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Chapter 202 – Final Game of the Regular Season (3)

Gu Siming and Xiao Han performed well in today’s game. The two old players of Time were stunned by Gu Siming’s quick pursuit and Xiao Han’s phantom positioning. After Xiao Han’s set of moves killed Liang Sejie, the remaining Liang Deyuan couldn’t hold on for long and he died after the two people’s joint attacks.

The combination in the second stage was the archer Lu Xiao and hunter Zhou Yu. Both of them were elves and their movement speed was very fast. Together with the acceleration effect of the map, they could play a fast guerrilla battle.

However, the second combination sent by Canglan was Shu Bai. Thanks to the existence of the milk god Bai Xuan, it was impossible for the archer and hunter to kill Xie Shurong in seconds. Xie Shurong’s biggest feature was his fast attacks. Thanks to the full map speed bonus, he could actually catch up with the enemy archers!

The audience also found that the map Cat God chose with many trees made Xie Shurong the real winner!

A swordsman had teleporting skills to cross obstacles. Xie Shurong’s actions were very agile as he chased around trees, making the archers on the other side annoyed. Many Canglan fans happily commented: [Tree God, he is really good at maps with trees!] [Ah Shu is handsome and earth-shattering!]

Xie Shurong’s swordsmanship was indeed gorgeous and his attack speed was dazzling. The fragile archers of Time was slashed and became rather passive. Eventually, they were killed by the Shu Bai combination.

As the Time fans expected, Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei were the last combination.

Tan Cheng’s remote control guerrilla tactics was one of the most classic combinations in Miracle. The residual blood Shu Bai couldn’t consume much resources but Bai Xuan believed that Canglan should win this game.

It was because their guards were Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming!

The two veterans with a stable mentality and rich experience confronted the younger generation of Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei. Li Cangyu and Old Zhang were very calm and didn’t show a negative status.

Compared to Cheng Wei, Zhang Jueming’s auxiliary white magician wasn’t so aggressive but they could double Li Cangyu’s bursting power!

Tan Shitian played calmly and cleverly. He kept paying attention to Li Cangyu’s pet cooldown times in case Li Cangyu cooperated with Old Zhang to use the Cataclysm skill. Li Cangyu was stared at by him and didn’t want to use this  big move. Instead, he looked for opportunities to slowly consume Tan Shitian’s health.

His attack distance was not enough to hit Tan Shitian so he aimed for Cheng Wei.

Cheng Wei was surrounded by Cat God’s various pets and his skill casting kept being interrupted. After three consecutive skills were interrupted, Cheng Wei was going crazy. Li Cangyu seemed to be reading his mind and knew what skills he wanted to use!

It was no wonder. After all he was half Li Cangyu’s apprentice and his white magician style was taught by Li Cangyu.

Cheng Wei’s fans felt somewhat distressed for him. He was chased by his idol and his skills couldn’t be cast. Maybe Vice-Captain Cheng would become a black fan after today’s match.

Li Cangyu’s expression was very calm, like a big cat playing with a kitten. He completely controlled Cheng Wei while Tan Shitian was helpless. As the best archer in the Miracle League, he killed many opponents on the tree maps. However, this was when he could hit the opponent!

Today he met an elf opponent and Li Cangyu’s agility stat was higher than his. Li Cangyu moved faster than him. Often, his arrows aimed at Li Cangyu’s position but Li Cangyu had already escaped. Tan Shitian had to admire Cat God’s movement level. Thanks to Cat God’s white outfit and the silvery forest, he seemed as elusive as the wind!

Tan Shitian failed to hit Cat God several times in a row and desperately had to kill Zhang Jueming as well as Cat God’s pets.

The result of the fight was that Li Cangyu took the lead in killing Cheng Wei and Tan Shitian also killed Zhang Jueming.

However, Zhang Jueming put a fixed body control on Captain Tan before dying. Li Cangyu seized this opportunity to set off a series of explosive moves to kill Tan Shitian. By the time Tan Shitian’s control effect ended and he wanted to chase Cat God, Li Cangyu had already disappeared into the forest.

The elf summoner played a guerrilla warfare in the forest. Tan Shitian didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He was best at fast guerrilla tactics but today he died under Cat God’s guerrilla tactics.

In other words, Li Cangyu’s movement speed was faster than his.

—The Canglan team won!

At the end of the first game, the dead Tan Shitian sent a row of thumbs up on the public chat and then calmly walked down.

At the venue, the Canglan fans stood up and clapped excitedly. The live room was filled with Cat God 6666. In the support group, everyone was happily discussing the deployment of the next game.

[Cat God is clearly ready today! Ah, I feel like the possibility of Canglan winning is very high!] [Three arena games and the home map selection, Canglan has a really big chance of winning! [Everyone, don’t talk big. Tan Shitian isn’t a fuel-saving lamp. The map must be submitted first in the second game. Time has the opportunity to adjust the order according to the map selection. Perhaps Tan Shitian will think of a strategy to deal with it.]

Everyone enthusiastically discussed it while in the soundproof room, the players were gathered together to listen to the captain’s arrangement.

Cheng Wei was depressed. Tan Shitian gently patted his head and said, “Don’t be depressed. Let’s change the order in the next round.”

“Eh? What do you mean?” Cheng Wei looked up with surprise. “You won’t be the guard?”

Tan Shitian explained, “I will continue to be the guard. I mean to change your order.”

“You want to split out combination?” Cheng Wei’s eyes were wide with shock.

The dark and big eyes were full of incredulity and Tan Shitian couldn’t help smiling. “Why? Are you reluctant?”

Cheng Wei’s face turned red with anger. “Who is reluctant? I mean, the two of us have never been split apart in the arena.”

“Today we can’t play as usual because Cat God would’ve long expected the Tan Cheng combination to be the guard. He will surely be the guard in every game and choose a targeted map specifically aiming for you.” Tan Shitian put away his smile and calmly spoke. “This way, no matter how big the advantage in the early stages, the last round against Cat God will be extremely difficult for us to win.”

Cheng Wei also calmed down. Captan Tan made sense. This was Canglan’s home match and it would also decide the playoffs. Li Cangyu wouldn’t show any mercy to Time and would specifically target them.

In order to escape from danger, Time must use unconventional methods.

Cheng Wei thought this and nodded. “Okay Captain, you arrange it.”

Tan Shitian was relieved when he saw Cheng Wei’s obedient appearance. His voice was calm but contained a decisively that couldn’t be rejected. “In the next game, we will change the mode. Cheng Wei and Lu Xiao will start to break apart the newcomers.


In the commentators’ room, Yu Bing and Kou Hongyi were giving a simple summary. Kou Hongyi directly said, “In the first game, most players played at their normal levels. However, Time couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of the acceleration map and didn’t expect Xiao Gu and Xiao Han to play so well. They fell into a disadvantage from the opening.”

Yu Bing nodded. “The Canglan team has been at a disadvantage many times in the arena in the regular season. However, if you look carefully, you will find that they never lost when they got the opening advantage. This means that it other teams want to reverse the situation, it is almost impossible.” She paused and spoke with appreciation, “This is because the Shu Bai combination in the middle is extremely stable and there is also the captain Li Cangyu as the guard. It is almost impossible for other teams to continuously kill the Shu Bai combination and then Cat God.”

Kou Hongyi also discovered this point and exclaimed, “In fact, at the beginning, I felt that Canglan had too many newcomers and it was dangerous for them to enter the playoffs. After seeing the performance of Xiao Gu and Xiao Han today, I suddenly found that these four little guys have been making steady progress and every step is solid, especially in mentality. They don’t look nervous at all despite today’s important match.”

The director changed the camera to the soundproof room of Canglan. The four teenagers were gathered together. Gu Siming was excitedly drawing something, Zhuo Hang was smiling, Li Xiaojiang was carefully listening and Xiao Han was thinking about something. The four people behaved differently but there wasn’t the slightest bit of tension on their faces. The atmosphere was very relaxed.

A professional player growing their mentality was the rarest breakthrough!

It was only by practicing the mentality of ‘not collapsing in front of a mountain’ that they could play at their normal level in the stressful competition and sometimes they could even play in an extraordinary manner.

Li Cangyu’s leadership was outstanding. In just half a year, he raised the four newcomers to today’s professional players. Yu Bing felt a lot of admiration and she even thought it was good if Canglan could make the playoffs.

In the first season, Time won the championship under the leadership of the old captain Xu Luo. They also won it again in the fifth season under the leadership of the new captain Tan Shitian. Li Cangyu was such a good player but he hadn’t received any trophies…

It might just be sympathy but she wanted Canglan to make it over Time this season.

Yu Bing secretly looked at the audience’s support rate and found that the Canglan team actually had 70% of the votes!

It could be seen that apart from the loyal fans who hoped that Time could enter the playoffs, the fans of other teams and neutral viewers hoped that Canglan would get this rare opportunity.

Would Canglan disappoint the audience? It depended on Li Cangyu’s careful layout today!

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