GLS: Chapter 199

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Chapter 199 – Second Round of the Regular Season

That evening, all players returned from holiday and the Miracle Gossip Group was extraordinarily lively. Li Cangyu opened the group and the number of unread messages exceeded 300.

The reason was because Tan Shitian sent another story, which was more obvious. There was a black cat standing on the left, a big tiger standing on the right and these words above their heads, “You know.”

The fans were in a daze. [This is the first time a tiger has appeared in Captain Tan’s posts!] [Captain Tan, aren’t you raising a dog? Why is it a tiger?] [Captain Tan, I don’t understand. Please explain!] [God Ten Days, I think you can change to being a cartoonist after your retire. Your brain is so strange and your drawings are realistic. You will definitely be popular.]

The fans on Weibo were confused but the players who participated in the Carnival were clear.

Cheng Wei posted a screenshot of the drawing into the group and said: [The meaning of this is that Cat God commanded, “Xuefeng, you know.” Tan Shitian is so fast. I only described it to him yet he draw a cartoon about it!]

Zhang Shaohui came forward to testify. [I also heard it. ‘Xuefeng, you know.’ But I didn’t understand at the time.]

Cheng Wei: [Captain Ling, did you really know? We didn’t know. @Undead Demon]

Zhang Shaohui: [Nonsense. If Captain Ling didn’t understand then how could he use the big move? @Undead Demon]

The group of people spoke in the group for this purpose. The protagonist of the event, Ling Xuefeng finally appeared. [This tiger is drawn well.] He calmly commented on Tan Shitian’s drawing.

Tan Shitian replied: [Thank you for the compliment!]

Li Cangyu also came out: [You didn’t understand?]

Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui lined up +1.

Li Cangyu: [Xuefeng is still the smartest, right? @Undead Demon]

This sentence made many players feel dazed. The Miracle League had been going on for many years yet who would dare call Captain Ling by just Xuefeng? Li Cangyu was too bold to direct the joke at Ling Xuefeng.

The surprising thing was that the stoic Ling Xuefeng replied with a smiley expression.

Everyone was blinded by the smiley expression. They knew that whenever Captain Ling chatted with someone on Q, he would reply concisely within 10 words and never used any emojis.

What was going on today?

Bai Xuan saw this and his previous conjecture was confirmed. The relationship between Ling Cat wasn’t simple. They treated each other too well to be simple friends. However, the other Miracle players didn’t know much about Cat God and didn’t think in that direction.

Then Cheng Wei mindlessly typed: [Right, previously Cat God wrote on Weibo that he already has a lover. Cat God, I suddenly feel a bit of doubt towards you and Captain Ling!]

Cheng Wei was bold and never hid what he was thinking. He directly spoke these words and the group suddenly feel silent. Ling Xuefeng was the oldest in the current Miracle League and most of the younger generations were awed by him. They certainly wouldn’t dare to joke with him.

Li Cangyu saw this and wanted to put his hand through the computer to hit this idiot. This fool didn’t usually see anything so how could he hit the main point when speaking nonsense?

Everyone stayed silent, staring at the computer screen as they waited to see how the two people involved would explain.

Ling Xuefeng typed very calmly: [If I said yes, would you believe it?]

Li Cangyu immediately replied: [Yes Xiao Wei, how are you so smart. [Touches Head].]

Cheng Wei, “…”

The result was that nobody believed it.

This method was really effective. The people who originally suspected the two protagonists now felt that they were smearing the innocent friendship. Cheng Wei even felt embarrassed. [I’m sorry! Captain Ling, Cat God, I just spoke nonsense.]

Ling Xuefeng: [It doesn’t matter!]

Li Cangyu couldn’t help laughing. This person was really stupid.

Li Cangyu stopped laughing and sent Ling Xuefeng a private message: [We have to keep a low profile. It seems that we are seen by some people.]

[Yes.] Ling Xuefeng paused before sending another message. [Do you mind?]

Li Cangyu naturally didn’t mind. It wasn’t a big deal if they were discovered. They were doing their work right, being captains and playing their own game. Then in their free time, they talked about love. It didn’t affect others so why did it matter if they were together?

However, it wouldn’t be good to announce it now when considering the team members and fans. After all, the Canglan team’s foundation in the Miracle League was still unstable and there were many matches to play.  Li Cangyu didn’t want to deal with the reporters’ speculations about his private life before he head to.

[Of course I don’t mind if the two of us reveal our relationship.] Li Cangyu smiled. [Still, it will affect the emotions of the other players in the team if it is announced. Let’s find a suitable opportunity to talk about it later.]

[Actually, I don’t care if you want to keep it from everyone. We know each other’s hearts. The opinions of unrelated people don’t matter.] Ling Xuefeng stated calmly.

Both of them were very committed and the relationship between them wouldn’t change.

Still, it was like Li Cangyu said. They were captains and had to consider their teams. At present, the second round of the regular season was imminent and everyone would be trying their best to compete for a place in the playoffs. Emotional things would naturally be postponed.


This evening, many professional players appeared in the group because tomorrow, everyone would enter the intense training stage and there was no time to relax.

Many people went to play together and the group was lively until it quietened down around midnight.

The next morning, Li Cangyu summoned the players of the Canglan team for a meeting. The schedule for the second round was the opposite of the first round. In other words, it would be Wind Colour, Cheetah, Pure Cleansing, Ghost Spirits, Red Fox, Flying Feathers and Time.

After a week of vacation, their first opponent was the strong Wind Colour. The Canglan members were exuberant and seemed to be immersed in the joy of the last 2:1 victory.

However, Li Cangyu was very certain. It was impossible for Ling Xuefeng to give points away to Canglan. A situation where Wind Colour lost twice in a row to the same team had never been seen in the history of the league.

In this match, Li Cangyu still chose three arena games. The difference with the previous match was that the newcomer Lin Ke played very well and Qin Mo was more stable. Canglan couldn’t gain an advantage in the early stages, until they managed to score one point in the last game.

The audience didn’t see the confrontation between Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu because Ling Xuefeng only played in the first game and missed Li Cangyu. He didn’t play at all in the next two games.

Wind Colour could still be so strong despite Captain Ling not playing. This made a lot of viewers think that Wind Colour was worthy of being the winning candidates for this season.

It was just that the fans of both sides had some complicated emotions. After all, they saw the wonderful cooperation between the two captains during the Carnival. In the blink of an eye, they once again faced each other on the field. Wind Colour wasn’t polite and won 2:1…

Sure enough, the hearts of professional players were really strong. Opponents and friends could be freely interchanged!

The loss in the first game caused the Canglan team’s ranking to fall again. They moved back the score by winning against Cheetah and Pure Cleansing, only to lose to Ghost Spirits. The ranking of Canglan was always sixth and they couldn’t enter the top four.

Many fans were worried. There were few matches left in the second round and the playoffs would be in danger if it continued like this.

The four teenagers were also anxious but Li Cangyu was very calm. He called them to the meeting room and patiently said, “I have lost 10 matches in a row and wasn’t as depressed as you. Before each match, forget about the results in the past and only remember the lessons. There is no need to worry about points and rankings. Play every match with your heart. Even if we can’t make it to the playoffs, let’s do our best.”

The four teenagers were moved when they heard these words and Li Xiaojiang was even crying. Everyone knew Cat God’s hard work and that he hadn’t won awards for many years. If they couldn’t win the prize this time, how could they stay in Canglan? How could they fail Cat God’s training?

The newcomers weren’t bad but the pressure recently had been too great and they were indeed affected by the outside world. They felt uneasy every time they saw the rankings.

Li Cangyu patted them on the shoulder and said, “There are three matches left. Don’t leave any regrets for yourself.”


The second round of the regular season reached its penultimate stage. The desperate Canglan had a home match against Red Fox. This pure women’s team once dealt a big hit to Li Cangyu and now they met again. Li Cangyu naturally wouldn’t be confused by their tactics like the first time.

The initiative was his. It was Canglan’s home match and he had the choice of map and game mode.

Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to choose three arena games.

Some netizens commented: [This is deliberately bullying Red Fox. Everyone knows that Red Fox isn’t good in the arena.]

However, some people sensibly knew that Cat God was only doing this because if Canglan lost to Red Fox, they would completely miss the playoffs.

The Canglan fans were relieved because this match was played quite beautifully!

Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming were steadily in the guard position for three consecutive games and won 3:0 against Red Fox!

On the same day in Shanghai, Wind Colour won 3:0 against Pure Cleansing.

It was like coincidence or destiny. Canglan’s points continuously surpassed Red Fox and Pure Cleansing and they finally squeezed into the top four!

However, Li Cangyu couldn’t relax. Next, they would have to face the strong teams of Flying Feathers and Time.

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5 years ago

((Ling Xuefeng typed very calmly: [If I said yes, would you believe it?]

Li Cangyu immediately replied: [Yes Xiao Wei, how are you so smart. [Touches Head].]

Cheng Wei, “…”))


Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

Thanks for the chapter!
We finally have a representative animal! Tiger! Not sure yet about this one, maybe because tiger & stoic just don’t fit that well in my mind… maybe the Chinese view of the tiger is different? My view goes more towards aggressive & playful…
That silly kitten with a good intuition almost created an incident, lol. This brainless type of people really work on instinct. Too bad it doesn’t come with the realization of the impact his words can have… If true he outs them & puts their commitment as captains in jeopardy, if false, well he just insulted/belittled? their friendship… (I’m trying to find a word to convey the equivalent of threw mud on a great friendship without inferring that it’s because they were labelled as a gay couple because nobody should care about that & it shouldn’t be an insult per se, it’s more the idea of people can be close without being lovers, men & women friendships have suffered because of that for so long…)

Tiramisu never_lies
Tiramisu never_lies
3 years ago

This Long Cat💜couple is now just full on bullying our Cheng Wei😆😆