cheered!

[Won, we won! Canglan really won!] [I knew that Canglan would be able to enter the playoffs!] [Great, our captain and little prince!] [Everyone is handsome!]

In the support group, the Canglan fans sent flowers to celebrate.

[Cat God, Vice-Captain Bai, Ah Shu, Old Zhang, Xiao Han, Xiao Gu, Xiao Zhuo and Xiaojiang, I am proud of you!]

The group leader Shasha sent this sentence on Weibo and thoughts of fans instantly forwarded it along with a row of thumbs up.

It was for the old captain who never won a prize but never gave up, the vice-captain who stood firmly beside him, the handsome Ah Shu, the uncle who persisted with his dream and the four newcomers who worked hard.

Four big people with four small ones, people initially weren’t optimistic about their progress but they successfully entered the playoffs. The fans saw the hard work they put in and were moved, felt happy for them and proud of them.


In the soundproof room, the four teenagers excitedly hugged each other, Li Xiaojiang almost crying. Bai Xuan also felt hot as he looked at Li Cangyu. “Finally…”

Li Cangyu nodded. He knew what Bai Xuan wanted to say. It wasn’t easy to walk this path for so many years. It was probably only Bai Xuan who knew what he felt best but in the end, Bai Xuan didn’t say it. He choked up and the conversation stopped.

Xie Shurong placed an arm around Bai Xuan’s shoulder in comfort.

Zhang Jueming came over and laughed. “I still feel like I’m dreaming.”

Li Cangyu said, “It isn’t easy but we’re finally there.”

Bai Xuan smiled and nodded. “Yes.”

The playoffs and the trophies, the time wasn’t that far away.

After the storm passed, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. They were finally fortunate enough to witness it.

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Silence is Golden
Silence is Golden
5 years ago

I’m so happy for the old players QAQ

5 years ago

Finally yeayyy, hoping the best fot canglan!

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

“It was for the old captain who never won a prize but never gave up, the vice-captain who stood firmly beside him, the handsome Ah Shu, the uncle who persisted with his dream and the four newcomers who worked hard.”
When you see that the win was the result of persistent hard work & conviction, & that all of them fought hard for that win, it really has such power! You wholeheartedly want to root for a team like that.
This is when I would say to the Author: “that was some great writing!” Team playing, hard work, no arrogance. Truly makes you feel that the win was deserved! Not some OP characters waltzing in & bowling everything away…