GLS: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Like-minded

The Canglan team members packed their bags and left the club the next time. This was the ultimate result of the struggle and everyone felt uncomfortable. However, many people had reached the age of retirement. Plus, their own gaming level was average. It was really time to find another path.

Li Cangyu sent them away one by one, although he couldn’t help feeling a hint of sourness in his heart.

The nature of a competition was cruel. Some people would win and others would lose. The end of the Canglan team was tragic. Fortunately, a few teammates found good jobs. As captain of the team, he could feel a bit more at ease.

At noon, Li Cangyu ushered in a surprise visitor. It was Liu Chuan, manager of the Dragon Song team.

Liu Chuan was less than 30 years old and was currently the youngest team manager in China. He was also an e-sports player. He created the Dragon Song team and led the team to win the championship. After retiring, he naturally became the person behind the Dragon Song Club and was also invited to join the E-sports Alliance as the executive director. In the domestic e-sports circle, he was a famous and promising person.

This person was always looking at the long term. It was the reason why Li Cangyu chose to cooperate with him.

Today, Liu Chuan was wearing a handsome khaki long trench coat over a simple white shirt. Just looking at his figure, he was definitely the level of a model. However, there were big sunglasses on his face as well as a mask, ensuring his face was tightly covered.

Li Cangyu laughed at the sight and asked, “Dressing like this, were you chased by the paparazzi?”

Liu Chuan took off his sunglasses and spoke helplessly. “The Dragon Song team just won the championship. The e-sports reporters have been blocking the entrance of the team for the past few days. I had to dress like this to sneak out.”

One of them was the manager of a championship club while the other was a desperate captain who just experienced the disbandment of his team. This strong contrast seemed to show Li Cangyu’s failure.

But Li Cangyu showed no signs of inferiority or distress. He made a calm ‘please’ gesture and smiled. “Come in and chat. I didn’t think that one day, I would actually be talking to you about cooperating.”

“I didn’t expect it either.’ Liu Chuan smiled and followed him into the house.

Bai Xuan had booked a ticket for a few days later. At present, he was still staying with the team to sort things out in the meeting room. After seeing that Liu Chuan came, he took the initiative to give them hot tea and said, “You talk. I will go back to the dormitory first to pack my luggage.”

“Well, you are busy with your own things.” Li Cangyu said.

Once Bai Xuan left, Liu Chuan opened his mouth and asked, “Are you disbanding the Canglan team?’

“Yes.” Li Cangyu nodded.

Liu Chuan saw his calm expression and couldn’t help patting him on the shoulder. “I won’t say any words to comfort you. I don’t think you need it. I heard rumours that Canglan was going to be disbanded. However, when your team disbanded last time, you took your teammates and transferred to Wulin. This time, I thought you would continue to form a new team and never thought about contacting you. I was really surprised when you called me.”

Li Cangyu asked directly. “Can you accept me into the Dragon Song team?”

“Certainly.” Liu Chuan laughed. “It is my wish.”

“What position do you plan to place me on the team?”

“If you come over, I’ll make you the captain.” Liu Chuan didn’t hesitate. “Wouldn’t any other position be disrespectful to you?”

“I will be the captain?” Li Cangyu was obviously a little surprised. “What about the current captain, Wu Zewen?”

“My family’s Zewen is naturally still the captain.” Liu Chuan smiled and continued, “The two of you won’t come into conflict.”

Li Cangyu understood what Liu Chuan meant. “Do you want to build two teams?”

“That’s right.” Liu Chuan’s expression became serious as he gazed at Li Cangyu. “Cat God, I won’t speak secretively. You actively sought me out so you should also be thinking about this. There are many comprehensive overseas e-sports clubs. Their clubs have a business model where they are developing simultaneously in several games. China’s Dragon Song team will follow this precedent and set up a team in both Wulin and Miracle. When I created Dragon Song, I said that I had to expand Dragon Song into a domestic first-class comprehensive club, providing e-sports players with the best platform. In the past few years, I have been looking for a suitable opportunity….Now that opportunity has finally come. You should know what I mean.”

“You mean…the Miracle World Competition.” Li Cangyu saw Liu Chuan’s nod and continued. “I’ve heard some news about the Miracle World Competition. Miracle has been in operation for six years. It has its own professional leagues in various countries and many masters have emerged. Now the game headquarters wants to launch a world competition to expand its influence. It is indeed a ripe time.”

“Yes.” Liu Chuan agreed. “I will take advantage of this opportunity to form a team to enter Miracle. Recently, I have been looking for a suitable leader. If you join, it really is a timely rain!”

“You want me to lead a team back to Miracle?” Li Cangyu asked.

“Isn’t that your own wish?” Liu Chuan replied.

“…Indeed.” After being poked by the other party, Li Cangyu no longer disguised it as he smiled. “I have missed my summoner in the two years that I left Miracle. Of course, it would be good if I could go back.”

This is why Li Cangyu looked for Liu Chuan.

He had long seen that Liu Chuan was ambitious and interested in the Miracle Alliance.

After all, Miracle was the first competitive online game that Li Cangyu played. He might’ve gone to Wulin for two years but he couldn’t forget the summoner he created when he first entered Miracle at a young age. It was his favourite game character.

He went round and round and actually returned to his original point. Li Cangyu didn’t feel frustrated or ashamed. He was actually very happy.

He could operate his summoner again!

“It is best if you go back. But returning to Miracle will be a great challenge for you. You must think clearly.” Liu Chuan looked at him seriously. “You have been away from Miracle for two years. The Miracle League has developed rapidly after many large-scale updates. The competitive rules have changed as well as the league system. You will have to start from scratch after you go back, as well as re-adapt.”

Liu Chuan was right. Two years was enough to make a game new.

However, Li Cangyu didn’t mind this. Instead, he smiled confident and declared, “It doesn’t matter. I will start from the beginning.”

The name ‘Cat God’ originated from Miracle. Its final destination should also be there.

He had been able to turn a rookie who didn’t know anything into a superb summoner of Miracle. Now, he had the foundation of many games as well as competition experience. He didn’t believe that he would be weaker than that time!

Liu Chuan saw the confident expression on Li Cangyu’s face and couldn’t help patting him on the shoulder in appreciation. “Then the mission of the Dragon Fighters club is to enter Miracle. Can I confidently give this mission to you?”

This was a very difficult task that was likely to be full of twists and turns. But Liu Chuan believed that Li Cangyu would be able to raise this team. It was because the light in the man’s eyes hadn’t faded despite experiencing many failures.

He could get up from where he fell.

Cat God who climbed up, this time he would make everyone admire him.

Li Cangyu nodded seriously at the sight of Liu Chuan’s trusting eyes and said, “Rest assured, I will do my best.”

Liu Chuan smiled and stretched out his hand. “Then, shall we cooperate happily?”

Li Cangyu reached out his hand and shook it. “Happy cooperation!”

The two people had simple personalities and the negotiations were quick. Both of them had the same goal and they clicked together.

For Liu Chuan, the emergence of Li Cangyu solved his urgent problem. Good players weren’t hard to find, but finding a good captain was difficult!

“The Miracle Professional League is held once a year. This year, you won’t be able to catch up. We are half a year away from next year’s league. You can take a break and practice. Wait until next spring. You will directly lead a team to kill Miracle. What do you think?” Liu Chuan asked.

“I agree.” Li Cangyu said.

“I will help you with the transfer procedures. You just need to prepare to go back to Miracle.”

Liu Chuan was the executive director of China’s E-sports Alliance. The process of changing games was naturally easy for him. Li Cangyu felt relieved that Liu Chuan was helping with this and said, “Then I will trouble you.”

“So polite!” Liu Chuan smiled and spoke again. “Yes, you should also think of a name for the new team. It is too ugly to have two Dragon Songs. We should have separate names or the fans might become confused.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu agreed. “Why not keep the name Canglan? I’m incompetent when it comes to naming things.”

“Didn’t you decide this name?” Liu Chuan was obviously surprised.

Li Cangyu and explained, “Xiao Bai named it. He is more talented than I am.”

Xiao Bai was the nickname that Li Cangyu commonly used for Bai Xuan, the vice-captain of Canglan and a god-level healer.

Liu Chuan couldn’t help being curious at the mention of Bai Xuan. “I just heard the vice-captain say he was going to pack. Is he going somewhere?”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu was helpless. “He doesn’t want to continue playing and is preparing to go abroad to study.”

Liu Chuan frowned. “His ability is good. Isn’t it a pity for him to leave like this?”

“I think so too.” Li Cangyu looked in Bai Xuan’s direction and spoke in a low voice. “I will try to convince him. He is my best vice-captain. I can’t bear it if he runs away.”

“Yes. It is best for him to stay. If both of you come to the team, I will have a vice-captain and won’t need to worry!” Liu Chuan happily patted Li Cangyu’s shoulder and said, “I will go back to Changsha to arrange things. Come see me when it is convenient and I will help you clean the dormitory.”

“There is no hurry. I will wait until one month before the start of next year’s professional league. If I go to the Dragon Song Club too early, I would have to wear sunglasses every day to hide from the paparazzi.” Li Cangyu spoke seriously. “I hope that the matter of our cooperation will temporarily be confidential.”

“I understand.” Liu Chuan nodded and stood up. “I will wait in Changsha for you after the spring festival next year. We will sign the contract first.”

As he spoke, he took a laptop out of his bag and found the contract template for the Dragon Song Club to sign an e-sports player. Then he added another zero to the salary.

Giving such a high salary proved he attached great importance to Li Cangyu. This was indeed the treatment for the captain of a team.

It wasn’t easy to meet a boss who truly appreciated him.  Li Cangyu knew that his cooperation with Liu Chuan was really the right choice.

Li Cangyu smiled and signed the printed contract.

The two people did things in a straightforward manner. They quickly finalized the cooperation plan before Liu Chuan hurried away in his sunglasses and mask. He said there was an E-sports Association meeting tonight in Beijing to wrap up the summer. He had to be at the airport for his flight.

After sending away Liu Chuan, Li Cangyu returned to the dormitory. He opened the door to see Bai Xuan leaning down to pack.

Bai Xuan’s skin was very white and his facial features were gentle. He felt particularly gentle when he smiled. Bai Xuan was very good-tempered. No matter how others provoked him, he always smiled and never became angry. In addition to arranging the daily training of the players, he was also a good cook. He was the best super stay-at-home dad.

If it hadn’t been for his help over the many years, the team established by Li Cangyu wouldn’t have persisted to the present.

Now that he was leaving, Li Cangyu didn’t want to give up. He walked over and whispered, “Bai Xuan, please don’t quit.”

TL Note: Liu Chuan and Wu Zewen are the main characters and couple of the first novel in the trilogy. The first novel was about them setting up the Dragon Song Team and eventually turning it into a club.

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Amaruna Myu
5 years ago

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「AL*Ice Fairy」
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Haruki Natsuyu
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